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Don’t make these silly mistakes:

Property Management System 101 By Rosie Clarke, Industry Reporter

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW A SECRET? It’s extremely easy to make silly purchasing mistakes and many of us are too technologically inept to realise that it’s our own fault when things start performing badly. How do you know you’ve made a silly purchase? When you ‘out-grow’ the product, or you think it stops working for you, prematurely. That’s the best clue. This rule applies to all sorts of products in business and pleasure; clothes, cars, homes, TVs, phones, and (yes) property management systems. The reality is that if you buy a smartphone with 8GB of storage and find that you’ve maxed it out in a month and have to keep deleting photos, or your teenager is bunking in with your elderly mother because you had to refurbish the granny flat, I’m afraid you picked the wrong purchase.

WHEN IT COMES TO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS… If you choose the wrong one, you’re going to feel limited by it within a year and within two years you’ll be hitting the marketplace yet again. Not only is this an expensive turn of events, but a massive nuisance. So it’s absolutely critical that you do your research


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first to understand what specifications and functions you need, and will need over the next five-plus years. If you’re having to Google instructions every few days because of a glitch, or find yourself getting lost in the system that’s supposed to keep your daily operations in order; it’s time for a change.

MAKE A LIST And make it an honest list. How many users? How computer literate are the users? How strong is your internet connection? There’s no point getting the most expensive, highend system on the market if it’s going to be too complicated for you to use. If navigating software isn’t your thing, look for a system that comes with a high level of ongoing support. Some suppliers even offer face-toface tutorials or seminars; others have 24/7 customer service support so that you can have help whenever you need it. If you don’t have any issue using a digital interface and you’re looking for something with lots of customisability, that’s also something to put on your list.

EVOLVING SYSTEMS… TURNKEY SOLUTIONS? This is an important point to bring up with any companies you liaise with; how scalable is their PMS product? Some systems are naturally more flexible than others

depending on their infrastructure. Scalability is important because if you’re able to update the software for years to come rather than install an entirely new system, it’s going to save you time and money. A big part of this has to do with whether or not the system is cloud-based, which we’ll get into shortly. It also has a lot to do with whether the system has an open API, which refers to how it interacts with other systems. A very flexible solution will give you a lot more options but that doesn’t guarantee efficiency; weigh up the pros and cons based what you need to work efficiently all the time versus functions you think would be impressive. Remember that having the right PMS onsite is your property’s path to becoming a fully functional tech space for guests. So, generally speaking, your PMS should align with public trends. Mobile-friendly, app-centric, device compatibility are all key considerations in 2018 because just like your guests, your staff are no longer inclined to be glued to a desktop screen. Smartphones are now the benchmark for ease-of-use. What’s the latest smartphone trend? Voice recognition and activation is certainly one. How might these trends bleed through to PMS? Ask any suppliers that you talk to about their systems, because even though these aren’t necessarily functions that are available or recommended now they may certainly come into play two, three or even five years from now and you want to be as prepared as possible with the infrastructure you choose. Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2018

the software for your hotel Switching PMS Software can seem like a daunting task but it is easier than you think. SIHOT has over 30 years’ experience in assisting our customers in making the transition. Providing cutover tools and import sheets to assist with Data Migration and balancing. Our expert team specialise in trust accounting transitions. SIHOT prides itself on assisting property managers with a variety of Support & Backup options to meet individual business requirements. We offer support options from “pay as you use“, to standard business hours, to full 24 hour every day. SIHOT Pricing Structures allows our customers to pay for only what they need offering modular based software that can be customised to each individual property‘s requirements. SIHOT offers 3 pricing options - purchase outright, rental options, and software as a service. Contact our sales team for a quote today on 07 5634 9527. SIHOT Trust Accounting offers the latest regulation requirements for each state with easy to use functions to assist with owner, guest, and auditor queries. With automatic daily checks that alert management if 3 way is not in balance. Our expert in-house team have over 20 years trust accounting experience. SIHOT offers Third Party Integration with a wide variety of vendors to assist with increasing your revenue or link to SIHOT booking engine for commission free reservations.


+ PLUS •

Guest App to allow pre check in and account balance check

Kiosk integration

Bed Management ideal for Hostels or backpackers

Comprehensive Conference & Banquet Module

SMS functionality

Headquarter or CRS module

*Pricing based on standard PMS 30 rooms rental only option based on 4 year contract.

SIHOT Asia Pacific 170 Scarborough Street, Southport, QLD 4215 +61 7 5634 9527


Everyone had huge ideas for what could be done with the reams and reams of data we all suddenly had at our fingertips. Then everyone seemed to realise that harnessing reams and reams of data is actually quite time-consuming and the chatter died down. Now, the technology has finally caught up enough that you can harness guest data in very helpful ways through your PMS and compatible third-party software. Lots of this, if not all, will even be automated; packaged for you in easy-to-read, actionable reports. This is why it’s so important to make sure that whenever you change PMS, you’ll be able to shift all the data you currently have logged, over to the new system. You’ll also want to make sure that the new system will let you migrate data in the future, otherwise you might find yourself stuck. Data is far too valuable to lose, so make sure you talk this one through with various providers before making a decision.


USE YOUR PMS TO UPSELL There are a multitude of ways that property management systems can be configured to income-generate. This should be a key point of enquiry during your quote-gathering journey. Not only can property management systems centralise and manipulate things like room rates and marketing campaigns but you can use them to drive add-on bookings like food and beverage purchases, activities and business partnership tie-ins, and even cleaning fees or late-check-outs. service and offer great ease-of-use, with data managed and stored externally but accessible from any number of devices, usually with a clean and enjoyable interface. They tend to be fast and have a lower initial investment. The main drawback comes down to data security, as it will always be a risk to store all your data externally. Hacking is a very real threat and in recent years, hackers have targeted the accommodation sector.

This is something that New Zealand-based accommodation providers must consider especially, given the vastly varied locations and landscapes around the country and the varying quality of accessible internet that they currently offer. New Zealand is certainly several steps ahead of Australia, where NBN has kept the satisfaction of truly high-speed wifi at an arm’s length from much of the country. However, the quality of broadband in New Zealand does vary from city to clifftop to coastal region, so there are still plenty of pros and cons to discuss. Cloud-based systems require a good internet


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Another drawback might occur if the external servers are located very remotely; there might be lags. Both of these are things that can easily be discussed with different providers, who will be able to answer any questions you might prepare. It’s always a good idea to ask about data security. With onsite hosting, security is heightened and internal operations are not reliant on an internet connection, although many of these systems can be integrated with online features. The drawbacks with onsite hosting mainly come down to the much larger maintenance responsibilities, energy consumption and higher purchase cost. Combined systems that act like hybrid solutions are also available at different pricepoints.


MONEY, MONEY, MONEY Property management systems can be split into three main types: there’s the tiered model, pay-per-room, and the one-time licence. They each have their pros and cons and differ slightly in price. Pay-per-room is a traditionally popular choice for accommodation providers looking to install some new software. It generally has a one-off installation fee and after that, the cost is monthly and usually generated based on the number of rooms in the property and/or the number of users Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2018


PMS product overview RMS Property Management System helps you run your business better and gives you more time to concentrate on servicing your guests. Our easy-to-use, fully integrated system takes care of every crucial front and back-end detail, from bookings to payments and beyond. The complete Property Management System incorporates channel and distribution management, offers integrated revenue and yield applications, reservation and booking modules. It’s cloud based for flexibility and security, and offers a number of other useful features, outlined below.

Support overview We’ve been a leader in hospitality technology for over 35 years and help service over 5,000 properties in 25 countries. We can help you 24 / 7 through our online customer portal, email, phone or live chat – whatever works best for you. We provide comprehensive learning and customer engagement resources, through our dedicated training teams, online feature and tutorial videos, webinars and regional training programs. Our in-house capability means we can quickly and proactively respond to changes in the industry and keep you up-to-date.

Pricing structure overview

who will need to be trained to access the system. While this sounds fairly reasonable, it can quickly add up if you have lots of rooms. However, discounts are usually available for very large properties. Things get far more expensive when combined with a tiered model that brings in extra features and customised benefits. Here, prices jump up per room per month: a larger investment but with visible returns. The tiered model is a type of PMS structure that can tie into the pay-per-room model. It usually targets a range of rooms rather than a specific number. Subscription-based, this is a middle-ground option bridging the gap between pay-per-room and a one-time licence fee. The various tiers add a plethora of different functions and winning features like bonus storage and other data capabilities. The higher the tier, the higher the price. There are also cloud options available with this model, which lessens the expense. A monthly subscription generally shapes up to around three-times the previous pay-per-room model price and also has a one-time

installation and training fee. A more generic subscription, eliminating cloud-based solutions will be cheaper but again depends on how many rooms are catered to. Prices with the tier model fluctuate so widely due to added functions and rooms that sample costs are hard to pin down. It really depends on what your specific property needs are, so it might be worth getting a few quotes from companies offering the different models. One-time licences have no long-term commitment or subscription cost. Providers simply pay a one-off fee to install and use the software and that is it. However, the initial fee will be much higher, depending on the company and type of offering. The benefit to this model is obviously that it’s a one-time payment, so depending on how long you plan to keep it, this could work out cheapest in the long run. There are also usually no contracts involved. However, the downside to this model is that there might be restrictions or extra fees in the fine print so it is important to do your research.

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We offer competitive pricing alternatives based on the structure, size, complexity and specific needs of our customers. Our pricing is benchmarked frequently to ensure we are offering real value for money. Pricing is subscription based, with no requirement for long and / or fixed term contracts. The subscription fee entitles you to access RMS Cloud, automated secure backup, full cloud hosting, Customer Support, including extensive support and learning resources, and all ongoing upgrades and enhancements. If you want to know more, simply contact us for a quote for your business.

Features at a glance • • • • • • • • • •

Complete Property Management Channel Management Direct Online Bookings Automated Correspondence Guest Marketing Trust / Owner Accounting Yield Management Event Management Guest Relationship Management Pre, post & in-stay messaging

• • • • • • • • • •

Point of Sale Dynamic Pricing Scheduled Reporting Preventative Maintenance Enterprise (CRM) Capability Multiple property functionality Tour Desk Guest and Company Portal NPS Survey Housekeeping Management

Channel Management/Integration RMS manages availability, price and inventory directly, in real time, from the Property Management System to all of the leading OTA’s and the GDS, removing the complexity, risk and costs associated with third party channel managers. Use the fully customisable RMS Internet Booking Engine to drive direct bookings and reduce the overall cost of distribution.

Contact information C RMS W

P 09 887 1096 E Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2018


PMS product overview NewBook’s award-winning PMS and CRM solutions have a proven track record in increasing bookings and reducing operating costs, helping to transform thousands of customers’ businesses globally. NewBook draws on the latest technology to streamline operations, improve efficiency and enhance guest experiences, increasing revenue and repeat business. We help companies of any size move to next-generation cloud solutions, keep up with industry trends and stay relevant in today’s technology-driven society. Alongside integrations with the world’s leading productivity and revenue generating systems, including Slack and IDeaS Revenue Management, NewBook provides extensive automation opportunities to increase revenue and help drive down operating costs.

PMS product overview GuestPoint® is quick to set up, easy to use and full of modern time-saving tools that can assist in running your property, including reservation plan, customer database, accounting, management reporting, revenue maximizer and housekeeping. One of the reasons GuestPoint has won awards is the innovative way we deploy the solution for our clients. GuestPoint is a new breed of software that recognizes both the benefits and risks of running a mission-critical application like property management in the cloud. GuestPoint uses a unique hybrid data engine that gives you the best of both worlds. This means GuestPoint is very fast and you can keep working even when the Internet is down.

Support overview NewBook’s user-friendly software allows you to focus on running your business rather than wasting time with an outdated PMS. Our industrytrained support team is a short phone call or email away and with one of the fastest customer support access times in the industry, your questions will be answered quickly and professionally. With new features released every 8 – 10 weeks, our ex-hotel support team works tirelessly to ensure clients maximise our endless range of features and integrations. The whole NewBook team is here to support you throughout your journey and our staff understand your business and what you need to succeed.

Support overview At Centium Software, we’re specialists in hospitality management and in developing solutions that address the industry’s unique needs. For more than 25 years, our team have supported people with technology solutions. We don’t outsource our technical support; our own global team of support professionals operate 24/7 and will help solve your questions quickly. We provide extensive training and assistance with the setup and use of your system, as well as supporting relief managers with free comprehensive training on the skills needed to use GuestPoint® while the manager is away.

Pricing structure overview NewBook offers a range of different packages to suit any business size or complexity, allowing our team to work within your budget and customise your solution. Since NewBook is in the cloud, you’ll never have to pay to update any software or keep manual backups – it’s all automatic. Looking for a free booking engine on your website? We also offer NewBook Free Edition, which features a select range of tools designed to help you take bookings on your website. To sign up for free, visit For more information or a personalised demonstration, please contact the NewBook team.

Pricing structure overview GuestPoint is available in three levels - Lite, Standard and Premium depending on which features your property needs. The cost is based on an initial license and set up fee including installation, training, online manual and resources, and then an ongoing monthly fee, which includes hosting, backup, commission-free online booking page, 24/7 support and product upgrades. There is no minimum contract term. The WebPoint® CMS provides you with a comprehensive content managed website for a one-off initial cost, and hosting is included in your GuestPoint subscription. Options are also available for phone, door key and POS integration.

Features at a glance • • • • • • • • • •

Universal Booking Engine Channel Manager Group Bookings Online Payment Plans Appointment & Activity Bookings Dynamic Tariffs & Accommodation Specials Paperless Check-In Quote & Availability Emails Email Marketing Scheduled Reporting

• • • • • • • • • •

Two Way SMS & Email Inbox Facility & Event Management Automated Surveys Pre-Authorisations & Deposits Automated Upgrade & Stay Extensions Scheduled Housekeeping & Maintenance Management e-Signature Documents Loyalty Programs Online Payment Integrations Google Analytics

Channel Management/Integration NewBook’s comprehensive channel manager allows you to manage availability and tariffs in one central place, maximising your online exposure without increasing your workload. Direct connections include Agoda, Airbnb,, Ctrip, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Turu and, plus many more. You can also connect with Netroomz, Resonline and Siteminder to link to hundreds of other third party booking sites. NewBook offers a wide range of third party integrations, including access control, accounting, guest Wi-Fi, payment gateways, POS and power control and metering, allowing you to manage data in real-time, increase automation opportunities and make more informed business decisions.

Contact information C NewBook P 09 887 1042



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Features at a glance • • • • • • • • • • •

Front office management Reservations management Daily task management Hybrid cloud/on-premise Full audit history Online booking site Group management Management dashboard Customer profiles Targeted merge email Channel manager integration

• • • • • • • • •

Housekeeping mobile app Revenue maximiser Secure credit card vault Multi-user, user friendly Accounting export Automated email & SMS PABX & POS integration Content managed website Comprehensive reporting

Channel Management/Integration The WebPoint Booking Page enables your property to provide an online commission-free booking page that links directly from your website or if you prefer you can deploy the optional WebPoint CMS as a complete content managed website for your property. Bookings made from your booking page drop straight into the GuestPoint reservation plan. GuestPoint also has options for integration with leading Channel Managers including SiteMinder, STAAH, ResOnline, Seekom and UseRoss, enabling automatic update of rates and online availability, and automatic entry of bookings into the GuestPoint reservation plan.

Contact information C Centium Software E P 0800 236 848 W

Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2018

PMS product overview Starfleet Property Management Software provides a value for money solution for Motels, Hotels, Resorts, Serviced Apartments and Backpackers. The software can be installed on the client premises or in the Cloud. We currently service properties from under 10 rooms to over 700 rooms. These properties can be stand alone or part of a group. We also integrate with MYOB, QuickBooks or Xero for accounting data. We also integrate with most of the popular major Point of Sale suppliers in Australia / NZ as well as having our own touch screen POS software. We also have a number of optional modules for different client requirements.

PMS product overview

SIHOT FLEX offers our clients the flexibility to work anywhere from any device. SIHOT offers a wide variety of solutions for major hotel chains to sporting facilities, hostels & motels we have a solution for you. With over 30 years industry experience and over 3500 installations worldwide.

Support overview Starfleet Software offer several levels of support from business hours only to extended hours or 24 hours depending on client requirements. Support is available by phone, email and for overseas countries by Skype. We also have Remote PC connection facilities for client assistance. Training can also be provided either remotely or on site. We currently provide support for clients in 10 countries including Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia.

Support overview

SIHOT prides itself on delivering outstanding customer support. We are here to guide you each step of the way. SIHOT offers business hours and 24 hours support. With offices based around the globe. Contact our customer support lines via phone, online chat and email.

Pricing structure overview

Pricing varies according to the size of the property and the optional additional modules that may be required as well as the level of training required.

Pricing structure overview SIHOT PMS is modular based software that allows the property to individualise their system and only pay for what they need! We offer low monthly all-inclusive options including hosting ,rental of the software or purhcase outright. We will work with you on a pricing structure to meet any budget. Pricing can start as little as $140 per month.

Features at a glance • • • • • • • • • • •

Front Office Back Office / Debtors Many reports Handles large groups Housekeeping reporting On site or Cloud installs Channel Manager Links PABX charging link Internet data charging link Pay TV charging link. Gift Certificates

• • • • • • • • • •

Email to client capabilities SMS to client capabilities Bulk email marketing Link to third party POS Touch screen POS software Conference Manager Tour Desk Owner Accounting Door card links to Ving, Saflok and Salto PC-Eftpos Link

Channel Management/Integration

Starfleet integrates with Resonline, Siteminder, STAAH, Update247 and UseROSS channel managers to provide Channel Management and also direct bookings.

Contact information C Starfleet Software E P +61 3942 84333 W

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Features at a glance • • • • • • • • • • •

Front Office Management Trust Accounting Reservation Management Event Management Guest Feedback Housekeeping App GDS/OTA Integration Sales Management Mobile Apps Web Integration Cloud or Hosted Solutions

• • • • • • • • •

Pre-Post Stay Emails SMS Guest Loyalty Central Reservations Multi Property Gift Certificates Accounts Receivable Management Interfacing POS, PABX, Door Locks Bed Management

Channel Management/Integration

Let the experts handle the channel management while we focus on delivering the best possible PMS solution. SIHOT integrates with SITEMINDER and Travelclick. SIHOT Web which allows direct bookings free of charge to come from your own property website 100% commission free.

Contact information C SIHOT E P +61 7 5634 9527 W

Accom Management Guide, Autumn 2018


The 2018 Property Management Software Overview  

As seen in the Accom Management Guide, Issue 40

The 2018 Property Management Software Overview  

As seen in the Accom Management Guide, Issue 40