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It starts with the forward thinking educational experience we have created together and builds from there – inspiring excellence in education and in life and always striving to be the best we can be. Today we invite you to embrace our vision – and to help MPower the lives of our students and your children – each of whom uniquely make our world a better place.

THE WORLD IS WAITING. Mulgrave is an outstanding school for many reasons. We are never complacent, believing we can always do better for your children in preparation for an ever-changing world. It’s in our DNA to be innovative, creative and nimble. A world of possibility awaits every student when we continually inspire them and provide an education that allows them to thrive in their future lives.

At the heart of the MPower campaign is our desire to develop lifelong skills and personal qualities that will ensure success for our students in tomorrow’s world.



FIVE YEARS TO GREATNESS STARTS NOW. Over the next 5 years, with your support, we are taking Mulgrave School to the next level – a level where we MPower our students and teachers to new heights, where learning is more personalised, more enriched with experience, and highly creative in its approach. We invite you to be involved every step of the way.

JOHN WRAY Head of School & Lifelong Learner


MPOWER IS NO SMALL IDEA. Within the framework of our new and ambitious strategic plan, our main focus will be on further improving the quality of teaching, learning and student achievement. To reach these goals Mulgrave will soon undertake a major project that not only further transforms our learning enviroment, it transforms the Mulgrave educational experience itself. This is a cornerstone of the MPower campaign: to improve and augment the learning spaces around us – so we can take our Mulgrave education to a new level and make it second to none.

The physical changes planned are the catalyst by which we will transform education itself.


WHY NOW? The new Senior School transformed Mulgrave for our most senior students, creating a ‘culture of study’ that has accelerated and enriched learning in a collaborative, personalised and visible manner. There is now a need to align the rest of the school with this standard. The MPower campaign will improve the respective learning environments, specialist facilities, and ultimately, the quality of education in the Early Learning Centre, Junior and Middle Schools. It will provide additional specialist facilities for senior students. Now is the time to unite behind a single-minded purpose: educational excellence in the 21st century.


EDUCATIONAL PRIORITIES OF THE MPOWER CAMPAIGN. Through new and improved learning spaces and specialist facilities, the Strategic Plan and the MPower campaign will focus on five key elements.

LIBBY SOPER Head of Languages and Global Citizen







New spaces and enhanced teaching and

Creative and experiential learning

An open, collaborative and visible

learning will allow for greater specialisation

spaces will provide opportunities

learning environment will provide the

and differentiation so that every student

for students to take their conceptual

launch pad for Mulgrave to move to a

can achieve her or his unique potential.

understanding and classroom

new level of internationalism. Students

experiences and apply them to

will develop a deeper understanding

authentic contexts in real world settings.

of their own and others’ cultures and



Additional specialist facilities will

will further develop the intercultural 4


increase opportunities for students to develop and enhance their key 21st

New facilities in the core areas of

century skills – creativity, critical

athletics and performing arts will

thinking, high level communication

enhance co-curricular opportunities

– and their ability to be innovative

and allow students to pursue interests

and entrepreneurial in all areas of

and passions, further develop their

the curriculum.

skills, establish lifelong interests and commitments, and increasingly

perform at levels of excellence.

and leadership skills to become globally-minded citizens and live happily and successfully anywhere in the world.

THE BIG REVEAL: OUR NEW SPACES. The next stage of the Mulgrave Campus Plan will include a comprehensive remodeling and renovation of the existing school building and some exciting new building additions.

A PURPOSE-BUILT MIDDLE SCHOOL The Middle School will feature a learning commons, seminar rooms, flexible classroom/moving walls, reception, and student support services. Middle School students will now enjoy a new distinct area of their own with inspirational floor to ceiling windows.

A RELOCATED AND IMPROVED UPPER JUNIOR SCHOOL (G4-6) The Upper Junior School, once relocated to the second floor, will feature a science lab, art room, and student support centre. The expansion of the Junior School onto two floors will benefit all of the K-6 students as they work and learn in these new specialist spaces.

A MODERNISED AND DEDICATED LOWER JUNIOR SCHOOL (K-G3) The Lower Junior School will occupy the entirety of the current third floor and will feature a K-3 Music Room, dedicated French and Mandarin Language Rooms, and an outdoor learning centre and play area to foster the personalisation of learning.

A NEW, EXPANDED AND RELOCATED EARLY LEARNING CENTRE A completely new ELC located within the main school will feature a community foyer and reception, central creative workspace, designated nap areas, custom bathrooms for each classroom, and a purpose-built outdoor education and play area – all to provide an enriched education and further integrate the students and teachers with the other divisions.

A NEW UPPER SCHOOL ART & DESIGN CENTRE The multi-purpose, open-plan Art and Design Centre is a major advance at Mulgrave and will highlight the value of creativity, innovation and experiential learning in all walks of life and professions. This ‘Maker Space’ is being created for students in Grades 7-12. It will bring academic learning in subjects such as science and math together with art and design, showcasing the interconnectivity of all disciplines.

UPDATED & EXPANDED UPPER SCHOOL SCIENCE WING The science wing will be reimagined to create a high-functioning science centre with five laboratories and a purpose-built prep area.

EXTENDED ATHLETICS & PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE All students will benefit from a new state-of-the-art Athletics Centre. It will feature two full-size gymnasiums, a fitness studio, team rooms, and an atrium viewing gallery. This new centre will transform the scope and delivery of athletics at Mulgrave. As well, the extension will include a new dance studio and a choral room.

CAMPAIGN GOAL The MPower campaign goal is to raise $25 million so that several projects are realised within a 5-year time frame. Each of these initiatives is linked to the priorities of Mulgrave’s 2020 Strategic Plan, our collective ‘North Star’, ensuring that our children will lead fulfilled, successful and meaningful lives in our rapidly changing world.

“As a Mulgrave parent and an entrepreneur, A committed team of Mulgrave parents are volunteering to help the Advancement team achieve the MPower campaign’s ambitious goals.

I want our students to have a competitive advantage as they become future global leaders in a complex world. The MPower campaign will help ensure our children receive a transforma-


Charles Chang

Angela Lee

Darrell Kopke

Duncan Gordon

Jason Shull

Hong Xu

tive, next-level education. That’s why I am proud to chair the MPower campaign. Please join me and make an investment in our children’s future.” CHARLES CHANG Campaign Chair


GABRIEL G. Future Mulgrave Alum

Today, we are asking you to partner with us in delivering the most exciting, inspiring and exceptional education possible for your children. Only you can MPower us. Together, we can create an environment that harnesses the power of everything our students and our school can uniquely achieve. Let’s make Mulgrave everything we can be. ECHO L. Mulgrave Parent

To get involved, find out more, or make a donation, please speak with one of the cabinet members, visit the Advancement Office, or contact Laura Walsh. Phone: 604.913.6045 Email:

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