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MSP Training Let’s Get Started!

Objectives • • • • •

What is MSP Training? Why MSP Training? What will you learn under this training? Who should take up the MSP training? How to find the right training institute?

What is MSP Training?

The MSP training is an overview of the project plan, tasks, and resources. This MSP training builds the skills of the individuals in planning and managing the projects using MicrosofÂŽ Project 2010.

Why MSP Training? • To manage resources along with the tasks within the project • To track the progress of the project with the help of different features • To maintain the cost of the project • To make an appropriate schedule for the project • To communicate the project information

What will you learn under this training? • • • • • • •

Relationship and Linking Task Work Breakdown Structure Constraints and Recurring Task Resource Defining and Assigning Resource Leveling Groups and Filters Tracking the Project Progress and Earned Value Management • Multiple Projects in Single Window • Report and Customizing

Who should take up the SAP ABAP training? • Freshers, experienced Project Managers and Projects Support Personnels who aim to apply for the discipline of project management.

How to find the right training institute? • A right training institute plays a crucial role in a well-versed MSP Training. • You can find such training institutes in any metropolitan city that has an IT hub. Noida is one such example. One can easily find the right institute in NOIDA.

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MSP Training