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Calendar Time Calendar Time Solving times in Math means to calculate amount of time spent by doing addition and subtraction or converting time from one unit to another using multiplication and division operations. For doing conversions we need to learn converting factors of several units. Problems like Time Math include questions based on clock timings. Once you know basic units of time and their conversions it becomes easy to handle such problems. There are certain basics which are used in problems involving days, months, weeks, years, hours, minutes and seconds. In 365 days we have 52 weeks. In one month we have 4 weeks. A year with 366 days makes a leap year. In 1 hour there are 60 minutes and 60 * 60 = 3600 seconds. That is there are 60 seconds per minute.

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To solve such problems, first note down the given units and check out the conversion table to get the resultant unit. In case of addition or subtraction operations we need to have common units. In time maths problems a particular reference has to be defined: like in a clock we define 12, 6, 3 and 9 as reference points in many problems. For instance, when small hand of clock completes two cycles from 12 to 12, 24 hours of a day are formed. Calendar in general is used to keep a record of days, years, weeks and months. Calendar time usually tells us the exact date for some happening. In daily routine we refer to calendar time and date to prepare our schedule accordingly. If we talk about the date that we see in the calendar, it is referred to by day, month and year. There can be several formats to mention a date. Out of days, months and years, year is usually written in numeric form. Days can named specifically from the 7 days of a week from Sunday to Saturday and its numeric form is chosen from total Numbers of days in a month. Similarly, we have 12 months in a year, which signifies either writing the name of month or its corresponding serial number. Now we may have 366 days in a year making it a leap year (otherwise it would have 365 days in general).

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Using calendar to calculate time is done by performing operations with dates. Dates cannot be added or subtracted directly. But the number of days or years or months or weeks can be obtained by operating on days, months and years of dates separately.

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