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OPINION : Love in the times of despair

Krishanu Nagar / Mumbai Weekly

complications of the real world, the human values get twisted to an extent that brothers pick arms against each other. Even without the situations Gitartha Goswami that compel one person to stand against another, uman beings, led by suppressing their moral values, there are numercompulsions and conspiracy, become the only ous instances in our surspecies to harm its own roundings that brand us as insensitive. A mothkind. In midst of the


er‟s cry for her child outside a hospital goes unnoticed. A challenged person‟s dignity is lost asking for help on the streets. A drenched, hungry child warms himself from the exhaust vent of a coffee shop. In a state of shrugging of the responsibility from our shoulders, we have become alone in our own

comfort zone. Busy with our own ambitions, we ignore another human‟s cry, or worse, play a role in making the cry louder. But in the absence of material wealth, its emotion that connects us, and at times, supports us. Human emotion does not have any boundaries. Love and compassion can exist and prosper in

the strangest of places and the harshest of situation. Even on a field of war, a traumatized refugee cares for an injured soldier. When the world is shattered for two people, their companionship becomes their greatest strength. It feels strange to see people in old-age homes seeming happier than how they look in

their own home, among their blood relations. But once you try to delve deeper, you start realizing that human bonding is something beyond all these relations. But why is it so that we have to go through difficulties and fall back on empathy to feel compassionate towards other human being! Where do

the emotions go when life is free of complications? Life would be simple and comfortable if we start to care and feel more. Correction Bottom left photograph of page 7 of previous Mumbai Weekly edition should have carried the by line Nikhil Sangle / Mumbai Weekly

POINT OF VIEW : A dog’s life

Shankar Narayan

Mumbai, the city of dreams. But what does the city dream of? Do the people sleeping beside the busy street dream the same things as the people in the passing by c see a group of people, including children, trying to earn their living by selling bouquets, begging for alms, knocking on the windows of the innumerable fancy cars that are waiting in the signal. Mumbai is a city of two extremes where people live in big luxurious houses with fancy cars and designer robes and handbags and on the other hand there are people who cannot even arrange for their basic needs and their annual income doesn?t add up to a single Gucci bag. While the city spends millions on its festivals and fashion shows, the majority live in slums. A city that is so noninclusive is not just bad for the have-nots but even for the haves, as it leads to class conflict and an unstable economy. Mumbai is a city of dreams. But let everyone have the right to fulfill them Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

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