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Amitabh Bachchan felicitated for his anti-Polio efforts



Police bust racket in Mahim

Indian film star Amitabh Bachchan was felicitated by Rotary Club of Mumbai, on 19 April 2012 at a function held in suburban hotel for his efforts to eradicate polio in India. India reached a new milestone, with no new polio cases reported for last one year. It is a result of a massive health program of pulse polio immunization dosage. If no cases of Polio are recorded for two more consecutive years, India will be declared Polio free by the World Health Organization (WHO). Bachchan has been participating in antiPolio campaigns, including television commercials for many years.

Police arrests girls from a bar at Mahim in Mumbai on 18 April 2012. Social Service branch and local police raided a bar to bust a prostitution racket. A total of ten girls, two stewards, one cashier and two watchmen were arrested in the raid. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Amitabh Bachchan at an award ceremony in Mumbai on 19 April 2012. Arkadripta / Mumbai Weekly

In a late night raid on 18 April 2012, the Mumbai police cracked an alleged prostitution racket operating from 'Tarzan' bar at Mahim (Mumbai). Present at the scene was Social Service branch ACP Vasant Dhoble, who told Mumbai Weekly that the raid was a collaborative operation with the local police. According to his statement, girls were brought to this bar to work as waitresses, but were put into the sex trade. Ten girls, two stewards, two watchmen and a cashier

were arrested from the spot. Two of the girls are suspected to be minors, but an official statement will be released only after medical examination. Police stated that the girls were hired under the license of an orchestra. An internal alarm system was present at the bar, using which the girls planned to escape in case of a raid. The manager was not found at the scene. The complaint against the alleged prostitution racket was lodged at Mahim police station.

Pratham Gokhale / Mumbai Weekly

Commuters feel the heat, as fire halts trains. A fire at a signal cabin caused major disruption in the services of Mumbai's suburban railways on 18 April 2012. Electronic components at a signal cabin between Kurla and Vidya Vihar stations caught fire at midnight, which left thousands of passengers stranded at various stations. The Central and Harbour lines of the suburban railways were affected by this fire. Services resumed at around 3:30 am on 18 April, but only around 70% of the services were available the whole day; with trains running late by more than 2 hours. Shawan Sen, a resident of Mulund on the Central line, said, "I left from Mulund at 9:30 am by train for Chhattrapati Shivaji Terminus, but could only reach Vikhroli by 1:00 pm." Catering to over 4.5 million commuters daily, this delay in the train services resulted in major standstill. Students got delayed for their exams. Mumbai University had to allow extra time to the students who were not able to reach the examination halls on time. A decision on the reexamination for the students who completely missed their exams on 18 and 19 April was also taken. Left: Commuters get off and walk from a halted trains in Mumbai on 18 April 2012 Twisha / Mumbai Weekly


MONDAY, 2 3 APRIL 2012


Mumbai Weekly

Building Blocks

Bricks are said to be the foundation of urban civilization. The shift from rural life to urban life took place when people started making houses with the help of bricks. The history of bricks can be traced back to the times of the Indus civilization. Since that time the situation has not changed much. Bricks are still a very important part in the development of our society. The wish to know the story and the environment inside the fields where the bricks are made took Mumbai Weekly photographer Twisha to one of the innumerable brick fields of Mumbai.




Mumbai Weekly

Dealing with the Mosquito Menace

A child waves through the fumes during a fumigation process on the streets of Mumbai on 20 April 2012.

Saarthak Aurora/Mumbai Weekly

Saarthak Aurora / Mumbai Weekly

Children run during fumigation in Mumbai on 20 April 2012

Saarthak Aurora/Mumbai Weekly

Dengue and Malaria are both fatal diseases, but while the latter was successfully shown a back door by the state government, the former is showing a steep rise with the highest number of

cases recorded, compared to 3,746 cases last year. State govt is taking measures like public awareness and fumigation programs to counter this problem.

dengue cases been reported in the state in 2012 in the last 5 years. According to the figures in the Economic Survey of Maharashtra 2011-12, there has been 7,898 number of Dengue

Flash mob for Autism awareness

Students from Dance Dynamics thrilled the crowd at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel in Mumbai on 22 April 2012, when they got together forming a flash mob, and danced for a cause. The cause was to spread awareness on Autism. Activists from Sopan School, Mumbai were also present for the same. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly




Mumbai Weekly

OPINION: Warring for water

walking everyday more than 5kms to fetch portable water is a norm. From drums Chirag Sutar discarded by chemical companies, to cans, plant I had recently oil containers, and been to a even used village not too mineral water far from bottles – all are Mumbai – here, filled to the for many, brim. To add,

every member of the family – young or old – is expected to contribute to this daily job of fetching water. And in summer, when the water crisis escalates, some families adopt a strategy of their own. Bathing and washing is done in the nearby

river, and the water stored in the house, obtained after walking for hours is mainly used for cooking and drinking. There are few fortunate who have a water tap in front of their houses, but they prefer to keep it under a lock

and key – so as to not allow anyone else to benefit. It appears as a hard life, where a considerable time is spent in just fetching water! Looking at it from an existential point of view, they couldn‟t be doing anything else; after all,

70 per cent of the human body is of water, it is the most basic need for survival. However, as much as one would like to sympathize with their situation, there are many who reside illegally – not in outskirts of

Above and below: Chirag Sutar / Mumbai Weekly

Mumbai, but also within the Mumbai city limits – and are known to damage water pipes to siphon off portable water. At a global level, it's said that there might even be wars in future over water, and if it does happen, these

POINT OF VIEW: In pursuit of space

People sit on the promenade at Marine Drive in Mumbai on 21 April 2012. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Mumbai and suddenly your whole idea about part of urban life, but „Rush‟ elevates to a you look at any regular whole new level. The street during the office city being the most hours on a weekday in populous metro in the

Rush is an integral Arkadripta

country has also been portrayed on celluloid for its parameters of hustle bustle. As you come and start being a part of this haste, you

somewhere find yourself being intruded by the omnipresent crowd and you start urging yourself for some quiet and

relaxing time alone. In this very process you start relating to the sense of space people enjoy when you see a couple spending the

evening watching the sun go down by the bay or just someone sitting idly on a roadside bench. These are the few instances

when you feel like experiencing leisure and cherish the idea of self-space; crave the loneliness which one relishes.




Mumbai Weekly

Flamingoes feed at the mudflats in Sewri area of Mumbai on 21 April 2012. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Earth Day: Just one day to care for the Earth? Every year on 22 April, Earth Day is celebrated all over the world to raise people‟s awareness about environmental crisis. A whole lot of programs take place worldwide to observe the day. While on one hand Tata Power launches a nationwide energy conservation campaign, MTV also started a pro-socio initiative. All good initiatives no doubt, but one question rise out of this; is „nature‟ to be celebrated only once in the whole year! The Mumbai Weekly photographers intend to show how we treat the „Earth‟ generally; that shows our attitude and attention towards environment.

A boy lies on a garbage dump in Mumbai on 21 April 2012. Saarthak Aurora / Mumbai Weekly

Krishanu Nagar / Mumbai Weekly

Workers clean a waste disposal area in Mumbai on 21 April 2012

A cow feeds at a garbage dump in Mumbai on 21 April 2012 Chirag Sutar / Mumbai Weekly

Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

An idol floats in a pond in Mumbai on 21 April 2012 . Chirag Sutar / Mumbai Weekly




Mumbai Weekly

Pakistan to buy Indian locomotives

People walk past railway carriages at a shed in Mumbai on 22 April 2012. Planning to re-start its defunct train services, Pakistan has pitched a proposal to buy or lease atleast 100 locomotives from India. The proposal is believed to be made by Pakistani President Asif Ai Zardari during his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 8 April 2012. Twisha / Mumbai Weekly

Croma starts online store Croma, the Electronic Megastore of the Tata Group has launched its online store through a website with many features and functionalities on April 22 2012.Launched in Mumbai in October 2006,Croma is a part of Infinite Retail

Ltd., a 100% subsidiary of Tata Sons. Ajit Joshi, MD & CEO, Infinite Retail said while addressing the media, "As the no. 1 electronic retail brand in the country that has built a strong network of stores, trust with consumers and added value to shopping

experiences, the online opportunity for Infiniti Retail Ltd. has enormous potential. Consumers are increasingly researching the purchases online and our presence in E- commerce environment brings with it the credibility and superior service

Left: Ratan Tata (chairman, Tata Sons) & Ajit Joshi (MD & CEO of Infinite Retail) at a press conference in Mumbai on 22 April 2012. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

RBI bars prepayment penalties on home loans

People sleep near a billboard at a garden in Mumbai on 19 April 2012. The Reserve Bank of India has barred lenders from charging prepayment penalties to the customers on floating rate home loans. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Vodafone serves notice to the central govt.

People sit outside a closed shop in Mumbai on 22 April 2012. If proposals in the Finance Bill 2012 are accepted, Vodafone will need to pay taxes for its international transactions to the Indian government. Vodafone has served the Centre with a â€&#x;Notice of Disputeâ€&#x; regarding the same. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai



Arts and entertainment

A woman surfs through the books at a bookshop in Mumbai on 23 April 2012.

Mumbai Weekly

Krishanu Nagar / Mumbai Weekly

A day for the book worms World Book Day is observed worldwide on 23 April, as the day is birth and death anniversary of William Shakespeare and death anniversary of Miguel de Cervantes. UNESCO organizes this event to encourage people to read books and also in the support of publishing industry. April 23 is also considered as World Copyright Day. It was celebrated for the first time in the year 1995. With the widespread use of electronic media, although the number of book reader and enthusiasts have decreased, still it cannot be said Twisha / Mumbai Weekly

Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Shaving their way into the Guinness Book of Records In an attempt to break the record for the world‟s „Largest Shaving Lesson‟, 150 couples got together in Mumbai on 18 April 2012. The event was a part of Gillette‟s “You shave I shave” campaign, to promote clean shaven lifestyle. Bollywood stars Arbaaz Khan, Neha Dhupia and Chitrangada Singh were all present at the event. Arbaaz Khan and Neha Dhupia fired up the crowd by shaving their beard and legs Left: Bollywood star Neha Dhupia shaves her legs during an event in Mumbai on 18 April 2012. Arkadripta / Mumbai Weekly

A participant shaves his beard during a successful Guinness world record attempt in Mumbai on 18 April 2012, where 150 couples shaved together for the record of the „Largest Shaving Lesson‟. Arkadripta / Mmbai Weekly

Coin exhibition in Mumbai Since coins have come to exist, people have started collecting them. Although the hobby of coin collection is called Numismatics, the word actually means systematic study of currency. A coin collector is not necessarily an enthusiast numismatist. In ancient Rome and medieval Mesopotemia the scholars and treasurers of the states as well as the common people use to collect old coins as a piece of art. This hobby

became more popular in the fourteenth century in the time of Renaissance. This is sometime called as 'The King of Hobbies' as this is the most ancient form of hobby. Although most of the collectors collect coin for the sake of fun; some people look at it as a form of investment. National Numismatics Exhibition was held in World Trade Centre, Mumbai to celebrate this hobby, from 20-22 April 2012. In this occasion a huge number of coin collectors gathered there for the

People have a look at the coins during a Numismatics Exhibition in Mumbai on 21 April 2012.




Mumbai Weekly

Cricket at Mumbaiâ€&#x;s Oval

Ankit Shetty of Juggernauts gets clean bowled during their match against Rajkamal at the Oval Maidan in Mumbai on 22 April 2012.

In the 20 over Corporate Cricket Championship tie between DirectI and Emkay Global on 21 April 2012 at the Oval Maidan in Mumbai, Emkay won the toss and chose to field first. DirectI managed to score 142 runs in 20 overs with the loss of 8 wickets. Emkay chased the target with 9 balls remaining. The star

Twisha / Mumbai Weekly

performer for Emkay was Malay Ojha who scored a steady 43 in 31 balls, still having impressive bowling figures of 3/22. In another 35 over friendly on 22 April between Juggernauts and Rajkamal, Juggernauts scored 294/9 and won the match by 96 runs. Alap Shah was their highest scorer with 110 runs.

Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Saarthak Aurora / Mumbai Weekly

Chinu Sharma of Juggernauts plays a stroke during their match against Rajkamal. Saarthak Aurora / Mumbai Weekly

Alap Shah of Juggernauts celebrates his century. Gitartha Goswami / Mumbai Weekly

Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Malay Ojha of Emkay Global bowls during their match against DIRECTI. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Ajay Mahade of DirectI is congratulated by his team mates after picking up a wicket in their match against EMKAY Global at the Oval Maidan in Mumbai on 21 April 2012. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

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