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Multi R IT offers the right solutions for your business


Asset Disposal Services

Why is it important to you?

“IT asset disposal is a responsibility, not just an obligation”

How can we help you?

As companies deploy new technologies, they are faced with the issue of what to do with their old IT assets.

Our primary focus is to maximise the value and minimise the environmental footprint of old equipment.

It is no longer acceptable for organisations to throw out old technology or simply to pass it along without considering the outcome.

Wherever possible, we aim to do this by extending the asset’s life through managing its reuse or redeployment. Given the energy and material resources embedded in IT equipment, this provides the greatest environmental benefit.

IT asset disposal is not only a responsibility to be taken seriously it can also bring financial benefits to your organisation while at the same time being a good corporate citizen. We help you ensure it’s disposed of appropriately and provide full reporting for your corporate governance requirements.

However, if there is no further useable value in the equipment we ensure it is securely and environmentally recycled in processes that meet best international standards.

“We offer complete solutions for your IT Asset Disposition.”

We provide complete IT asset disposition services, helping you to manage the disposal project right through to secure collection, processing and recycling. Multi R IT has agreements with Australia’s leading accredited e-waste recyclers. We can offer our customers the peace of mind that any obsolete or non working equipment is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner, seamlessly integrated with our other services. Other services are provided, along with disposal, to maximise project efficiency and security. These include decommissioning and deployment, redeployment of your used equipment, short- or long-term storage, and data security including secure destruction and sanitisation.

Key Benefits

Eco-friendly organisation = integrity

Reuse = cut costs

Remarket = revenue

Recycle = peace of mind

Excellent support = time saving

Simple, easy and straightforward

Frees up office space

Online reports at your fingertips

Combine with deployment projects to reduce cost

E-waste Concerns Sending equipment to landfill is not only a waste of precious resources but potentially an environmental time bomb ticking for the next generation. Computers contain many toxic substances, in the plastic, the circuit board and the batteries. These can eventually find their way back into the water we drink, the air we breathe and ultimately the food chain. What is important though, are the benefits to all of us of "going green." Not just for the obvious environmental pluses but also in terms of corporate responsibility and risk minimisation.

Do the right thing, become an e-waste friendly organisation

Asset Disposal Services

We come to you, collect, individually tag and package your IT assets.

We transport your IT assets to one of our secure facilities. What is important though, are the benefits to all of us of “going green.� Not just for the obvious environmental pluses but also in terms of corporate responsibility and risk minimisation.

We track each asset through MultiManager our management system and send you comprehensive reports of your assets.

We provide 100% guaranteed secure data destruction.

OR Reuse of parts to extend the lifecycle of your IT equipment.

OR Turn your old IT equipment into revenue.

Complete accredited e-waste recycling solutions.

Expert, efficient & committed With over 25 years experience in the IT industry , we are the experts in providing IT asset lifecycle solutions. What that means for you is an experienced, efficient group that is capable of, and committed to, providing you with the highest service levels. Cost effective We can reduce costs by combining the removal of old equipment with the delivery and installation of new equipment you’ve purchased elsewhere. Environmental friendly We believe in caring for the environment, especially when electronic waste (e-waste) is a major global problem. Multi R IT offer complete e waste recycling solutions with ISO 9001 quality & 14001 environmental accreditation. Premium quality asset management system Our operations are backed by the best asset management system available for the kind of work we do allowing customers to track IT equipment throughout the process. That means you can be sure your assets & data are secure. National operations and customer support With premises in Sydney, Perth and Auckland, we are able to offer cost-effective solutions right around Australia & NZ. We have many years experience moving assets throughout the country from locations as far-flung as Christmas Island or Karatha, to the major metropolitan areas. +61 2 9439 0215 +61 2 9439 0315

Multi R IT offers the right solutions for your business

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Asset disposal services  

Multi R IT provides complete IT asset disposition services, helping organisations to manage the disposal project right through to secure col...