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Sheena Bora Murder Case: Investigation restarts after 2012

NEWS IN BRIEF Preparing for Ganesh Chaturthi

The high profile murder case of Sheena Bora from 2012 took a turn when police started investigating her mother, Indrani Mukerjea and her step father, Sanjeev Khanna. Dur-

ing the investigation, it was found that Indrani did a recce of the burial spot, a day before the murder. Along with the two, Indrani‟s driver, Shyam Rai and was also questioned,

according to the newspaper reports. Sheena was 24, when she was murdered and was working at Mumbai Metro one. On 24 April 2012, Sheena resigned from her job.

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha, the Hindu god. Falling in the months of August and September, this is one of the festivals which Mumbaikars celebrate with great zeal and enthusiasm. This alone is enough to explain the spirit of Mumbai. Kartik Avatani/Mumbai Weekly

LPG rates cut by 23.50: Non subsidized

Mumbai Police officers lead Shyamvar Rai out of Bandra Court in Mumbai on 31 August 2015. Kartik Avatani/Mumbai Weekly

Mumbai Police officers lead Indrani Mukerjea out of Bandra Court in Mumbai on 31 August 2015. Kartik Avatani/Mumbai Weekly

‘93 blast: Yakub Memon executed in Nagpur

Price of non subsidized LPG, which consumers buy after exhausting their quota of subsidized cooking fuel, was cut by Rs 23.50 per 14.2-kg bottle, in sync with international rates. Subsidized LPG costs Rs 417.82 per 14.2 kg cylinder in Delhi. Pratik Chorge/ Mumbai Weekly

Terrorist Yakub Abdul Razak Memon convicted in the March 12, 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts, was hanged till death at the Nagpur Central Jail in Maharashtra. Memon was executed at the Nagpur jail where he had spent almost half of his more than 20 years in prison since he was convicted for playing a crucial role in the serial bombings in Mumbai in which 257 people were killed in 1993. Yakub Memon was hanged in a Nagpur prison, less than two hours after the Supreme Court dismissed his final appeal against his hanging in an unprecedented hearing that was held within the court premises in the middle of the night. He was hanged on his 53rd birthday, after a meet-

ing with older brother Suleiman. Memon's body was brought from Nagpur and handed over to his family. He was buried in Mumbai. For the first time ever, judges of the Supreme Court had a courtroom opened up in the middle of the night to hear the appeal. The same three judges who had ruled against Memon on Wednesday convened to weigh the final appeal. Yakub Memon buried at Bada Kabristan. Yakub's family members raised two requests ease security and allow them to hold namaz-ejanaaza (funeral prayers) on the streets in Mahim. The second request was to allow them to see Yakub's face for the last time.

Happy Independence!

People ride past the old heritage structures, lit up in tri color for 69th Independence day, in Mumbai on 15 August 2015. Pratik Chorge/Mumbai Weekly

A month of fasting and prayers will be witnessed all over the world during Ramadan. Kartik Avatani/Mumbai

Mumbai celebrates World Peace Day The International Day of Peace was established in 1981. The first Peace Day was. Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world The General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples. On the International Day of Peace, also known as Peace Day, people around the world take part in various activities and organize events centred on the theme “peace”. Events vary from private gatherings to public concerts and forums involving large audiences. Activities

A boy looks in the camera to deliver a strong message on world peace day at Fort, Mumbai on 6 August 2015. The Hiroshima– Nagasaki victims were paid tribute on the day. Kartik Avatani/ Mumbai Weekly.

include interfaith peace ceremonies. Over 100 days, let

us stand with the millions of people across the world.




Mumbaikar’s Wari Pratik Chorge

The 800 year old tradition of the famous Pandharpur wari is not new to Mumbaikars. But this year, the wari took a a new path. This year Mumbaikars tried to replicate the Pandharpur wari in it sown style. The event observed many people dressed as warkaris performing various dances and playing few of the instruments like Veenas which are usual in a wari. On 26 July, Girgaum in Mumbai saw a huge crowd with traditional navvaris and caps. In the actual wari, the devotees travel a distance of almost 300 kms from Alandi,

Pune till Pandharpur. On theifr way, the pilgrims play musical instruments like veenas, mridungas, dholkis and chiplis. They also play the traditional dance of Fugadi. With the saffron flags in hand and tulsi plant over the head, the pilgrims represent the perfect picture of traditions , values and devotion. During the whole journey, the people in the wari are provided with food, water and medical facilities by the villagers. They welcome them with equal enthusiasm and provide them with various other things. The Mumbaikars tried to create the

emotion of the wari in Mumbai. The famous ringan was also performed at the wari. Ashadi Ekadasi is a religious procession and is celebrated during the months of June-July. It consists of a beautifully decorated Palkhi having the “padukas” of the Lord and the Palkhi procession consists of people walking, dancing , singing the glory of the Lord in what are called as Dindis. Mumbai Weekly Photographers, Pratik Chorge and Kartik Avatani tried to capture the best moments of the wari.

Pratik Chorge




Metro fare to be raised 10 times more

A man walks by at the Western express highway metro station on 16 August 2015. The maximum fare increased to Rs 110 and the minimum fare is kept at RS 10. Kartik Avatani/ Mumbai Weekly.

The 11.4-km VersovaGhatkopar line, the maiden Metro service in the city, has been running for over a year now. The current fare for the city's first - and so far only Metro - (presently 11.4 km long) is Rs 10, Rs 20, Rs 30 and Rs 40 depending on the distance. The Mumbai Metro has issued a statement saying that there would be no fare hike until October 31 this year, after which the maximum fare would be hiked from Rs 40 to Rs 110. The decision regarding the slight increase in the fares for the Mumbai Metro was decided after the MMOPL conducted a board meeting, MMOPL has stated that the Fare Fixation Committee (FFC) has recommended this new fare due to increasing operational costs, “It has recommended that the minimum fare

must be retained at Rs 10 and the maximum fare must be increased to Rs. 110 Seeking to know if the Metro could be termed a public transport system when the common man could not afford it. The Metro trains have a reported daily ridership of 2.77 lakh people On the Mumbai Metro controversy . The expert suggested that the fare can be brought down provided the metro operator is able to increase its nonfare revenue. Also, the government can chip in by way subsidy to ensure that the fares are affordable. Another factor to be taken into account is that the revenue earned should not only be able to recover the operating cost but ensure that the operator is able to properly service the product. The FFC had sought opinions of experts before finalizing the fare.

Mumbai: Devotees celebrate Dahi Handi Krishna Janmashtami is observed on the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. And this year, the festival was celebrated on Sunday by devotees across

the country. While devotees worship the lord, Dahi Handis and Rasa Lila are some key attractions of the celebration Rasa Lila is a dramatic play

that depicts the tale of Krishna and his life as described in Hindu scriptures. Ras Lila is performed especially in the UP regions of Mathura and Vrindavan.

A devotee breaks a dahi handi on the occasion of Janmashtami in Devotees pray before forming a human pyramid to reach and break dahi handi on the occasion of Janmashtami in Mumbai on 6 September 2015. Kartik Avatani/Mumbai Weekly Mumbai on 6 September 2015. Kartik Avatani/Mumbai Weekly .

Progeria: The Special one

Nihal Bitla, 14 years old a progeria patient, shares a gesture at a documentary launch in Mahalaxmi on 21 August 2015. The documentary was made on the patients who are suffering from Progeria. Kartik Avatani/ Mumbai Weekly.

A rare genetic condition named Progeria is slowly gaining recognition and awareness over the last few years, in India, due to the efforts of a few organizations that are fighting for the cause. Progeria is a condition that accelerates the speed of ageing in children drastically, giving them the deceptive appearance of an older human being. Due to the accelerated growth and ageing, the disease also deteriorates the functioning of many internal organs, according to medical practitioners. The average life expectancy of a person suffering from Progeria is 14 years. With the disease probability being as rare as 1 in 20 million births in our country, there is a rampant lack of awareness and no knowledge of treatment available for the condition. It is suspected that near 60 children in India suffer from this condtion without any proper knowledge about it . Nihal Bitla,

a 14-year-old boy from Bhivandi, is one of the only detected cases of Progeria in the city. The rare condition and the aged appearance has made life less than ideal for the boy who fears being ostracized and usually stays at home to avoid quizzical and often derogatory remarks about his appearance. The genetic condition is so rare, that until recently, doctors of the country were unable to diagnose Nihal with the correct medical condition, mistaking it for a skin condition. Although no known cure for the condition exists, a Boston based clinic named Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) has recently launched a trial drug that would help increase the life-expectancy of children suffering from this condition. According to news reports, 40 children from 20 countries volunteered for this drug and returned to their lives in their respective countries.




POINT OF VIEW: PORN BAN? Is it necessary?

Mrinmoy Choudhury Not many days ago news and social media was stormed by the sudden ban of porn sites operating in India. Soon after the ban, people started to express their views and began taking the help of social media. The centre point of all being the ban which was implemented on the 857 (according to reports) websites which give access to pornographic content. Now the most important part of all this is „is this ban necessary?‟ in the recent days a lot of activities against women like rapes, harassments and eve teasing have surfaced and moral policing has taken over the minds of people. But is porn responsible for all the incidents happening? The answer to this question is still missing. In a country like India where culture and traditions are the baseline of everything, porn has found some space apart from people‟s mobiles and computers. The internet has brought the world so close that each and everything we want is just a few taps away. This access to all kind of content in the internet has made peo-

ple smarter and eased life of millions. Recent developments in smartphones has made access to all multimedia content very easy. Not to mention a school going student with a smartphone is able to access porn if he/she wants to. But it does not mean that every individual will be accessing porn related websites and content. The effect of this recent ban had a generalised effect as people came out with their own views. The Indian government had ordered the ISPs to block all sites providing access to pornographic content creating a storm over the internet. This has been the first large-scale ban implementation on the internet of India. According to the government pornography is social nuisance but the move immediately prompted a nationwide debate about censorship and freedom. Soon after the implementation of the ban the government had to partially withdraw the ban imposed due to criticism. According to the government, online porn and porn related content has triggered rapes and indecent behaviour towards women. But does the ban imposed has to do anything with the mindset of the people. According to reports 25% of the porn websites are accessed by women and 23% globally. Presently the ban has been lifted and only sites providing access to child pornography are still blocked. In this

A taxi driver looks at a B grade movie poster at Falkland Road in Mumbai on 22 August 2015 . Kartik Avatani/Mumbai Weekly age of superfast internet and the contents he/she should identifying it as a ban on tempt. Even if the internet intelligent handheld devices not be accessing. This type people‟s freedom of ex- is cleared of all porn and a ban on a certain sector of of opportunities allow chil- pressions and thoughts. porn related content, who the internet is not a good dren and people not to over- Ultimately moral policing would be held responsible idea. Its moral policing that look and somehow make in India has made its way if any incident of rape ocis triggering more incidents them addicted to such con- into people‟s mind and curs then? Banning of a than porn. It‟s the mind-set tent. For some people the every now and then there certain service in any that has to be changed rather sudden ban of porn on the would be incidents like form is very easy but the than banning content over internet has not been much this which will ultimately process of acceptance the internet. People are con- of a concern but such people make an individual feel among people using those sidering the ban as a ban im- have come up with opinions the restrictions of this services is really difficult. posed to their freedom. As when a ban like this. After a thoughts and actions. This In the days of active sofar as the children are con- spree of bans like the beef surely isn‟t doing any cial media and informacerned, proper education and ban and ban on the abusive good to anyone apart from tive people bans will be information about the do‟s words being aired a ban on making everyone believe always be getting more and don‟ts related to internet porn has definitely grabbed that the thoughts of an in- attention than they actualand the category of the ac- the attention of people from dividual are not his any- ly deserve. cessible content would be a all over. This has attracted more. And after all this The above views are percleverer move. No doubt it criticism and people have the demand for porn has sonal views expressed by just takes a minute for a made comments on this step raised and government has the author of this article. queer mind to go through taken by the government made another failed at-

OPINION: Yakub Memon: A surge of silence

Kartik Avatani Yakub M em on gui l t y o f com pl i ci t y i n t he M um bai bl as t s and verdi ct was al s o reaf fi rm e d b y ot her court s. Th ough t here was a l ot co nfus i on i n t he ai r re gar di ng t he deci s i on. W he t her he real l y d ese rved t he deat h penal t y or he was j us t pa yi n g t h e pri ce t hat Ti ge r Mem on was hi s brot her. It was bel i eved t hat he fl ed t he count r y, but he s ai d i n hi s ex cl us i ve i nt ervi ew wi t h a news ch ann el , he di dn't kno w an yt hi ng about M um bai bl ast before l e avi n g and l at er he coul dn 't com e back due t o s t ri ct ur es pl aced on t hem . He sa ys he as ked Ti ger about t he bl as t , wh y he di d t hat ? and he was t ol d reason

was hi s wounded m ascul i ni t y. Y akub was found gui l t y of ca rr yi n g out com pl i cat ed fi nanci al t ransact i ons an d hi s i nvol vem ent i n deal i ngs of fundi ng t he accu sed. He t ri ed cl e ari n g hi s rest of t he f am i l y n am e from i nvol vem ent i n ri ot t hat onl y hi s brot her Ti ge r Mem on was responsi bl e from hi s fam i l y. Ther e have been m an y t al ks about t he m ourners who cam e t o bi d farew el l t o Yakub Mem on. Even t hough i t was di squi et i n g, but was t here ri ght . T here were no n aar eb aaz i , ever yt hi n g happ ened wi t h di sci pl i ne and di gni t y. There w ere t wo set s of funer al pr a yers on e at Mahi m dargah and one at funeral ground. Hi s fac e w as l e ft un cove red. There w er e t housands of Musl i m s m ourners i n hi s funer al pro cess i on. W hat do we c al l i t a herd m ent al i t y or was he a i nnoc ent l i fe for t hem who was ha nged t o deat h si n ce h e was

Musl i m . Thi s i ssue has been deb at ed fro m 2 decad es l ong but st i l l t here hav e been p e opl e who bel i eved he w a s i nnocent . He sai d, he cam e b ack t o spi l l t he beans of hi s brot her‟s assaul t , t han wh y was he fl eei n g t he cou nt r y.

W h y di dn‟t h e c om e back earl i e r? How c om e he t ook al l t he l ux uri es provi ded t o hi m i n P aki s t an and runni ng s ucces s ful l y a bus i n es s ? But ques t i on hun g i n t he ai r, di d he des e rved a hero 's far ew el l w hi ch al l t he m ourners gav e

hi m? W as t he j us t i ce done? Is t hi s a cl os ure or s t art of s om et hi ng new? W ere t here l i kes of pot ent i al t err ori s t am ong t he s ea of m ourners ? Thi s is a count r y whi ch gi ve s us choi ce to cho os e, choi ce to bel i eve,

choi ce t o s a y ri ght and wron g. It ‟s us who deci de an d i t ‟s us who fol l ow. T h e ab o v e v i ew s a r e p e r s on al v i ew s exp r e s s ed b y t h e au t h o r o f t h i s a r ti c l e

1993 Mumbai serial blasts convict Yakub Memon being taken in a Ambulance towards the burial ground in Mumbai on 30 July 2015. Kartik Avatani/Mumbai Weekly


A Day in a life-Vangani

A small town near Mumbai named as Vangani, lives nearly 350 families with minimum one blind relative– a place where open doors are the norm and neighbors regularly check in on each other. Each blind person carries a identification card with their personal details and the village councilâ€&#x;s phone number in case of an emergency. Each and every blind person tries to earn their living through different means, some

work as a worker in BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation), many of them work as a hawker, travel from one station to another to sell different goods. At Vangani station, without a pedestrian footbridge, its difficult to cross the platform, many blind people have lost their limbs in such accidents. Central Railways agreed to build a footbridge in March 2013 after a blind individual gathered over 6,000 signa-


tures. So far, a contractor has come to dig holes , but the construction workers haven't yet shown up, Vangani residents say. Thay are all dependent on sound, smell and touch for their safety as well as living. But still they find ways to be happy and share a positive vibe with the people around. Mumbai Weekly Photographers Kartik Avatani and Pratik Chorge spent a day with the residents of Vangani.

Pratik Chorge

Pratik Chorge




Sensex crashes by 1624 points The Bombay Stock Exchange closed at 25,741.56 points on Monday after dropping a steep decline of 1624.51 or 5.94 percentage drop and Nifty saw a drop of nearly 400 points to close at 7,769, according to news reports. This steep crash nearly wiped out 7 lakh crore of the investors wealth in the market. This tumultuous market has also increased the price of the Rupee to 66.74 to a dollar, which is lowest the currency has seen since 2013. Amid speculation, the crash has been credited to the devaluation of the Yuan and the ongoing Chinese economic slowdown. Since Monda y, the Sensex

recovered 291 points as small scale investors made profits and trimmed losses by late Tuesda y. The slowdown in the Chinese economy and the devaluation of Yuan also affected the price of the dollar, creating heavy losses in Nasdaq as well and is feared to cause a meltdown in American market as well, Friday saw the Chinese stock market close low with the Shanghai Composite Index closing down at 3,210 oints by Monda y, The Chinese markets closed at 8.5% below. The panic induced by the crash of the market leading to contagious selling in other stock markets to avoid losses amounting to crores of rupees.

A man looks at share prices on the screen on the façade of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) building in Mumbai on 08 August 2015. The Sensex lost 1624 points, considered the biggest crash in the past seven years Kartik Avatani/Mumbai Weekly

Onion price upset middle class

An onion seller sits on the sacks full of onions at APMC market in Vashi on 2 September 2015. Due to bad storage facility, tones of onion spoiled which created a shortage in the market, hence increased the rate. Satyabrata Tripathy/Mumbai Weekly.

Another price hike in taxi, rickshaws After much public outrage over a recent decision to increase auto-rickshaw and taxi fares. The fare hike that the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority (MMRTA) had cleared earlier this month.

The MMRTA recently permitted a one-rupee rise in minimum fare, taking the minimum fare for autorickshaws to Rs 18 and for taxis to Rs 22. The hike will come into effect only after the meters of autos and tax-

People passes by an auto rickshaw in Mumbai on 5 August 2015. This is the second hike in 3 months. Kartik Avatani/ Mumbai Weekly.

is are recalibrated. It could take at least a month to recalibrate 1.05 lakh autos and 35,000 taxis in the city. For every subsequent kilometre, MMRTA cleared a tariff of Rs 12.18 as against the existing Rs 11.33 for CNG autorickshaws and Rs 14.84 as against the current Rs 13.96 for taxis. A union leader for auto-rickshaws and taxis, said, “The Hakim committee report has, until now, been very fair to us as a lot of importance has been given to the cost of living index. We had expected the report to stay for at least five years, they said that the cost of living index for auto and taxi drivers had gone up drastically and contributed to 71% of the fare hike.

Onion prices, which are already ruling at around Rs 80 per kg in most parts of the country, are likely to increase further by 10 per cent on tight supplies due to unseasonal rains affecting the crops. The wholesale price of onion has risen to around Rs 60 per kg at Lasalgaon in Maharashtra while it is already selling at around Rs 80 per kg in retail Market . In Nashik, a farmer complained to the Nandgaon police that about 2,000 kgs of onion was stolen from his place. Total onion production is estimated to be at 189 lakh tonnes in 2014-15 crop year (July-June), slightly lower than 194 lakh tonnes a year ago. The price of onions today rose up to Rs 80 in the national capital.

Govt. to look for sugar buyers

A wom an carri es sugar parcels in APM C market, Vas hi on 10 August 2015. The governm ent is hopeful to get better deals for sugar farmers. K a rish ma A id a sa n i/ Mu mb a i W e e kly. The sugar producing mills in Maharashtra may soon enjoy „acche din‟ as the state‟s sugar has received en-

couraging response from their neighbouring states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat. This has re-

sulted in price hike in wholesale & retail. This will surely benefit the sugar farmers, as per the newspaper.




Mumbai celebrates Raindrop Festival

Deepika launches an eyewear Vougue launched a new range of eyewear on 7 August 2015. The main attraction of the event was Deepika Padukone who is also the brand ambassador for Vogues eyewear. The eyewear is a fash-

ion story collection inspired by and dedicated to its three muses– Indian actress Deepika Padukone, Brazillian model Adrianna Lima and Chinese actress Liu Shishi. Accordng to the news re-

ports Deepika Padukone said at the event, “A brand has to be an extension of your personality. I stand for certain things and the brand also has to have certain values like fresh, fun, feminine”.

Deepika tries a Vogue eyewear at its launch on 7 August 2015 in Mumbai. The collection was called the fashion story collection which was inspired by actresses and models around the world. Satyabrata Tripathy/ Mumbai Weekly.

A classical dancer performs Bharatnatyam at Raindrops Festival in Prabhadevi, Mumbai on 26 July 2015. Jayati Kataria/ Mumbai Weekly

Lakme Fashion Week to celebrates its 15 years

A model walks the ramp in Lakme fashion week on 26 August 2015 in Mumbai. The event saw 11 new models walking the ramp for the first time. Kartik Avatani/ Mumbai Weekly.

R adhi ka Apt e shar es a gest ure at Lakm e Fashi on W eek des i gn er‟s sho w o n 3 Au gus t 2015 i n Mum bai . S a t y a b r a t a T r i p a t h y / M u mb a i W e e k l y.

To celebrate the 15 successful years of Lakme Fashion Week in India, the organizers are planning to showcase work of 100 designers out of which 21 are debutantes. The fashion

week will be starting from 26 August till 30 August. As told to the newspapers, the organizers wanted the season to be the memorable one with a mix collection from established designers and

new talent. Also not only new designers, but 11 new models will be walking on the ramp for the first time. Famous designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla will open Lakme Fashion

Week 2015 and designer Gaurav Gupta will present the Grand Finale collection. Also the “Reinvent Banaras” campaign will be launched to promote Banaras handlooms.

Pool party song shot for upcoming movie JD A n u p c o m i n g B o l l ywood movie JD‟s pool party song was shot at Future studio on 21 August 2015. The movies lead actress Vedita Pratap Singh a n d R i n a C h a r a n i ya were also present on the shoot. The lead act o r La l i t B i s h t w a s a l so seen shooting few of the scenes for the movie on the pool side. He is supposedly p l a yi n g t h e c h a r a c t e r of JD in the movie, as

reported in the newspaper. The song was choreographed by Sandip Soparkar and the song is sung by Rani Hazarika. According to the news reports, the director Shailendra P a n d e ya p r a i s e s t h e actress as they carry their look so effortl e s s l y a n d b e a u t i f u l l y. The song also sees 30 foreign models, called especially for the song. Apart from the main actor and actress-

es, supporting actors like Govind Namdeo and Rameshwar Gite were also spotted on the sets. While talking to the media Sandip Soparrkar said,”The sequence will surely add an oomph factor to the film. Both actress Rina and Vedita worked very hard to get a perfect bikini l o o k . It ‟ s a i n t e r e s t i n g song.” All cast of the film were present at the shoot.

A model shoots for a pool party song for the upcoming movie JD at Future studio in Mumbai on 21 August 2015. 30 foreign models were called to shoot this particular song for the movie. Kartik Avatani/ Mumbai weekly.


Hansraj Moraji clinches the 2nd division title

A team celebrates, as they hit a goal at the Xavier‟s Ground in Parel, Mumbai on 16 August 2015. Pratik Chorge/Mumbai Weekly

Hansraj Moraji public school won their first ever MSSA U-16 title by beating up Don Bosco school of Borivali by 2-1. The match started with the attacks from leading strikers Kamran Siddique, Abhishek Valiyakath and Hritik Chavan of Hansraj Moraji public school. Their attempts paid of in the 13th minute with Kamran‟s opening goal. Before the first half gets over, Abhishek of Hansraj school got fouled and the penalty was taken by Kamran, which he converted into goal very easily. Till the half time Hansraj was leading the match by 2-0. After the first half,, Hansraj got their first shock

with the goal by Ethan Rozario of Don Bosco, with the the total score of 2-1. In the second half, Don Bosco school was seen struggling with the players. Hence m,any substitutes were brought like Kunal Mayekar was replaced by Wencelans Rebello which hugely impacted the game in the second half. On the other hand Moraji was also under pressure as they did not want to get in to the tie breaker which will force them to play for penalty shootout. But with the full time whistle blows, Hansraj was declared the winner. The 2nd Division matches took place at the Xavier‟s Ground in Parel in Mumbai from 2nd to 16th of August.


Players play at a football tournament at the Xavier‟s Ground in Parel, Mumbai on 2 August 2015. Kartik Avatani/Mumbai Weekly

SAI wins hockey tournament

A pl a yer is seen in action at a hocke y t ournam ent at a st adium near Churchgate Station in Mumbai on 30 Jul y 2015. P ra t ik Ch o rg e / Mu mb a i W e e kly

The Sports Authority of India won the Senior Division title against Abhi Foundation in the Mumbai Hockey Association League 2015. It was a very close battle as Abhi Foundation fought really well being a new team. The match saw both the teams adapted with fast pace and attacking mode. Jatinder Singh of SAI scored t w o g o a l s i n t h e 2 9 th minute and 59 minute while Yograj Singh scored one goal in 3 7 th m i n u t e . F o r t h e Foundation side, Nitesh Kamble (26th), Venkatesh Devkar (32nd) and a last minute equaliser by

Dharamvir Yadav (70th) saw the match finish in a 3-3 draw and force the tiebreaker. Later in the penalty shootout SAI converted their first three attempts out of four with the help of Ravendra S, Yograj and Sanjay Yadav, while ABHI Foundation could only manage to score from the first two tries with Siddharth Pandey and Nitesh Kamble. The other attempts Devkar, Arif Khan and Bijwad failed to score for the foundation. Hence SAI won the penalty shootout by 65. The winner SAI team captain and players received the

Senior Division Champions Trophy and a cash award of Rs 50,000 from Mr. Mangha Singh Bakshi, President, Mumbai Hockey Association Limited. The Foundation players for their received the runnersup trophy and a cash prize of Rs 30,000.

Results – Senior Division (final): Sports Authority of India 6 (Jatinder Singh 2, Yograj Singh 2, Ravendra S, Sanjay Yadav) beat ABHI Foundation 5 (Nitesh Kamble, Venkatesh Devkar, Dharamvir Yadav, Siddharth Pandey, Nitesh Kam-

Decades old scooters out on a rally

A rider rides a scoot er at a 30km scooter rall y at the backwoods of Navi Mumbai on 9 August 2015. In the 26th editi on of the scoot er rall y t here were decades old LML Vespas, Kinetic Marvels and Baj aj Chetaks. P ra t ik Ch o rg e / Mu mb a i W e e kly

A ri der rides a s coot er at a 30km s cooter rall y at the backwoods of Navi Mumbai on 9 August 2015. S a t ya b ra t a Trip a t hy/ Mu mb a i W e e kly

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