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1. The Opening sequence starts with institutional logos such as Marvel Studios who produced the film. This establishes the audience, because Marvel are a well known company who owns famous comics like Ironman. The audience would expect this film suitable for all ages, but mainly for young boys who are a comic fan. The audience will expect a superhero action genre for entertainment purposes.


In the first shot of the scene, we see a midshot of a young American man in a military costume, which immediately establishes a genre of violence, war and action, because this is associated with people in the army. The man is also doing a peace gang sign which connotes his immaturity, because gang signs are affiliated with young people. The man on the left is wearing a suit which implies that he is someone powerful and rich and he is being escorted by the army men for protection.

3. This scene shows a man taking fire and has engaged a shootout with a mystery group. We can denote they are in the Middle East by looking at the location which is a deserted area so this would mean the Americans are thought to have been trespassing a war-torn country and are being attacked by possible terrorists. This also portrays that Americans are the good guys and afghan people are the bad guys, which is a common stereotype.

4. This scene shows a clearer view of the setting which depicts a rural area with a lot of open space perfect for a battlefield. Using the setting of Afghanistan, the institution got their inspiration from the real life wars going on in Afghanistan. This also shows a close-up of the man with a digital device, probably trying to get help. The use of a digital device tells us that the film is set in a modern era. We can then tell that he is a main character in this film, because the camera and action focuses on him.

5. We see a close-up of a rocket here with the main character’s company name and this is a subject of violence, relating to war. There is no music being played during this action sequence which is somewhat unusual for a Hollywood film. The sound is all diagetic with gunshots, explosions, dialogue and radio played in the background for the first twenty seconds. This tells us the institution wants to create a realistic feel of the film to the audience.

6. This shot shows an explosion taking place right in front of the main character who suffered it. This explosion was created through digital special effects to make it seem realistic to the audience. This relates to terrorism, because stereotypically explosions and bombs are associated with terrorists and audiences will expect to see that stereotype. This establishes an action genre, because it has an explosive opening scene.

7. This scene is very dark which sets a dark and evil atmosphere which connotes the audience will be introduced to some of the villains in this film. We see an Asian man using a video recorder pointing directly at the main character shown through an eyeline match. A shot-reverse shot is also used and we can see the main character is taken hostage by the enemy. Also the dialogue is in a different language and there are no subtitles so the audience are unable to understand what they are saying. The production company most likely did this to make the audience guess what is going on and will probably later find out in the film what happened through a replay of this event via the camera recording from the Asian man.

8. From this we see a close-up slowly zooming out to be a long shot to show all the characters in the scene. The villains here have their faces covered and are each holding guns and this represents terrorism. The audience will think immediately they are terrorists, because they are Asian and ambushed the Americans who entered their country in the middle east. This introduces the theme that terrorism and violence are involved. Also after watching this opening scene, the audience will want to see the rest of the film, because they will want to see what happens to the main character and so on.

9. The title of the film appears at the end of the opening scene so that they can start a new scene afterwards. They added a metal clink sound when the title appeared to signify the sound of “iron” from the name “ironman”. Also the colour of the title is gold which represents the colour of the ironman suit of armor which is familiar to audiences that know what ironman is.

Conventions of an opening sequence  

Conventions of an opening sequence- Ironman

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