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Lviv is open to the world Interview with a proud Mayor of Lviv Mavi Jeans Turkish Mavi puts the blue in jeans EBRD is committed to Ukraine and Forum Lviv



Forum Gaziantep opened! Ancient and Modern


MAVI JEANS Turkish Mavi puts the blue in jeans


Zaandam inverdan Before and After


Amstor and comfy Forum Lviv Anchors


tropical groundbreaking Almere Buiten


Coming soon! Nieuwe Haagse Passage


Multi wins 7 icsc marketing awards


Multisec comes out on top


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The Future of the Dutch Retail Landscape Infographic Development in the East, Redevelopment in the West Who is Who - Expo Real 2013





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FOREWORD Dear reader, As the new management board of Multi Corporation we are proud to present the latest Multi magazine. We would like to use this preface to inform you about the acquisition of Multi Corporation by Blackstone. On page 13 you will find a copy of our press release. With Blackstone as our new owner, Multi Corporation will be a well-capitalised, growth-oriented pan-European retail operator. With a focus on expanding our operations in Europe and Turkey, we will be active in the field of (re)development, mall management and asset management of shopping centres. Key to this will be the creation, management and growth of sustainable rental income for our clients and for our own portfolio. This issue of the magazine includes articles on our high quality Mall Management services that are being recognized, appreciated and rewarded with new assignments. Groundbreaking events for projects in cities like Lviv, Utrecht and Diyarbakir illustrate Multi’s entrepreneurial spirit. And you can read about the festive inauguration of Forum Gaziantep, our 11th Forum in Turkey and our 1st in Anatolia. We hope you enjoy reading this magazine. Yours sincerely, Management Board Multi Corporation B.V. Dick van Well

Heino Vink

Mark vd Berg






London, United Kingdom and Gouda, The Netherlands, October 3, 2013. Blackstone (NYSE:BX) announces that its real estate funds have completed the acquisition of Multi Corporation (“Multi”). Multi is a leading owner, manager and (re) developer of high quality shopping centres across Europe. As a Blackstone portfolio company, Multi will be a well-capitalised, growth-oriented, panEuropean retail platform focussed on creating, managing and improving sustainable rental income. Since 1982, Multi’s projects, which regularly act as the engine for revitalising a city or region, have been internationally recognised for their innovative nature, architectural quality, sustainability and profound sensitivity to local environments. Recent recognition includes numerous ICSC, ULI, MAPIC and MIPIM awards for amongst others Forum Istanbul and Marmara Forum in Turkey, Forum Duisburg in Germany, Almada Forum in Portugal and the inner city reconstruction of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Multi currently owns or manages 56 shopping centres, which welcome more than 330 million visitors per year, spending an estimated 3.2 billion euros annually in more than 5,200 stores, restaurants and attractions. Multi has over 500 employees across its mall management, asset management, development and support businesses, and is active in 13 European countries, including Turkey where it is the largest owner and manager of shopping centres. Dick van Well, formerly Chairman of Multi’s supervisory board has joined the management board as its chairman. Heino Vink and Mark van den Berg will continue to serve on the company’s management board.

Ken Caplan, Head of European Real Estate at Blackstone, said: “We are excited to welcome the Multi team into the Blackstone family. Our acquisition has significantly strengthened Multi’s financial position, and its portfolio includes some of the highest quality retail real estate in Europe. The Multi team has an outstanding track record of bringing retail centres to life and has achieved excellent results in creating spaces that make it exciting to shop, attracting both consumers and the world’s most desirable retailers. Blackstone and Multi together look forward to future growth and expansion opportunities in European retail.” Dick van Well, Chairman of the Management Board of Multi, said: “We are delighted to become part of Blackstone, whose position in the real estate market gives Multi the opportunity to progress its success story. Blackstone is one of the world’s premier real estate investors, focused on creating value through hands-on management and targeted investment.” Heino Vink, Member of the Management Board of Multi, said: “The acquisition of Multi by Blackstone confirms the company’s high quality asset base and the creativity and dedication of our employees to delivering value for consumers, retailers and investors. We are well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities to build our portfolio and further enhance the value of the dynamic shopping centres that we own and manage, creating value for consumers and exciting destinations for local communities.”

About Blackstone Real Estate: Blackstone is a global leader in real estate investing. Founded in 1991, Blackstone’s real estate business is the largest opportunistic real estate investment manager in the world, with more than $64 billion in investor capital under management. Blackstone’s portfolio includes hotel, office, retail, industrial and residential properties in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Major holdings include: Hilton Worldwide, Equity Office Properties, Brixmor shopping centers and London’s Broadgate office complex. Blackstone seeks to create positive economic impact and long-term value for its investors, the companies they invest in, the companies they advise and the broader global economy. In addition to managing real estate private equity funds, our alternative asset management businesses include investment vehicles focused on private equity, hedge fund solutions, non-investment grade credit, secondary funds, and multi asset class exposures falling outside of other funds’ mandates. Blackstone also provides various financial advisory services, including financial and strategic advisory, restructuring and reorganization advisory and fund placement services. Further information is available at Follow us on Twitter @Blackstone. About Multi Corporation: Multi Corporation is a leading developer and manager of inner-city retail space in Europe and Turkey, comprising complementary companies in property & asset management, investment, and development. Multi is active in 13 European countries today, including The Netherlands where the company is headquartered, as well as Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey.

Jan Meines, who has served on the supervisory board since 2011, has been elected as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board. He is joined by Jonathan Lurie, Managing Director in Blackstone’s European Real Estate activities, and Robert Welanetz, former head of worldwide retail at Jones Lang LaSalle.



opening 14


forum gaziantep Ancient and modern When Multi threw open the doors of its 11th Turkish shopping centre, Forum Gaziantep, in Southeast Turkey this October, it was an historical moment for the biggest retail investor in the country. The opening marks a great day for the ancient city of Gaziantep, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.



opening Gaziantep is a city bursting with history, dating back almost 4,000 years to the early days of the Hittite Empire. But in early October of this year, all eyes were on the future as Multi Development opened the doors to its latest Turkish shopping centre, Forum Gaziantep, its 11th in Turkey and first in the East Anatolia region. Forum Gaziantep, developed by Multi Development Turkey, is set to be one of the most prestigious and strongest shopping centres in the region. Forum Gaziantep offers 44,500 m² of lettable space over three floors, in a prime location at the heart of the city, at the crossroads of the historical city centre and modern residential areas. And of course Multi has made sure that Forum Gaziantep’s architecture combines the traditional fabric of this ancient city with the modern lines of the 21st Century. Ancient and modern Gaziantep has been identified as the ancient city of Zeugma, an historical settlement considered among the four most important settlements of the ancient kingdom of Commagene. It was named for the ‘bridge of boats’, or Zeugma, which crossed the Euphrates. Zeugma is also famous for its incredible frescos and mosaics, which are currently on display in the Zeugma Museum. One of these mosaics, known as the ‘gypsy girl’ among local people, has become the symbol of the city.



“The architecture combines the traditional fabric of this ancient city with the modern lines of the 21st Century�




Above: Mark van den Berg - CFO Multi Corporation, Hakan Turunc - CEO Forum Turkey Fund, Glenn Aaronson - Chairman Forum Turkey Fund Bottom: M. Rıdvan Fadıloğlu - Mayor of Şehitkamil, Hulusi Belgü - CEO Multi Development Turkey, Dr. Asım Güleryüz - Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Erdal Ata - Governor of Gaziantep Süleyman Kahraman - Governor, Heino Vink - CEO Multi Corporation 18


Hulusi Belgü, CEO Multi Development Turkey

Forum Shopping Centers have always integrated local culture and architecture of the cities in which they are built and Forum Gaziantep has used the eye of the gypsy girl as its logo, in a modern pixelated form. Forum Gaziantep also used the idea of ‘mosaics’ as the theme of its opening ceremony. At the opening, there was no official ‘ribbon-cutting’ ceremony, but a symbolic one. The highlight of the opening was the unveiling of the mosaic on a giant touch screen, where Multi managers and local dignitaries each touched a part of the screen to turn the gypsy girl mosaic pixels into a picture of Forum Gaziantep. The gypsy girl mosaic continues to welcome visitors to Forum Gaziantep.

“Multi expects Forum Gaziantep to welcome an average of nine million visitors each year”

Regional powerhouse Today, Gaziantep is one of the powerhouses of the thriving Turkish economy and the country’s sixth most populous city. Now that city and its 1.4 million residents have a high-quality shopping centre offering leading national and international brands, top restaurants and a wide range of leisure activities. Forum Gaziantep hosts no less than 120 national and international brands, including Starbucks, Migros, Flo, Yargıcı, Koton, LCW, Teknosa, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, Chakra, Sevil Parfümeri, Teknosa, Joker and D&R. and has welcomed a number of newcomers to the region, as Koçtaş, Media Markt, and Boyner have now opened their first stores in Anatolia. The new Forum also boasts a Cinemaximum, the biggest movie theatre complex in the region, with 11 screens. No wonder, then, that Multi expects Forum Gaziantep to welcome an average of nine million visitors each year.



opening 20


“bringing the forum brand to gaziantep underlines our commitment to Turkey and this region”

Tapping the potential Multi Development Turkey CEO Hulusi Belgü said he believes the high standards of the new shopping centre will help Multi tap the potential of this thriving region. “Anatolia has a lot of potential. We have set out together with the Forum Turkey Fund to bring the Forum brand to Gaziantep, with the goal of making the best use of that potential. It also underlines our commitment to Turkey and this region,” Belgü said. He added that Multi has five more Anatolian projects in the pipeline, three of which are already under construction. “We plan to invest another € 800 million in Anatolia, with new Forums in the cities of Adana, Diyarbakır, Çanakkale, Çorum, and Elazığ. This will take our total investment in Turkey since 2004 to € 4.2 billion. By the end of 2014, we plan to have 16 Forums in seven regions across Turkey, a lettable area of 961,000 m2, 2615 stores, giving us 15% of this sector.”



opening Local benefits The city of Gaziantep and its neighbouring cities will also benefit from Multi’s continued investment, says Hakan Turunç, the CEO of Forum Turkey Fund. “We are the biggest real estate investment platform in Turkey with eight mall investments across the country. We have complete faith in Turkey’s potential. We also know how important our shopping centres are to the local economy and local employment. We will be employing 3,500 local people, plus we source all our supplies from local people and SMEs. It’s a win-win situation: for us, for the city and for its people,” says Turunç.



“It’s a win-win situation: for us, for the city and for its people”



editorial 24


Zaandam Inverdan

Before After and

History The city of Zaandam has traditionally been closely associated with various industries that became established on the banks of the river Zaan. When sawmilling was banned in Amsterdam in the 16th Century, dozens of sawmills moved to Zaandam and the city became a internationally-renowned centre for shipbuilding. Its characteristic labourers’ houses, painted in traditional green and white, are reminders of this period. Before Industry had a significant impact on how the city centre evolved. Today, Zaandam is primarily known for the food industry and the cocoa processed in the Verkade chocolate factory. There was some development on the eastern side of the river, but little in the way of a city structure. The development of the centre as a shopping area was slow to relatively. It lacked in atmosphere and cohesion and there were barriers, such as the provincial road separating the train station from the shopping area. The station building is also way above ground level, making the link to the shopping area even more inconvenient.



editorial 26


A new beginning: the projects and its goals In the summer of 2000, the Zaandam council and Multi drew up a masterplan for the innercity; to address the infrastructure, blockage around the station, the unbalanced economy, the limited retail offering and the attractiveness of the centre itself. A major boost was needed to create an identity and to add value to the city as a retail centre. The goal was to enhance the retail offering and give residents new pride in the city and its characteristic past.

After Despite the complexity of the project and the prevailing economic conditions, the result is a resounding success. The atmosphere in the centre, with its typical Zaandam houses and numerous bridges, is a testimony to residents’ pride in the history of Zaandam. The re-excavation of the filled-in canal and the addition of terrace boats and small pavilions have revitalised the high street. The centre is now pulling in major retailers and the project has had a major impact on the current retail offering.

This project involved numerous players: the city council, developers, architects, property owners, retail chains, hotels, the railways, making it a highly complex project. One of the biggest challenges was the infrastructural blockage, which meant a bridge had to be built across the provincial road to connect the high street to the station. Multi was responsible for the realization of Hermitage Shopping. This was one the first projects that opened in 2010, as part of the Inverdan – inner-city reconstruction. The project includes 10,000 m2 of retail space and restaurants, 113 apartments, a cinema with six screens and parking for 900 cars.

The shops in the centre are spread across two levels. The upper level of stores feels as if it is at the level of the train station. The creation of a flowing street makes it feel as if one is walking at ground level and that the high street is just a short distance away, a few metres lower. This provides a natural transition from the upper to the lower level. Thanks to small bridges, escalators and slopes, it is possible to go everywhere and see everything. This enormous transformation of the centre of Zaandam has not gone unnoticed and it has received enormous amounts of media coverage. The architecture and successful concept have culminated in a multi award-winning urban regeneration.

Awards: Zaandam Inverdan awarded prestigious international prize (dok Architecten) The regenerated city centre of Zaandam has been awarded the silver FIABCI Prix d’Excellence in the ‘Masterplan’ category. Inverdan alderman Robert Linnekamp travelled to Taiwan to receive the prize. The Inverdan Masterplan was designed by Soeters Van Eldonk architecten. The Inverdan urban regeneration project won the Dutch heats of Prix d’Excellence last year, qualifying it for the international prize. Zaandam city centre has also been nominated for this year’s StiB Award and the Gouden Piramide (Golden Pyramid). Zaandam - Inverdan wins WPM Groep/ Vastgoedmarkt StiB Award Inverdan in Zaanstad was a clear winner, according to the judging panel: “With its Inverdan project, the municipality of Zaanstad has successfully helped a rather forgotten city to undergo a bold and ingenious metamorphosis that has truly enhanced the centre. This has boosted the pride felt by the residents of Zaandam and the recognition of its unique historic value as the Netherlands’ first industrial area of the 17th century. The result combines a wide spectrum of complementary amenities and facilities that have become a local and regional attraction for citizens, businesses and government authorities, as well as tourists from the Netherlands and beyond. The project has also successfully created a second ground level by effectively linking up the various transport functions. As a whole, the initiative makes a major contribution to the city’s identity, dynamism and vitality. MM ISSUE 14




Two ‘giants’ in the Ukrainian retail world – supermarket Amstor and electronics supermarket Comfy – have both decided to expand into Western Ukraine by joining Multi’s state-of-the-art shopping centre Forum Lviv. After reaching agreement on space in the new shopping centre, the Forum Lviv anchors share their impressions of doing business with Multi Development Ukraine and their expectations of the cooperation with an experienced developer. Volodymyr Korobkov (VK), Development Director of Amstor and Ihor Khyzhnyak (IKh), Operational Director at Comfy spoke with Multi.





interview 30


Volodymyr Korobkov, Development director of Amstor - Gawein Minks, Managing Director Multi Development Ukraine, Ihor Khyzhnyak, Operational Director Comfy together with Volodymyr Zhenchak, Director of Galereja Centre

What were the factors that persuaded your company to join the Forum Lviv project? VK: The city of Lviv is one of the cities in Ukraine that are attractive for development. And Forum Lviv itself is an interesting and attractive project. The unique location in the city structure, the scale of the project, the smart concept with high-quality anchor tenants, boutiques and entertainment areas pretty much guarantee the future success of the shopping centre. The centre will also offer the city’s first underground parking. All of this will make Forum Lviv a favourite leisure and shopping destination for Lviv citizens.

“We believe Lviv is one of the most strategically important cities in the country” IKh: When selecting a shopping centre, we focus on a number of set factors: the professionalism and experience of the developer, quality of the anchors, marketing support for the location, shopping centre infrastructure, area, and so on. For a long time, it was virtually impossible to find a shopping centre in Lviv that meets all these requirements, and we had to postpone the expansion of our network into to Lviv until Forum Lviv came along. We believe Lviv is one of the most strategically important cities in the country.

How would you describe the negotiation process with Multi? VK: I cannot say that the negotiation process was short and easy. Everybody wanted to take into account every aspect of the cooperation, both during construction and in terms of the shopping centre operation. But thanks to our shared interest in making a deal, we did manage to agree on everything and to close an agreement on mutually beneficial terms. IKh: I would like to thank my colleagues for the constructive and comfortable dialogue. What is your impression of the cooperation with Multi? VK: Multi Development is a well-known developer. The company skilfully manages its shopping centres in Europe and Turkey. Their professionalism is reflected all along the line. You can see that the Multi’s goal is not simply to lease out premises at rates that are as expensive as possible, but to create a quality tenant-mix. So Multi takes into account all of the needs – of tenants as well as those of potential customers and creates all the conditions needed to obtain maximum results. IKh: It’s always a pleasure to work with professionals. Multi’s projects are not just the next shopping centre but an inspirational platform for successful business.



interview How will Lviv citizens benefit from your business? VK: We know that the residents of Lviv are very demanding in terms of range, quality and price levels. Amstor works very hard to meet all of these demands. We pay particular attention to our pricing policy. To get the best prices, we work directly with the manufacturers. Every day, a team of experts monitors the main competitors

advent of Comfy means they will no longer have to cross the border in search of good service. Comfy will also create a significant number of new employment opportunities for Lviv citizens. As one of the few transparent companies in the industry, we have long established ourselves as a socially responsible employer. Today, the average salary in the company is more than UAH 5,000 (€ 450/US$ 610).

“Multi's projects are an inspirational platform for successful business” and regularly reduces the prices for the most popular products. We keep a very close eye on the pricing of daily goods – milk, meat, cereals and vegetables – as consumers are very aware of these prices. We also use constant promotions and sales to reinforce the image of Amstor as a high quality low-price supermarket. Amstor’s specialists also devote a lot of attention to our range of products’, so that everyone can find excellent bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, good meat, real sausage, fish delicacies - everything that makes our life taste better. Another very important factor in Amstor’s popularity is its wide selection of fresh self-produced products at low cost. That is how we follow our company’s motto of “Making life taste better.” Our team’s main priority is high-quality product control. That’s why in each store we have a special service responsible for quality control. We are confident that Lviv citizens will love our supermarket, because Amstor always has fresh and delicious products, high quality standards, a rich selection of products and flexible pricing. On top of that, the Amstor supermarket will provide new jobs for about 200 Lviv citizens. IKh: Lviv citizens are fortunate to have better access to Europe and they now have a lot of experience with European levels of service. The



What are your expectations of the Forum Lviv project? What are your future expansion plans in Lviv and Western Ukraine? VK: We have high expectations of the project. We think Forum Lviv will help us win the loyalty of Lviv citizens to Amstor more quickly. We plan to open two more ‘supermarkets of taste’ in Lviv before the end of 2015. The second stage of exploration of the western region will be opening stores in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi and the Zakarpattya region. IKh: We opened our first Comfy store in Lviv in August. By the time our store opens in Forum Lviv, Comfy will not only be a known but also a favourite among consumers. A new store will consolidate our position in this city.




Development in the east REDevelopment in the west When reading recent reports on shopping centre development in Europe, it is interesting to note how distribution of the shopping centre development pipeline is rapidly becoming more skewed towards the East. Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Poland are among the markets that will dominate development in the coming years.



By Herman J. Kok , Multi’s International Research Director

Nieuwe Haagse Passage, The Hague, The Netherlands

Thanks to today’s economic reality, many European stakeholders in the market have slowed down their activities, and the shakeout is still ongoing. Equity based investment will become more prominent compared to leverage based investment, which implies a partial reset of the market, and could be a new start with a strong focus on fundamentals. Long- term demographic trends and changing shopping patterns will also limit the need for new retail locations. It is likely

“In Europe, the focus of development activities will shift to ‘remaking’ rather than ‘making’” that most markets will need fewer retail locations in the future, with a general focus on either destination or proximity centres. In addition to good location and project fundamentals, retail centres will require constant innovation and improvement to stay ahead of the competition and to maximize their chances for success. Here in Europe, the focus of development activities will shift to ‘remaking’ rather than ‘making’, to

facilitate a repositioning from shopping places to market places, where shopping is just one of the activities, together with meeting, socialising and dining. And this will apply to inner city areas, shopping centres and neighbourhood centres. For markets like Germany, with its relatively strong economic cycle and a significant untapped inner city potential, there is substantial impetus for redevelopment opportunities in inner city areas. And in the Netherlands, central locations in attractive cities are still dynamic. The construction of the Nieuwe Haagse Passage, a mixed use scheme with 10,500 m2 of retail space and a fourstar hotel, situated on the prime high street in The Hague, is set to open in 2014. The project will contribute to a significant rejuvenation of inner city retail in the city. In Southern Europe, healthy locations need constant innovation and improvement to safeguard their position in the market. Investors and mall managers need to be constantly handson. Developers who used to be in the driving seat by ‘making space’ are becoming service providers to centre owners and managers to ‘remake space’. With opportunity-driven investors becoming more active in the market place, maintaining and remaking will become even more important.



column 02

How different it is in the East! The opening of Multi’s Forum Gaziantep, located in the heart of Gaziantep in the south of Turkey, in early October adds another Forum landmark project to the stock of successful Forum locations in Turkey. This 43,000 m2 GLA retail and leisure scheme, in the heart of Gaziantep, provides the city with a new meeting destination, and is well embedded in the historic and commercial fabric of the city, giving new relevance to Gaziantep city centre. It is a clear example of how modern retail, offering national and international brands, has penetrated deeply into the Anatolian market and how the new middle class consumer in secondary cities is welcoming quality retail and meeting places. It is clear that fundamentals such as location, concept, and mix will become more important, and that one more shopping centre will not make the difference. This means that Forum is well positioned to weather the market dynamics in Turkey.



Across the Black Sea, Ukraine is a market often overlooked by investors and financers. Between Europe and Russia in economic and political terms and notorious for the modest pace of its reforms, Ukraine is making progress in terms of modern retail locations. The grand opening of Ocean Plaza, a large regional mall situated in central Kiev has changed the retail landscape of the city. It will also have an impact on the market nationwide, as it attracted a fair number of new brands to Ukraine. Multi’s Forum Lviv, under construction in the historic city of Lviv close to the Polish border, will introduce a new concept and quality standard to the Ukrainian market. Forum Lviv, consisting of 35,600 m2 GLA retail and leisure space, will be the only modern place to meet and shop in central Lviv, and will boost the trade environment in the old city. A positive economic outlook for the coming years and a good chance that Ukraine will sign an association partnership agreement with the EU – a prelude to possible EU candidacy – will improve the standing of Ukraine in the West and facilitate business and trade relations. As many European retailers have successful and expanding operations in Russia, the step to considering Ukraine is not a big one.

In Poland and Slovakia, the process of revitalizing and repositioning inner city areas is progressing, with a fair number of mixed-use projects in development in city centre locations and strategic spots near railway stations. Following Zlota Terasy in Warsaw and major projects in secondary cities, Gdansk will now have Forum Radunia, a landmark mixed-use inner city project that will connect the historic core of the city to the railway station and the administrative centre. And mid-size towns in Poland and Slovakia, including Presov and Poprad, offer inner city redevelopment opportunities. retail centres will be the main challenge for investors and mall managers, a process in which developers could play an important role. Multi, embraced by Blackstone, is well positioned in the European market thanks to its approach of taking the concept in harmony with the fundamentals as its starting point, together with the integration of mall management, asset management and development.

“Forum Lviv will introduce a new concept and quality standard to the Ukrainian market� 03

02 Forum Gaziantep, Turkey 03 Artist impression of Forum Lviv, Ukraine 04 Artist impression of Forum Radunia, Poland




under construction

coming soon!



Nieuwe Haagse Passage - The Hague 9.500 m2 retail and a Suite Novotel Hotel with 120 rooms Opening September 2014




EBRD is committed to Ukraine and Forum Lviv As the largest foreign investor in Ukraine, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) plays a pivotal role in the ongoing development and modernization of the Ukrainian economy. Forum Lviv is one of the latest and most prestigious projects financed by the EBRD. Graeme Hutchison, Deputy Director for Ukraine, and Claudia Pendred, Director for Property and Tourism, explain why they think Forum Lviv and EBRD are a combination headed for success, even in a country as challenging as Ukraine.

Graeme Hutchison, Deputy Director EBRD Ukraine



Gawein Minks, Managing Director Multi Development Ukraine and Claudia Pendred (ERDB) Director Property and Tourism at EBRD

Artist impression of Forum Lviv

How do you view Ukraine’s social and economic development at this moment? The economy in Ukraine is very much exposed to developments in the Eurozone and Russia. The slowdown in both will continue to have a negative impact on the country’s growth and economic stability. Non-performing bank loans and a high level of financial sector dollarization in Ukraine continue to pose a risk to sustainable growth. The virtual stagnation in Ukraine’s GDP in 2012 will likely give way to a small contraction (-0.5 per cent) in 2013, with growth seen again in 2014 (+2.5 per cent). Wide-ranging reform is clearly necessary, but the process of implementation has been slow. Perhaps the impetus provided by signing the EU Association Agreement later this year, if that indeed happens, may contribute to speeding up this process. The EBRD has already undertaken a number of projects in Lviv. Can you please tell us about these projects? The EBRD has committed almost EUR 70 million to various municipal infrastructure projects in the city of Lviv. These are the rehabilitation of the tram tracks, streets and underlying utilities along the two most heavily used tram lines in the City of Lviv, the prioritisation of the tram traffic along the rehabilitated corridors to increase tram commercial speed and the implementation of traffic management systems along the rehabilitated corridors. The latest municipal project aimed at upgrades of district heating systems in the city was signed in June 2013.

What do you think of Forum Lviv and what do you think of the support your projects receive at a local level? The Project was long awaited and well received in the city. Multi’s Forum Lviv will revitalize a former industrial area in the historic centre of Lviv and will be integrated into the architectural fabric of the city. It is a unique and very suitable project for such a beautiful city as Lviv. Support from the Lviv municipality has been excellent and we are hoping to have more projects in this historic city.

What are EBRD’s plans for the coming years? Will the focus be more on commercial projects or on cooperation on government level? The bank is about to adopt its new mid-term strategy for Ukraine, which will define our objectives and priorities in the country. The EBRD is the largest investor in Ukraine. We currently have a portfolio of € 4.6 billion, with approximately 60% of this invested in the private / commercial sector and we do not see

"Multi’s Forum Lviv is a great example of what we are trying to achieve" The social and economic impact of Forum Lviv will be significant, as it will be the first certified ‘green building’ in Ukraine and create over 800 permanent jobs. How does Forum Lviv fit into your portfolio? Multi’s Forum Lviv is a great example of what we are trying to achieve by financing commercial property projects. In line with our developmental mandate, we facilitate the dissemination of best available practices in energy efficiency and green building and try do much more than just provide financing for a retail centre. Forum Lviv is a great combination of green building initiatives, urban regeneration efforts and modern retail concepts, and we would like to see more projects like that in Ukraine.

this focus changing in the years ahead. We are confident that local currency lending, SME support, investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency, together with extensive support for Ukrainian agribusiness, will remain our top priorities in the years ahead. However, a lot will depend on the investment climate in Ukraine.




Multi Vastgoed, on the future of

the Dutch retail landscape High street sales and profitability are under heavy pressure. Hardly surprising, given that consumer confidence is very low and that consumers are changing their shopping habits, switching to online retail outlets. So how can we keep our city centres alive amidst such changes to the retail landscape? To find out, Multi Magazine spoke to Arno Ruigrok, deputy research & concept director at Multi Vastgoed. “Changes in the way people shop will be crucial for sales trends in local retail. But despite this, there is little sense of urgency in the Netherlands,� Olaf Michielse, CEO of Mediabrands Netherlands, wrote in a recent article in Dutch financial daily Het Financieele Dagblad. Article by Arno Ruigrok - Research Director Multi Vastgoed



Spuimarkt - The Hague - The Netherlands MM ISSUE 14


column Beursplein - Rotterdam - The Netherlands

New reality According to Michielse, that sense of urgency is very evident in the United Kingdom, where the future of the high street and what to do about it is being hotly debated. In 2011, the British government launched a large-scale project to help retail stores. It has done little to solve the problems – 45 retail outlets still face bankruptcy each week, almost half of British retail chains are in financial difficulty and the store vacancy rate is 11% – but at least the UK is making a major effort to address the issue. The government is aware that the solution will involve adapting to the new reality, argues Michielse. “The high street as we knew it is gone for good. The lessons learnt in the

“Making clear choices will be essential” UK are being ignored here in the Netherlands.” “Dutch municipalities continue to believe in major retail expansion. Retailers worry about parking charges and bus routes. After hitting the world of travel, daily newspapers, the advertising and music industries, the digital revolution is now disrupting the classic retail business model. The future health of retail shopping and our city centres ultimately depends on the extent to which they adapt to changes in what consumers need and the way they shop. Just a thirty-minute flight away, it is possible to see for yourself what awaits us if we don’t take concerted action quickly,” says Michielse.



British fate? Is that really the case? Do Dutch city centres face the same fate that has befallen our British neighbour’s retail centres? Arno Ruigrok, the deputy director of Multi Vastgoed, does not expect this to happen immediately: “The Netherlands and the United Kingdom are only comparable to a limited extent. The UK starts out from a different position. Many large cities built massive out-of-town shopping centres around 20 to 40 years ago. This was when retail investments in the Netherlands were actually fully focused on city centres. The Netherlands only began to move its retail more out-of-town much later, and even then this was restricted by government policy to easily accessible large-scale retail locations focusing on a limited product range, and excluding stores traditionally situated in the city centres and local communities. This is why the problem facing British city centres cannot be compared with the situation in the Netherlands. Furthermore, there are also wide variations across the UK. City centre high street problems are much more pronounced in certain towns and cities than in others. For example, London is the retail capital of Europe. The retail offering there is enormous, both in terms of potential and in reality. The two major Westfield shopping malls (White City and Stratford) had little difficulty being accepted into the market.” Ruigrok disputes the idea that the retail situation in the Netherlands is being neglected, particularly in our city centres: “That is simply not the case! It is true to say that there is no nationwide approach similar to Prime Minister David Cameron’s brief

to retail expert Mary Portas to come up with an action plan. Although, saying that, there is genuine doubt as to whether that will actually achieve anything. But retail organisations, local municipalities and even various provinces are now devoting serious attention to the retail market in the Netherlands. Retail is very much on the agenda right now. In many places, there is a great deal of caution with regard to new development and initiatives are being devised to provide incentives for retail and to tackle problem areas.” Strange decisions According to Ruigrok, this does not diminish the fact that some very strange decisions are still being made in some places. These include a range of initiatives for large-scale retail in out-of-town locations, such as Focus Retail Development’s plans for Steenwijk and similar initiatives in Zaltbommel and Geldermalsen. There are also various sports stadium developments that include attempts to incorporate large-scale retail and supermarkets to make them commercially viable. “However, we are increasingly seeing constraints and caution being exercised, along with some serious debate.” Often, this caution wins the day, says Ruigrok. “What we are now seeing is that projects intended to strengthen existing retail locations that are proving successful and sustainable are not being given the go-ahead, as a way to prevent vacant retail properties elsewhere. But that may actually be an overcautious approach, putting the cart before the horse.”

Market focus “The current difficult market conditions should be seen as a useful means of focusing on what is really happening. Areas where vacant retail properties emerge first are actually places that consumers no longer wish to use and retailers would prefer to avoid. This means they are bad locations. These bad locations are not identified as such in a growing economy, because there is always more growth and additional demand. But the days when everything was possible are gone, and so the bad locations become obvious. The worst thing you can do in this situation is attempt to protect bad locations by nipping successful developments in the bud! The locations of proven poor quality should actually be removed from the market. And that is a problem that needs to be dealt with by the owners and businesses in those locations that have chosen to set up business there, despite the market signals.” Where do we go from here? One thing is clear and that is that the retail market is shrinking. The demand from retailers is decreasing and focusing more on a limited number of places that are successful and sustainable. What does this mean for the future of the retail landscape? Ruigrok: “There will be a permanent decrease in the volume of development. Demand for new development will continue, but it will be limited. And there will be increasing demand for the improvement and updating of existing retail properties.”

“Making clear choices will be essential. In particular: a) not developing new locations, but rather linking developments to existing locations, and b) increasingly replacing existing retail properties rather than simply adding new properties. Many of the ‘bad’ or lessfavoured retail areas will begin to change. We’ll see service industries, such as leisure and catering moving in, or small-scale commerce, or a mixture of the two. A mix of various commercial activities will be the norm, rather than 100% retail. We are also increasingly likely to see places that used to be centres of retail change fundamentally and move towards a residential or commercial function,” Ruigrok says. The changing function of city centres There will always be a demand from consumers for places in city centres to visit, stay, look around and buy things. But the nature, size and appearance of these will change, Ruigrok says. “But this has always been the case in city centres. The way they are used changes as fashions and time move on. However, the meaning of city centres for consumers, as places to stay and to meet and to trade is a constant that has existed for thousands of years and will not change. However, the nature of retail will. City centres and stores may generate fewer sales, but they will continue to operate as places where people look for products, which they later order online. This will mean that physical locations will remain essential for retailers, even if only to enable spending on the internet.”



project news

Forum Radunia pulls in new tenants at Warsaw fair


ulti’s striking new Polish development, Forum Radunia in Gdansk, has been heavily promoted at this year’s edition of the biggest polish retail real estate fair, Shopping Centre Forum in Warsaw. The Multi team was very active in the acquisition of new customers for the commercial space still available in the project. And the team’s efforts paid off: on the second day of the September event, Multi signed a lease agreement with Kazar, a shoes and fashion brand combining avant-garde style and quality. The team also had some very

Creating a unique atmosphere Forum Radunia in Gdansk, Poland is being developed by Multi Development Poland in a public-private partnership with the municipality of Gdansk. Radunia is an exceptional and unique concept on the Polish market. This multifunctional urban complex is a high-quality mix of traditional and ultra-modern architecture, and is creating a new face for the Hay and Crayfish Markets in downtown Gdansk. Not only is Forum Radunia being developed in line with the latest trends in the commercial market - gallery architecture and interior design – it is also putting a whole

“Forum Radunia puts a whole new face on the historical urban architecture of old Gdansk” constructive meetings with a number of new and very promising business contacts, and finalized lease negotiations with a couple of top tenants, such as Vistula Group and Diverse. The efforts during the fair led to the signing of several lease agreements in the days after the Warsaw event. Multi is also in advanced negotiations for another 15,000 m2 of space and aims to have all anchor tenants in place by the end of this year.

Pulling power Forum Radunia is set to change the face of downtown Gdansk, combining the beauty and functionality of both the old and the new Gdansk city centre. The first phase of construction, the building of a 2.5-hectare platform covering the railway tracks, started on 1 August. And the potential pulling power of this striking project has been confirmed in recent months, as Multi has successfully attracted top tenants from the worlds of fashion, services, restaurants and lifestyle. Over the past few weeks alone, Forum Radunia has signed several lease agreements with new tenants, such as leading footwear retailer Deichmann, fashion group C&A and health and beauty firms Douglas and Super-pharm. Most importantly for this multi-use complex, a wide range of gastronomy-related companies have expressed significant interest in the project. And Multi has recently finalized lease agreements with Apetito, Baalbek and Asia Sweet Roll.

new face on the historical urban architecture of old Gdansk. Radunia Chanel, an integral part of the project, is surrounded by a glass roof and facades, which have been designed to harmonize with the neighbouring brick walls. Public spaces will showcase the unique atmosphere of the location by creating a Central Piazza open to the Old Town, merging single buildings, streets and squares with the Historical Museum.

Tomasz P. Matusiak, Małgorzata Słowik, Maciej Jurczak, Natasza Ellwart-Rymarz and Michał Slepowronski



Multi kicks off FIRST phase of Forum Radunia construction In early August 2013, Multi Development officially started the first phase of works on the construction of a multifunctional urban complex, Forum Radunia in the Hay and Crayfish Markets area in the Polish city of Gdansk. The past few months have been critical in terms of both the finalization of the negotiations between the parties directly involved in the works and obtaining the permits required to commence construction of the project. In early 2013, the Mayor of Gdansk and the Pomeranian Provincial Governor granted Multi a permit to start the first phase of the works related to the development of a platform across the railway lines. After this, Multi started preparatory work, such as the clearance of unnecessary trees and debris, and preliminary archaeological surveys and excavations.


ffective cooperation “The construction work started on 1 August 2013, when the general contractor for the first phase, Awbud S.A., entered the Hay and Crayfish Markets area and put the first spade into the ground of the future complex. This was the first milestone in the investment, which is planned for completion in the second half of 2016. This start of construction is confirmation of the determination of all the parties involved in developing this project. We can finally say that the project is coming to life and the impact it will have is already clearly visible. But none of this would be possible without the efficient cooperation and involvement of the Municipality of Gdansk, the Polish National Railway (PKP), Polish Railway Lines (PLK), Fast Urban Railway (SKM), the Ministry of Transport, Construction and Maritime Economy, as well as Awbud S.A.,� says Tomasz P. Matusiak, Managing Director of Multi Development Poland.

Revitalisation The aim of the Forum Radunia project is to revitalize and strengthen the inner city of Gdansk by creating a multifunctional downtown city centre that will blend into the landscape and integrate culture, retail, entertainment, services and a publically accessible car park. The project recreates the historical lines of the area, integrating the historical Radunia Channel and adds a new communications hub, combining platforms for trams, buses and the Fast Urban Railway (SKM) in the direct vicinity of Forum Radunia. The project has also taken on a number of public initiatives, including the construction of the Historic Heritage Centre of the City of Gdansk, which houses the main tourist information office of the Tri-City area.



project news

Multi Magic Retail Day 2013


y invitation of Multi Vastgoed, more than 60 representatives of national chains and self-employed retailers arrived in Amsterdam for the Multi Vastgoed Retaildag on 3 October 2013. The event gave retailers the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences in an informal atmosphere and learn about current Multi retail projects in the Netherlands. The afternoon programme included circus workshops in a surprising atmosphere. The day ended at former nightclub Odeon with a magical dinner in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Attendees of the Multi Vastgoed Retail Day

Putting a new heart into neighbourhood


he Lombok neighbourhood in Utrecht does not really have a neighbourhood shopping centre, and the existing shops are scattered throughout the area. Over the past decade, the level of services available to local residents has also declined. To counteract this development, an urban renewal plan is being implemented in phases, focusing on Groeneweg and the surrounding area.

The realization of the new neighbourhood shopping centre will make a significant contribution to upgrading the quality of life in the entire neighbourhood, and it will serve as a central focal point for the residents of

Between the two existing supermarkets on Groeneweg, Multi Vastgoed is building a neighbourhood shopping centre covering approximately 6,000 m² with a broad range of shops for daily shopping needs, as well as several service providers, such as a hairdresser and a dry cleaner’s. In addition, four small-scale apartment buildings will be realized alongside a new square with green landscaping and parking facilities.

Artist impression of Groeneweg - Utrecht 48


the neighbourhood. The construction of the shopping centre was started quite recently, and it is expected to open its doors to the public in 2015.

Tropical groundbreaking Almere Buiten


Alderman Ed Anker was pleased with the start of construction: “The construction of this square will transform the adjacent Globeplein into a real square. This will serve as a perfect ‘living room’ for Almere Buiten“.

A number of Dutch national and regional retail chains such as AKO and Kwalitaria have already been contracted, and a baker, a butcher and a cheese & nuts shop will provide shoppers with a fresh foods court. These food retailers will complement the existing food and specialist shops in the city centre area.

Urban transition Almere Buiten has quickly become an independently functioning urban district with a population of more than 50,000. Its existing shopping centre, Buitenmere, was intended to serve some 25,000 residents and is currently undergoing a transition from a district centre to an urban district centre. The current district shopping centre is being expanded on both the northern and southern sides. Multi Vastgoed is in charge of realising the expansion and redevelopment of the southern half, covering approximately 16,000 m2.

Multi celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for two retail and residential buildings at the Rio de Janeiroplein in Almere Buiten, in a fittingly tropical atmosphere and equatorial temperatures. Both of these buildings, with a total of 2,300 m2 of retail space and 27 owner-occupied and rented apartments are located in the heart of the southern part of Almere city centre and will be completed by mid-2014.

The first phase of this expansion was completed in 2010.

Alderman Ed Anker



project news

Forum Palermo wins Pigna d’Argento prize


orum Palermo was awarded the Pigna d’Argento prize at the 15th edition of the International Sicilian awards Premio Internazionale di Sicilianita Festival organized by Accademia di Sicilia and the Presidency of Palermo City Council. These prizes are awarded annually to regional institutions that have contributed to the development of the Sicilian Region both in Italy and across the world.

The ceremony was held at the Biondo Theatre in Palermo, where the Forum Management Team were handed their prize, along with other wellknown Palermitan personalities in the fields of

culture, art, tourism and business. This wonderful evening was hosted by Mr. Rosario Crocetta, Chairman of the Sicilian Region.

New link in fabric of city centre


ne of the prominent features of the Schinkelkwadrant Zuid area in the centre of Heerlen is the many empty buildings and its rather neglected appearance. However, in the future, this location will be an important link in an attractive urban shopping circuit. The initial contours of this circuit are already visible in the existing urban structure, which will serve as the framework for the redevelopment of the Schinkelkwadrant Zuid location into a new piece of the urban fabric. A combination of attractive shops over several levels, good café and restaurant facilities, plus residential and office units will be added to already existing assets, such as the recently renovated theatre. As a result, the location will be transformed into an entranceway to the centre of Heerlen that does the city justice. Multi Vastgoed is responsible for realizing the

Schinkelkwadrant Zuid location in the centre of Heerlen. The project will include a maximum of 18,350 m² of space for cafés, restaurants and leisure activities, as well as 21 apartments.

Artist impression of Heerlen de Plu 50


The municipality of Heerlen and Multi Vastgoed have just signed the purchase agreement for the new council offices, which are an integral part of the Schinkelkwadrant Zuid project. Construction will start in May 2014 and is expected to be completed in 2016.

multi mall management


Forum Algarve Summer Sound From 23 July to 13 August, Forum Algarve played host to Forum Summer Sound, a series of four free concerts in the Central Plaza, with well– known national artists. The concerts were a major hit and attracted more than 10,000 customers each night! The series of concerts kicked off on 23 July with a performance by well–known national artist Aurea, who brought a lot of fans with her to make this a very special evening. A week later, the band Expensive filled the Central Plaza with magic and fun. On 6 August, Portugal’s latest pop sensation,

Kika, who was discovered by Lady Gaga’s producer, filled the Central Plaza with enthusiastic fans. For the final concert, on 13 August, singer-songwriter David Fonseca packed the Central Plaza with a performance of his latest hits and some old favourites.

CONCERTOS 22H30 23 de julho AUREA 30 de julho EXPENSIVE SOUL 6 de agosto KIKA 13 de agosto DAVID FONSECA




multi mall management

MMM Portugal called in to revitalise 3 retail centres Earlier this year, Multi Mall Management Portugal won the contract to take over the management of three commercial retail centres owned by Portuguese real estate fund manager Fimoges, with the goal of restoring the profitability of the centres. The deal added Centro Comercial Acqua Roma, Centro Comercial Beloura and Campera Outlet Shopping to MMM Portugal’s portfolio. “This is a very important step towards us creating the maximum value from MMM’s know-how and expertise. This is a perfect time to help decision makers to make the most of the opportunities to buy shopping centres with great potential. We can help upgrade these centres using our expertise and marketing tools to reposition the shopping centres. Then we can either keep adding value long term or simply introduce the high standards that will help owners to sell the upgraded assets,” says Antonio Matias Lopes, MMM’s Managing Director Southern Europe. The three retail centres are very different and serve very different shoppers. One is a centrally located convenience shopping centre, one is semi-open neighbourhood centre and the third is a village-based factory outlet. But one thing they all had in common is that all three had seen a decline in traffic, sales and occupancy rates. 52


Centro Comercial Acqua Roma is located in the centre of Lisbon, in the heart of Avenida de Roma, a neighbourhood with the strongest acquisition rate in Portugal and historically a high-end retail zone. With 3,100 m2 of GLA, the Acqua Roma centre has 37 stores distributed over three floors. Centro Comercial Beloura is located half way between Sintra and Cascais, a tourist destination and a wealthy catchment area. Anchored by a Supercor supermarket and a seven-screen multiplex cinema operated by City Cinemas, this 10,994 m2 centre has 72 stores over two floors, plus 794 free parking spaces, mainly underground. Campera Outlet Shopping was something of a pioneer, as it was the first outlet centre to open its doors in Portugal. It is located in Carregado, a 30-minute drive from Lisbon. Campera has over 120 stores and a Go-kart racing track in a two-level village-style open scheme. The centre has 25,000 m2 of GLA, anchored by a Jumbo hypermarket, combining convenience shopping with factory outlet stores. MMM immediately put the Financial department and ISOM on the case. ISOM (Integrated System of Operational Management) is a multi-skilled

Multi Mall Management Portugal (MMMP) team that works on operational and technical issues. The two departments came up with a due diligence report at both financial and operational levels, plus a number of measures to stabilise and revitalise the three centres. Meanwhile, MMM is using all its market and retail sector expertise to get the leasing at the three centres back on track. The next step in the revitalisation process was the plan MMM has drawn up to reposition and redevelop the three centres, making the most of their locations and their retail potential. MMM Portugal is currently implementing that plan and hopes to complete the upgrade in 2014. “It’s an exciting challenge that will call upon the full range of Multi Mall Management’s know-how and expertise. This is not an easy task and it does take time, but this kind of deal enables us to show what MMM can do on a daily basis. Because that’s what we do at MMM. We deliver products every single day,” Antonio Matias Lopes says.


01 Campera Outlet Shopping 02 Centro Comercial Beloura 03 Centro Comercial Acqua Roma


ISOM – adding value in our DNA ISOM stands for the Integrated System of Operational Management, which is the name of a multi-skilled Multi Mall Management Portugal (MMMP) team that operates in operational and technical areas. The team has built up a range of experience and know-how related to the operating needs of buildings (Shopping Centres, Retail Parks, Office Buildings and more) and businesses. The ISOM technical team includes professionals with skills in Management, Engineering and Safety, dedicated to setting up and optimizing building operations. ISOM has carried out projects in the above areas and enabled the start-up of enterprises in several European countries, including Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Turkey and Russia, based on criteria and standards of the “ICSC European Service Charge Guide”, developed with the International Council of Shopping Centres (ICSC), based on the best practices developed in a sample of 27 European countries. 03

“The next step is to reposition and redevelop the three centres”

One of the most important pillars of the ISOM philosophy is the aim to share the experience and know-how with local management teams, to achieve the best optimization of resources and develop a continuous process of improvement of procedures in order to add value to a property. How ISOM adds value to assets: - We learn with the different realities; - We select the best practices and experiences; - We implement and teach; - We control and make the processes follow-up.



multi mall management

BUTTERFLIES FLY INTO FORUM SHOPPING CENTRES THIS SUMMER! Catching butterflies with a phone to win prizes Forum shopping centres in Turkey provided their visitors an innovative digital experience this summer, with the iButterfly app for their smartphones. For the very first time in Europe, iButterfly gave the visitors the chance to hunt for butterflies and win prizes using augmented reality. For a period of six weeks, every day 6 different butterflies flew in their hundreds in the Forum malls. For each butterfly the visitors caught, they won various gifts ranging from movie tickets and discounts to iPads and GALAXY Tabs. A total of almost 20,000 gifts were given away.





multi mall management





International Free Cone Day 01

The 9th of April has been ‘International Free Cone Day’ since 1979 to celebrates the founding of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. As Ben & Jerry’s has no shop of its own in Belgium, they decided to set up a pop-up store at Shopping Stadsfeestzaal for the day. Who would refuse a free ice cream in one of the most beautiful settings in Belgium? Well, Ben & Jerry’s handed out a whopping 10,000 free ice creams and Shopping Stadsfeestzaal got a mention in every part of the national media campaign (Facebook, website and national radio). Unilever, we love you too!



‘Little Giant Steps to Basketball’ 02


The Almada Forum Trophy celebrated its 10th edition this summer. With 150 participants, including yachts, rowing boats, windsurfers and other categories, the event is now one of Portugal’s biggest and most prestigious regattas. As part of the 10th anniversary celebrations, Almada Forum honoured the Tagus River as a source of inspiration for all Portuguese people over the centuries. The event kicked off with the launch of a giant floating bottle with a poem written in honour of the river and its history, complete with a magnificent performance of traditional Fado songs.

Forum Çamlık is one of the main sponsors of the ‘Little Giant Steps to Basketball’ projects, a social responsibility project made possible through collaboration between the Denizli Governor’s Office, The City Police Department, Pamukkale University and Forum Çamlık. The project gives kids the chance to train in basketball and then take to the court and compete in matches. Their enthusiasm was clearly visible as the teams put on an exciting performance on Saturday 8 June. The young players had been training since November 2012 as part of the ‘Little Giant Steps to Basketball’ project, set up to encourage kids to play sports. The first game at the Atatürk Industrial Vocational High School Gym was between ODTÜ High School and PEV High School Sports Club. Stepping on the court following this game, Little Giant Steps to Basketball put on a fierce, toe to toe fight against their opponent, the Servergazi High School Sports Club. But there were no losers that night and everybody was given a medal for competing.

04 06


5th Forum FORUM MADEIRA Adrenaline REVAMPED Festival begins!

Catawiki pop-up shop




Forum Madeira recently completed major remodeling works, including a complete renovation of the food court, the launch of the new logo and a new communications media. The revamp of the open-air shopping centre has made Forum Madeira an even more attractive meeting place and should make the Forum even more popular as a place to shop and meet friends.

Thıs May saw the fifth edition of Forum Bornova’s annual Adrenaline Festival, which gives the Forum’s shoppers and visitors – especially adrenaline addicts - the chance to take a close look at a range of hot new cars. This year, the cars on show at the festival included new models from Audi, Chevrolet, Citroen, Hyundai, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Lancia, Nissan, Seat and Volkswagen. And the show was presented by top models Tatsyana Tsvikeviç and Ece Begüm Yücetan. And for the speed freaks, Forum Bornova organised a ‘race’ with SpeedCity race car simulators.

Catawiki is a Dutch online auction company operating in a real niche market, collector’s items. To promote their new “Natural History Auction”, in July of this year they opened a pop-up shop in Shopping Stadsfeestzaal. The launch of the shop was announced via a viral marketing campaign on YouTube. On-line and off-line formed the perfect combination at Shopping Stadsfeestzaal, as the auction offered some very unique items: dinosaurs, minerals, fossils and many more exceptional ancient natural miracles, with prehistoric relics for every size of wallet. The shop generated a huge amount of media exposure for Shopping Stadsfeestzaal.



multi mall management








On 12 May, the city of Montijo was one big party, as Forum Montijo held the 1st edition of its Run, which attracted more than 2,000 entrants and ‘sold out’ two weeks before the event. Thousands of people participated in the event, either running or walking, and fun was had by all. Several public figures from the worlds of sport and television joined in and helped us celebrate Forum Montijo’s 10th anniversary, which generated a lot of media coverage.

Forum Aydın brought together the actors from the movie ‘Koğuş Akademisi’ - the funniest and most entertaining film of recent times – and shoppers and visitors to the shopping centre for a special showing of the movie on 23 May. Koğuş Akademisi has been very well received by critics and moviegoers. The stars of the movie include Çetin Altay, Arzu Yanardağ, Ender Gülçiçek, Yasemin Öztürk and Umut Oğuz. Director Tolga Baş, assistant director Caner Küçük and producer Yasin Zeyd Öztürk joined the stars and crew to talk about the movie with fans. After a photo shoot and autograph session, the entire crew joined Forum Aydin visitors for the special preview of their movie.


Marmara Forum offered a summer full of sports for children in the 7 to 15 age range, with basketball and football training camps led by National Basketball team player Kerem Tunçeri and his big brother Kemal Tunçeri. The kids were given the chance to attend the Marmara Forum Basketball – Football Summer School from 24 June to 2 August. After learning to play basketball and football they were all given a certificate at the end of the course. Afterwards, Marmara Forum organised a special autograph session with the Tunçeri brothers, who also handed out special gifts to the children.



Shopping and lifestyle center Forum Aydın aanounced the winner of its Audi campiagn on 7 July. Everybody who spent TL 75 or more at the shopping centre during the campaign was given a chance to joint the draw. At the end of the campaign, which ran from 26 April to 30 June, a very happy Murat Çakır was given the keys to his brand new Audi A5 by celebrity and DJ Ali Tinaz. 58







Antwerp hosts forum aydin Opel Adam SPRING TENNIS launch TOURNAMENT 05

Just two and a half years after opening, Forum Sintra already has a remarkable total of 30,350 Facebook fans that follow the shopping centre’s Facebook page on a daily basis. When we were 1,000 likes from reaching 25,000 fans, Forum Sintra launched a promotion to signal the landmark figure. We teamed up with Forum tenant Quatro Patas and offered 25 bags of dog food to the Sintra council pet refuge: a total of 375 kg of food. We reached the goal just one week after the challenge was made through a promotional post and all 375 kg of dog food was delivered personally to Sintra’s kennel by the Forum Sintra management team, accompanied by our mascot Gui.



Earlier this year, Shopping Stadsfeestzaal Antwerp was one of locations in six European cities to host an Opel pop-up store for the launch of the car-maker’s trendy new city car, the Opel Adam. Antwerp also beat out Rome, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Milan, as Shopping Stadsfeestzaal hosted Opel’s exclusive collaborative event with Elle Magazine: the Elle Casting 2013, which combined a showcase for the trendy Adam, complete with the Adam city bike, with a search for local beauties in the Antwerp region.

Thıs year’s Forum Aydin Spring Tennis Tournament was a huge success again, as hundreds of tennis enthusiasts joined the fun. Enthusiasts signed up and played in the categories veteran men and women, men and women starters, and a number of children’s age groups. The matches were played between 1 and 14 June, after which the trophies were awarded to the lucky winners in Forum Aydin Olive Square.



multi mall management

01 02




This summer, Forum Trabzon hosted a live performance painting event as part of the 6th International Painting Festival jointly organised by Femin&Art Female Artists Association and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The motto of the festival was ‘don’t let the colors fade on the canvas of world’s women’ and presented works by 100 female artists from 25 countries between 1 and 10 July. Visitors were greeted by a huge 12 m2 canvas ‘No to the Violence Against Women’.

The Smurfs movie


One of Belgium’s most famous creations, The Smurfs, paid a visit to Shopping Stadsfeestzaal to promote their new movie, which hit the cinemas this summer. They brought along their very own paparazzi, so children (and nostalgic adults) could to pose with them for photos. The photos were placed on Shopping Stadsfeestzaal’s Facebook page and generated a lot of extra traffic.



One very happy Mother’s Day! 02


This summer, a series of Tribute Concerts made Almada Forum´s esplanade the “hottest” place to be every Thursday between 25 July and 5 September. The Forum was the perfect meeting place for anybody who wanted to enjoy the music of their favourite international bands. Tribute bands livened up the summer nights playing the music of famous bands, including Coldplay, The Beatles, Dire Straits, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Abba and Bon Jovi.

The 15th of August is traditionally Mother’s Day in Antwerp. Instead of roses, chocolates or perfume, we wanted to surprise our super mums with something totally different. That’s why we hired some real Chippendales to carry their shopping bags. Visitors, tenants, facebook fans and of course the mums were really excited. Not surprisingly, these guys were flaming hot!

06 07



In August, Forum Trabzon organised a Utopian Photograph Exhibition of the works young photographer Doğan Kayacık, who has been interested in photography since a very young age and who graduated from the Art department of Anatolian University. He tries show what photography touches in the process of creativity, by photographing famous people from a different perspective. Ergin Aydın, the Deputy Mayor of Trabzon, Turgut Özdemir, the President of the Trabzon Journalists’ Association, Ergun Ata, the General Secretary of Turkish Sportswriters’ Association, Murat Kaban, from the Trabzon Regional Directorate of Anadolu Ajansı, and Murat Taşkın, the President of Trabzon Branch of Turkish Sportswriters’ Association all attended the opening of this very popular exhibition.




Forum Mersin shoppers got to enjoy the excitement of the 2013 Mersin Mediterranean Games this summer, with tickets to the games on sale at the shopping centre. What’s more, Forum Mersin laid on shuttle buses to the venues of the games, making it even more convenient for customers. And the Mediterranean Games committee brought along a wonderful stamp exhibition, which took our visitors – including many stamp enthusiasts - on an exciting journey into the past.

The aim of the Check-In loyalty program is to reward regular customers at Forum Sintra by offering its 50 most loyal visitors a prize of € 200 in the form of an MMM Gift Card. But that’s not the only surprise! By registering in the check-in program, Forum Sintra customers will also qualify to win movie tickets, car washes, dinners, film sessions, photo shoots or beauty treatments. The “Check-In Forum Sintra” campaign is for all Forum Sintra´s visitors, and will run from 2 September to 10 November 2013. At the end of the campaign, the most frequent visitor will win a final top prize.



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“If you want to win prizes just raise the fork” is the motto for the campaign in which Forum Sintra offers meals and movie tickets to visitors through a fun loyalty program. Frequent customers are challenged to complete a bingo card by eating meals in Forum Sintra eateries. After each meal in one of the restaurants, coffee or ice cream shops in Forum Sintra, the customer has to stamp the number corresponding to the restaurant on their “BINGO À LA CARTE” card and save the receipt as proof. The prizes are awarded each time the client fills out 1 Bingo Card line, 2 Bingo Card lines or the full card. The campaign runs from 2 September to 30 November and is part of Forum Sintra’s strategy of using a range of campaigns to attract visitors and reward regular customers.



Beatification of Padre Pino Puglisi 02

The Vogue Fashion’s Night Out returned to the main stores of Lisbon in September for another memorable evening of music, entertainment and lots of shopping. Once again, Armazéns do Chiado offered their visitors a unique soirée, with the best entertainment in Chiado, plus offers and special promotions for its customers. The 5th floor of Armazéns do Chiado was transformed into a real nightclub, complete with disco lights and the best rhythms of the night, played by a very special DJ, Isabel Figueira, actress, TV presenter and model. The 4th floor was the place to meet, to sip champagne and dip strawberries in a delicious chocolate fountain. To promote the evening’s special mix of shopping, fashion and entertainment, the Armazéns do Chiado Facebook Fan Page included a special Vogue Fashion’s Night Out TAB Page, where fans could take a peek at the Lisbon Meeting Point store promotions.


Forum Palermo also played a prominent role in the cultural events around the ceremony for the beatification of Palermitan priest Padre Pino Puglisi held on the 25th of May. In addition to making space available for an exhibition of pictures on the life of Father Pino, Forum also made a donation to the fund for the restoration of Anita Garibaldi Square, the place where the outspoken priest was murdered by local members of the Mafia and the location of a wooden statue erected in his memory. Italian TV channel RAI 1 broadcast the ceremony live. The Forum management team attended the ceremony, together with a number of leading Sicilian leading figures, including Mr. Leoluca Orlando, mayor of the city of Palermo, the actors Luca Zingaretti and Tony Sperandeo and the musician Nicola Piovani. These events and other marketing initiatives are helping to make Forum Palermo the meeting place for the whole area and an enjoyable space that helps encourage local people to build a strong sense of community. Thanks to such initiatives Forum’s reputation and visibility is constantly improving, both among locals and across Sicily.





30 iPads in 30 days!

Stop Bowel Cancer 04


Family Party at Forum Montijo


Forum Bornova gave away 30 Apple iPad Minis between 27 June and 26 August to shoppers who played a range of games in Daisy-shaped cages each day. Forum Bornova guests of all ages who had spent TL 75 competed in fun games on a giant daisy-shaped game platform, open every day between 12:00 to 23:00, and the day’s fastest players won an iPad Mini.

Every day, there are 20 new bowel cancer patients in Belgium and thousands die of bowel cancer every year in Belgium. Shopping Stadsfeestzaal contacted Belgium’s most famous cancer specialist Professor Luc Colemont, the driving force behind the Stop Bowel Cancer foundation, to see what we could do to meet our corporate social responsibility goals.

This summer, the Forum Montijo Family Party guaranteed lots of family joy with a great festival of fun and entertainment. The idea behind the Forum Montijo Family Party was to provide families with a great space to have fun during the school holidays. And to position Forum Montijo as the place to visit for both shopping and family leisure time.

RAMADAM FUN in bornova

As prevention and early screening are vital in the battle to defeat this terrible disease, Shopping Stadsfeestzaal invited the professor and his foundation to set up a pop-up information centre in the Stadsfeestzaal. As every major battle in life has been given its own colour (pink ribbons, red ribbons and so on), the battle against bowel cancer is being fought in blue. The official opening of the pop-up information centre was combined with a national call for a ‘Dress in blue’ photo action through social media. A spectacular 15-metre long blow-up colon was placed in a vacant store and visitors could walk through it and get vital information along the way. More than 8,500 people made the colon information tour and spread the word on how to prevent this very treatable cancer.

So Forum Montijo created a space of more than 2,000 m2, with a huge range of fun equipment, such as trampolines, bouncy castles, electric vehicles and lots more. And on weekends, we put on shows with mascots from well-known children’s films, such as Shrek, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda. The Family Party was a huge success and by the end of the summer holidays over 10,000 children had joined the party.


Forum Bornova celebrated this year’s Ramadan with live music performances, traditional drummers, a stilt-walking juggler and special treats every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the 30 days of Ramadan. The festivities began after the traditional sundown breaking of fast.



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‘Take the Stage’ at Turkish Forums! Iskender Paydaş and maNga search for talents all summer long Turkey’s Forum shopping centres’ ’Take the Stage!’ project created a stage this summer for talented singers and music fans, giving potential pop stars the chance to work with famous musician and arranger İskender Paydaş and maNga, one of Turkey’s most popular music bands.

Following this, a jury chaired by İskender Paydaş evaluated each of the recordings and selected the winners from each city with a Forum shopping centre. The winner of the contest was announced by maNga and they got to perform a duet with maNga on stage in front of thousands of fans.

Pick your song, record it and – possibly - take the stage with maNga! The ‘Take the Stage’ project kicked off at Forum Trabzon on 7 June, before travelling to all Forum shopping centres right across Turkey all summer long. After visiting Forum Bornova, Forum Cappadocia, Forum Çamlık, Forum Aydın, Forum Kayseri and Forum Mersin, the final leg of ‘Take the Stage’ project was held in Forum Istanbul in September.

And the winners were… The winners were Cavidan Ofluoğlu in Forum Trabzon, Gizem Ural in Forum Bornova, Hamdi Yüce in Forum Cappadocia, Anıl Demirci in Forum Çamlık, Umut Utku Altıntaş in Forum Aydın, Semih Sungur in Forum Kayseri, Ömer Küçük in Forum Mersin and Zafer Follancı in Forum Istanbul, and they were all given a chance to share the stage with maNga and perform a duet in front of thousands of fans.

During the nine-day tour, aspiring pop stars, all of whom love to sing and wanted their voices to be heard, performed one of the pre-selected songs under the supervision of professional producer Iskender Paydaş in special studios set up at the Turkish Forum shopping centres, where their performance was recorded.

maNga met with fans in every city During the ‘Take the Stage’ project, maNga visited all the Turkish Forum shopping centres and before the concerts they performed in every city, they met with 10 lucky fans selected using the application on their Facebook page. Ten maNga fans, who correctly answered all the questions about maNga asked on the Facebook page got to have a chat with the band members. maNga fans



had a chance to ask band members questions, take lots of photos and get autographs. All in all, maNga made these unforgettable days for their fans. ‘Take the Stage’ in numbers During the ‘Take the Stage’ project, maNga travelled a total distance of 6,054 kilometres, while 4,000 people recorded one of 14 pop and rock songs. maNga’s own hit ‘Cevapsız Sorular’ and Sertab Erener’s ‘Yanarım’ were the most popular songs recorded. İskender Paydaş listened to 4,000 records one by one for 200 hours. No less than 3,500 maNga fans used the application on Facebook and answered 10 questions about maNga, while 150 maNga fans answered all the questions correctly and got the chance to meet with the band members. maNga performed concerts at six cities where the project was held. The concerts were very popular and a total of 30,000 people attended. Eight young talents from Trabzon, Bornova, Cappadocia, Denizli, Aydın, Kayseri, Mersin and Istanbul had their dreams come true and took to the stage with maNga.



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01 MTV VJ Casting in Forum Sintra 02 National Figo Football Dream Campaign 03 ICSC Solal Gold Award for MyForum 04 The MyForum team; Didem Kirsallioba - João Xavier - Şükran Korkut Elif Karacan - Rik Janssen - Binnaz Dinçer 05 The QR corridor in Marmara Forum

Multi wins 7 ICSC Marketing awards in London Multi Mall Management (MMM) garnered no less than seven Solal marketing awards at this year’s ICSC (international Council of Shopping Centers) ICSC Marketing Conference, held in London on 15 May. With seven awards – one gold and six silvers - Multi Mall Management was the most awarded company at the prize-giving ceremony. The annual ICSC Solal Marketing Awards recognise the best shopping centre marketing campaigns across Europe and South Africa and are seen as a benchmark of quality throughout the industry. “We are very proud that after winning four Solal awards last year, the ICSC has awarded us seven this year in recognition of our achievements in mall management and shopping centre marketing’, said Multi CEO Heino Vink. Multi won the Golden Solal Award (Emerging Technology) for ‘MyForum’ in Marmara Forum (Istanbul) and MMM’s 10 Forums across Turkey. The MyForum experience combines a fullyequipped TV studio with green screen technology and an activated social community. ‘MyForum’ both entertains and attracts Marmara Forum customers while promoting the shopping centre and its tenants.



Marmara Forum also won a silver medal in the ‘emerging technologies’ category for its QR code corridor, an innovative and interactive Scan & Win campaign which gave shoppers the opportunity to scan a thousand QR codes on the shopping centre floor with their smartphones to win special surprises or discounts. Multi won another silver medal in the ‘public relations’ category for the Street Art Festival hosted by Marmara Forum and Forum Istanbul. The festival brought together street artists from all over the world and pulled in staggering numbers of visitors for Multi’s Turkish shopping centres. Multi’s 10 Turkish shopping centres shared the honours in a silver medal in the ‘sales promotion’ category for their country-wide Wipe Out campaign, which toured the Turkish Forums, inviting everyone to take on the Wipe Out challenge. A staggering 10,000 visitors competed in the contest, taking on the world famous Fist Wall, the Giant Red Balls and the Bridge of Speed. Meanwhile, MMM Turkey won another silver medal, this time in the ‘cause related marketing’ category, for its national Figo Football Dream Campaign, which invited young talented footballers to take part in the Inter Milan Summer Camp. In collaboration with world famous footballer Luis Figo, the ‘Let Figo Select

You At Forum Shopping Malls, And Your Dreams Shall Come True’ project kicked off at Marmara Forum and then toured Multi’s Turkish centres in a search for talented kids. Elsewhere, Multi Portugal garnered a silver medal a public relations-related silver medal for its nationwide MTV VJ casting campaign which culminated in the unveiling of the new MTV VJ Portugal at Forum Sintra in July. After several months of casting, the 11 finalists for the title of MTV host had to overcome various challenges to prove that they were the 100% talents MTV was looking for. The event attracted widespread media coverage and attracted huge audiences all through the summer. The seventh award of the evening, a silver medal in the alternative revenue category, was won by a very proud Almada Forum, for its innovative Parking entrance naming campaign. Portugal’s Almada Forum transformed the large, unused and undecorated areas around its parking lot entrances and created and branded the three main parking entrances – Fiat Forum, Honda Red Hall and Kia Mountain. The new leisure areas now host special events created by the brands, generating alternative revenue.









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03 01


Street Art commercials by MyForum

Extreme Fun with MyForum 01

While Forum İstanbul’s second Extreme Fest entertains and challenges adrenaline lovers, MyForum joined in by scripting and producing an incredible stunt video inside the shopping center! Professional skaters, boarders, BMX stunters and parcours acrobats were given access to the center to record their video and make it ‘Extreme’. The video was seeded on Forum Istanbuls’ social media accounts and reached thousands of fans and followers before the event.

‘fashion combination of the week’ 02


The commercials for the second Street Art festival in Forum Istanbul and Marmara Forum were recorded and produced in-house by MyForum. Being a service provider to all Forums in Turkey and Europe, MyForum is proving its added value in terms of multimedia production and (online) marketing once again.

MyForum has created the project “fashion combination of the week” to further promote cooperation between brands and Marmara Forum. Brands of Marmara Forum were asked to provide MyForum with specific products and outfits to be promoted online. After taking the product photos at MyForum Studio, the products are used in creative concepts and cool designs to be posted on social media. Some of the designs even reached 30.000 followers, making the project a good example of close cooperation between tenants, the shopping mall and the consumer.



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myforum behind the scenes opening forum gaziantep



FACT: Women spend more money shopping for a holiday, than for the holiday itself.




Lviv is open to the world open to new projects! 72


The location for Multi’s first project in Ukraine was no accident. Forum Lviv is at the heart of the beautiful city of Lviv, a city with a rich history that has long been considered the cultural capital of Ukraine. Not only is it a popular travel destination, making it to the top of the list of cities to visit in Europe in 2013, but thanks to its European background it has also always been an attractive region for investment. Multi talked to the Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi about his view on the future of the city and Multi’s role in its development.




The Mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovyi 74


Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Lviv feels truly ‘European’ to multi because of the historical centre and beautiful mixed architecture, as a result OF WHICH the city IS ON top of the UNESCO World Heritage list. How do you see Lviv’s position in Ukraine and Europe? I am pleased with every free advertisement for our beautiful city. Lviv is a real European city with rich history of multiculturalism, unique architectural landmarks and it is the cultural capital of Ukraine. Interesting fact – over 50% of all Ukrainian landmarks are located in Lviv! Although in Ukraine Lviv is considered a tourist capital, a city

We have seen rapid development of the city over the last couple of years, especially in terms of tourism. How does the development of Forum Lviv fit into the general development of the city? Yes, we have seen a growth of 30-40% in tourists in the recent years. Hosting the Euro Football Championships helped us promote Lviv among Europeans. But we could still do a lot more for both tourists - and residents - to make them feel comfortable and ensure high quality services, so they enjoy living or visiting here. Right now, there is only one shopping cum entertainment centre and that is not enough for a city with close to one million inhabitants. Forum Lviv is the first shopping centre so close to the city centre and with pedestrian access, not to mention over 600 parking spaces. We have high expectations for this complex. The plan is for it to become much more than a venue for shopping for famous brands; it should also boost tourism and an efficient transport infrastructure.

“Lviv is an unexplored ‘pearl’ for Europeans” of culture and education, the city that each year hosts more than 100 festivals, forums and cultural events, we are still the unexplored ‘pearl’ to Europeans, a pearl yet to be discovered and made a part of a common European heritage. Lviv is the most Ukrainian city in the world, a city where the majority of citizens speak Ukrainian, and we care about our traditions and customs; we still produce folk handicrafts and raise our children in the spirit of Christian morality. Celebrating Christmas in Lviv has become a trend, because here you can witness street theatre performances called Vertep, sing carols and eat delicious Ukrainian dishes. Lviv cuisine is peculiar and its uniqueness comes from the combination of the cultures of various ethnic groups who live or have lived in the city - Jews, Serbs, Armenians, Hungarians and others. The largest modern international airport in Western Ukraine is located in Lviv and the number of direct flights to European cities is constantly growing. The Ukrainian Carpathians, with their well-known health resorts Truskavets and Morshyn and ski resorts Slavske and Tysovets, are just an hour’s drive from the city.

How do you estimate the economic and social value of Forum Lviv for the city of Lviv? It is clear that such a large structures create’s a lot of work. We are counting on the creation of at least 800 new jobs. And what could be more important for the Mayor of a city than creating opportunities for its citizens, to improve their well-being and comfort. I hope that Forum Lviv will also become an active ‘participant’ in many social projects that are now being implemented in Lviv by the city council or public initiatives. One thing we’re very happy about is that many Lvivbased companies already understand the true value of socially responsible business and they readily partner with the community to address many urgent problems. We expect Forum Lviv to act as an example in this respect and facilitate the spread of European business culture and the experience of operating in other countries in Western and Eastern Europe.

In addition to the tourism, the city’s development strategy for 2020 includes the development of IT and innovation industries. Lviv has a population of almost one million inhabitants and 150,000 students, the majority of which speaks foreign languages. This is the city’s largest and most valuable asset, as it ensures stable development in the future. We have 10,000 employees working in the IT industry, which is 16% of all IT professionals in Ukraine. Despite the fact that the tourism and IT industries make Lviv competitive, not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, we are already considering the possibility of developing other clusters, such as light industry, food processing, paper and printing industries, machine building and radio-electronics. People in Lviv have always known how to live and how to create. Numerous world famous inventors and scientists were born and lived here. Today, Lviv is a pioneer in many projects aimed at stimulating reforms and the development of Ukraine as a country in general.




Multi projects are known for their ‘flywheel’ effect, where the shopping centre creates a new dynamic for the whole area around the project. Does the city plan to capitalize on this effect? The parallels can be drawn with the decision of the London city council to host the Olympics in the East-End, a rundown part of the city. Thanks to the investments in the area’s infrastructure, the East End is thriving and people and businesses now want to settle there. We have a district close to Forum Lviv called Pidzamche, a historic industrial district where the first industrial enterprises were located. It is the location of one of the first chocolate factories, well known in Ukraine from the ‘Svitoch’ brand, now owned by Nestlé. The Pidzamche revitalization program includes the shift in focus of urban development towards public and residential buildings, cultural facilities and office building and has been promoted via various grant projects and the German International Cooperation office GIZ. So the location of Forum Lviv close to the Pidzamche area will be an important element of this program. It will boost the overall attractiveness of the neighbourhood and as a result facilitate the inflow of capital and new talented people with innovative ideas and projects for its regeneration.

“We have high expectations for this complex” What other plans does the city have to develop its infrastructure and boost attractiveness for both residents and visitors? We have ambitious plans to continue road repairs, to modernize heating and water supply systems, to build a new factory for processing solid domestic waste, plus at least one underground parking facility, and to create conditions for the 76


development of the IT sector and tourism. In particular, we plan to build a large IT business park near Lviv International Airport, as well as a new road to the airport. Later this year, we begin construction of the new tram line to the city’s largest neighbourhood (with more than 140,000 residents), Sykhiv, which is a project funded by EBRD and the German government. We have reliable international advisors and partners in many infrastructure projects. We work with leading consulting companies, such as Ernst & Young, KPMG and PWC and financial institutions, such as EBRD and the World Bank. I think that Lviv tops the competitiveness and investment attractiveness rankings among the cities and regions of Ukraine for good reason. A well-known publication, FDI Intelligence, owned by The Financial Times Group, has identified Lviv among the top 10 European Cities of the Future 2012/2013. In 2015, we plan to host a European Basketball Championship, Eurobasket – 2015. The Ukrainian government has adopted the program for the preparation of an international level Olympic sports base for winter sports in Lviv and the Carpathians. I am also pleased with the achievements of many Lviv industrial companies that, despite the crisis, are actively introducing new technologies and launching new products. For example, Elektron has recently introduced a new low-floor tram, which is half the price of its Western counterparts. Hopefully, in a few years we will completely renew our public transport fleet, and we will be giving special attention to the development of electric transport. One of the priorities in the development of transport infrastructure is the development of a network of bike lanes. According to the approved plan, we should have at least 268 km of new bike lanes by 2020, with 50 km of this ready by the end of this year. We consider bikes to be a good alternative for private transport, and one of the key tasks of the city is to encourage people to switch to bikes, as well as trams and trolleybuses. We are working on many other infrastructure

“Our motto is ‘Lviv is open to the world. Lviv is open to new projects, new friends and investments”

projects, but their implementation depends very much on the success of the city, and therefore, its residents and businesses. They are the ones who give this city its unique atmosphere and fill the city coffers. Therefore, I am convinced that Forum Lviv will soon become a member of our family, a partner and ally in urban projects and initiatives, and a part of the success of our city in Ukraine and in Europe in general. There have been a number of projects that were executed with financing from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. How do you value the cooperation with them? EBRD is already something of a calling card for Lviv, because we have been asked by other Ukrainian cities to share our experience. We already have three projects with EBRD in the various stages of implementation; the fourth is in the planning stage. Lviv is the bank’s largest customer in terms of the number of projects. EBRD enjoys a special status in Ukraine, and it has enabled us to build up experience we can use in other urban projects financed by the city. Since we started cooperating with the bank in 2008, we have had at least a dozen wellknown consulting companies working in Lviv helping us to improve public transport, to boost the corporate development of utility companies and increase the city’s creditworthiness. As part of Ukraine’s preparations for the signing of the Association Agreement and the Free Trade Zone Agreement, we want to be ready, competitive and attractive for potential investors and tourists.

The bank has been a big help. It recently opened a representative office for one of its programs in Lviv, and is considering a full representative office is under consideration. EBRD not only helps by granting loans to carry important infrastructure projects in Lviv, it also stimulates major reforms, and is helping to change the mentality of officials and citizens, resulting in the introduction of transparent rules for work performance and quality controls. What recommendations or advice would you give to foreign investors or retailers considering investments in Lviv and or Ukraine? Don’t listen to what others have to say, or read articles on Ukraine; they are often far from objective. My advice would be to conduct your own research based on visits and interviews with various stakeholders, including representatives of the numerous investors already working in Ukraine. Lviv now has all the benefits that investors need to make a decision. These include the availability of land and real estate for sale or long-term lease; special investment projects support programs; the accessibility of the city and the possibility of rapid movement inside the city; a large skilled workforce; geographical location near the borders of the EU; the openness and the willingness of the local authorities. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of investing in Lviv’s, go to, or contact Sergiy Kiral, Head of the Investment Department by phone +380 32 2546006. Our motto is “Lviv is open to the world. Lviv is open to new projects, new friends and investments.” Certainly you could always contact Multi, which has been active in our city for over six years now. We are pleased with the opportunity to present our beautiful city via Multi and its marketing efforts, like this striking magazine. MM ISSUE 14



MULTI BREAKS GROUND ON 1ST PROJECT IN UKRAINE The 6th of June 2013 will go down in history as a very special day for the Multi Development Ukraine team and its partners. The groundbreaking event for Forum Lviv was a celebration of Multi’s belief and confidence in one of the most prestigious and anticipated real estate projects in Ukraine. The official start of the project was marked with the opening of a case of champagne and the burial of a time capsule to provide a vivid reminder to future generations of how things were on the day. The ceremony was attended by all the main contributors to the Forum Lviv project – its developers (Multi Development Ukraine, Galereja Centre and Bud House Group) and its financing banks, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and UniCredit Bank. They were joined by honoured guests from the City of Lviv and the region, First Deputy Mayor Oleg Synyutka and Deputy Head of Lviv Regional State Administration, Vadym Gural. “Multi’s first shopping centre in Ukraine is the result of the dedication and commitment of our team, our Ukrainian real estate partners and the financiers. We consider it a privilege that our first project in Ukraine is in the beautiful city of Lviv. The development has had a long lead time and the start of construction is an important step forward for Multi Ukraine. The fact that more than 70% of the retail space is already leased confirms that we were right to have confidence in our project”, said Heino Vink, Multi Corporation CEO.



“We are proud to partner with Multi, assisting its entry to the regional city of Lviv, and to revitalise and regenerate the former industrial brownfield site in the heart of the city. Forum Lviv represents a substantial investment in the revitalization of the city centre, creating a new commercial and recreational focal point in the city and a stimulus for further investment in Lviv”, said Claudia Pendred, Director Property and Tourism at EBRD.

Even today, very few developers have had such an open and responsible approach to the laying of the first stone for a future shopping centre. This clearly shows just how serious Multi is about this project. It was a real pleasure for us to see representatives from the developer, their partners and future tenants,” said Volodymyr Korobkov, Development Director of Amstor, Forum Lviv’s future anchor supermarket.

A night at the opera Many of Forum Lviv’s key tenants, which include Amstor, Comfy, Planeta Kino, MTI, LPP and InCity were also among more than 200 guests who joined this special event. The official ground-breaking ceremony was followed by a special program for tenants, hosted by Maarten de Mooy and Marina Nesterenko, respectively Multi’s International Leasing Director and Leasing Manager. The evening kicked off with a visit to the famous Lviv Opera House, one of Europe’s most beautiful theatres. The splendid performance of Figaro was followed by a delicious dinner in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Ukraine’s first BREEAM project The development of Forum Lviv will transform what was previously an industrial area into an attractive shopping location. This is a huge step in the revitalization of the city centre, strengthening customer flows and spending. Forum Lviv will create over 800 permanent full-time jobs, making an important contribution to employment in the area. One of Multi’s key goals is to obtain BREEAM certification for every one of its projects, and is using the services of Key Group to lead the design and construction process. Forum Lviv will be the first project in Ukraine to be awarded a BREEAM certificate.

“The groundbreaking event was a good platform for networking. It was an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the partners involved in the development of the project - from builders to bankers”, commented Ihor Khyzhnyak, Director of Comfy, the electronics supermarket that will be opening their flagship store in Forum Lviv. “Multi Development’s professionalism has been obvious throughout the process, including the event dedicated to the official start of construction.

“Ukraine is a promising and prosperous country. This day marks a new start for this former brownfield area in this beautiful city. You will all be able to monitor progress in the construction of Forum Lviv. And we ask all stakeholders to be patient and confident. We guarantee the rewards will be enormous as early as the first quarter of 2015,” said Gawein Minks, Managing Director of Multi Development Ukraine in his speech.

Gawein Minks - Managing Director Multi Development Ukraine, Zhyvytskyi Oleg, Director Solstroy and Anatoliy Shkriblyak, Beneficiary, Budhouse Group MM ISSUE 14





Since its founding in 1991, jeans maker Mavi has gone from being a local player on the Turkish jeans market to one of the world’s biggest fashion brands, with flagship stores in New York, Vancouver, Montreal, Istanbul, Berlin, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf and outlets in more than 50 countries, generating annual revenues of around US$ 300 million. The Multi Magazine spoke to Mavi Jeans General Manager Cüneyt Yavuz about the company’s history the keys to its success and future plans.




"”JEANS ARE A LIFESTYLE, FREEDOM AND SELF CONFIDENCE” CAN YOU GIVE US SOME BACKGROUND ON MAVI? WHAT DO YOU SEE AS THE MILESTONES IN THE MAVI STORY? Company founder Sait Akarlılar, who’d been in the textile business from an early age, turned to jeans manufacturing with Erak in the mid1980s. At the time, the Turkish jeans market was dominated by foreign brands and the Akarlılar family was making jeans for the leading brands. Perhaps the first and most difficult milestone for Mavi was the decision to create its own jeans brand. Backed by 40 years of experience, Mavi was founded in 1991 and became the first and only Turkish jeans brand name in Turkey and globally. Although some thought that a brand could not achieve global success using a Turkish name, Mavi soon proved all of them wrong. The name Mavi (blue) is now synonomous with blue jeans in Turkey and it is one of the brand’s most important sources of inspiration. The second milestone in the development of the brand was the decision to open our North American business. With the idea that it wasn’t possible to become a global brand without becoming a good local brand, Mavi first gained market leadership in Turkey in 1996, after which we founded Mavi America in New York. These were the first step towards globalising the brand, as North America was the biggest and most competitive jeans market. The third milestone was in 2008, as we shifted from Mavi Jeans to Mavi, extending our denim expertise and leadership to other fashion product categories, consolidating the emotional bond with consumers. Meanwhile, parallel to our growth, the Turkish retail market was changing rapidly, as the proliferation of shopping centres changed the shopping culture. This was when the retail sector was growing in leaps and bounds. Mavi anticipated that trend and decided to transform itself into a fashion retail brand from a denimoriented brand. This was a critical decision for us. Even today, many American denim brands are wholesalers rather than retailers. Our goal to ensure growth and sustainability and guarantee continuity, required a new style of management and vision. This is what triggered the idea for Mavi to partner with a venture capitalist. The Turkven partnership of 2008 allowed us to transform Mavi into a stronger retailer both in Turkey and globally.



DO JEANS SYMBOLIZE ‘FREEDOM’ FOR YOU, TOO, AS CLAIMED IN YOUR COMMERCIALS? Yes! They symbolise freedom for everyone, not just for me. This was what we tried to express in our commercials. We focused on the indispensibility of jeans for both men and women. We said: “Jeans are Mavi, Jeans are a lifestyle, freedom and self-confidence”. We wanted to express the position of jeans in our life as a part of Mavi fashion and lifestyle. We managed to do this with the script from Ali Taran. We projected the ‘denim on denim’ image in this commercial and continued to grow and strengthen the jeans market. WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO WORK WITH KIVANÇ TATLITUĞ, A FAMOUS ACTOR WITH THE TITLE OF BEST MODEL OF THE WORLD? DID THIS BOOST SALES? We believe that Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is the perfect name for Mavi and our brand, especially after our commercials with the catchwords “Vay vay vay” (wow, wow, wow), “Çantaya Bak” (look at the bag) and “Çok Sev” (love much). It was the right decision, as Mavi and Kıvanç are always listed as number one in the surveys for brand-celebrity harmony. Kıvanç is not just a commercial celebrity for us. He has been the face of our brand and a part of our family for five seasons. Kıvanç is a legend in his field, just as Mavi creates legends in jeans. And yes, we believe our recent total growth of 30% was partly due to success of the Kıvanç commercials. And every product that Kıvanç wears becomes a phenomenon. Our customers want every combination of denim he wears, especially the denim shirts. Now they demand the ‘Kıvanç shirt’ and we have seen a 60% increase in the sales of “çapkın polo” shirts and a 50% increase in the sales of “delikanlı” shirts.







FAMOUS MODEL BARBARA PALVIN JOINED KIVANÇ TATLITUĞ IN THIS SEASON’S COMMERCIALS. HOW DID THAT WORK OUT? It is very important for us to work with names that fit the culture, spirit and stance of the brand. Mavi has made unforgettable advertising campaigns with Adriana Lima, the Brazilian top model considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. And now Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ is definitely a member of the family. We add names that fit Mavi to Kıvanç in every commercial. In previous campaigns he was joined by Brazilian model Guisela Rhein, model Sara Sampaio, the new face of Victoria’s Secret and Brazilian model Franscisco Lachowski. In this commecial, he was joined by world famous model Barbara Palvin, who has caught the attention of the global fashion world with her sexy and innocent look. She has millions of fans in Turkey and worldwide and is among the super models most searched for on Google Turkey. She is incredibly popular with young men and women. So we believed that she was an excellent fit for Mavi and our new commercial. And initial feedback is that we did a very good job. YOU HAVE A WIDE PRODUCT RANGE. WHAT IS THE PRODUCTION AND DESIGN PROCESS FOR THESE PRODUCTS? CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT YOUR COOPERATION WITH FAMOUS FASHION DESIGNER HÜSEYIN ÇAĞLAYAN? Our vision is that it is design that turns a product into a brand and we cooperate with designers from all over the world and create multi-cultural design teams. So far we have worked with big names like Adriano Goldschmied, the world’s best jeans designer, Venucia de Russi, queen of perfect patterns and Rıfat Özbek, who designed his first denim collection for us. Last season, Hüseyin Çağlayan created a special denim collection called ‘Chalayan/Mavi’ which was his first collection designed for a Turkish brand. The combination of Mavi’s expertise, knowledge and skill in denim and Çağlayan’s design genius created a very special, innovative collection. Our customers responded very positively. And we would very much like to continue to cooperate with top designers in the future. Design has been one of the keys to our successful transformation of jeans into something way beyond workers’ trousers. In the 1990s, the main selling point of denim brands was durability. Customers bought jeans with the idea that they’d last for 10 years and top denim brands all claimed durability. As a brand born in Istanbul with a Mediterranean spirit, Mavi had the courage to use lighter fabrics from day one and differentiated itself with more elegant and casual designs. Today, our key differentiating factor is the solid value we offer, and that we have spent 17 years of our 22-year history as the sector leader. We are also the first brand many people people think of when they hear the word ‘jeans’. Our success drivers are our jeans expertise, quality and our unique designs. But non-denim products now make up 50% of our product range and play a major role in creating the perception of Mavi as a lifestyle fashion brand.

DO YOU HAVE PLANS TO OPEN NEW SHOPS IN 2014 AND IF SO IN WHICH COUNTRIES? Today we have more than 4,000 sales points in 50 countries, with 315 of these Mavi shops. Our goal is to bolster to our retail strength every day all over the world. We have grown by 30% annually since 2008. Every year, we open 40-50 new outlets. We want to become a more dominant brand in the global denim market by increasing the number of shops to 340 worldwide by the end of 2013. Our globalization strategy is based on focusing on markets with a high ratio of jeans penetration. We started in markets like USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands and then improved our effectiveness in Russia, the Middle East and neighbouring countries. We set up our own companies in all of our target markets and focus on quality and unique design rather than pricing. When we look at our foreign markets, we have a very strong brand perception in North America and elsewhere. We are growing in these markets mostly through chain stores. We are one of the most loved and liked jeans brands in Europe, especially in Germany, with a growth rate of 35%. We set up Mavi Russia in 2011 and we are growing rapidly in that market with new shops. Another growth target is the Middle East. We opened our first franchised shops in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates in the first half of 2013, and other Middle East countries will follow. The ‘Perfect Fit’ approach has always been the backbone of our global strategy and we take this approach to every market. Our aim is to make every Mavi customer in the world say “Mavi perfectly fits my lifestyle, quality expectations and fashion sense”. We are now a company with a “glocal” (global and local) retailing approach and export not just products but a business model. Right from the start, we prioritized quality and unique design. We wanted to be able to say “Jeans are Mavi” all over the world and our goal is to spread the Mavi fashion and brand culture across the world as market leaders. In 2002, readers of the Cosmogirl magazine in the U.S. picked Mavi as “the sexiest jeans on the planet”. In 2006, Time Magazine put us among “the best 16 jeans brands of the world”. A study by Georgia Straight, one of the highest circulating weekly newspapers in Canada, listed Mavi among “the most popular jeans brands” while we were selected as “the best jeans brand” last year by Sportswear in Germany. All these accomplishments show that we are on the right path to achieving our goals.




Mavi Jeans General Manager Cüneyt Yavuz

Of course, stores are not the only meeting points with our customers. We continue to benefit from the power of advertising, live communications and social media. We have integrated digital media into all our communications and live at the speed of the 24/7 world. Mavi has more than 1.3 million Facebook fans, putting it among the retail brands with the highest number of followers. We also have one of the top interaction rates.

WHAT IS THE IDEAL STORE AND WHAT IS THE MAVI STORE CONCEPT? It is very important to us that our customers enjoy their shopping experience and feel the spirit of the brand from the moment they enter a Mavi store. Our concept covers every element, from the shop window to the interior and product displays. On our 20th anniversary in 2011, we made a merchandising innovation and created a new concept that emphasizes the feeling of being a Mediterranian to give our customers a ‘more Mavi’ experience. With the ‘Denim Kitchen’ application, we aimed to underline our denim expertise by claiming that “the best jeans are cooked in Mavi’s kitchen”. The application reflects the taste and creativity Mavi brings to denim and was inspired by the idea that everyone gathers in the kitchen. Being in the denim kitchen is about creativity, socializing, being open to different colours and tastes. It is the perfect analaogy for the combination of innovation, creativity and solid expertise that we bring to Mavi products. Our store concept design was based on these ideas and show that Mavi is involved at every stage of the process, from design and production to the sale of products in our stores. Another important issue is of course the surface area. After the 2008 crisis, we knew we needed more than a few square metres. Over the past five years, we have shifted towards stores of 600-700 m2.



In short, we care about creating a unique ideal environment, shaping language and communications to the media we use to interact with our customers, and not just in our stores. Knowing our customers is vital if we want our customers to say “Mavi is the brand that understands me the best”. WHAT ARE THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF A SHOPPING CENTRE FOR MAVI? It is very important for us that the shopping centre is ‘alive’, with the right mix of brands. They also need to be attracting customers by being differentiating, offering the right options and facilities, to make them a meeting and a shopping point. We definitely like to be in shopping centres where people can come with their families and have a pleasant time. They need to be easily accessible and offer customers a comfortable and safe shopping experience and a place where they find anything they’re looking for, and have fun.







WHY DID MAVI CHOOSE FORUM SHOPPING CENTRES IN TURKEY? The main reasons we chose Forum include the fact that Multi realizes its shopping centre projects in the right locations and in the biggest cities or cities with high growth potential in Turkey. Multi is a very experienced brand in letting processes and shopping centre management. It understands its tenants and their requirements and manages to put together the right mix of brands. And the added value that Forum shopping centres generate in the cities it enters is undeniable. We look very closely at the life curve of a project, who will carry out the management and how it will be done. Multi’s international experience in this field maximises shopping centre traffic, customer satisfaction and therefore tenant satisfaction. FORUM SHOPPING CENTRES RECENTLY HOSTED A FORUM FASHION WEEK EVENT HELD SIMULTANEOUSLY AT ALL FORUMS IN TURKEY. WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PROJECT? Forum Fashion Week is a global and successful event. It increases customer traffic and hosts a range of events that excite interest among customers and boosts revenues. I think the international fashion shows are very valuable for fashion fans. Besides that, I really appreciate the fact that a lot of activities have a very important social responsibility element. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A STORE IN A SHOPPING CENTRE AND ON A HIGH STREET? Actually, surveys show that majority of shopping in Turkey is done in high street shops, but this has changed substantially over the past 15 years. The growth rate of shopping centres in Turkey has started to change the habits of consumers. We have watched this happen, especially in Anatolia. Besides, we have noticed that in recent years young people do most of their shopping in shopping centres. On the other hand, opening stores in shopping centres for brands is less troublesome than on aa high street, as it is more difficult to find the the right high street location with the right physical properties. But this doesn’t mean that the streets have lost their significance. We care about finding a balanced mix.



who’s who

Jörn Kreuzahler (Multi) Joachim T.W. Engelskirchen (Hütténes GmbH Architekten) Dipl. Ing. Peter Jebbink (Hütténes GmbH Architekten)

Stefan Andrashak (MultiSec) and Dr. Marc Cziesielsky, LL.M.

Benjamin Herrmann (B&L real estate). Ingo Hoppe (OPG parkting) and Harry Koch (B&L real estate)

Jurn Hoeksema (Forum Turkey Fund) and Patrick van Dooyeweert (Multi) Marlgorzata Piec (Multi), Karsten Heuser (Heuser Retail & Property Consulting) and Stefan Andrashak (MultiSec)

Henric Kruger (Sanifair Italy), Björn Oellrich (Sanifair) and Pedro Congrinho (Multi)

Sladjan Marinkovic (Multi) and Rene Hakendahl (Penny-Markt)




Who @ expo real




Forum Fashion Week storms Turkey 92


The 4th Forum Fashion Week brought a storm of fashion and shopping to all Forum shopping centres across Turkey

Fashion Week kicked off with an outstanding fashion show on the evening of 27 September, welcoming five top designers responsible for Lady Gaga’s stage costumes. The week also included a series of fashion shows featuring famous models, chats with guest style icons and two days of fashion workshops given by experts and famous names in the fashion world. Some of the top names in the Turkish and international fashion world provided our many guests and shoppers with some exciting and entertaining moments at the fashion shows. Our surprise guests and many fashion fans shared the excitement of the Forum Fashion Week as the trends for the new season were unveiled at Forums across Turkey. Vintage breeze by Ece Sükan in Marmara Forum… The Forum Fashion Week events in Marmara Forum started with a workshop given by Ece Sükan, one of the leading names of the fashion world, on Saturday, 28 September. In her workshop on ‘Season trends and style recommendations’, Sükan gave guests numerous tips on the FallWinter 2013 season and talked about her style, which is well-loved in Turkey and abroad. Sükan, whose style is a striking combination of vintage and modern, answered questions on her unique style from spectators and gave them lots of tips for the coming season.



editorial Hande Yener takes to the stage for first time in Marmara Forum At Marmara Forum, the big surprise for the visitors to Forum Fashion Week was Hande Yener, who took the stage by storm wearing the costumes previously worn by Lady Gaga during some of her most memorable performances. Hande Yener, who bears a striking resemblance to Lady Gaga, put on a mesmerising performance, including her own rendition of “Ya Ya Ya Ya”, one of the most popular songs of this summer. The famous beauty Ayşe Hatun Önal accompanied the models taking the stage in the fashion show for Fall-Winter 2013 collections from the DJ cabin. Ahu Yağtu, a famous model and actress, and Didem Soydan, one of the most popular models of the recent years, organised a workshop on ‘Oldies But Goldies’ on Sunday, 29 September in Marmara Forum. Known for frequently using vintage pieces in their own fashion style, Ahu Yağtu and Didem Soydan shared tips on adapting vintage clothes to modern styles and talked about the great designs that can still be found in old wardrobes.



Chloe wore wedding gown and Carlos’s surprise astonished! The Forum Fashion Week excitement at Forum Istanbul kicked off with a fashion show on Saturday, 28 September. Chloe Loughan, the fiancé of the famous pop singer Serdar Ortaç, dazzled with her beauty all in white by taking to the stage in a fabulous wedding gown. Carlos Martin, one of the most popular models of recent years, was a given a very warm reception by spectators for his surprise appearance on the stage. An unforgettable chat with Uğurkan Erez, Irmak Atuk and Çağla Şikel… Uğurkan Erez, the colourful name from the TV show ‘Bugün Ne Giysem?’ and the choreographer for some of the most important organizations in Turkey, and Irmak Atuk, second runner up in the Best Model of the World contest, famous model and actress, met with Forum fashion fans for a chat on a range of fashion topics. On the second day of the Forum Fashion Week, Çağla Şikel, the famous model, actress and emcee, hosted a special workshop for fashion fans in Forum Istanbul. She shared fashion tips and suggestions for Forum spectators on how to make old clothes fashionable with just a few small touches.

Fashion storm at the Forums… This year’s Forum Fashion Week saw Tülin Şahin, Uğurkan Erez and Irmak Atuk appear at Forum Trabzon, Özlem Yıldız and Cemil İpekçi at Forum Çamlık, while Tülin Şahin was a hit at Forum Mersin, Ivana Sert made appearances at Forum Bornova and Forum Kayseri and Nur Yerlitaş was a special guest at Forum Aydın. They all shared their expert views on the latest fashion and style trends for the new season and attended special workshops. Forum visitors were treated to a range of fashion shows where the models showed off the latest designs for the Fall-Winter 2013 season and attended numerous workshops and chats with the most popular style icons of the fashion world. Not to mention they also enjoyed the ‘Shopping Night’, a feast of entertainment for fashion and shopping fans, plus lots of surprise discounts and shopping opportunities. ‘Shopping Night’ gave visitors to the Forum shopping centres across Turkey the opportunity to buy the items from the biggest fashion brands at special discounts between certain hours.




MultiSec Comes out on top 96



01 Kamp Promenade, Osnabrück, Germany 02 Volme Galerie, Hagen, Germany


The fifth edition of the Bell Property Management Report 2013 for Germany revealed that MultiSec is seen as the best Property Manager in the retail asset class. Real estate consultancy Bell questioned 46 property management companies and their 105 customers for the report. With 827 of 1,000 possible assessment points, Multi emerged as the top-ranked player in the Trade category, ahead of with 802 points and ECE with 755 points. Stefan Andraschak, Chief Executive of MultiSec Mall Management, proudly said: “The top position as specialist, ahead of the likes of mfi and ECE is an outstanding result and shows that this is about more than being a big name. Our primary goal is to realize our customers’ demanding asset strategies and specific requirements. This is exactly what we have been awarded for in this assessment. These are the advantages we have to offer wherever strong specialists with regional competence are demanded. We have been able to achieve this success through ambitious teamwork, which means personal commitment, professionalism and a strong service mentality from the entire MultiSec-team.”

In addition to general, technical and commercial competence, the assessment included a number of factors such as meeting expectations, a company’s name recognition and its reputation. According to the Bell report, while property managers in shopping centres and specialist stores generally tend to meet their customers’ expectations, it is not necessarily the big companies that meet their customers’ expectations best. With regard to strength in brands, competence and customer satisfaction, more and more stores rank specialists first.

The 46 companies in the report represent a total turnover of EUR 493 mln, with Bilfinger (> EUR 90 mln) the leader, and SKIM (EUR 682,000) as back marker. With a turnover of EUR 4 mln, MultiSec is among the smaller property managers. MultiSec manages eight centres in Germany, i.e. Haerder Center in Lübeck, EKZ Langenhorner Markt in Hamburg, Kamp-Promenade in Osnabrück, Forum Mülheim in Mülheim, Volme-Galerie in Hagen, Weinheim-Galerie in Weinheim , Wilhelm-Galerie in Ludwigsburg and Postplatzforum in Waiblingen. Investors include SEB, Deka and LBBW Immobilien.

All the customers questioned said they would recommend MultiSec as a property manager and said that the company met all their expectations. Even though name recognition was one of the key assessment factors, MultiSec still came out on top, ahead of major names such as mfi, ECE and Bilfinger.



project map





Stadskwartier (phase 2) Nieuwegein GLA 28,000 m2 Opening 2014

Nieuwe Haagse Passage The Hague GLA 10,000 m2 Opening 2014

Keizerslanden Deventer GLA 14,000 m2 Opening 2015

Gelderlandplein Amsterdam GLA 35,000 m2 Opening 2015

Almere Buiten phase II Almere Buiten GLA 3,000 m2 Opening 2014

De Plu Heerlen GLA 25,000 m2 Opening 2015

Mosveld Amsterdam GLA 9,000 m2 Opening 2015

Forum Rotterdam Rotterdam GLA 30,000 m2 Opening 2017

Schuytgraaf Arnhem GLA 8,700 m2 Opening 2015

Hanzewijk Kampen GLA 6,500 m2 Opening 2015

Zaans Medisch Centrum Zaandam GLA 6,100 m2 Opening 2016

Groeneweg Utrecht GLA 6,000 m2 Opening 2014

Katwolderplein Zwolle GLA 10,000 m2 Opening 2016

Stadhuisplein Tilburg GLA 7,000 m2 Opening 2017

Forum Mulheim Mulheim GLA 30,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Langenhorner Markt Hamburg GLA 7,500 m2 Managed by MMM


Marktveldpassage Vught GLA 9,000 m2 Opening 2016

Hoog-Dalem Gorinchem GLA 6,000 m2 Opening 2016


Kop Noordsche Bos Zaandam GLA 1,700 m2 Opening 2016

Leeuwarden Almere Emmen Zaandam Amsterdam Zwolle Hardenberg Amstelveen Hilversum ErmeloDeventer The Hague Enschede Rheine Rijswijk Amersfoort Woerden Zutphen Utrecht Nieuwegein Arnhem Gouda Rotterdam Spijkenisse Nijmegen Duisburg Middelburg Dordrecht Den Hagen Bosch Mulheim Maastricht Antwerp Heerlen





Berlin Osnabrück Hildesheim





Ústí nad labem Mlada Bol Prague

Wiesbaden Arlon


Ludwigsburg Pforzheim








Stadsfeestzaal Antwerp GLA 20,500 m2 Opened 2007 Managed by MMM




Vichy Mestre Avigliana Chieri Nichelino Alessandria Torino


La Coruña





Forum Aveiro Aveiro GLA 20,800 m2 Opened 1998 Managed by MMM

Armazéns do Chiado Lisbon GLA 12,000 m2 Opened 1999 Managed by MMM

Forum Algarve Faro GLA 61,100 m2 Opened 2001 Managed by MMM

PORTUGAL Sintra Almada Setúbal

Forum Montijo Lisbon GLA 77,700 m2 Opened 2003 Managed by MMM






Parque Mondego Coimbra GLA 31,000 m2 Managed by MMM




Almada Forum Lisbon GLA 105,500 m2 Opened 2002 Managed by MMM

Reggio Emilia

Castelo branco Carregado Lisbon Montijo Barreiro



Cartagena Albufeira






Forum Viseu Viseu GLA 19,500 m2 Opened 2005 Managed by MMM

Forum Madeira Funchal GLA 25,000 m2 Opened 2005 Managed by MMM

Espacio León León GLA 41,700 m2 Opened 2004 Managed by MMM

Espaço Guimarães Guimarães GLA 65,800 m2 Opened 2009 Managed by MMM

Forum Sintra Sintra GLA 55,000 m2 Opened 2011 Managed by MMM

Forum Coimbra Coimbra GLA 69,000 m2 Opened 2006 Managed by MMM

Campera Outlet Shopping Carregado GLA 25,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Braga Retail Center Braga GLA 18,800 m2 Managed by MMM

Albufeira Retail Park Albufeira GLA 11,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Centro Comercial Beloura Sintra GLA 11,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Acqua Roma Lisbon GLA 3,100 m2 Managed by MMM

Espai Gironès Girona GLA 35,500 m2 Opened 2005 Managed by MMM

Espacio Coruña La Coruña GLA 41,950 m2 Opened 2009 Managed by MMM

Volme Galerie Hagen GLA 27,000 m2 Opened 2004 Managed by MMM

Kamp-Promenade Osnabrück GLA 16,300 m2 Opened 2004 Managed by MMM

Postplatz Forum 1 Waiblingen GLA 4,600 m2 Managed by MMM

Weinheim Galerie Weinheim GLA 16,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Multi Projects Wilhelm Galerie Ludwigsburg GLA 17,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Haerder Center Lübeck GLA 13,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Stadtfenster GLA 12,200 m2 Duisburg Opening 2014


Neuermarkt Neumarkt GLA 13,500 m2 Opening 2016

Projects managed by Multi Mall Management

POLAND Forum Radunia Gdansk GLA 48,000 m2 Opening 2015






Forum Lviv Lviv GLA 36,000 m2 Opening 2015

Forum Kharkov Kharkov GLA 69,500 m2 Opening 2016

Forum Artem Kharkov GLA 35,000 m2 Opening 2016

Forum Liberec Liberec GLA 47,300 m2 Opened 2009 Managed by MMM

Forum Ústí nad Labem Ústí nad Labem GLA 26,400 m2 Opened 2009 Managed by MMM

Forum Nova Karolina Ostrava GLA 250,000 m2 Opened 2012 Managed by MMM

Olympia Mlada Boleslav Mlada Boleslav GLA 22,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Forum Bornova Izmir GLA 61,000 m2 Opened 2006 Managed by MMM

Forum Mersin Mersin GLA 71,000 m2 Opened 2007 Managed by Multi

Forum Çamlik Denizli GLA 32,500 m2 Opened 2008 Managed by MMM

Forum Ankara Outlet Ankara GLA 86,300 m2 Opened 2008 Managed by MMM

Forum Aydin Aydin GLA 29,400 m2 Opened 2008 Managed by MMM

Forum Trabzon Trabzon GLA 49,200 m2 Opened 2008 Managed by MMM

Forum Istanbul Istanbul GLA 172,000 m2 Opened 2009 Managed by MMM

Forum Kapadokya Nevsehir GLA 25,000 m2 Opened 2009 Managed by MMM


leslav Kharkiv

Ostrava Olomouc


Lviv Poprad






Olympia Olomouc Olomouc GLA 29,950 m2 Opened 2004 Managed by MMM


Forum Presov Presov Opening 2017


Forum Poprad Poprad Opening 2015/2016


Istanbul Trabzon Çorum Çanakkale



Kayseri Izmir Aydin




Denizli Adana Mersin



I Petali Reggio Emilia GLA 29,000 m2 Opened 2007 Managed by MMM

Gli Archi Alessandria GLA 7,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Le Torri Avigliana GLA 5,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Forum Kayseri Kayseri GLA 37,800 m2 Opened 2011 Managed by MMM

Marmara Forum Istanbul GLA 140,000 m2 Opened 2011 Managed by MMM

Forum Gaziantep Gaziantep GLA 39,000 m2 Opened 2013 Managed by MMM

Forum Diyarbakir Diyarbakir GLA 51,000 m2 Opening 2014

Il Castello Nichelino GLA 5,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Il Giado Chieri GLA 14,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Forum Palermo Palermo GLA 67,500 m2 Opened 2009 Managed by MMM

Forum Çorum Çorum GLA 31,000 m2 Opening 2015

Forum Çanakkale Çanakkale GLA 28,000 m2 Opening 2015

Forum Elazig Elazig GLA 27,000 m2 Opening 2015

Forum Adana Adana GLA 61,500 m2 Opening 2015

Forum Valle Aurelia Rome GLA 18,000 m2 Opening 2016

Retail Park Mestre Mestre GLA 11,000 m2 Managed by MMM

Collegno Centro Commercialle Torino GLA 16,200 m2 Managed by MMM



multi people

Multi people

For more information about Multi’s retail projects please contact:

international leasing


Maarten de Mooy, Leasing Director Europe -  Arnoud Bakker, International Leasing Manager  Telephone: +31-182-690900 • Fax: +31-182-690690

Multi Development Germany GmbH, Duisburg, Germany Sladjan Marinkovic, Senior Leasing Manager  Andrea Werner, Leasing Manager  Martin Woitek, Leasing Manager  Telephone: +49-203-66895000 • Fax: +49-203-66895001

the netherlands Poland Multi Vastgoed bv, Gouda, The Netherlands Harald Telkamp, Leasing Director  Arnoud Bakker, International Leasing Manager  Ogge van de Poll, Leasing Manager  Geert de Keizer, Leasing Manager  Telephone: +31-182-690900 • Fax: +31-182-690690


Multi Development Poland Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland Ronald Dasbach, Managing Director Central Europe  Tomasz P. Matusiak, Managing Director  Maarten de Mooy, Leasing Director Europe  Malgorzata Slowik, Head Leasing  Telephone: +48-22-6307600 • Fax: +48-22-6307605

Turkey Multi Development-C Italia Srl, Milan, Italy Paolo Tassi, Managing Director  Pedro Congrinho, Commercial Director Southern Europe  Marco Basso, Leasing Manager  Telephone: +39-02-30462800 • Fax: +39-02-76397919


Multi Development Portugal - Promotora Imobiliária S.A., Pedro Congrinho, Commercial Director Southern Europe  Telephone: +351-21-4136000 • Fax: +351-21-4136060


Multi Development Belgium NV, Antwerp, Belgium Maarten de Mooy, Leasing Director Europe  Telephone: +31-182-690900 • Fax: +31-182-690690


Multi Development Spain SA, Madrid, Spain Pedro Congrinho, Commercial Director Southern Europe  Telephone: +34-91-7014610 • Fax: +34-91-7014612



Multi Development Türkiye, Istanbul, Turkey Özge Ülkü, Leasing Director  Özge Zeybek, Leasing Manager  Begüm Zarakol, Leasing Manager  Meltem Ölek, Leasing Manager  Işıl Abacıoğlu Ander, Leasing Manager  Sebla Önderol, Leasing Manager  Şenay Yılmaz, Leasing Manager  Tugba Sahin, Leasing Department Assistant  Telephone: +90-212-3491000 • Fax: +90-212-3491099


Multi Development Ukraine Ronald Dasbach, Managing Director Central Europe  Gawein Minks, Managing Director  Maarten de Mooy, Leasing Director Europe  Marina Nesterenko, Leasing Manager  Telephone: +38-044-220 06 70 • Fax: +38-044-220 06 80

Czech Republic & Slovakia

Multi Development Czech Republic a.s., Prague, Czech Republic Ronald Dasbach, Managing Director Central Europe  Kateřina Chadimová, Leasing Manager  Jiří Lukeš, Leasing Director  Gabriela Soukupova - Leasing Manager  Telephone: +420-2-21015911 • Fax: +420-2-21015929

INTERNATIONAL RETAILER FORUM IRF, the International Retail Forum, was launched 18 years ago. It was a leading initiative to cement relations with international expanding retailers. The idea was to exchange information about foreign markets and retailers from different nationalities. Multi Development and Multi Mall Management have become a very well known and recognized organization for retailers to enter new markets. Our combined International Leasing and Mall Management force keeps resulting in new entries where retailers opened their first country store in a Multi center. Retailers recognise that Multi Development, active in 14 countries, is not only the leading European developer, but also a most helpful partner to enter these new markets. Through both Multi Development and Multi Mall Management we can offer locations in almost 100 shopping centers. Multi Mall Management is directly involved with the managing and (re) leasing of over 50 centers. We can offer retailers stores in existing shopping centers in 8 different countries. Multi’s Ambassador programme supports retailers looking at expanding into new markets in Europe. Multi provides information and assistance and can talk to the retailer in his own language. Multi is running this programme for some of Multi’s Turkish retailers. Turkey is mostly known as a destination market, but several Turkish retailers have successfully exported their formats abroad. Multi’s ambition is to help to grow tenants’

businesses and help them to new countries abroad. With our presence in all major markets and access to a wealth of knowledge and experience; Multi can help retailers to export their format into new markets. Ever since the introduction of the Euro, crossborder retailing in Europe has been an unstoppable force. This also due to the internet, has now become a global trend. 2013 Jollywood (Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp, Belgium) Pal Zileri (Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp, Belgium) 2012 Home and You (New Karolina, Ostrava, Czech Republic) Mohito (New Karolina, Ostrava, Czech Republic) Mey Body wear (Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp, Belgium)

SATURN (Forum Istanbul, Turkey) Six (Forum Istanbul, Turkey) Motivi (Forum Istanbul, Turkey) 2008 Puma (Armazens do Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal) H&M (Victoria Square, Belfast, Northern Ireland) 2007 Urban Outfitters (Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp, Belgium) La Place (Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp, Belgium) O Neill (Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp, Belgium) Cortefiel (Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp, Belgium) Chairman of the IRF is Maarten de Mooy. Secretary of the IRF is Gerdien van Vugt.

2011 2theloo (Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp, Belgium) Deichmann (Forum Sintra, Portugal) Bijou Brigitte (Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp, Belgium) 2010 Decathlon (Forum Istanbul, Turkey) EMF Smyck (Forum Istanbul, Turkey) H&M 2010 (Forum Istanbul, Turkey) Rabeanco (Stadsfeestzaal, Antwerp, Belgium) 2009 Next (Centrum Galerie Dresden, Germany) Hollister (Victoria Square, Belfast, Northern Ireland)

Maarten de Mooy, International Leasing Director MM ISSUE 14


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Multi Magazine issue 14  

Multi Magazine issue 14

Multi Magazine issue 14  

Multi Magazine issue 14