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  We have put this picture because we think that represents very well the idea of the declaration of human rights, every human must to have rights.

We read some articles of the universal declaration of human rights and we choose the 16 article because we want to see if the society takes care of this right and if it’s equal for everybody. We’ll also look for some examples to illustrate the breaking of this point, and we’ll develop it with some other aspects that we can annex on this right. The article that we have chosen is that: Article 16. 1. Men and women of full age, without any limitation due to race, nationality or religion, have the right to marry and to found a family. They are entitled to equal rights as to marriage, during marriage and at its dissolution. 2. Marriage shall be entered into only with the free and full consent of the intending spouses. 3. The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State.

This photo represents the union of a man and a woman of different nationalities. We have chosen because we want to support that right as anyone to feel obliged to reject his love for another person, because they are from another country.


This article is divided into three different points: the first explains the right of every man and woman of full age, to marry with the person that they have chosen and start a family regardless of religion, nationality, etc.. Also, the two members have equal rights with regard to marriage, during and in case of separation. In the second point says the two people involved in the marriage have to agree, because you can’t force anyone to marry. And finally, the third point promotes the idea that the family should be protected by society and the State as a natural and essential element of the society.

In this article we can add other items as they are related, like the right to don’t be married inasmuch as all the people is free to choose this option if they want. The people can’t be forced marriage by the political system, religion, etc., and they can’t be courts for the rest of the society. Throughout the history of being single was a problem and has been frowned upon by all. In the past was obligatory to be married because, if not, you couldn’t start a family and you could have economic problems. People are used to having prejudices and see something strange about that. Nowadays, in some countries, not at all, this aren’t obligatory, because some of us we can have a more progressive thinking. However, and unfortunately, in other countries, the fact of not being married still been badly, and judges so cruel, and many families believe that marriage is the best option.

We can also say that normally the single-parent families have more difficulties, like in the case of adoption, because they have to wait more years than the rest of the families. This is because, being a single person that will look after of the children, must do more tests and more steps to get approval.

And finally we want to add that in this society, homosexuals are viewed very badly, and until recently in Spain was not allowed to be married or adopted children. In many places it as an illness and instead of going forward and progressing in this way of thinking, often we go to backwards. Being gay means being judged by the people and despised in other cases. The problem is that this happens in more than 50 states. And in places where this doesn’t occur, very recently that it's that way.  

We also find some examples to illustrate the breaking of this article. The first new that we finded is that: Last year, in Hospitalet de Llobregat, a under-age girls is forced to get married with one morrocan. But this girl ask help, by the mobile phone, to her teacher who had when she lived in Italy, and she be able to report her situation to the police.

The other new that we read and we wanted to comment is about a controversy in France: On January of 2011 in France, The French Constitutional Court forbids homosexual marriages. They say that this law is conformity with the Constitution and they think that don’t exist any

discrimination because the word marriage means the union of a man and a woman. This picture is about a strike of homosexuals









allowed and, as in the photo says, marriages





With these two news we can see that, in arround the world, not everyone respects the universal declaration of human rights, and in this case, the Article 16.

To answer the question how to stop or prevent them, we suggest ways to fight against the situations described. For do that, we consulted the NGO’S (non-governmental organization) that is a private






organizations is not created by the states, for help us. We think that all the countries of the world should get according to enforce each and every human rights because they are a natural and essential rights of human beings, and should be set establish measures to punish or penalize those who don’t fullfill these rights. In conclusion we can say that nowadays, still not respected all human rights that are so essential to the happiness of human being.


In conclusion we can say that nowadays not everyone respects the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and this is a very big problem because human rights are essential to happiness and security of human rights begins In some countries, basic rights were not respected and religion, political system ... still forcing people to do what they want, and this is unacceptable, because all the people are free to choose their options, and, unfortunately, some people don’t have a progressive thought and not allow the fulfillment of these rights.

Human Rights, a question of dignity  

Students work on The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Human Rights, a question of dignity  

Students work on The Universal Declaration of Human Rights