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Things to Take into Consideration when Making Translations to Text

A piece of writing is about much more than stringing words together. No matter who the author is or what purpose the document serves, it has to convey a clear message to a specific audience. This is why translations are an art form that require careful consideration. If you're attempting a text translation, here are some important things to think about.

Who is the Audience? The age group, education level, and profession of the intended audience can be very important, especially when working with nuances in languages that differ and only specific people will understand. If you're being asked to translate a text or document for a different audience (e.g. students) than the one for which it was originally intended, both words and intent have to be taken into consideration.

Translate the concept, not the words. This is a basic rule of translation and the reason nobody can rely on internet translators to get an accurate idea of what words and sentences mean. Literal translations are often completely wrong. A translator should take liberty with an initial documents’ words and ideas to interpret it correctly in the new language. It is much more important to reconstruct the meaning and argument of a text than to literally translate every single word.

Learn to Recognize Important Terminology While correctly translating a document’s concept is key, it is also important to know which words and phrases you cannot take liberty with. There may be certain words used that have cultural or professional significance for the intended audience. You also have to be careful that in interpreting the main purpose of the document, you don't go too far and insinuate or change the document’s meaning. Access to resources and contacts that will assist in your understanding of the document’s purpose can help.

Conclusion Translations can be a tricky task that require one to pay attention to detail. Learning about the important uses of language can be both fascinating and valuable in many different countries and industries. They can also be used to connect people from across the world in an age where global communication is now more important than ever before.

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Things to Take into Consideration When Making Translations  
Things to Take into Consideration When Making Translations  

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