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Mise-en-scene Camerawork Editing

Editing in Kidulthood

ď‚— They use a slow motion in the opening to depict

the fast pace of the characters which captures the modern day essence. There is a shot reverse-shot and an eyeline match when Alisa stares intently at trife which signifies a strong relationship between the two characters. The location is set in the school as a sociable environment as the edits constantly change from shot to shot of different scenarios.

ď‚— There are jump cuts used which portrays trife as a

mischievous character and this connotes he was hiding something which creates enigma, because the audience doesn’t know what it is. Furthermore this relates to the theme of childhood as they are shown to be troublemakers.

ď‚— Crosscutting has also been used where trife, jay and

mooney are getting bullied by sam and at the same time, Katie is also being bullied by other girls. This portrays the theme of physical bullying and this theme is shown twice simultaneously to show this theme is not a one time issue, bullying keeps repeating itself and happens more than once.

Camerawork in Shifty

ď‚— The camera uses mainly handheld which indicates that this

is not a very formal meeting between businessmen, more a run-in between friends. The camera constantly switches between the characters Shifty and his friend which gives us a perspective shot of Shifty and his friends shoulders so it gives the viewer the impression that we are there with them. This opening scene gives the audience a view that follows the characters in third person so we see whats happening in the scene.

ď‚— The location is a run down council estate area as

we see through a low angle of a tall building so this sets a working class area. Through the camera work we don’t see any other people in the area, so this indicates the area is unsafe and may be populated by gangsters and drug dealers.

ď‚— This long shot shows a man holding a knife and sniffing

drugs. This portrays the theme of drugs abuse and the audience can assume he is a drug dealer. This shot is shown through an open door which gives a sense of voyeurism to the audience. This scene represents the drug abuse theme throughout the film, because he is one of the three main cast shown in this opening so this could a common recurring theme within other characters.

Mise-en-scene in Adulthood

ď‚— In this opening scene, I can denote the guys are

smoking and this seems like a big trend for the young adults as many people are doing so. This opening portrays smoking, drugs and sexual themes which recurs often for teenagers. This sets the location as a bad area, because there are many teenagers smoking away with no one stopping them.

ď‚— In this opening we are not introduced to the main

characters of the film, only the secondary characters. We see a typical representation of teenagers, first through their clothing as one is wearing a hooded jacket and another wearing a cap backwards. We also denote the two teenagers holding a cigarette which represents the theme of smoking.

 This scene we can denote there’s a bridge and a rundown

urban street which implies it is a working class area. There is only natural lighting used and uses dark colours which represents the area as dark and gloomy. This gives a negative representation of Britain in the modern era. Also we only see teenagers and gangs inhabiting this area so this makes the location seem quite dangerous to the viewers.

British Social Realism style and techniques  

British Social Realism style and techniques