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Over the past 70 years we have heard from many individuals how the world is going to end. People like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and even the bible all spell out the end of the world. Most of us now say "2012 is the end now, I thought 2000 was going to be the end", they say this with a laugh and a smirk How true. I also, thought like this until I started to do some research. 1. The Mayan Calendar is coming to end. There are a few variations on when this actually ends but between the end of 2011 and end of 2012. The calendar has been traced back 16 billion years by Ian Lungold with significant occurrences at specific dates over this amount of time. Interesting aye. 2. Significant increase of Earth changes and natural disasters. eg Earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, floods. Very unusual weather patterns in Europe. Slowing down and temperature drop in the ocean conveyor belt. Check out for all the latest quakes. 3. Magnetic Pole shifts on the sun are a regular occurrence. They happen approx. every 11 - 12 years. The next one is in 2012 according to NASA. In the same report they also mention the Earth has pole shifts and pole reversals. What does this mean and how does this happen? It is a complex system of magnetism and weakening of fields that cause the sun to flip its poles. When the Sun flips poles if it is a strong enough flip an enormous amount of energy is dispelled towards the Earth causing the Earth to flip its poles. After a pole shift who knows what is left. Scientist reports the shift happens approx every 500,000 years and the last flip was about 750,000 years ago. So if the Lemurians and the Alations and other ancient races are correct they seem to think it is now. The last time a major cataclysm occurred the Lemurians new it was coming and moved their civilization into telos in mount Shasta California. What caused these two land masses to sink. A Pole Shift? How do they know and we don't know? In recent times there appears to be an awakening of sorts, a spiritual awakening. This awakening seems to be getting stronger and stronger. People are coming back into their heart centers and finding places that resonate with them that they never thought possible before. Is something unconscious and silently driving us to expand our awareness. Looking, listening and becoming involved in the different thought forms I would have to agree something is happening all over the planet.

Some people I know are digging undergrounds for the coming cataclysms. These people never thought about things like this before. Others have joined groups left secure jobs and are planning to ascend into the 5th dimension as the planet goes through these changes. Possibly it is time for you to be the judge in this one. What are you feeling as you read this, maybe it is time for action and to follow your heart. Ascension maybe possible through ancient Lemurian Teachings.

If you have ever thought there is more to life than you know. Then possibly you are being called to be involved in the current awakening that the planet and many of it's people are experiencing. Lemurian teachings are now readily available to you. See Telos Australia for more info on Telos, The seven Sacred flames, and the Earth changes

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==== ==== For Earth Changes & Warnings, find us at: ==== ====

Earth changes and Magnetic Pole Shift  

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