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Benefits of Using Catering Staff Agencies in London A Catering Staff Agency provides services to both employers and job seekers. The use of a Catering Staff Agency to find staff is very well developed in the UK and is an industry worth about 25 billion pounds annually. Over thousands of agencies exist and like any diverse industry, these agencies come in all shapes and sizes. Catering staffing agencies can help you in finding a job and can offer a speedier route into employment in hospitality industry. Bear in mind however that you need to do the preparatory work in terms of your CV, your skills and know which roles you would like to work in before an agency can place you. They generate profits by successfully placing Hospitality & Catering staff into specific jobs in their relevant fields like Kitchen Porters, BBQ Chefs, Chefs de Partie, Hostesses, Cloakroom attendants, and charging the employers (not the job seeker) a fee for doing so. They also place temporary catering staff in highly reputed hotels, hospitality and catering industry, charge employers an hourly rate and the worker is paid by the agency. Famous hotels and restaurants often use n catering staff agencies to find them suitable candidates for a vacancy. In this situation, applicant employment contract would be with the company that employs you, rather than the employment agency. Whether you’re looking for full-time work or considering a short-term or part-time position, catering staff agencies are some of the most valuable tools for securing employment. Temp work is available in the, hospitality industry, offering both skilled and entry-level work to people from all walks of life and in every circumstance. A company may offer short-term work to fill a short-term absence, meet high phases of demand, or cover a sudden termination or resignation. Short term staffing agencies are in constant contact with corporations and small businesses that need part-time and temp workers; as a result they are exposed to a continuous stream of jobs in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a chef’s position, a butler’s post, waiter work, waitressing, or unskillful labor, a temp agency can connect you with opportunities in your area of expertise. Best of all, catering staff agencies can land a person part-time or temporary work that eventually leads to a full-time job. If candidate is a good match for the workplace and he/she has an interest in permanent employment, the company may decide to offer him/her a long-term position. Why should you use an Agency? There are many reasons why you might like to exercise an agency including… • You may find yourself looking for a part time job, in a hotel, overdue in the year, close to typical start dates for graduate schemes. • A person wants to try out catering job sector for a shorter period of time.

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You may simply want some short-term hospitality work to raise some money to set off travelling, in favor of instance. Someone may have experience in the hotel and hospitality industry but you are not educating in specialization. The specific hospitality firm you are interested in may use a catering staff agency in London for their graduate recruitment.

Author’s Bio: This article has been written by Robert Muller. He writes on the subjects of part time jobs and staffing agencies in the UK.

Benefits of Using Catering Staff Agencies in London