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ost parents bond instantly with their babies, an intense feeling that makes you want to hold and love and protect them. However, for some parents this can take a little longer, especially if there has been a difficult pregnancy or labour. Research indicates that babies who develop fulfilling relationships with their parents later tend to perform better at school grow into secure, well-adjusted adults.

Massage A more structured method of touching your baby and a way of promoting physical and mental growth as well as the parent/baby bond.

Singing No matter how tone deaf you may think you are, your baby will love to hear your voice. The rhythmic nature of nursery rhymes is very soothing and is believed to help with language development.

Bonding is a natural process but there are many ways to help out, especially if you provide focused, responsive care in a nurturing environment.

Touch A baby’s first communication with you is through touch, so hold your baby close, cradle him or her in your arms or use a sling if you need to get on with chores.

Pull a face Even very young babies are fascinated by facial expressions.

Regular activities Nappy changing time is a wonderful opportunity to show babies just how much you love them. Talking, kissing tummies, admiring little dimples and loving their smiles will take your mind off what a messy job it is and show that you love them, no matter what.

Slow down Life is getting faster and faster but slow and steady is best for baby. Stop and spend time with your baby, relax and enjoy yourself, your baby will love you no matter what.

Breastfeeding A breastfed baby will receive regular close contact with its mother, helping an early bond to develop. Unfortunately, this is not always easy, so speak to your health visitor if you need any help or assistance.

near and always focused on them, even if the household chores need to be done.

Talk Although babies may not understand what you’re saying, they love to hear their mum chatting away about what she’s doing, whether it’s changing a nappy, peeling the potatoes or folding the washing. Babies gain confidence from the fact that a mother is always

Arabella Greatorex is the owner of, a family run business specialising in products for ethical families including organic and fairly traded clothes and bedding, cloth nappies, soft shoes, slings, wooden toys, maternity wear and natural toiletries.

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