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Publisher MULE MAGAZINE is a collaborative effort of

Liz Tapp Joseph Shipp Emily Clayton Chris Roberson & Liz Tapp


Jenn Brandel Meg Vinson Michael Foster Joshua Bennett Al Burian Clark Williams


Emily Clayton Liz Tapp Chris Roberson Tim Degner Joseph Shipp Aaron Robbs Nick Dupey

Photography Aleks Tomaszewska Ezra Claytan Daniels Copy-Edit


Michael Foster Jenn Brandel Jonathan Van Herik Heather Kortan Elif Tuzer

Illustration Tim Degner Ira Yonemura Please visit Mule Magazine PO BOX 18138 Chicago IL 60618 Special thanks to: Paul Tapp, Susan Smith, Valerie Job, Sam Billings, Gaye and Betty Tapp, Honey, Ezra Claytan Daniels, Edmar Marszewski, Jamie Proctor, Eric Graf, Bill and Barbara Mooney, Dan Sinker, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Matt Greenwell, Rebecca Targ, Paul Rustand, Adam Ewing, Marcelle Good, Ron Buffington, Elizabeth Kincaid, Mrs. Patricia Berne, the Octopus Project, Andrew Ciscel, Phillip Driskill, Jason Duvall, David Weller, Patrick King, Ron Buffington, Floy Shipp, Karen & Leon, Bobbie Carolyn, Perry Wayne, Virginia Ruth, and George. Thanks be to Jan. And as always, Will Flowers.

watercolor by Ira Yonemura

The views expressed in Mule Magazine are those of the respective contributors and are not necessarily those of the publishers and editorial staff. Reproduction in part or full is forbidden without the written prmission of the publisher. Š2006 Mule Magazine. All Rights Reserved. Mention of any artist/product does not constitute endorsement. Mule Magazine assumes no responsibility for return of unsolicited manuscripts, photos, art, or recordings. Please send submissions to Mule Magazine PO BOX 18138 Chicago IL 60618 or contact us at Thank you for your reading. 33

Mule Magazine: Issue 2  

Mule Magazine: Issue 3: Open Circuits and Change Issue 3 includes interviews with Andrew Bird, Rob Lowe's Lichens, Tom Verlaine, the Akron F...

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