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PARTYC rashers EASTER 2013


Super Easy Easter craft ideas


Meet the artistic cake designer behind our cover image!

Easter Pops & Printables

Chocolate & Caramel Martini

chocolate & high heels? we give you the low down!







about our cover

Our Easter




Easter Egg cake creation

issue is packed full of sweet treats for you!

cover image comes to us

creating stylish, breathtaking de-

reader to yet more stunning and

courtesy of Pamela


signs and combined with some

brilliant design. We hope to fea-

Caffrey - from Hampshire,

seriously captivating photogra-

ture more of Pamela’s creations

England. Her blog will treat

phy - makes for some stunning

in subsequent issues so watch

the reader to an enticing

cake imagery. Pamela also has

out for her wonderful work! We

array of the most exqui-

a flickr site - and again, this ac-

got to interview Pamela for this

site cake art we have ever

complished cake artist treats the



Pamela’s intricate

attention to detail, coupled with her obvious talent for

Cover Photo Credit Pamela McCaffrey © Image Copyright. All rights reserved 2013


from the editor’s desk Hiya! It seems as if Christmas was just a few weeks ago – and here we are - Easter 2013. Have you thought about how you might spend this Easter weekend? With friends, family, hang out with the kids, ‘chillax’ a little? Well we hope you grab a cuppa and spend a quick break checking out the Easter treats and goodies we have especially for you in this issue. If you’re thinking of having an Easter get-together, a bunting easily creates a warm and inviting party atmosphere to any room. The kids and I are going to use the free Easter bunting featured in this issue as part of our Easter breakfast decorations – so don’t forget to check it out and get crafting! Has chocolate been near the upper part of your minds during Easter?? Or are you keen on chocolate anyway?

Well, we feature 2 amazing

Have a wonderful and safe

chocolatiers who have com-

Easter and we hope to see

bined the fine art of choco-

you soon.

late-making with fashion – of the high-heeled shoe kind! If the kids need a bit of variation from chocolate Easter eggs you can’t really go wrong with lollipops – decorated with the beautiful Easter printables – inspired by a blogger who is totally about ‘all things pretty’. And finally, last and definitely not least – the magnificent creator of that gorgeous Easter egg cake which features on our cover. Read about what inspires Pamela, visit her flickr page and read all about how she started her amazing craft, plus some tips on how to get started on your own venture - if you should be so inclined! Chocolate, party inspiration, sweet martinis, Easter craft, Easter baking – we’ve got it all covered for you right here!

Take care, much love

Love always, Lady K



The tagline over at Cassandra’s blog is suitably summed up as “Keeping house with spunk, style & spirit” The “Cassadiva” inspires with beautiful ideas whether it be for special occasions, craft ideas, inspiration for the kitchen, garden, table, pretty much anywhere in your home or even the outdoors.

Visitors to the Cassadiva blog will find a beautiful blog filled with awe-inspiring ideas that are not only easy on the budget, but a culmination of ‘all things pretty’, yet stylish inspiration that is realistic to achieve and relatively simple to implement. The ideas are simple yet effective. The ‘beauty of the blog’ lies in its enlightening, open, humourous and earnest tone. Cassandra quickly brings back home the beauty and fun of home-keeping and importance of family, love and good times together – something that can sometimes be lost amongst our busy lives as we juggle families, friends, jobs and fast-paced lives. Any reader will FALL IN LOVE with this blog. One can’t help but get excited about the gorgeous

study, nursery, simple craft ideas – even kitchen drawers! The amount of ‘prettiness’ added to just about everything will have most of us falling over with envy and a definite convinction from us (the faithful reader) that we will do just the same – as soon as we get around to it! Cassadiva makes everything about home life fun again. Special occasions, birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, Father’s Day, decorating, jewellery, makeup, recipes, shopping, Mother’s Day, travel, scrapbooking – it’s all here. And what’s more – all the great inspirational Easter ideas, have been collected into one brilliant post –and we were so taken by her wonderful work, that we have featured one of the craft ideas – just over the page. So, be inspired. Be excited.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise. We want you to go and visit her blog. Like her Facebook page. Try out some of the wonderful ideas. Enjoy!

Images: Courtesy Cassadiva blog. Image Copyright. All rights reserved 2013

These gorgeous Easter Egg lol ipops are made from free printables (HERE) and Allens lol ipops

The lol ipops were decorated using Allens lol lipops and cupcake toppers using a 2 inch scalloped punch

Simply fold over the excess wrapper and stuck it down with sticky tape.


This ‘tidies’ up the lol ipop and ready to be covered by the cupcake topper

Then simply stick the cupcake topper to the front of the lol ipop

stand these in a basket, stuck into floral foam or use as part of a display for an Easter table!

Kids Easter Party Ideas

bunny rabbit die cuts,


r bun

ny he a

vinta ge gl amo ur st

lilac chiffon infant dress easter ceiling decoration |

dban d, Ets

ar sn e

aker s

t a h T



Pamela McCaffrey is our undisputed,

talented cake designer whose work is featured on our cover - yes the gorgeous Easter Egg cake is her own creation. Party Style talks to Pamela about what inspires her and some tips for those wanting to get started! In case you were wondering, the cake was dark chocolate fudge cake with coconut buttercream coated with dark chocolate ganache and finished with pink sugarpaste and fondant flowers. The Rose Cake Pops (above) from Pamela’s flickr page were cleverly made from the offcuts from shaping the Easter Egg Cake (that’s it in the background) Pamela combined the cake with left over ganache and the petals are leftover sugarpaste! Genius!

PARTYCRASHERS: How did you begin?

surprised and flattered by the lovely comments that I receive.

PAMELA: Like a lot of people I started by making birthday and Christmas cakes for my family and friends. My son sugessted that I could put them on flickr and a blog and that started a new interest for me and I really got hooked.

PARTYCRASHERS: What tips would you have for someone who would like to pursue their interest in the art of cake design?

PARTYCRASHERS: What inspires your creations? PAMELA: I get inspiration from everything around me, my garden, fashion and even paintings and of course seeing all the wonderful cakes out there, although I try not to copy others. PARTYCRASHERS: Your Easter Egg cake has been favourite by 135 people on Flickr. You must be pretty pleased with the attention! PAMELA: I am delighted that my cakes are liked by others and always

PAMELA: I am completely self taught and if someone has an interest in cake decorating I would say just have a lot of patience and try to look at as many good decorating books and videos as possible. Essentially, just try, if at first you don’t suceed then try again! PARTYCRASHERS: In your blog you mention your creations are for family and friends.Are there any favourite themes, flavours or types of cake people want? PAMELA: Most people love chocolate cake and lots of flowers. PARTYCRASHERS: What part of

cake design do you enjoy the most? PAMELA: I just love the whole concept of thinking of an idea and seeing it work in practice. PARTYCRASHERS: Is there anything else you would like to share? PAMELA: I would just like to say how much I appreciate all the lovely people who have supported me and given me encouragement since I joined flickr. So much has happened since then and so many new doors have opened for me and I am loving my new path. Thank you again for your interest. Best wishes Pamela x Rose Cake Pops Photo Credit Pamela McCaffrey © Image Copyright. All rights reserved 2013

easter ideas

9 quick easter ideas 01



Easter Egg

Jellybean Topiary

Yellow Daisy



Candleholders | Attach rhinestone onto eggs for a bit of egg-stra sparkle with hot glue. For details visit lovelyindeed.

Crafty Sisters | To create an Easterinspired table setting or centrepiece, create a topiary tree filled with pastel coloured jellybeans. Stunning.

Better Home & Gardens | A really easy, effective and fun tablesetting idea using votives, candles, marguerite daisy and a rubber band!




Flower Easter

Baby Chicken

Decorated Egg




Better Home & Gardens | Place mini cupcake wrappers into normal sized cupcake wrappers and fill with smarties, pebbles or M&Ms.

Kraft Recipes | If 95 minutes preparation time can be defined as ‘quick’ - be our guest! What we love is there are images of readers attempts!

Martha Stewart | If you’re planning an Easter breakfast outside, these will be stunning way to ensure your tablecloth doesn’t blow away!




Polka Dot

Easter Pikelets

Folded Bunny

Balloons Polka Dot Balloons| Pastel coloured polka dot balloons add that Easter touch. If they are hard to find or a expensive - use sticky paper dots!

ZiggityZoom | Get your easter molds and place the batter into them in a heated pan. Cook ‘em up an Easter shaped pikelet or pancake! Add food colour to the batter for that Easter vibe!

Napkin Martha Stewart| Now we have seen it all. Imagine treating your guests to serviettes created in the shape of a bunny rabbit! Novel!


chocolate and high heels A chocolatier? Purveyor of all things chocolate? An inspiring profession!



Easter. The spotlight’s on all things custom chocolate molds for every occasion and corporate event.” chocolate (like we need an excuse!). Andrea, the woman behind the flourishing family-owned business, provides sweet Picture this. The culmination of chocolate memoirs amid a definiyour desired Jami Shoos (Jimmy tive reminder to us of the true art Choos?) paired up in delectable form that is, handmade chocolate. sweetness and represented as More details on her designer-inyour favourite “gâterie chocolatée”. That is precisely what choco- spired chocolate heels (1) can be found on her blog. latier Peter Brooke have created. They can ‘custom-make’ any pair of shoes you desire – select any colour or style. But that’s not all, a certain percentage of sales from their limited edition pink highheeled range (2) was donated in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. We think social-entrepreneurship of this type is commendable! We love their products and Facebook page.

Sweet Designs Chocolatier (3) have a superb range of products and they also have an online store. These chocolatiers share an amazing history with and passion for chocolate. We hope you enjoy these images and do click on the image links to go straight to their websites.

On their website, CocoAndré describes themselves as specialists in “European Style Truffles and

But what about those of us that can’t hunt down that platform-shoe creating chocolatier? What does one actually need to create this in the privacy of ones home?


rom our research it looks like Closer to home, we found some you would need chocolate (!!), cute little plastic heel molds at a plastic chocolate heel mould Kiwicakes! (we found some great ones at chocomold and thefoamstudio, plus they deliver worldwide!). Next up would be an inspiring YouTube video – we quite liked the Sweet Designs video.

Advertise with us in the party or event planning business?

The chocolatier covers the plastic mold, adds the cute little polka dots and swiftly creates a gorgeous high-street design. download the media kit

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PARTY STYLE Pinterest Stats

ed in. Party Style magazine have their own Pinterest board (click any

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free easter ting n u b

All Things Bunting

Head on over the page to see where you can request a free Easter Bunting for your Easter celebrations!

Buntings are a quick, easy and effective way to decorate any space in the home or even outdoors. They can automatically create that party feel in the room and is synonymous with celebrating! Paper or fabric, they can brighten up just about any party space. The pattern, colour and theme can easily be adjusted to suit your party colour or theme. Hang them anywhere. Between light fixtures, above a mantelpiece, across a larger doorway frame. If they are going to be outdoors then place them between the branches of a tree or along a wooden fence. They can be used to create a focal point and ‘balance’ in the main party area.

This gorgeous Easter bunting comes to us courtesy of Ruby & Rose Interiors. Details of how to make the bunting and access the bunting file can be found here. Ruby & Rose Interiors also have a Facebook and Pinterest page.

Ruby & Rose Interiors Š Image Copyright. All rights reserved For Personal Use. Not for resale or redistribution.


Adult Drink for Easter!

CARAMEL cadbury egg martini what better way to crack into the easter spirit with a chocolate martini??

Baileys irish cream cream hersheys chocolate & caramel syrup creme de cacao Full Recipe here (via

Available at Countdown and The Warehouse


EASTER-INSPIRED CUPCAKES This issue we have put together a stunning array of gorgeous Easter-inspired cupcakes - our regular feature.

Visit the talented bakers. We hope you enjoy their creations.

Image via: Tribes

Easter Cupcake Gallery


eggy shapes

easter bunnies

How about some ears, feet and flowers for Easter inspiration from!

Decorate and sprinkle these cute eggshaped cupcakes with sprinkles and icing. Image via Ingrid Cakes.

These bunny cupcakes are simply too sweet. The recipe and instructions can be found over at Paris Loves Pastry.

choc and chicks

rabbits on grass


These Easter cupcakes has a chocolate surprise in store. Visit the blog

There are stunning images on this blog via the Tidy Mom!

Take a class and learn how to create baskets, eggs and rabbits. Sitting atop a tasty cupcake, here

easter printable

pink surprise

Recreate this delectable cupcake with the free printables found on Skip To My Lou!

Polka dots always make such an impression. Love. Love. Love.

basket of goodness These clever little baskets are effective, colourful and we bet they taste good, via Good to Know

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Party Crashers Magazine - Easter 2013  

Easter crafts, chocolate martinis, chocolate high-heeled shoes, Easter bunting, Easter party ideas

Party Crashers Magazine - Easter 2013  

Easter crafts, chocolate martinis, chocolate high-heeled shoes, Easter bunting, Easter party ideas

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