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ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS... ARTICLE 3: “Everyone has the right of life, liberty and security of person” The article talks about the freedom of people, the right of being a free person to express whatever he wants, in the language chosen for him. Also they can’t be slaves or submit in other people or being servitude. Everybody has the right of a life without problems and the life that every person has chosen. Also, for example, if we think with women who is murdered for their pairs, we must think than these women have the right of living but someone thinks that if they’re from this man they mustn’t live. Sometimes, these men are very jealous and they don’t want than anybody is for another person. We must be all tolerated, and we have to tolerate other people, it hasn’t have to matter if they’re black, yellow, green if we’re tall or small, fat or thin… Everybody is different and we aren’t all the same thing. In this article, we can found that is talking about the right of liberty. We can understand multiple thoughts here, for example; the right of a person of not being submitted in a world that he is considered as an object and not a person. This thoughts disappeared some years ago. And, finally, the article talks about the security of people. Everybody should be living in a secure place, to have police ward of you have any problem or if you need it. If you are in a war, also you must have help from the United Nations (UN).

CONFLICTS.... 1. Rwandan Genocide: It happened on 1994. It was a rebellion between Tutsis and Hutus. Rwanda has two political forces on one side they have the Tutsis and on the other hand; the Hutus. The difference between them it’s that Tutsis were taller. In 1880s, Belgian came into Rwanda and they split Rwandan people between Tutsis and Hutus. Making that difference started the problems between these two forces. They had been in eternal conflict until April 6 1994 when on the night the dictator Juvénal Habyarimana's plane was shot down, but it is still not clear who did it. The Rwandan Genocide had begun. It would last for about 100 days, and it would leave over one million, (1,000,000), Tutsi and moderate Hutu dead. Other countries paid little attention to the killing, France and other countries saw what happened but didn’t do anything. Also, the United Nations failing trying to help Rwandan people because blue helmets (the military force can’t fight against them with weapons).

Here we can see that Rwandan people didn’t have security of person because any countries wanted to help them. Only, UN tried to help them but because they can’t use weapons they couldn’t stop the fight. In this problem, we think than the other countries shouldn’t do what they did. There were lots of innocent people dying and they should help them, and not what they did. If this happens again, we should all be conscious and aware how these people are fighting to survive and try to help them as much as we can do.

This photo is from a film about the Rwandan problem. It’s based in a real story. We have seen it and we think it makes you to see what happened in reality.

2. Cuba is the best example to trying describe a country that human rights aren’t respected. Since 2009, before Barack’s Obama visit something has changed but Cuban laws limits freedom of expression, association, assembly, movement, and the press. One of the key principles in the declaration was the insistence on Freedom of expression and opinion. The Cuban constitution says that free speech is allowed "in keeping with the objectives of socialist society" and that artistic creation is allowed "as long as its content is not contrary to the Revolution". Here we can see that Cuba hasn’t have the right of liberty of expression, Cuban citizens were allowed to free speech but only keeping in the objectives of the socialist society. Everybody should have the same right of freedom speech and other freedoms. We should think that not everybody is allowed to speak what they believe, so we should all think about these problems and trying to change. Nobody should deny this right to another person if this person doesn’t think the same as you. Every country, every person, should have the right of free expression and not take them in jail because they are saying things that the government doesn’t like. But this article talks also about liberty in general. Servitude is also referred here. Servitude is a problem but it’s illegal. We don’t know what we would have to do but maybe if we found a problem like this one we should try to abolish it with making to know all the world what we could do to extinguish.

3. And in the last point we wanted to talk about life. 10 woman have died in Spain since the year started. These woman have the right of living as the other people but their husbands or pairs or couples don’t think they can be from another man, they have to be fro them. 6 woman had died in Catalonia and it has only passed one month. The first death was the first day of the year. In a joyful day like that the first notice we had to hear was that a woman had died. Most of the woman were 50 years. This is a big problem. 10 woman have died this January. We consider that this is mostly an education parental problem. Mostly, this people didn’t have a very easily child life. Maybe their parents weren’t allowed to give them a good education because of multiple problems like; abandon, mothers that they didn’t have enough resources to give these boys an education or maybe that wasn’t a childhood problem. They have that thoughts when they grown up because their friends were imputing these thoughts in their brains. These people they are jealous maybe because their pairs we’re trying to broke up What we should do to change that? We all should think about how these woman they might feel. They aren’t objects that when it passes the time you can throw them away. They’re people, and that’s why we all must be aware of their situation and trying to educate new generations with another ways of thinking. We are all human and we all merit to life.