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Welcome Dear Marymount Community,

The spring semester has arrived and Library & Learning Services is ready to serve you. As we welcome new and returning faces, we encourage our users to explore everything we have to offer. From our extensive collection to our multipurpose spaces to our userfriendly web pages, we work to utilize both our physical and virtual space to better serve you. As you continue reading, I hope you enjoy a brief insight into Library & Learning Services. We look forward to you visiting us soon!

Best Regards,

Dean and Professor Library and Learning Services


Meet your librarian

Name? Gwen Vredevoogd

What do you do for L&LS? I am the Collection Development Librarian

Any nicknames? Does "Mom" count?

Have any pets? 2 dogs, Jack and Willow

What was the last book you read? American nations : a history of the eleven rival regional cultures of North America by Colin Woodard

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? Measure twice, cut once

Favorite thing to do on a hot summer day? Read, of course

Favorite thing to do on a snowy winter day? Bake


Favorite number? Three

Favorite sport (to play)? Soccer

Favorite sport (to watch)? Soccer

Favorite food? Soup

If you could be anywhere right now where would it be? Dublin

Tea or Coffee? Coffee

Half full or Half empty? Half full As the Collection Development and Management Librarian, Gwen is responsible for choosing books, databases, digital resources and other material to support Marymount’s curriculum.


YouTube time by Hilary Wingate

Social Homicide? No! Have you ever done something super embarrassing or just plain odd and then realized you were in a crowded room, in public, still doing the really weird thing you don’t want to talk about? I bet you have! I used to think I was the only person that kind of thing happened to, until I began recruiting for the “top 5 random things you do in the Library” video. I heard humorous and pretty embarrassing things from a lot of people, most of whom refused to let me include them in the video. This set me off on a month long adventure to find some brave enough to tell me about their embarrassing habits on camera. First off, I have never seen so many faces drop after saying I would need to film the person for the video! It was like the

old westerns where the bad guy comes into town and everyone slams their shutters and lock their doors. That was me. I was the villain with the camera and they were the scared townsfolk. For example, there was one girl so bubbly and funny when she told me the story. She was acting it out hilariously jumping here, leaping there, doing voices and making faces - the whole bit! I pulled out my camera to record her, and bam! Just like that she turned into Lana Del Ray performing on SNL. She froze up, stared at me, and asked me what I was doing. I explained that I needed to film her for the video. She looked so scared, and said “No, I can’t do this on camera! That’s embarrassing. It’s like social homicide!”

Putting it all together I became a little discouraged and began thinking that I would never get anyone to agree to be embarrassing on film. Then I thought, if they won’t confess on film what about submitting anonymously? Once I told people they didn’t have to say their name, the courage cloud opened up and showered with confidence to tell their embarrassing stories! I was so excited I could finally use these stories and without embarrassing the brave submitter. We had amusing stories about the bathrooms being super clean,


sleeping in the library, cart races, people watchers and even someone who liked to use the library as an official day dreaming spot! I had so much fun reading through these submissions it was honestly one of my biggest stress relievers from doing homework!

No one is perfect I learned throughout this adventure into embarrassing stories that everyone does something strange. Whether or not we catch them or they tell us, you can bet that they do and that’s all right. We all get embarrassed and concerned about what people may think of us if they found out. But the secret to not getting embarrassed is simple; laugh at yourself. No one is perfect or a Casanova in every situation. We all goof up and say something a little weird in front of someone we want to like us. But that’s ok; those things make your day a bit funnier and ultimately make you who you are! Never be embarrassed by singing off key a little too loudly, or dancing in public or even snorting when you laugh! It makes you interesting and awesome!

I’d like to thank everyone who shared their embarrassing stories whether or not I used them in the final video. It was an honor to have you trust me with such silly secrets! And congratulations to the top 5 who made to the count down! This video will be on the Reinsch Library’s YouTube page, which is coming soon. So don’t forget to check out who made it to the top!


Moving to technology by Heather Pappas

The age of card catalogs has long past and the Marymount University Reinsch Library is no stranger to the technology trend that has swept itself across the globe. Being able to chat with a librarian without having to come to the library or pick up the phone was only the beginning. Patrons can renew materials online, use Astra to reserve a group room for a team project, and browse the vast collection of e-journals available at their fingertips. But why should we stop there? We haven’t. During the Fall 2012 semester, the Reinsch Library has made even more technology related additions to improve our services and make more tools available to you. The addition of the John G. and Agnes J. Information Literacy Room


has brought many technology advances to the Reinsch Library. Now, we have 24 iPads that are reserved for use during Information Literacy Sessions, taught throughout the semester by our remarkable Librarians. The room is also equipped with two 70 inch Sharp televisions that not only help to present visuals during these sessions but with the added feature of Apple TV can be used by students to collaborate on group assignments and rehearse team presentations. Our Collection Services Librarian was even able to use this space to teach a session to students in India by using our stable internet connection and a webcam.

You will also find three “Information Kiosks” located at the entrance to the main floor of the library. The simple touch screen navigation of these kiosks allows students to view the L&LS homepage, stay current on the library’s hours of operation, confirm the availability of group study rooms, and find their way through the interactive floor plans. This has also allowed our “Patron Sign-In”

procedure to go electronic! So when you don’t have your MU ID, after 9:00 p.m. you will be able to use the kiosk located at the Circulation Desk to quickly type in your information and be on your way to finding a cozy corner to study in.


Featured Reinsch Library Adds Information Literacy Room by Amanda Bourne (published in The Banner) This fall, Marymount University’s Reinsch Library opened its doors to a new information literacy room. “The room is a far better learning environment for students than the old one,” says Marcia Dursi, Librarian and Instruction Team Coordinator. The John T. and Agnes J. Gomatos Information Literacy Room is located on the first floor of the library, next to the Overdue Brew Coffee Bar. The room makes use of natural light from large windows and boasts moveable tables and a new projection system. Dr. Zary Mostashari, Dean of Library and Learning Services, says that when students were surveyed, “They wanted to see a comfortable place... natural light, and a pleasant, friendly environment.” There are no computer stations in the room, which Dursi sees as an advantage. Students can bring their own devices, and iPads are available for student use during sessions. This is a big change from the previous library instruction room on the ground floor. Mostashari

states that the old room was “gloomy, dark, and too hot or too cold,” while the new room is “nice, light [and] beautiful.” The Gomatos Information Literacy Room will be dedicated in November, but students and faculty are already making use of the new space. Dursi demonstrated how the room can be used to help students find information databases for research purposes. She adds, “We’re very excited about this new addition to the library.”

Note: The John T. and Agnes J. Gomatos Information Literacy Room was dedicated on Sunday, November 4, 2012. The ceremony took place at 10:00 am. Friends and family of the late Dr. Peter Gomatos, as well as the Marymount Community, were invited to attend the ceremony.


L&LS cover art

These are a few of ther illustrations featured on our Facebook page. All of them were designed by student worker and Graphic Design major Hilary Wingate.


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man overbored? toss him a good book!


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MU L&LS Newsletter_Spring 2013