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The (Electronic) Playground By John Bacon, June 2007 This piece is for a sound improviser/performer who may be a percussionist (or more than one of each/either). The piece is titled the Electronic Playground if electronic manipulation of the sounds is used. Otherwise the piece is entitled The Playground. Notes: 1) Each row (horizontal) is 30 seconds in duration. Numbers at the top of each column represent the interval of seconds. Row numbers are meant as a guide. Blank areas are no sound. 2) Strive for unique sounds. Conventional sounds may be used but selectively mixed with unconventional. Any or all sounds may be manipulated through electronic means (i.e. digital delay) but settings should be changed throughout the piece using the blank areas to move the dials or parameters of effect. 3) The designated sound should occupy the given time for the entire duration. It may be any number of individual sounds on one instrument of the given variety. 4) Sounds, which are adjacent, may be played on the same instrument but using different parts or means of creation. i.e. skin + wood = drum first played on the head and then the wooden shell. metal + water = a gong then dipped into water. 5) Repetitions and overlays of the rows are possible, with certain recommendations and restrictions as follows: a) Rows #1-12 should always be played in order without pause at least one time through. b) Adjacent rows may be played at the same time. c) Three adjacent rows may be played at the same time. d) Rows #1-6 may be played and recorded then played back while the performer plays rows #7-12. e) A progressive addition of the rows may be played through electronic means or multiple players. i.e. #1; #1 & 2; # 1, 2 & 3; # 1, 2, 3 & 4‌ f) The piece should never take less than 6 min nor more than 13 & 1/2min to complete. g) Multiple players may play the piece dividing the instrumental groups among themselves in whatever way they wish. 6) Look for repeated elements and construct similar sequences for these repetitions. Or you may ignore them. 7) Musical ideas that are played on the sounds are the performers choice. They may contain rhythmic, melodic, textural, ambient or whatever other musical distinctions that the performer chooses. They may be freely chosen at the moment or determined prior. Avoid direct quotes of other composers’ material. 8) The piece may be performed by any number of performers adhering to the previous guidelines.

The (Electronic) Playground  

The (Electronic) Playground, (2007) was composed for sound improviser/performer who may be a percussionist (or more than one of each/other)....