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Issue 6: April 15, 2010


Identity is embedded in the history of our blood

In this Issue: Editor‟s words of wisdom MUIS– Actively feeding it‟s ummah Actions of our Ummah An Inspiration Reader‟s Blog Looking into the self

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MUIS NEWS Salamu Alaykum Wa‟Rahmatullahi Wa‟Barakatuhu. Thank you to all who contributed to this issue of the MUIS magazine. May Allah provide you with His support as you have provided me with yours. JazakAllahuKhayr

It is a great honour to be publications officer for the MUIS magazine/newsletter „Iqra‟, which has been published twice this year so far, with Inshallah more to come. The magazine is being published online and a link to the website is provided via the Monash University Islamic society group on Facebook. Though a small society paper it has been a lot of fun compiling and writing for this magazine. Initially upon taking this position the aim was to expand what the magazine contained within its pages. Not only containing matters that regard the Islamic society but also other issues such as actions of Muslim youth in our community, inspiring poems and reviews in hope of establishing „Iqra‟ as a fundamental aspect of the Islamic society. The inspiration comes from the knowledge that any little thing to serve the Ummah is something rewarding to the self. Though many may think that a Monash University Islamic Society Magazine is barely anything to support the Ummah, yet it is enough that it carries the weight of being under an Islamic society and its appearance projects the importance us Muslims give to it. It is not merely pieces of paper compiled together to say, „Hey look MUIS has a magazine‟, it is more that MUIS represents Muslims youth in Monash University and like myself you are also part of this image. Hence, it is important to work on the presentation of the Muslim community no matter how small, for it is detail that refines the bigger picture. I cannot deny that this magazine requires more justice then what I am giving it and putting forward, I only hope that the pages before you are enjoyed and the effort appreciated. Similarly, I am open to any sort of ideas and productive criticism that can help in improving the magazine. Everyone and anyone is more than welcome to email me with any suggestions and even better with any pieces of writing they would like to see in „Iqra‟. Your contribution no matter how small will make a difference. I am grateful for the outcome produced so far but am hopeful that the future will only mean a bigger and better production. And as Mr. President of MUIS, Jibril, said in the last issue “The more help we get the stronger we become”. JazakaKumu‟Allahu Khayran and have a fantastic year. Hiyba Abouzied Email;

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Hiyba Abouzeid


BBQ, meetings, pizza and more along the way, MUIS has started the year in full force. First and foremost the society kicked off with its annual „Free BBQ‟, that indeed was advertised a day before but did receive a nice number of brothers and sisters. Luckily this year the BBQ did not decide to go up in flames, though it is always entertaining to see the brothers running around covering up the supposed „accident‟. However credit to the brothers for excellent cooking skills, the BBQ as always, alhamdulilah was a success. It was lovely to see new faces attending and joining the society. A lot of new people became friends and a lot of old people re-started friendships. The catch of this year‟s BBQ was to sign up and pay a member fee before being allowed to dig in to the lavishly cooked chops and sausages. That wonderful sizzling aroma tugged at the senses of those around and passing by, so joining really seemed worth it. But I assure you it is.

The society runs for the students by the students and though the university provides a certain amount for funds it also will banish the society if no contribution is made by its members. Therefore the fee of $5 from new and old existing members was taken, in order to keep the society running and in return provide more activities with plenty of food. So ultimately the purpose of the BBQ was indeed unique and though it may pass you by as nothing really special, everyone's contribution does not go unnoticed, for as brothers and sisters in Islam it is our duty to work together to present ourselves united and actively coming together. Likewise not long after this tasteful event a soccer tournament followed by a Pizza lunch was held on April 1 at „Hump Lawn‟. The tournament began at 4.00pm and was open to all students and staff at Monash University, and those who had a liking to certain male lecturers were encouraged to bring them along. Shortly after the tournament a round of Pizza was served, which is always an appealing way to get together and enjoy ones company. A casual and deodorant filled gathering that was more about the game and the crowd then, I assume, the smell! Conclusively a big thank you to the committee for their hard work, it is always a joy to attend meetings, and let me tell you it is more entertaining then anything, always a great schedule put in place and formal procedure undertaken, no one can be out of line when Mohammed Hersey is around. Similarly the president is up to date with all the appetizing ways of recruiting new members, not to mention the sisters who attend who provide an outstanding contribution. The outcome is as you can see eventful, the committee does its utmost best to have activities all year round, for brothers and sisters. Therefore, make sure you keep your eye out for the upcoming meeting, come along, share your ideas and offer a helping hand. Hiyba Abouzeid Issue 6=- P. 2

The Messenger of Allah said that “Allah Said, „If My slave loves the meeting with Me, I too love the meeting with him; and if he dislikes the meeting with Me, I too dislike the meeting with him.‟” … As the semester moves along and work begins to slowly pile up ones spirit begins to fade. And as you work through your studies, you constantly encourage yourself to find time for yourself. Whether it is time for your religion, to socialize and even time just to take a deep breath, it is time you value. Hence if you‟re female and reading this then density has found you. Monash University Islamic Society presents; Uniting the Jewels of our Ummah. Promising a friendly and inspirational atmosphere where your social network is bound to expand and where your spirit will be spiritually nourished, with the will of Allah. „Uniting the Jewels of our Ummah‟ is created by the students for the students, aiming at encouraging the regular remembrance of Allah and in hope of forming a strong sisterhood amongst us. The Sisters Halaka aims to cover the following; · Quran Tafsir (A brief explanation of various Surahs relating to our character, practice and Love of God) · Muslim Character (Being a Muslim is acting like a Muslim, and Inshallah this will explain how.) · Women around the Prophet. (Being ladies ourselves and hoping to make a difference the best inspiration comes from the Women whom took from the Prophet (PBUH) and truly wrote history). So join us every Monday at 5pm for a gathering that means something because you make it something. You are the Jewel of this Ummah and it is your devotion, willingness and attempt to shine in this world that will make you shine Inshallah in the hereafter.


The purpose is not only in the knowledge shared, but more about the ideas that we together establish, the sisterhood that inshallah will be a witness for us on the day of judgment. The Halaka is a casual Islamic gathering, where your voice is heard, your opinions treasured and who you are respected.

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Fight for justice is a fight for identity,

Omar Lahham It is our duty as Muslims to speak up for those who are oppressed and suffer injustice. And it is extra special when it is about Palestine where our brothers and sisters suffer from the Israeli day to day actions against them with no response what so ever from the world. Students for Palestine has arranged a forum to discuss and speak out the truth and FAMSY had participated in this forum.

ask questions and discuss isThe forum was on the 19th of sues. It was a great atmosMarch 2010. It started at 3:30 phere filled with unity and pm. It featured Amr Al shak- focused minds which love shir the president of RMIT justice and hold passions toIslamic Society, Damian wards the Palestinians and Ridgewell the secretary of their sufferings. Swinburne Student Union and Tasnim Sammak from The forum hit an end at 5:30 FAMSY. pm where people then started gathering to march on a rally from the state library to Flinders street. The forum was held at RMIT University and was attended by approximately 120 people. We should be very proud to have Muslim representatives in such forums and we hope The forum started with Tas- for this passion to keep grownimâ€&#x;s presentation on coming and the message to paring the situation in Pales- spread across to reach all tine with the one in South Af- people in Melbourne, Austrarica. Following that was lia and the world. Damians' talk about the Apartheid wall in the West Bank and the illegal Israeli settlements. The final speaker was Amr where he spoke strongly about the attitude of the Australian government towards Israel. The forum was then open for all attendees to contribute,

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A Protest for the truth, for justice ness district and its worries and indulgences.

The protesters stopped at the intersection be-

to be heard and for the souls to be tween Swanston and Burke street, blocking the tram lines, forcing everyone to get out of enriched. Tasnim Sammak

their way to notice, reflect and realize that there is a plight which requires their support.

On the 19th of March following the forum there was a mass anti-Aparthied rally at 6pm. The rally was organized by a coalition of proPalestine groups, all cooperating together under one banner, calling for the liberation of Palestine and the boycott of Israel, following the South African precedent. The march began in front of the state library where hundreds gathered, as well as a dozen Zionists protesting - against no particular inSome members of the public were angered by the disruption, swearing that all this rallying was pointless, but others stood frozen at the sight. The spirit and live conscience of the crowd, with its chants and inspiring speeches, could be felt by spectators.

justice. It was an interesting scene, full of symbolism embodied in the posters, costumes and echo of the crowd. There were muslim headscarves alongside red flags and all were united by their indignation at injustice against humanity. Many speakers inspired the crowd, including Muslims such as our young Enas Sammak from FAMSYâ€&#x;s advocacy committee.

Our Islamic society endorsed this rally and may Allah reward it for doing so because it emphasized that the Palestinian issue is one which concerns Muslims, which involves Muslims, and which needs to be resolved through the inclusion of Muslims.

Through the CBD the pro-Palestinians voiced their message of justice and reminded the public that there is a world beyond the busiIssue 6=- P. 5

Hayba Abouzeid

To reach the destination you must make the climb… Jasmine Ouaida a young female Australian Lebanese Muslim slowly rises in her journey to make a difference. Described by a fellow friend as “passionate and committed, who doesn‟t give up and follows her dreams”. True to these words Jasmine indeed has a fiery passion that won‟t settle till she has seen her work through. She says, “I have a passion for helping people, cannot stand some of the injustices toward young people just because of their age”.

in the past has caused several unfortunate and dreadful losses. Migrants especially who do not speak English, do not know what is means to be water safe. Therefore she says, “I need to encourage tactics on how to be safe and more importantly encouragement to be safe”.

Being covered gives her the advantage to better understand what Female Muslims are feeling insecure of, as she believes that wearing a Hejab gives her more credit in having a presence in the community and is more easily approached by the public. It is no surprise then that we have indeed come to She provides guidance in see many inspiring accomplishments that Jasmine the essential clothing that has put forward to the community. Her role as should be worn in the wayouth worker is only a little of what she does, being ter and how to have fun also a gym instructor and life saver to practically and be covered. support and guide youth and migrants to safe, happy and supportive living in Australia. Jasmine Jasmine was recently interbelieves that it is important to assimilate into Ausviewed about the issue of tralian society whilst practicing Islamic values and water safety in Australia which is a morals. large focus in our community. For as she says “Religion does not paralyze you it makes you stronger”. Being one to do the action be- Likewise, in 2009 she earned her certificate as Morefore saying the word Jasmine is known for her lead- land Young Citizen of the Year, an acknowledgeing role as a life saver, where the Hejab enables her ment she accepted with such humility not able to see how she could be so worthy. Though it is in her character to only work harder it is this nature that deems Jasmine so likeable.

to guide other Muslim females in understanding their role as female Muslims and at the same time enjoying Australian waters. Her main concern when training to be a life saver was to be able to support migrant families who were ignorant when it came to water safety, which

She has for several years now been actively part of the Arab Social Services, where she deals with migrants whom are in dire need of a comforting smile and helping hand. Through this cooperation she has worked through issues dealing with self-esteem, loss of identity, trouble assimilating and depression. She points that these issues are not to be lightly taken for majority of the youth at a certain stage where in “risk of being disengaged from the community”. The seriousness of these issues is beyond a normal person‟s, leading a normal life, understanding, “I was surprised at the many things they said” she

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says, “It was like wow”. They aim at bringing them together, conducting activities in order to give them the opportunity to have fun “whilst knowing they will always have support” and will be heard in the community. And it doesn‟t stop there, Jasmine recently organized with fellow members of the „Towards hope foundation‟ a fundraising dinner and auction, which was aimed to provide medical assistance and aid to children and families in Palestine. Initially the foundation is set up by a group of people who have the same conviction that human rights are everyone‟s rights and that injustice is not to be tolerated. Hence, this was the first event the foundation held which Jasmine was host for. She says that no matter the challenges in organizing something like this “from one stage to another it is always rewarding”.

Conclusively they raised 50,000 and are still counting. Jasmine thanks Allah (swt) and her mother who is active in the community for giving her the opportunity and inspiration to be a part of such projects. Her message to all other Muslim youth, “Don‟t be afraid to follow your passions and dreams. Always set goals and achieve them, the skies the limit. Most importantly hold tight to your Islamic values and morals, it‟s the key that guides you to making a difference” Mashallah indeed Jasmine is an inspiration to many youth who inspire to do even a little of what she does. For words are not enough to present all that this young Muslima does. There is no stopping her “I love what I do and will keep doing it, and Allah is my witness”.

Many people attended the fundraiser giving generously, which emotionally proved to Jasmine that there are people out there wanting to help, she says “I was surprised at peoples generosity, though many groups exist to support Palestine, they still put their trust in us, it was overwhelming” the night was indeed a success with the auction going non-stop.

Jasmine Ouaida

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“We don’t judge a man because of the colour of his skin. We don’t judge you because you’re white; we don’t judge you because you’re black; we don’t judge you because you’re brown. We judge you because of what you do and what you practice.” (Malcolm X, in Malcolm X: The last speeches) Malcolm X- the autobiography; By Alex Haley The autobiography of Malcolm X is an inspiring, true story of a man that fought his best to make a difference in the world he lived in. Growing up in a large, bottom class, African American, Christian family was not easy on the young Malcolm, as it would‟ve been on anyone; and he suffered greatly as a child before roaming the streets of New York as a teenager and young adult, hustling his way through the crowds. With a colourful and exciting, yet dangerous and irresponsible adolescence, Malcolm managed to land himself in jail for a 10 years sentence in the year 1945. Thus began his amazing change. Whilst in prison he made a new friend who pushed him towards learning, and Malcolm began reading; he loved books, and slowly, he was educated in all fields available. "My alma mater was books, a good library... I could spend the rest of my life reading, just satisfying my curiosity."(Malcolm X) When his younger brother informed him about the Nation of Islam, their beliefs and what their reunion against the white people of America meant, Malcolm was entranced, and from there began his long and loyal journey with the Nation of Islam and Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm X was one of the greatest and most influential leaders of the Nation of Islam. During his lead, the Nation of Islam grew, as did its popularity and anger. Malcolm became known well for his speeches and all around the world he united his people just as they had always dreamed of being united. It was when Malcolm X went to Hajj, that he completed his magnificent transformation. During his time at Hajj, Malcolm saw things that would change the way he lived life forever; the Islam he practised, was not the true Islam, the speeches and rules he preached, were whatsoever unjustified. He saw people from places across the world together, in the same place, treating each other with kindness, honesty and trust. It didn‟t matter what the colour of your skin was, or the language you spoke, everyone was equal; and he was amazed, this was what he had been searching for all his life. For the first time, Malcolm shared his thoughts and beliefs with people of different cultures, and found the response to be overwhelmingly positive. When he returned, Malcolm said he had met "blonde-haired, blued-eyed men I could call my brothers." He returned to the United States with a new outlook on integration and a new hope for the future. This time when Malcolm spoke, instead of just preaching to AfricanAmericans, he had a message for all races. Thus rose the Malcolm X we all speak of today, and his assassination rocked the entire world, as it shook those around him. He was a man filled with courage, passion and faith in what he believed, his autobiography portrays his strong character, as he takes you through the details of his life. His weaknesses only strengthened him, and his strengths, he learnt through his own lessons; the book is a perfect manifestation of the life of a man who influenced the world, and his influence and name is remembered til this day. There are moments in this book where your heart squeezes at the power of his words, you feel ashamed because of his success, his words are so strong it reaches through to your heart, and there is no possible way to read this book and not be affected. I recommend this book to everyone, it is amazing, awe-inspiring and worth reading more than once. "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance next time."

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The Ultimate Computer Virus Ahmed from Haq Islam Shaitaan held a meeting one day, Furious as he watched the muslims in Ramadan pray, And he spoke at length of his ancient plans and dreams, And shouted long and hard emitting screams.

Taymeeyah, Without any knowledge of the sciences of the Shariah. Non-Mahrems can interact on chat rooms from Pakistan to France, What began as da‟wah often ends up in Romance, Tahajjud prayers go out of the window, The troops of hell will just grow and grow.

If they go on at this rate, They‟ll all enter Paradise through Rayyan‟s gate, We‟ll drown them in information overload, But I promised to lead the children of Aadam astray, Hell will be waiting; their final abode, This Ramadan thing‟s clearly not going my way Lost in useless bits, bytes and endless sights Ghaflah, Ghaflah- They‟ll waste their nights. So one of his chained jinns looked up from the devilish herds, Instead of using tasbeehs for performing dhikr And said if ye bid me sire to say some words, We‟ll create nonsensical arguments and make them I have just the plan to fool the muslim ummah, bicker, And seduce them away from that place called Jannah And brother against brother shall live in divide, Through endless debates we‟ll inject poison inside. Pray tell, my devilish companion…Please As for the very sinful, there‟ll be pornography We must lower those muslims by degrees, And music dancing and much debauchery, For their good deeds have become vast like the seas, Who can resist those pop-up windows? I‟m going to lose my reputation as Iblees! Can you see, master, muslims entering hell in their Microchips –Its called the internet throes? Its an idea you gotta hear-you won‟t regret, The ultimate computer virus is called shaitaan, I‟ve thought long and hard about this one, That Trojan horse will snatch away your precious And boy, Oh boy…is this some fun. imaan, He‟s an evil whizz who has lots of experience At the touch of a keyboard they have an Islamic foHis aim in life is to take your soul to decadence. rum, Where they think they‟re increasing their imaan with Oh Slave of Allah (swt) be not so sordid, much decorum, Your internet access is being tapped and recorded And they log on and click with their mouse, By the noble angels on your shoulders that accomNot realizing they‟ve entered a room from shaitaan‟s pany you, house. You might escape human cameras but you can‟t escape Allah‟s view. We‟ll teach them to backbite, argue and fight, They‟ll leave reciting the Quran and lose their heav- Say a‟oodhubillah, And don‟t enly light, waste your time Sufis versus Salafis and vice versa, Spend each moment in dhikr of All at the click of a mouse and cursor. the divine, Use technology to please the At the touch of a button they can curse the scholars, Lord of Creation Nowadays a laptop costs just a few hundred dollars, Avoid trivial pursuits and saAnd they‟ll type bad words about Ibn Arabi and Ibn tanic temptation.

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Issue 6: April 15, 2010 Monash University Islamic Society

Iqra Issue 6  
Iqra Issue 6  

Identity is embedded in the history og our blood. Inspirational and full of colour