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Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Newcastle Monthly Newsletter June 2010 LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful

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HOLY QUR’AN Chapter 15: Al-Hijr

And there never come to them any Messenger but they mocked at him. HADITH When you hear the advent of the Mahdi then enter into his fold even if you have to walk on snow by crawling and creeping to reach him. (Kanzul Ummal; also footnotes to Musnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal, Vol. 6, p. 29-30)

Writings of The Promised Messiah (as) Taken from Selections from The writings of the Promised Messiah, Page 51

News Liquid Crystals Light Way to Better Data Storage June 22, 2010

As cell phones and computers continue to shrink, many companies are seeking better ways to store hundreds of gigabytes of data in small, low-power devices. A special type of liquid crystal, similar to those used in computer displays and televisions, offers a solution. Unlike CDs and DVDs, which store information only on their surface, lasers can encode data throughout a liquid crystal. Known as holographic storage, the technique makes it possible to pack much more information in a tiny space. But attempts to use liquid crystals for data storage have had limited success. In order to reliably record and rewrite data, researchers must figure out a way to uniformly control the

PRAYERS When the blessings of Allah are near at hand, He provides the pre-requisites for the acceptance of prayer. The heart is stirred, warms up and begins to glow. When however, the moment is not opportune for the acceptance of prayer, the heart lacks that tranquillity which results in turning towards God. However much one exerts one’s self, the heart does not respond by exhibiting willingness. It is so because at times God exerts His decree so that His Will be done, and at other times He concedes to the prayer of His servants. That is why as long as I do not perceive the signs of God’s willingness, I do not entertain much hope for the acceptance of prayer. At such times, I submit to the Will of my Lord with greater pleasure than that which I derive from the acceptance of prayer. Indeed, I know that the blessings and fruits of this submission to the Will of God are greater by far. (Malfoozat Vol.1:p 460) Friday Sermons Biographies of the martyrs of Lahore 28 May 2010 (Part II) Jun 18 2010

Abdur Rasheed Malik Sahib, son of Abdul Hameed Malik Sahib, belonged to the city of Lalamusa. His grandfather (paternal), Maulvi Meher Deen Sahib (ru) was amongst the 313 companions of the Promised Messiah (as). At the time of martyrdom, he was 64 years of age, was a moosi and was martyred in Dar-ul-Zikr. He was an active member of Majlis Ansarullah (Secretary Wasaya and Secretary Ta’leemul Qur’an). He usually attended Jumu’ah at Karak house, and it was after a long time that he went to Dar-ul-Zikr on this particular day. He told his wife before leaving for Friday prayers that Hadhrat Musleh Maud (ru) had said that

orientation of liquid crystal molecules. Currently, most liquid crystal technologies rely on physical or chemical manipulation, such as rubbing in one direction, to align molecules in a preferred direction. In an important advance, scientists at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have created a stable, rewritable memory device that exploits a liquid crystal property called the "anchoring transition." The work is described in the latest issue of the Journal of Applied Physics, which is published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP). Using either a laser beam or an electric field, the researchers can align rod-like liquid crystal molecules in a polymer. Their tests show that the liquid crystal created by the team can store data, be erased and used again. "This is the first rewritable memory device utilizing anchoring transition," said Hideo Takezoe, who led the research. And because the device is bi-stable -- the liquid crystals retain their orientation in one of two directions -- it needs no power to keep images, adds Takezoe. Source of Essential Nutrients for Mid-Ocean Algae Discovered

once in a while, one should offer Jumu’ah prayers in the larger mosque. He was sitting in the main hall on the chairs; he called home and said that he had incurred a bullet wound in his leg. His wife said that while he was on the phone, she could hear the firing in the background. He had borrowed the phone from someone, and the contact subsequently ended. His wife (who is an active Lajna member and has demonstrated patience at this difficult time) says that he was a doting father. They have three daughters, and he never complained about not having a son. He gave his full attention to the daughters and provided them with religious and secular education. He also fostered a nau-mubai girl (who had accepted Ahmadiyyat as a result of his tabligh efforts) who used to work in their household. He also made arrangements for her marriage. He was a simple man, loving and caring, prayerful at all times, obedient to the system of Jama’at and a righteous soul. May Allah Almighty elevate his station in Paradise. Ameen Read Full Summary...

Syedna Bilal Fund

In his Friday sermon of March 14th 1986, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IVth (ru) announced a fund for the sustenance of the families of those who sacrifice their lives for the sake of Ahmadiyyat. While explaining the wisdom behind it, Huzur (ru) stated, ‘I want to reassure the Jama’at that in Jama’at Ahmadiyya anyone who is killed in the cause of Allah never leaves this world wondering what would happen to my wife and children. In Jama’at Ahmadiyya, children of such people do not turn into orphans. This is a living Jama’at and it is impossible that this Jama’at forgets the rights of the families of those who offer such sacrifice. The survival of such organizations depends upon this fact that those who provide such sacrifices should have no worries about their families.' While highlighting the status and importance of this fund, Huzur (ru) stated that this is not at all an appeal for charity. Whoever will contribute, will consider it an honour for himself and will think that he did not do as much as was required. In fact he was able to provide minimal service. Instructing the participants of this fund Huzur (ru) said, ‘Give whatever you want purely according to your satisfaction and feeling of love. Do not give if you feel even a tiny bit of hesitation or burden. This fund is peculiar for it not only requires a heartfelt desire, but also a kind of burden to do good. Your heart should have an uncontrollable urge, a desire that I have to partake in it. It would be an immense treasure if today someone comes forward with even a penny. It would be a huge blessing of God upon you.

For almost three decades, oceanographers have been puzzled by the ability of microscopic algae to grow in midocean areas where there ... Read More

A day after this announcement, on 15th March 1986, Huzur (ru) graciously named this appeal as Syedna Bilal Fund.



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