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Third Party Energy-Efficiency Program Fact Sheet

Light exChange Program Administered by RHA, Inc.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has contracted with RHA, Inc., a third party energy-efficiency implementation specialist, to implement the Light exChange Program. The Light exChange Program offers to replace existing mercury-vapor yard lights with energy-efficient, high-pressure sodium yard lights for qualifying PG&E customers in small rural and agricultural communities. These upgrades are free to qualifying property owners or managers. Additionally, community organizations can earn incentives for helping to educate their neighbors and customers about the program. Increasing energy efficiency also benefits the environment by conserving our natural resources and reducing air emissions.

Eligibility Requirements To qualify, a customer must be located within rural or agricultural communities with maximum population of 50,000 and must be a PG&E electrical customer. The customer must have working “dusk-to-dawn” mercury-vapor yard lights. The RHA Outreach Specialists visit each customer to qualify the lighting. Once qualified, the specialist will obtain a signed access agreement and a copy of the customer’s PG&E bill.

Energy-Efficiency Measures Covered The program provides for the no-cost replacement of 175-watt mercury-vapor dusk-to-dawn yard lights with more efficient 70-watt, high-pressure sodium yard lights. The fixture to be replaced must be hard-wired with a sensor that automatically activates the light at dusk each night. The Light exChange Program replaces the entire fixture.

Fostering Community Awareness and Supporting Local Organizations To encourage schools, nonprofits, and other community organizations to educate their communities about the program, RHA offers a contribution of $7.50 for each customer lead that results in an installation. RHA encourages schools, nonprofit organizations, and property owners to coordinate events and fundraisers in conjunction with the program.

Next Steps For detailed information on the Light exChange Program, please visit To determine if you qualify or to sign up for the program, call RHA at 1-866-455-0898. You may also contact the PG&E Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743 for assistance or visit to learn more about energy-efficiency programs.

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Fact Sheet 2010  

Information regarding the Light exChange Program.