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Multi R IT offers the right solutions for your business


Asset Recovery Services

Why is it important to you?

How can we help you? Multi R IT can tailor an asset recovery program to suit your needs while addressing cost requirements, environmental sustainability and compliance objectives.

Both large and small organisations practice asset recovery at some level with the end goal of obtaining the greatest possible return from their IT asset. Storing equipment that is no longer being used can be a waste of both valuable space and money. Yet many organisations simply do not have the resources or knowledge to properly remove used IT equipment from their premises using an environmentally friendly disposal plan.

We help you maximise the value of your used IT equipment through effective reuse, remarket and recycle plans.

Asset recovery services are designed to help you maximise the return on your IT investment and your excess or obsolete equipment while reducing compliance risks associated with these assets.

We offer three types of services in the asset recovery process so you can select the exact level of service you need.

Multi R IT Asset Recovery Services are an environmentally friendly and safe way to recycle or dispose of used computer equipment.

• Disposition • Logistics • Reporting

Key Benefits Easy-to-Use Our services provide fast, cost-effective equipment removal that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Eliminates Excess Storage Your used computer equipment does not take up space in your office, and it may no longer be an inventory cost. Save money We help you reclaim money from used equipment that may still have some resale value. Accurate Reporting We provide a certificate of disposal with accompanying detailed report.

“We offer complete and tailored solutions for your IT Asset Recovery.”

Asset recovery Services

Multi R IT Asset recovery services encompass a number of areas that prepare equipment for recovering value from it and returning that value to your organisation. Asset Receipt Receipting of assets into the warehouse can be handled in a number of ways. You can arrange for the goods to be sent to Multi R IT premises with your own couriers, or Multi R IT can provide full logistics services and arrange pickup on your behalf. Audit Multi R IT auditing can include a preliminary on-site audit and/or a full audit on Multi R IT premises. Throughout all phases of the audit process the asset is tracked and can be clearly defined within the overall workflow. Sanitisation and Data Security Multi R IT treats the sanitisation of systems and deletion of your data seriously and understands the sensitive nature of this function. Not only is client’s specific data a concern, but there may be software licensing issues associated with operating systems or applications left on a client’s assets. Refurbishment As part of the normal asset recovery services, Multi R IT attempts to maximise the value of your assets by making a ‘good’ system out of two or more faulty systems, where possible. We are also able to assist companies with the maintenance and upgrade of company assets identified for re-deployment or required to remain in a re-deployment pool for use as required in the future. Cleaning In some instances, equipment may require more than a brief external surface wipe, to prepare it for redeployment or sale. In these cases, an internal cleanse is performed by removing chassis covers and removing all internal dust and grime by use of a high-pressure air gun. Externally, a suitable solvent is used to remove all customer identifiers, stickers and labels. The equipment is wiped and buffed to make it presentable for the next user. Reporting Multi R IT uses a sophisticated asset management system, MultiManager, that provides comprehensive reporting on all assets processed by Multi R. The system track, measure and control the entire lifecycle of an IT asset.

Expert, efficient & committed With over 25 years experience in the IT industry , we are the experts in providing IT lifecycle solutions. What that means for you is an experienced, efficient group that is capable of, and committed to, providing you with the highest service levels. Cost effective We can reduce costs by combining the removal of old equipment with the delivery and installation of new equipment you’ve purchased elsewhere. Environmental friendly We believe in caring for the environment, especially when electronic waste (e-waste) is a major global problem. Multi R IT offer complete e waste recycling solutions with ISO 9001 quality & 14001 environmental accreditation. Premium quality asset management system Our operations are backed by the best asset management system available for the kind of work we do allowing customers to track IT equipment throughout the process. That means you can be sure your assets & data are secure. National operations and customer support With premises in Sydney and Perth, we are able to offer cost-effective solutions right around Australia. We have many years experience moving assets throughout the country from locations as far-flung as Christmas Island or Karatha, to the major metropolitan areas. +61 2 9439 0215 +61 2 9439 0315

Multi R IT offers the right solutions for your business

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Asset recovery services  

Multi R IT asset recovery services are designed to help our customers maximise the return on their IT investment and their excess or obsolet...