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We simply want to be the best mall management service platform in Europe Six months after starting as Multi CEO, Josip Kardun can certainly look back on a very busy period. He explains how he is sees Multi as a pan-European Service Platform, and shares his enthusiasm about the multi-faceted nature of Multi’s operations. And of course the recent expansion of its third-party shopping centre management business.


see Multi as a holistic, vertically integrated service machine in all kinds of European retail real estate. And I believe there’s plenty of room for that. And the third-party management services are mostly aligned with what we are already doing: mall management, leasing, marketing, redevelopment and asset management. “

We are obviously entrusted to manage the assets of our shareholder Blackstone, and we are now accelerating the roll-out of these services to third parties. Because we are not listed, we are extremely flexible. We already do this for major investors like Allianz, Commerz Real, Union Investment, Greenbay and others.”

Kardun sums up the many advantages of the Multi strategy. “It keeps us swift and agile. It helps to retain talent, gives us market intelligence and a bigger footprint with retailers. They don’t care who owns a shopping centre, but they are interested in who is managing the scheme. We are very good at what we do and we want to be the best mall management service platform in Europe.” Third-party management Multi regularly retains the third-party management for the retail assets that Blackstone sells. But perhaps even more exciting is the acquisition in early October

of the management contract for a very large shopping centre in the CEE region. “This adds more than €300 million to our portfolio in one asset.” Multi’s goal is to take over the third-party management of three or four shopping centres a year. Kardun: “There are not many pan-European service platforms that can do that. Our main goal is to be one of the leading European mall management platforms, but we have all the expertise we need to offer asset management services. We can explore your asset, manage it and propose improvements.” Continued on page 3

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