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Multi R IT offers the right solutions for your business


Data Security Services

Why is it important to you?

How can we help you? Multi R IT tailor a solution that matches your security needs, assures data has been destroyed and also meets high system standards. One of the great benefits to using Multi R IT’s data security and sanitisation services is that no matter what your needs are regarding recycling, recovering, or the safe destruction of data, we have the technology and expertise to provide customised solutions.

Today, every piece of your business passes through a network of computers… bookkeeping, correspondence, business plans, contracts, marketing plans, client data, and more. All get stored on hard drives within your company. When it comes time to replace your hardware, there’s a risk that strangers or competitors could access your business’s most sensitive information. For this reason, it’s vital that you have secure data handling processes in place. The proper destruction of sensitive data, when the need for it arises, is very important to ensure your company’s name remains in good standing with consumers.

We give your company detailed reports of the services we perform on your machines, and will even record the procedures as we are carried out for your peace of mind.

Key Benefits 100% guaranted secure data destruction Maintain client confidentiality and the integrity of your business Protect your assets and sensitive information Manage the decommissioning of your old IT system Customised solutions from expert Detailed and accurate reports

Data Security Services

Multi R IT treats the sanitisation of systems and deletion of client data seriously and understands the sensitive nature of this function. Not only is client specific data a concern, but there may be software licensing issues associated with operating systems or applications left on a client’s assets. We provide 100% guaranteed secure data destruction using various methods including data wiping software, hard drive degaussing and physical shredding facilities. In addition to disk wiping, all client-related information, such as asset stickers or identifying labels, can be removed during the sanitisation process. We work to the highest global standards of data destruction which ensures that your brand and data is respected and protected. We can provide our clients with a signed Data Wipe Certificate stating the asset serial number, description and the date/time the data sanitisation was performed.

“100% secure destruction of data and hardware� Multi R IT offers the following secure methods of data destruction:

Clearing - a method of overwriting on media with non-sensitive data Degaussing - erasure of data on magnetic storage devices Purging - permanent removal of sensitive data from a variety of media Physical destruction - shredding facilities

Expert, efficient & committed With over 25 years experience in the IT industry , we are the experts in providing IT lifecycle solutions. What that means for you is an experienced, efficient group that is capable of, and committed to, providing you with the highest service levels. Cost effective We can reduce costs by combining the removal of old equipment with the delivery and installation of new equipment you’ve purchased elsewhere. Environmental friendly We believe in caring for the environment, especially when electronic waste (e-waste) is a major global problem. Multi R IT offer complete e waste recycling solutions with ISO 9001 quality & 14001 environmental accreditation. Premium quality asset management system Our operations are backed by the best asset management system available for the kind of work we do allowing customers to track IT equipment throughout the process. That means you can be sure your assets & data are secure. National operations and customer support With premises in Sydney and Perth, we are able to offer cost-effective solutions right around Australia. We have many years experience moving assets throughout the country from locations as far-flung as Christmas Island or Karatha, to the major metropolitan areas. +61 2 9439 0215 +61 2 9439 0315

Multi R IT offers the right solutions for your business

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Data security & sanitisation services  

Multi R IT treats the sanitisation of systems and deletion of client data seriously and understands the sensitive nature of this function. N...