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Is your customer interaction on track?

Geniune customers with a heart for your brand(s), give you an representative picture of the progress.

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To stimulate positive behavior a store-team can change the meassuring point into credits. With these credits they can buy something. INTERACTION & TRAINING

Todays’ experience economy asks powerfull tools to increase sales force

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Training is very important. Shopping with active feedback lite gives the possibility to help your sales people. Sales people are not always interested in detailed charts and tables. We can communicate results by newslettres or abreaking news video.

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synchronisation between measuring points & credits selection of pruducts (quite everything is possible) value of credits is on your account

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MULTIPLE VISITS We guarantee that the turnover per cash receipt will increase. Prices: right page More info:

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Thinking that social media has the power to increase turnover is history Managers were hopefull about the marketing power of social media but today they understand that the impact on the turnover is poor. Do you mean that social media is a wrong investment? No please, social media could be a good tool to let customers know the brand or store is still alive. To inform customers about events, new arrivals, etc social media are perfect. But…? Today we live in a experience economy. The correct price and quality is obvious, but the atmosphere around the brand, in the store, on the website are crucial. This atmosphere must support their choice. My purchase is the only right one, they think. Customers want to be proud about their purchase? Correct! That means that the leading role belongs to the sales representatives with knowlege as the most important challenge. How do you mean? A customer goes to a store to buy a product. Once she or he will make a choice it’s time for action. Confirm their choice by up or cross selling. Explain this? Customers believe the experience and knowledge of a sales person is a garantee for a right purchase. Let me give an example. A woman doubts about a dress. Go to her, tell her that green is a winner, but only with the right panties, belt or bag. Show her these extra products. She will spend this extra just because she believes the sales person is an expert. What has to change? Train sales persons attitude. Up and crossselling must be a second nature. It becomes succesful when sales people know every product in the store and interact self confident.Believe me also the effect on the turnover will let smile the management. So it’s the magic trick? It’s an important part of it. But as I tell you before also the website, interior of the store is important. The most difficult part is to convince the management that they first has to invest in a measuring and improvement project with a focus on up and cross selling and not only on a big smile and friendly goodbuy. We have always exceed the expectations. I think they don’t believe it could be so easy. But once we have a go, magic happens.

Customers accept up and cross selling as a positive customer interaction.


Measuring is our basic. Making service profitable is our strenght.

To focus sales people on postive customer interaction there is only one effective tool. It’s part of human behavior that frequently repetition makes experienced and an attitude becomes a second nature. Once up and cross selling is part of every customer interaction you will see the effect in turnover. But in the first place we will make the project pleasant for your sales people.


Multiple visits, the magical force of repetition

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