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The Multipure Business Opportunity The foundation of the Multipure Business Opportunity is the ability and desire to improve people’s lives. This is a twofold process, in which you introduce them to Multipure’s superior products, and help them discover their own potential and success through the Multipure Business Opportunity. Multipure has a Business Opportunity that is universal, because its requirements are not financial, but personal; this Opportunity asks only that you have a vision for success, and a commitment of time and effort. By joining the Multipure Business Opportunity, you are joining a family of thousands of people, like yourself, determined to control their own financial future by participating in the growth of an exciting industry. You determine your own success. Through this Opportunity, you will learn to identify, develop, and teach POP! – Multipure’s unique and fundamental teachings about Product, Opportunity, and Personal Development. POP! will facilitate your growth into a complete, well-rounded entrepreneur; POP! will enable you to examine and improve yourself as a Distributor, and, in turn, examine, recruit, and improve others as Distributors.

Rules of Success 1

Become a Multipure Independent Distributor, and discover how great the product is!


Talk to people.


Establish Relationships.


Believe in the product and believe in the Multipure Opportunity.


Understand Network Marketing.


Help others succeed.

Rules for Success 1. Become a Multipure Independent Distributor, and discover how great the product is! Once you’ve gone from drinking ordinary water to Multipure water, you’ll understand how powerful Multipure’s proprietary filter is, and just how much cleaner and more healthful water can be. The best sales people are customers that experience and believe in the product. 2. Talk to people. Talk to people about the importance of great water, and the difference Multipure Drinking Water Systems can make. Talk to people about the costs of bottled water, and how much more costeffective a Multipure Drinking Water System is. Talk to people about the Multipure Business Opportunity, and how it can lead them toward financial freedom. 3. Establish Relationships. At its core, Network Marketing is a business about Relationships. Relationships create trust and confidence in the products and their benefits. Relationships enable people to believe in your Opportunity and make them want to work with you, as part of your business network. Relationships allow others to view you as a friend and mentor – a trusted business partner that can help them achieve their goals. To become a successful Independent Distributor is to become someone that can establish strong connections and relationships with others.

4. Believe in the product and believe in the Multipure Opportunity. As an Independent Distributor, Belief may be the most powerful tool at your disposal. Belief creates Confidence, and confidence spreads. When you believe in yourself, and you believe in the positive effect that Multipure has on your life, people will know that you aren’t just selling them something – they will see that you are there to help them, their family, and their future. 5. Understand Network Marketing. By becoming an Independent Distributor, you are choosing to take control of your financial future, and follow the lifestyle of the Network Marketer. You are your own boss. You decide how much work and effort to put into your business; you can work as few or as many hours as you want, and meet as few or as many people as you want. You determine your own success. Although you are your own boss, it doesn’t mean that you are alone. As a member of the Multipure family of Independent Distributors, you are part of a network of people with similar goals and aspirations; learn from them, work with them, and share your advice and experiences with them. Help is available, when you need it. 6. Help others succeed. Use your experience to help others achieve success. Become both a teacher and a mentor, and develop your network with POP! to grow both your own and your network’s success.

For more information please contact:

7251 Cathedral Rock Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89128 702.360.8880 • 800.622.9206 •


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Multipure Business Opportunity

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