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Greetings from Dinan Greetings fellow OGX! As we know, we are currently running one of the most renowned activity in AIESEC, which is exchange. But, is it only helping EP get abroad? Or there is more to that? What are actually they paying for? Come and find out in OGX Summit!!!

Greetings from Lord of OGX Central Hoy OGX Central!! On behalf of OGX National Board team, I welcome you to Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta where OGX Central Summit 2016 will be held, hosted by OGX of AIESEC in UPNVY x EST OD OGX Central. On this occasion, you will gain a lot of knowledge regarding the whole operation of OGX and especially, Value Delivery! As I have not ever been into Conference Committe board before, i will just end it now. Without further of due, we say thankyou for participating in this event and one thing we promise to you, it will be worthy af!

OGX Central Summit Is a summit that is made to enhance the leadership skills of the leaders from all entities of Central by learning about the value and essence of Outgoing Exchange Operation.


Value Delivery Main Focus

OGX Value Proposition


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Date & Place

1 LC Executive Board


LC Management Board


OGX Member

October 29-30, 2016 Kaliurang, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta


Payment & Registration Fee: IDR 85,000

Payment Deadline: Tuesday, 25 October 2016.


Register yourself at


Transfer your payment to Mandiri No. 9000027020305 a.n Muhammad Herniko


Capture your proof payment and send to LINE:muherniko, E-mail:

What to bring Clothes Water container Toiletries Medicines (if necessary) Warm blanket and jacket Pocket money Stationaries Slippers

Meet the Facis!

Muhammad Herniko EST OD OGX Central

Meet our Special Guest!

Andika Hudiya Dinan MCVP Outgoing Exchange

Nadia Risky Putri Central OP Coordinator

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