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frequent feeding. However, six weeks At 18 months I realised that although the success of breastfeeding twins is frequent fe is not a lifetime and a very small I had reduced my pumping sessions attitude. I had the attitude two is not a life chunk out of your life for the benefits it wasn’t necessarily being used and breasts equals two babies equals no chunk out passed on to your babies.It does get my freezer ‘stash’ was growing. So I problem. I never said ‘I am going to passed on you Read to your it justI doesn’t like Eat it of when decided toare stop pumping, up the outtryloud and I said ‘I AM Marvel in theseem magic Look into your use child’s © C breastfeed’, Dawm Lamuth-Higgins is going a easier, it ju t-timeeasier, mother, tried sometimes atyour 3am. body. I did find peoples’ Stop storedwhen milk and then breastfeed when to breastfeed’. I asked for help if I sometimes hungry. you baby. It doesn’t matter if mother, writer, and the owner of eyes. re forattitudes our newannoyed baby me, however well I was with the twins. needed it and I asked the right attitudes a are full. Take naps it’s the ‘NewMommy York Gear, Times’ an online ng allintentioned. of the experts’ I frequently heard people, the National Childbirth Trust intentioned between courses. or ‘Winnie breastfeeding the Pooh.’boutique comments like ‘Oh well, you’ve I set out by saying I would breastfeed (NCT) or La Leche League or the comments nd arming myself ( This article Drink lots ofweeks water. managed two-four-six now, for a year. Well, Smile. I surpassed that Association of Breastfeeding Mothers managed t may be reproduced for educational latestyou’ve babygiven gagdets. them a good start’, easily and by the time one year had (ABM). These are the people trained you’ve give purposes. loves completely been and gone I completely d I know those dismissing quiet my Touch. Everyone (from ‘Keeping Abreast’ breastfeed for a year. knew contact. more determinat skin-to-skin Take care of yourself. Sityears back. toRelax. Put your s overdetermination the October/December 1999 issue) about self or feet up. eastfeeding would At 13 weeks I duly returned to work natural weaning. At 13 week complete with pump. Employees The fact is that a complete w e all I really needed Wear comfortable have rights and among those for child won’t have rights aboutbreastfeeding being a mothers is that Listen your child. clothes. of being tobreastfeed breastfeedi as well as some provided with a private place to forever if you provided w express breast milk and access to don’t stop them. express bre iversal truths… some kind of storage facilities for the In fact they some kind Children are portable. milk. As I was a nurse working in a naturally cut milk. As I Trust your own instincts. Take them with you. private household – a job I’d had for down in their private hou several years and the family were like own time and several yea my own – I had no problems with eventually stop my own – Surround and yourself Sing, even if it’s off-key. expressing milk, which I continued this just with what expressing supportive friends. If you don’t know the doing for 18 months. they did. doing for 1

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Since I worked nights, at firstespecially I In if their second Since I wo they are own. When in doubt, nursed my twins when I got home year of breastnursed my related. hum. from work in the morning, then in the feeding the twins to help you. The NHS does not have from work middle of the day, then as soon as I probably reduced to two or three the resources to fund extensive middle of t got up in the afternoon. When they times per day. By 30 months it was breastfeeding courses, their got up in t the just telephone Simplify life. Throw out and the best woke up in woke up in the night (which ofLet course once a day, and their last knowledge is limited answering machine do about tenthe and goever give is to they did in they did in the earlier months) my breastfeed occurred daysschedules advice they could partner gave them expressed milk after their third birthday. I say provide the numbers of the dedicated partner gav its job. with the flow. with a bottle. As they got older and ‘about’ because we didn’t know it support groups who can arrange a with a bott started weaning onto solids I dropped was going to be the last one, it’s only visit (free of charge) if needed. started wea the mid-day feed and was able to get four weeks later when you look back the mid-da Be confident. Be proud. It takes time to learn all a full day’s sleep. By using an electric and say to yourself ‘Oh yes, I think WITH SPECIAL THANKS TO KAREN FOR HER WONDERFUL a full day’s new things. With hospital-grade double pump (one we’ve finished.’ No trauma, no fuss, ACCOUNT OF RAISING HER TWINS. hospital-gr prectice, you get better which pumps both breasts no engorged breasts, no mastitis, just which pum simultaneously) I minimised the timeSnuggle. nature’s way of doing it. La Leche League GB: simultaneo Cuddle. Snooze. every day. needed for pumping and maximised National Childbirth Trust: needed for the amount of breast milk I could get. I am certain that a large proportion of Association of Breastfeeding Mothers: the amoun 25 9 37

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