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Flat cable wires- fast, durable and efficient If you are using computers and you require efficient, smart and economical networking of your computers at home or office then Flat Network Cablesare just for you. They allow fast and smoother networking of computers which can be easily sent or received from one place to another. They require minimal maintenance and are also long lived. These cables consist of highly stranded, individuallyinsulated conductors which are laid parallel then are conflated to an elastic form which is flexible and flat. INSTALLATION: Installation of these wires might get a little complicated for you if you do not possessthe right knowledge. So if you are doubtful about it then you can take help of cable installation professionals, as they will easily install them for you. One thing which is to be taken care is the location where will they be placed so that they would not be visible to everyone. Generally, they are fixed under the carpet or going through behind the curtains, but that simply depends upon the type of your room. Try to avoid placing them on the outside wall as there can be breaks and can get damaged easily. TYPES: There is a great range of these cables available in the market. It depends on your requirement, the size and speed you need. For example, The Cat6 Patch Cable, 10ft are generally used for networking, data transfer and phone lines. They support data transfer speed up to 10/100/1000 Mbps. Thicknessof these is around 1.2mm thick so they give plenty of room for network rack wiring.10 ft length is designed for computer networking applications like modems, adapters, switches, routers etc. The 10G-CX4Latching Cable is another type of cable, which is a 10GBEthernet copper cable wire for super transmission for long distances. It has a lifetime warranty and weighs about 0.910lbs. It is available in 4 standard lengths i.e. 0.5m, 1m, 3m, 5m. This cable is manufactured by using semiautomated wire and connector designs. Special sheath covering is provided on these wires to provide effective interconnect. Another important information is that the wire has IEEEDraft P802.3ak/D5.3 specification compliance. The cable is a little expensive than the others but it is worth the spend since it provides much faster and convenient transfer of data. Flat wires have a great advantage over thicker cables which are more bulky and give a shabby look when placed on the walls in the house or office. Choosing the right kind of cables is very important for the efficient working of these cables. You can choose from Branded Ethernet Cablesor Chinese Made Ethernet Cables, Cat6 Patch Cable 10ft and 10G-CX4Latching Cable available in the market today. Branded will cost an extra Buck or two, but on any day they would provide better durability and better quality of data transfer.

Flat Network Cables from worldofcables are durable, efficient and affordable. For best results you can order a 3m 10G-CX4 Latching Cable from our webpage for superior transmission over long distances.

Flat cable wires- fast, durable and efficient