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#10 Ayurveda Health Benefits


1) Reduce Stress: Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, herbal treatments can do wonders for your stress and anxiety. Yes! That’s true. According to a medical research review it is found that over the course of 40 trials, analysing the effects of yoga, 30 trials showed the significant reduction in signs of anxiety and stress. So, regular yoga practice can improve the autonomic nervous functions.

2) Helps in Weight Loss: Ayurvedic medicine helps to shed excess weight by consuming a healthy and natural diet. A study shows that healthy diet helped people lose weight effectively.

3) Hormonal Balance: Ayurveda can help in balancing hormones naturally, causing a healthy menstrual cycle or pregnancy. According to a study, essential oils help with balancing hormones. Ayurveda prescribes various therapeutic properties and natural formations to help with all side effects of hormonal imbalance.

4) Reduces Inflammation: Poor diet, inadequate sleep and deficient digestion can cause inflammation. The ayurvedic method of healing minimises inflammation to regulate the digestive tract and heart system.

Combination of exercise that boosts metabolism, consuming herbal treatments, and antioxidants can help decrease inflammation and boost energy.

5) Lowers the symptoms of disease: Getting enough sun exposure, following an illness-specific diet and breathing in and out can make the person eat better and treat symptoms of disease. Metals like iron are known to have healing properties to keep illness away and lowers the chances of getting sick. There are supplements that claim to be approved by Ayurveda and may contain toxic metals, so make sure to choose the ayurvedic products or ayurvedic medicine online from a reliable source like HealthKart.

6) Cleanse the body: Ayurvedic medicine helps in cleansing the body for improved health. Panchkarma is the process of getting rid of toxins and foods that interfere with efficient bodily functions. Oils, enemas and massage therapy help the body to work properly by removing toxins from the body.

7) Maintains the body balance: The best part about Ayurveda it improves the entire body externally and internally by focusing on individualized treatment. Someone with health issues or emotional stress, spiritual

connection, nutrition and physical activity can improve your body and promote balance.

8) Cure Insomnia: Drinking caffeine before bedtime, having a late dinner, staring at the phone, watching tv, or eating a heavy or spicy meal for dinner can disturb your sleep and irritate your nervous system. Ayurveda can help you have a restful sleep with some simple techniques like rubbing coconut oil or jasmine oil on the soles of feet or on the scalp, drinking a cup of chamomile tea or warm almond milk can effectively help cure sleeplessness and inspire peaceful and sound sleep.

9) Reduce Bloating: Practicing Ayurveda not only improve poor digestion and reduce bloating by eliminating the buildup of waste. Herbs, spices and roots like fennel, cardamom, ginger and cumin can cure indigestion in the body. Chewing ginger and cumin before eating can improve digestion and drinking fennel and cardamom in the boiled water can calm your digestive system and relieve cramps as well.

10) Healthy and Brighter Skin: Ayurveda is a cost-effective and easiest way to keep your skin soft, healthy and radiant. Eating veggies like lettuce, radish, and cucumber has high water content and purifying properties. Exercising keeps your muscles and joints toned and helps your body eliminate

toxins through sweat. Seeds and nuts contain omega 3s and healthy fats and their active components maintain healthy skin and lower inflammation in certain skin conditions.

Other Benefits of Ayurveda

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Ayurveda is holistic and therefore improves physical, mental and psychological conditions.

Ayurveda is natural remedy with 75% herbs and organic matter

Side effects for Ayurvedic medicine are few and far between

Ayurveda delivers effective cure for many chronic diseases

Ayurvedic therapies provide relief from stress and rejuvenating the body

Ayurvedic medicines are largely cheaper

Ayurvedic products are as authentic as other man made products that promote good health. Rather these products are ideal, as they have the least

amount of side-effects, are affordable and are available from nature as a divine gift.