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Tax revenues fall short of target : report

An Income Tax official stands amidst the piles of files at the Bandra Income Tax office in Mumbai on 31 March 2012 . The Income tax office remained open even on Saturday (weekend), to cope with the last minute rush of people filing their returns. Pratham Gokhale / Mumbai Weekly. (continued on page 6)

World Bank gives India USD 500 million „interest free‟ for education World Bank has approved an interest free five hundred million USD credit to support India‟s secondary level education. This will make quality education available to a large number of secondary level students. Government of India undertook a programme called RMSA (Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan) with the aim of universalizing secondary education in India gradually. This loan provided by

World Bank intends to support all activities under this programme. Although the elementary education rate in India is as high as 96 percent and the presence of girls are almost equal to that of boys, the percentage falls to around 50 percent when it comes to secondary education. Apart from that the quality is not up to the standard and is not affordable for all classes of the society. Attention in secondary education is needed as

the economic and employment growth in India is concentrated on the fields like Information Technology, Telecommunication and financial services for which minimum degree of this level is required. The measurements that are going to take place under this project includes repair, renovation and expansion of near about 60,000 government secondary schools, upgradation of almost 44,000 primary

schools to secondary level and establishment of new senior secondary schools in underprivileged areas. To strengthen the role of local bodies in school management is another plan. Libraries, computer laboratories will also be built with the money. With all these measurements the quality of education in India is expected to be increased. Krishanu Nagar / Mumbai Weekly

„Solar Rally‟ in the city on the occasion of Earth Hour 2012

A person carries a solar lamp duting the „Solar Rally‟ in Mumbai on 31 March 2012. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Mumbaikars carried out a „Solar Rally‟ on 31 March 2012 to observe Earth Hour. The largest environmental campaign of World Wildlife Fund, (WWF), Earth Hour is to empower individuals, organizations and governments to fight against climate

change. Almost 5 million supporters and a global network in over 100 countries take part in this initiative. The aim of Earth Hour is to inspire households and businesses to turn off their nonessential lights for one hour to raise awareness of

global issues, particularly in regard to our overuse of nonrenewable resources, and resultant light and air pollution. Earth Hour 2012 was observed by participants on 31 March 2012 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at various places on local time. Mum-

bai was not the exception for the contribution. Citizens of the megacity came together to join hands to fight against global warming. It was the fourth consecutive year of people participating in an alternatively powered march on this occasion.




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With special children on a special day Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that usually is noticed in the first three years of a person's life. This is a complex neurobiological disorder that affects normal brain function and cannot be cured throughout the patients life. The people who suffers from this disease usually have difficulty in communication, verbal sometime non-verbal as well; which bars them from interacting socially. They end up playing alone as

they cannot make friends. The exact causes of autism is not known yet but extensive researches are being done on this field. Lot of factors are suspected to possibly cause this among which genetic factors seem to be most important. Diet mercury poisoning are said to be possible causes of this disorder though these are not proven. 19 September had been celebrated as World Autism Awareness Day from 1989 in order to increase aware-

ness among common people about the disorder and help the people suffering from it. In the year 2008 United Nations General Assembly shifted the date to 2 April and since that time it is observed in almost all the countries all over the world. Mumbai Weekly photographer Pratham Gokhale spent some time with the special children of Priyanj Special School during an event on this occasion in Mumbai.




Mumbai Weekly

Vertical expansion in city is leading to steep population growth

High rises as seen along the coastline of Mumbai on 27 March 2012. According to a newspaper report, the ever growing population of Mumbai is putting a huge pressure on the infrastructure of the city. It is presumed that there will be a huge leap in the population scenario in coming years. The increase in the number of high-rises stands as the proof of this fact. The vertical expansion of the city to support the population growth also affects the mangroves of Mumbai very badly, as more land is being reclaimed from the coastline to cater to infrastructure development. Twisha / Mumbai Weekly

Passengers increasing, fares hiked

Jewellers hold candle march against excise and import duty

Jewelers of outskirts of Mumbai, held a protest in the form of a candle march against the excise duty levied on gold on 28 March 2012. The protest was against the Central government's decision to impose excise duty on non branded jewelry and an hike in the import duty on gold. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Dengue cases double sice 2010-11

Mumbai's suburban local trains have seen an increase in the number of passengers by almost a hundred thousand in the last one year. But there has been a marginal increase of 2 paise per kilometre in the fare. While addressing the media, Central Railway general manager Mr Subodh Jain said that because of the comparatively cheaper rates

and faster transportation, the railways are drawing more and more passengers. The recent rise in fare could result in serious inconvenience to the passengers of the suburban railways, which is the transportation lifeline of the ever growing city. Gitartha Goswami / Mumbai Weekly

A man carries out fumigation in the streets of Mumbai. According to the Economic Survey of Maharashtra 20112012, 7,898 cases of Dengue

were recorded in the state compared to 3,746 in the previous year. Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Mumbai observes Earth Hour

Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly,

Pratham Gokhale / Mumbai Weekly.

People participate in a “Solar Rally� in Mumbai on 31 March 2012. The rally was organized by World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), with the aim to spread awareness about the importance of saving electricity and advocate solar power as an alternative energy source, to mark the occasion of Earth Hour.




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OPINION : Love in the times of despair

Krishanu Nagar / Mumbai Weekly

complications of the real world, the human values get twisted to an extent that brothers pick arms against each other. Even without the situations Gitartha Goswami that compel one person to stand against another, uman beings, led by suppressing their moral values, there are numercompulsions and conspiracy, become the only ous instances in our surspecies to harm its own roundings that brand us as insensitive. A mothkind. In midst of the


er‟s cry for her child outside a hospital goes unnoticed. A challenged person‟s dignity is lost asking for help on the streets. A drenched, hungry child warms himself from the exhaust vent of a coffee shop. In a state of shrugging of the responsibility from our shoulders, we have become alone in our own

comfort zone. Busy with our own ambitions, we ignore another human‟s cry, or worse, play a role in making the cry louder. But in the absence of material wealth, its emotion that connects us, and at times, supports us. Human emotion does not have any boundaries. Love and compassion can exist and prosper in

the strangest of places and the harshest of situation. Even on a field of war, a traumatized refugee cares for an injured soldier. When the world is shattered for two people, their companionship becomes their greatest strength. It feels strange to see people in old-age homes seeming happier than how they look in

their own home, among their blood relations. But once you try to delve deeper, you start realizing that human bonding is something beyond all these relations. But why is it so that we have to go through difficulties and fall back on empathy to feel compassionate towards other human being! Where do

the emotions go when life is free of complications? Life would be simple and comfortable if we start to care and feel more. Correction Bottom left photograph of page 7 of previous Mumbai Weekly edition should have carried the by line Nikhil Sangle / Mumbai Weekly

POINT OF VIEW : A dog’s life

Shankar Narayan

Mumbai, the city of dreams. But what does the city dream of? Do the people sleeping beside the busy street dream the same things as the people in the passing by c see a group of people, including children, trying to earn their living by selling bouquets, begging for alms, knocking on the windows of the innumerable fancy cars that are waiting in the signal. Mumbai is a city of two extremes where people live in big luxurious houses with fancy cars and designer robes and handbags and on the other hand there are people who cannot even arrange for their basic needs and their annual income doesn?t add up to a single Gucci bag. While the city spends millions on its festivals and fashion shows, the majority live in slums. A city that is so noninclusive is not just bad for the have-nots but even for the haves, as it leads to class conflict and an unstable economy. Mumbai is a city of dreams. But let everyone have the right to fulfill them Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly




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Gitartha Goswami / Mumbai Weekly

Gitartha Goswami / Mumbai Weekly

Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Salty summer days With rising temperature in the city, seasonal occupations are coming up. Apart from small refreshments stalls in the city, there are certain bigger businesses making it big in the season. Salt pans are one such profitable summer business growing near the coast line of Mumbai. Mr. Sitaram manages one of the three salt pans at Mankhurd, eastern Mumbai. As told by him, salt cultivation

requires primarily four things: saline water (or brine), sunlight, wind and hard work. The availability of brine is a key factor in the development of salt pans. Sunlight is available in adequate at this time of the year, but a very specific range of 22 to 25 degree Celcius water temperature is maintained to obtain salt. Southern winds are favorable. Belonging from the state of Gujarat,

Mr. Sitarams family has been in this business for three generations. He says that Gujarat has seen salt cultivation for ages, with longer production periods every year. As such, people there have become skilled in this „artâ€&#x; as he describes. For the same reason, almost all of his workers have migrated from Gujarat to work here in the salt pans.

Shankar Narayan / Mumbai Weekly

Gitartha Goswami / Mumbai Weekly

Gitartha Goswami / Mumbai Weekly




Mumbai Weekly

Tax revenues falls short of target : report office on last day of financial year. Despite the measures taken India is a mammoth exercise, by the government, the Mahasurpassed in proportion perhaps rashtra government could be only by he national elections falling short of targets regarding and the nation-wide census. On tax collection, according to an 31st March 2012, as people Indian newspaper. While the queued outside the Income tax Maharashtra government had set office, stacks of tax papers kept Rs, 1,21,000 crores (around $ piling-up inside as Mumbai 24200 million) as its total reveweekly photographer Pratham nue target for the fiscal year Gokhale got a rare glimpse of 2011-12, but it hasnâ€&#x;t even it, inside one of the income tax

The collection of Income tax in

crossed Rs 1,00,000 (around $ 24200 million), stated the report. However, on the upside, the markets rebounded massively on Friday with a 346 points surge, as Indiaâ€&#x;s Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said that P-Notes (participatory notes) will not be taxed in India and will not go after FIIs who invested in the Indian market through P-Notes.

Oil Ministry seeks for USD 7.88 billion cash compensation

Cows roam at an petrol pump in suburban Mumbai on 30 March 2012. Indian oil ministry asked from the ministry of finance for 400 billion Rupees (USD 7.88 billion) additional cash compensation in order to cover up the revenue loss. The loss happened because of the state run companies that sell different oil based products as diesel, cooking gas, kerosene at subsidized rate. The ministry of finance until now gave consent to provide 450 billion rupees cash subsidy to these companies. Arkadripta / Mumbai Weekly


Arts and entertainment


Mumbai Weekly

A full house at the „Houseful 2‟ promotional bash

Top: Actors of Bollywood film „Houseful 2‟ (Left to Right) Ritesh Deshmukh, John Abraham, Shreyas Talpade, Jacqueline Fernandez, Zarine Khan,Shazahn, Padamsee, Asin and Akshay Kumar wear creations by Aki Narula at a promotional event on March 31, 2012 in Mumbai. Below: Models walk the ramp during the event...Left: Star cast of the upcoming film „Houseful 2‟ on a hot air balloon ride during a promotional event on April 1, 2012 in Mumbai. Saarthak Aurora / Mumbai Weekly

Kathak on city stage A Kathak dancer prepares to perform in Mumbai in memory of Pt Hazarilalji on 22 March 2012. Kathak, an Indian classical dance form, literally means 'to tell a story'. It was mainly performed in villages of ancient India, where a nomadic group of people used this to tell mostly mythological, religious tales. Its origin can traced back to Uttar Pradesh, India. Kathak performers of the present time come mainly from three major schools or Gharanas, namely, Lucknow, Jaipur and Benares.

Nikhil Sangle / Mumbai Weekly

Inspired performances by „special‟ artists Where this is will there is a way. This spirit was epitomized by Manisha a physically challenged dancer who had the audience awestruck as she energetically danced for on the stage with her only leg during a performance which was part of a show put up by the visually impaired band „Udaan‟. Keeping with the spirit of the evening , when „Udaan‟, took to the stage, they took music to new heights. Transcending all barriers, they showed the packed audience, that nothing is impossible -- the band performed popular songs in perfect harmony. The evening kicked off to a pleasant surprise when popular film music composers, Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy took to the stage and performed with the band. The evening passed quickly with foot tapping and soul stirring music performed by performers escorted, carried or wheel chaired on to the stage. A performance that moved everyone in the house was a young girl with just one leg who came on stage on crutches, left them by the side and embarked on a truly spell binding dance routine in her bright red ghaghra (ethnic Indian skirt). This was a true exhibition of human spirit and Udaan, true to its name, just kept raising the bar - their energy, consistency, talent and motivation was inspirational to all present.

Shailesh Andrade / Mumbai Weekly




Mumbai Weekly

Pose, Flex and Rip: Indian Classic Bodybuilding 2012 Around 30 top Indian bodybuilders flexed their muscles in Mumbai on the evening of 31 March 2012 during the Indian Classic Body Building Competition. With a total prize money of 5 lakhs Rupees (around USD

9,850) in the offering the competition attracted competitors from all over India. The competition was held under the supervision of the Indian Bodybuilders Federation and saw performances from recently crowned

Mr. Universe Heeralal and other leading well known names like the pocket- sized Ashish Sakharkar, Ankur Sharma and Parvesh Kumar and crowd favourite Suhas Khamkar vie for the top spot. The competi-

tion was stiff and saw many comparisons i.e. certain participants reperforming for the judges when the call is too close to make. Two elimination rounds later and Maharashtraâ€&#x;s Suhas Khamkar was crowned

winner of the Indian Classic Body Building Competition 2012. Mumbai Weekly photographer Shailesh An-

drade was present at the event and covered the body building competition.

Cricket: The thread that binds the nation South Mumbaiâ€&#x;s Oval Maidan has seen many serious cricketing talents emerge from its pitches. While many local matches are simultaneously played in the weekends on the vast expanses of the ground, just opposite to the Mumbai High

court, they are played with fervor and competitiveness equal to the bigger matches played in the nearby Wankhade Stadium. And its this dream of making the short but difficult journey of playing inside the Wankhaade stadium,

less than a kilometer away, powers the matches being played in the Oval ground. Team of Mumbai Weekly photographers captured a few moments of the cricket matches being played at Oval Maidan on 31 March 2012.

Twisha / Mumbai Weekly

Saarthak Aurora / Mumbai Weekly

Gitartha Goswami / Mumbai Weekly

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