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How will we be computing tomorrow?




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HWM PH | August 2016


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teSt 36 Asus ROg strix gtX 1080 gIgABYtE gtX 1080 g1 gaming NVIDIA gtX 1070 Founders Edition Palit gameRock gtX 1070 Premium Edition Asus ROg strix X99 gaming gIgABYtE X99-ultra gaming MyPhone My86 DtV thule Atmos X5 Ekotek Ekobuds Lg CAM Plus + Lg Hi-Fi Plus HP F500


52 Flagship Android Smartphone Shootout Huawei P9 Lg g5 OPPO R9 Plus samsung galaxy s7 Edge sony Xperia X


64 Prosumer Cameras Shootout Canon EOs 8D Nikon D500 sony A6300


FeAtuRe 74 Beyond Moore’s Law LeARN 83 iOs 10 86 NVIDIA Pascal 89 App Attack 90 Panoramas

CoNteSt 96 supremo 1

HWM PH | August 2016

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HWM PH | August 2016

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HWM PH / August 2016

t h i n k

is vR finally a thing?

The path to virtual reality is filled with forsaken hardware and broken dreams. Why is everyone trying to make it a thing? Text by Alvin Soon

PICtuRE samsung


HWm PH | August 2016


2016 is supposed to be vR’s year Big names are betting on virtual reality to be The Next Big Thing.

Virtual reality has been a dream for decades – a dream wrecked by failures. The last time VR fantasies reached fever pitch was in the 1990s, which culminated in the debut of the Nintendo Virtual Boy. The technology was not yet ready, and the Virtual Boy was discontinued a year after its launch. Consumer VR went dark for a while, but hope never really went away. Virtual reality resurgence can be traced back to one fundraiser back in 2012, when Oculus VR launched a Kickstarter campaign to build the development package of its Rift, a VR headset for immersive gaming. The campaign ignited, and raised US$ 2.4 million. Almost 1000% of its original US$ 250,000 target. Two years later, Facebook bought Oculus VR for US$ 2 billion, near 1000% of its Kickstarter funding. The big purchase cemented the surge to make VR a thing. But why is Facebook, a social networking service, getting into VR? Why are Apple, Google, HTC, LG, Microsoft, and Samsung, for that matter, too? The simplest answer is the desire to command and conquer the next platform in consumer technology. If there’s anything the last 40 years of personal computers has taught us, it’s that there is great power and profit when you’re the dominant platform. Microsoft proved this in the late 20th to early 21st century in the PC


HWm PH | August 2016t 2016

wars. Its closest competitor, Apple, almost rotted to death while Microsoft made billions with the ascendance of it’s main platform, Windows. The smartphone wars of the last decade did not only reaffirm how an assertive, proprietary platform could cement your position in the market. It also revealed three things. One, platform wars are fought and won much more quickly today. Two, that having a strong software platform isn’t enough anymore. You need to lock it into a hardware you own for maximum profit (i.e. iPhone and iOS). Three, even the upstart can become a

king (i.e. Apple), and even current kings can die (i.e. Nokia). With the kings for the PC, mobile, and social networking platforms already established, tech companies have their eyes out for the next major kingdom to rule over. Keenly aware that missing out could mean becoming the next RIM. Is VR really going to be the next big thing? 2016 is the year when the two biggest VR headsets – the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive – finally go on sale to the mass market, and the jury is still out. Virtual reality could turn out to be the new smartphone or just another Virtual Boy.

Who’s Who in the VR World Apple Apple is rumored to be secretly working on VR. When asked about VR, CEO Tim Cook has said, “I don’t think it’s a niche. It’s really cool and has some interesting applications.”

Facebook / Oculus VR Facebook acquired Oculus VR in 2014, and has since bought two more VR companies: Surreal Vision and Two Big Ears. Oculus partnered with Samsung to develop the Gear VR.

Google Google has a new VR platform called Daydream, which is built on top of Android N. Daydream-ready phones are scheduled to ship Q3 of 2016.

HTC / Valve HTC’s Vive is the only other major “serious” VR headset besides the Oculus Rift. Thanks to its partnership with Valve, the Vive is shipping with a big game catalog and gaming API.

NextVR NextVR broadcasts live VR content and has streamed boxing matches, debates, and the Daytona 500 via the Oculus app on Samsung Gear VR. It’s planning to stream more sports and concerts in the near future.

Samsung Samsung’s Gear VR, developed with Oculus VR, is the best mobile VR experience you can get today. Compared to the Rift and Vive, the Gear VR offers a wire-free experience without the need for a PC.

Sony Sony will launch the PlayStation VR later this year. The company has expertise and experience with consumer electronics, which could give its headset an edge.

The VR Sets You Can Buy in 2016 google Cardboard the least expensive way to get a taste of VR. the google Cardboard is exactly what it sounds like: A cardboard viewer that mounts compatible smartphones.

samsung gear Vr the samsung gear VR comes with optics and sensors, and is the best way to get into mobile VR, but it only works with compatible samsung smartphones.

oCulus rift the Rift comes with more than 100 game titles planned for release in 2016. It uses an Xbox One controller, and its motiontracking controllers will ship later this year.

HtC ViVe More expensive than the Rift, but the Vive also comes with its own wireless motion-tracking controllers, as well as motion-tracking sensors for your room.

Playstation Vr the Oculus Rift and HtC Vive need a very high-end PC rig to play. Playstation VR is built to play with sony’s Playstation 4. It is scheduled to be released late 2016.



Canon dreams of the future

At the Canon Expo in Shanghai, the company displayed a host of their future technologies. by Liu Hongzuo




In Shanghai, Canon revealed their goal to bring 8K live broadcasting to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Aiming for 8K resolution at a time when 4K resolution displays are still warming up seems ambitious, but Canon had been working on prototypes at the Expo. An 8K lens was paired with an 8K camera using a Super 35mm sensor, delivering 8K video in real-time on an 8K display. The 8K camera featured an EF mount, and could output 8K footage in RAW. 8K resolution currently stands as the highest Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution in digital television and digital cinematography, with dimensions measuring 7680 x 4320 pixels. That’s twice the resolution of 4K. Hideki Ozawa, President of Canon Asia Marketing Group, announced that Canon has an equally ambitious goal of achieving US$ 10 billion in revenue by the same deadline of 2020 – within Asia alone. “By 2020, the overall GDP growth rate of Asian countries will stabilize at 5 percent, with China at 6 percent, and India at 7 percent. They are much higher than Japan’s, the USA’s ,and Europe’s (GDP),” said Mr. Hideki.


HWM PH | August 2016t 2016

2. Super Creative printing Canon pushed their printers’ limits to produce 3D textures. By capturing the original’s surface, Canon was able to reproduce oil-oncanvas artworks down to each brushstroke.

3. A 360-degree imaging and sound Canon’s omnidirectional image acquisition system let us watch high-resolution footage in 360 degrees, with audio to match. Will they launch a VR headset? Only Canon can tell.

PICtuREs liu Hongzuo

1. 120-megapixel EOS cameras Canon had a working 120-megapixel EOs camera on display (it’s the only one they’ve got). the camera is capable of capturing minute details due to the immense megapixel count.

everyone is a photographer

Photography has changed. It’s time we admit it. by Marcus Wong

PICtuRE 123rf.Com / bloomua

Today, photography is not only for preserving memory. It’s about sharing the moment with an audience that is larger than life. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest play the biggest part in this generation’s photography enthusiasts: A designated digital album to replace the hardbounds. At this age, every image taken is practically shared across the world instantly, thanks to the continuous improvement of the Internet and the ubiquity of smartphones. Chase Jarvis once said, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” Looking at smartphone makers placing high quality cameras on our mobile devices, Jarvis must have been heard. Call it the great equalizer. Everyone, regardless of age, education level, or technical know-how, is now able to

capture what’s right in front of him or her with proper exposure and focus. Gone are the days when we had to build a specific room designed for our photograph’s developing process since we exhibit our photos more online. The necessity to memorize a meticulous formula for manual photo editing is now dead, as we enjoy hundreds of apps available to allow us edit and stylize our photos by just tapping our finger. That doesn’t mean the present photo standard quality has lowered. From eager beginners, to professionals, and to inquisitive retirees shooting photographs, an image has to compete against 1.8 billion generated photographs every day, and showing the online world our least meaningful should be the last thing on our list. Or maybe it shouldn’t matter

anymore. The paradox of today’s photography is that for the most part, our images don’t have to last forever, nor be great. They should be posted online to be seen. Today’s photographs are all at once self-expression and communication sent directly to an intended audience to send a message – a powerful message through a still image – with values lying in the sheer virtue of their existence. Professional camera manufacturers obviously plan to catch up with the trend by creating digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) and compact cameras that can be connected online and to your phone for direct uploading of photos. A time when we won’t need laptops for editing will come, too. The world has been adjusting on a roll. Maybe we should start jumping in.



Good Vibes Viber celebrates its continuous growth in the country, as it recently hit 25 million unique

registered users nationwide. “We truly appreciate the overwhelming and continued support from our Filipino users and we’re committed to making Viber even better through local content and partnerships that celebrate and empower Filipinos, and be part of their daily lives,” said Crystal gonzalez, Viber’s Regional Head for southeast Asia. to make the sticker relevant to Filipino users, Viber has partnered with the Presidential Communications Office to create awareness on being a #PartnerForChange and collaborated with the country’s most-awarded male recording artist, gary Valenciano. Filipinos here and abroad can now download the free #GVonViber Sticker Pack, which features legendary Filipino musician/singer/songwriter, gary V, and his iconic song titles like “Hataw Na,” “shout For Joy,” “take Me Out of the Dark,” “Di Bale Na Lang,” “sana Maulit Muli,” and “Eto Na Naman,” among many others. Viber has also partnered with the Presidential Communications Office to launch a Public Chat, providing official news and announcements straight from the Presidential team. Back on July 25, the #ViberForChange Sticker Pack was launched using the most popular expressions and social media memes. to further enrich the engagement with Viber users, Viber is officially opening its doors for business and partnerships in the Philippines. Brands, celebrities, and organizations can now open branded stickers and Public Chat accounts, reaching millions of Filipino Viber users.


HWM PH | August 2016

We Do


Driven by a team of passionate technology professionals, Hardware Zone Events Services offers comprehensive event management solutions which leave lasting impressions. We have the expertise, talent, and experience to conceptualize and execute any customized onground activation project to meet your business objectives. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Our Proposition • • • • •

Total service orientation Sound strategies that stem from strong consumer insight Creative and out-of-the box executions Cost efficient programs Clear measures of project effectivity

Our Service Menu Events Marketing • Product Launches • Road Shows • Business Conferences/Seminars • Corporate Events • Trade Activations

Promotions • Consumer, Trade, And Internal Promotions • Sales Promos • Sponsorship Tie-ins • Manpower Management

Relationship Marketing • Direct Mail • Efforts • Loyalty Programs • Team-Building Activities • Customer Relation Mgt.

B u l l E T I N

Digital Trends geared to break barriers and empower small and medium-sized enterprises (sMEs), globe myBusiness and globe Digital Advertising (Adspark), together with Shopify, filled this year’s digital marketing summit, DigPH 2016, with bigger and better ideas. Bella gupta D’souza, Director for Adspark, mentioned that “less than 14 percent of businesses in the Philippines are online.” With DigPH 2016, more businesses can learn and discover the latest trends in digital solutions to expand their online footprint.

No Time To Lose OLX recently launched its new campaign, Win together, which describes the leading classifieds platform’s DNA as enabler of win-win exchanges within its online community. Here in the Philippines, OLX receives over 40,000 new listings placed every day. through its new campaign, OLX aims to connect its promise of efficiency, convenience, and safety with the Filipinos’ desire to lead improved lives. the platform empowers local communities into new opportunities.

Wheel-Watch Bridgestone built an experience zone in Honda safety Driving Center, Parañaque City to let the press feel the difference of a good tire against a bad one. there were three portions in the said event: the first two let the media ride cars with different tire qualities and the last one was the launch of Bridgestone’s campaign on tire safety, which they called, “Hindi Pwede Ang Pwede Na ‘Yan.” Part of the safety awareness was a free tire checkup from master tire doctors to those who brought their cars in the HsDC.


HWM PH | August 2016

Studies First Acer showcased its various products that cater to the education sector to provide modern teaching equipment. the event was designed to help create the digital classroom and also help schools develop, and strengthen their It infrastructure through the use of efficient and innovative hardware solutions . the Acer Academy Program started back in 2012 with only 10 members, which includes Ateneo de Manila university, Adamson university, De La salle university, and university of santo tomas, among others.

Lodging In With goBear, Filipinos can now easily compare different financial products including insurance, credit cards, and loans right from their computers or mobile phones. goBear takes pride in its unbiased, simple, and transparent way of offering consumers with the best deals. It simply compares and aims to give users the power to choose what will best suit their needs. Currently, it features travel insurance, credit cards, and personal loans, and will be expanding to more categories.

Fit and Right samsung has launched its new gear Fit2 and Gear IconX to help fitness animals keep pushing for greater performance. I will also help users to outdo their last fitness record, may it be in terms of time, number of reps, or calories burned. Meanwhile, the samsung gear IconX, cord-free pair of fitness earbuds, will motivate fitness animals to push themselves more. It provides users with a coach’s voice in their head, and it sports smart touch functions, as well as control over their phone’s media playback.


B u l l E T I N


PLDT, Smart To Reinforce Wi-Fi in Major Transport Hubs Our rants on public Internet access will come soon to an end, as PLDt and smart Communications have signed a landmark agreement with the Department of transportation and Communications to strengthen data connectivity with the installation of smart Wi-Fi in major airports, seaports, bus terminals, MRt, and LRt. transportation secretary Arthur tugade, together with PLDt and smart Chairman, President and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan, signed the Memorandum of understanding (Mou) outlining the initiative for better customer experience and to bring Internet access to more Filipinos nationwide. “Passengers will now enjoy free Wi-Fi connections during their stay in various transportation hubs. We aim to provide high standards and better services to the public. there is no agenda

here. We thank smart for supporting the goverment’s thrusts to make passengers’ travel experience more comfortable, convenient, and connected,” tugade explained. under the Memorandum of understanding between smart and the DOtC, smart Wi-Fi will be strengthened in major airports across the country and deployed at seaports and bus terminals to serve millions of Filipino users. According to a statement given by the DOtC, smart Communications Inc. will operate and maintain the Wi-Fi facilities with no cost to the government. the telecom company has identified key hubs to implement the project. Wireless data connectivity will also be available to commuters inside station platforms and light railway vehicles (LRVs), as well as on the street level of the entire lines of MRt 3, LRt 1, and LRt 2. Read more about smart Internet at

BeeF owNeR

Ford Philippines Calls Entries for the 16th Henry Ford Awards Ford Philippines is now accepting entries for the 16th Henry Ford Awards, the country’s premier award-giving body that recognizes the work of journalists that drive the automotive industry’s progress here in the country. through the HFA, Ford Philippines celebrates and recognizes print, online, and broadcast media practitioners who continue to drive positive change within the automotive industry through their stories. “For the past fifteen years, our annual Henry Ford Awards program has served as the platform to celebrate the hard work our media friends and partners do in the automotive industry. Beyond what manufacturers like Ford do in marketing their products, it is the media who have borne the responsibility of empowering our customers to know the truth behind every product through credible and honest reportage. this is the kind of integrity and passion the HFA seeks to honor every year,” Joseph Ayllon, Assistant Vice President for Communications of Ford Philippines, said.


HWm PH | August 2016

Ford has added three new categories this year: the Automotive green Feature – for stories that show how green technology, energy conservation engineering, or alternative fuel technologies truly help reduce carbon footprint; the smart technology Feature – for entries that highlight a leading technology that makes driving and passenger experience more convenient; and Best Automotive Magazine – which will award the best automotive print magazine that delivers accurate reportage of relevant news and trends that shape the Philippine motoring industry, automotive experts’ opinion, and comprehensive reviews of automotive products. this category will also consider a magazine’s overall layout and visual appeal. Winners of the Henry Ford Awards’ regular categories will each receive a cash prize of PhP 20,000 and a trophy, while winners of the HFA special categories will each receive PhP 25,000, as well as a trophy. to know more about the mechanics and deadline of submission for the 16th Henry Ford Awards, visit Ford Philippines at


MSI-ECS offers ICT Training Courses MsI-ECs announces the availability of information, communcations, and technology (ICt) training courses designed to enhance literacy and competency of participants on different ITrelated topics such as virtualization, database, network and security, servers, and anti-virus and threat management. The MSI-ECS Education Business started in 2008, initially offering VMware courses when it was awarded as the first VMware Authorized Training Center (VAtC) in the country. Now with more advanced courses for VMware and HPE, and producing three VMware-certified instructors from its roster, it has conducted more than a hundred IT education and certification programs to a number of clients coming from various industries such as telecommunications, banking and finance, BPOs, government agencies, and hotels. Simply put, it has certified system administrators, engineers, managers on different subjects, and applications and technologies. For training details and inquiry, kindly visit

MoviNG iN

Dot Property Portal, Now in the Philippines Established in 2013 in singapore, Dot Property group is Asia’s leading connected property portal group, operating property websites throughout Asia, including thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, singapore, as well as the Philippines, where millions of local and international property seekers are actively seeking their next home to buy or rent. the group sees huge potential in the Philippines given the always-online lifestyle of the target market who finds the Internet to be the most accessible tool when looking for the perfect property. Early this year, the Dot Property group has appointed tanya PeraltyaYu as the Philippines Country Manager. she will oversee all aspects of the Dot Property group in the Philippines, including day-to-day operations and promoting the company’s rapid expansion within the online market, both among consumers and advertisers. search for your next property at

KiNG oF the RiNG

LG’s Innovative OLED TV Gains Global Recognition television technology has come a long way since its inception. The significant jump from black and white televisions to colored televisions has created a visible impression, pushing companies to develop technologies to keep up with our lives in the fast lane. Lg Electronics, a prominent global tech innovator, has cut out a whole new category of television with the OLED tV, enabling it to stand out and gain recognition from various entities spanning the entire world. the Lg OLED tV delivers self-lighting pixels that can create perfect blacks, colors, and contrast, serving as a home entertainment centerpiece. With its cutting-edge technologies, the Lg OLED tV has won industry awards such as those from the Consumer Electronics show (CEs) 2016, and CE Week 2016. During the 13th Annual Value Electronics tV shootout, Lg OLED tV was named as the undisputed 2016 King of tVs. the Lg OLED tV also received the Red Dot Design Award 2016 and iF Design Award 2016. to know more about Lg’s OLED tVs, visit them at

ANiMAtiNG ePiSode Turner Partners With Globe

Turner Asia Pacific and Globe telecom, one of the Philippines’ leading telecommunications brand, have announced two upgraded Cartoon Network apps that will soon be available to all globe customers. An authenticated version of the Cartoon Network Watch and Play app unlocks its full functionality, including a live stream of the channel and additional video-on-demand content. Cartoon Network Anything will also be bundled to showcase the network’s best short-form content on mobile devices. Phil Nelson, turner’s Managing Director for southeast Asia said, “Cartoon Network Anything and Cartoon Network Watch and Play are two of our most popular apps with very good reason. they capture the best of the Cartoon Network brand and deliver captivating content – games, video, and quirky quizzes – across mobile devices. Offered to Globe customers, these products provide a convenient avenue for Filipinos to enjoy the most popular kids’ content wherever they are, and in a safe and flexible way.” As part of globe telecom’s mission to give its customers the widest variety of entertainment, the network has partnered with the country’s number one kids’ channel. Aside from being number one, this year, Cartoon Network also ranks as a top 5 channel across all genres – such is the local appetite for cartoons and a brand of entertainment that the whole family enjoy watching together. Avail the latest globe promos and get a chance to experience an extraordinary entertainment package by visiting


Q + A

ANNA ABoLA, MARKetiNG MANAGeR, LeNovo PhiLiPPiNeS Tell us more about Lenovo’s new brand identity. How do you think it will influence your customers to “never stand still?” Lenovo is a brand that inspires action. Our new brand identity is all about people, what they make, what they strive for, what they do everyday to make the world better. It is built around the fundamental belief that life rewards those who never stand still. the new brand identity offers a more personal, engaging, and consumer-centric experience that reflects Lenovo’s personality, and incorporates its rich heritage of acquisitions and original innovation DNA. “Never stand still” is more than just a tagline or a slogan. It’s a rally cry for the new generation of consumers to accomplish what matters to them and is away for them to express commitment to making cutting-edge innovation, and to making unprecedented, creative use of premium technology. Now that the competition among PC and smartphone brands is getting tougher, how do you plan to make Lenovo a name that stands out? Lenovo has the right strategy to continue its leadership across PCs, Mobile, and Enterprise in Asia Pacific. To overcome and emerge strongly from the challenging economic outlook in 2016, we will be focused and aggressive on growth and profitability. We’re also focused on being a new It company to our customers. Offering the best and broadest portfolio with compute, storage, networking and service capabilities, spanning data centers to mobile devices supported by exciting innovation coupled with strong industry partnerships to meet diverse needs. Halfway through the year 2016, how was Lenovo in terms of performance and customer satisfaction? Despite the challenging economic and industry conditions last quarter, the decisive actions we took mid-year allowed us to protect our business growth. We kept our core PC business strong, continuously improved profitability in enterprise and saw positive momentum in several key PC, enterprise and mobile markets.


HWM PH | August 2016

JeNNiFeR LiGoNeS, PReSideNt & Ceo, thiRd PiLLAR What companies did Third Pillar partner with to provide customers topnotch solutions? What are the respective business solutions these partners bring in to complement Third Pillar’s portfolio? third Pillar’s portfolio focuses on strategies to optimize business operations by partnering with market leaders such as BackOffice Associates, Salesforce, Consus, and CPM Consulting. We acknowledge the power of technology, but we believe that expertise and industry experience are crucial to each project’s success. Describe customer relationship management platform. How can businesses benefit from this in terms of customer satisfaction and revenue? CRM is simply a platform that helps organizations find, win, and retain customers. It is a strategy to boost an organization’s profit by establishing a better relationship with customers. salesforce is a cloud-based solution that eliminates expensive setup and hardware costs. the solution may also be utilized using different devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops to make the connection with customers direct and personalized. What is the scope of your data quality and governance service? We provide data quality and governance services across industries. We believe in the idea that optimum and effective data governance are both crucial to any company’s growth, which is why we continue to partner with the best software applications to meet this critieria. to help businesses maintain good quality data, we offer services that range from data audit, data cleansing/migration, and data governance. In general, what is Third Pillar’s main focus as a business applications and consulting firm? We are focusing on becoming a globallyrecognized and trusted business partner in providig best-in-class services. We are passionate in providing organizations with proven premium solutions that are designed to help build business applications on a strong foundation.


Q + A

FRedeRiC GiLLANt, viCe PReSideNt oF ASiA PACiFiC, ShoReteL What are the plans of ShoreTel in Asia? As you know, shoretel does almost 90 percent of its business in the u.s. and North America. For us to become a global player, we’ve got to be present and relevant in Asia Pacific. Now the investment is on the emerging market, including countries like the Philippines, China, as well as India. It’s a general plan of investment. What separates ShoreTel apart from other unified communications company? I’ve met a lot of company that claims to be simple, including some companies that are very, very complicated. We’ve got to prove that with the appreciation of our customers. We measure this very thoroughly through an indicator. And usually, we have the highest rank in the industry. We don’t have direct sales channel that will be competing our value added reseller and distributor. that’s very straightforward in the way we approach the market as well. What do you think is the biggest challenge in the Philippines? generally speaking, the roads are a little bit congested. It’s a bit undersized. the quality of it, the pipelines, the cables, and how much data they can carry. But the infrastructure is improving. Maybe we’re not ready to launch a cloud frame in the Philippines, yet. But, I’m sure, two to three years from now, change is coming. Where do you see the trend of unified communications in the Asia Pacific? the whole trend is towards the cloud. Of course, in the beginning, we had voice and telephones on the traditional technology. then it moved 20 years ago towards IP telephony. then 10 years ago, it moved to unified communication, meaning including video, instant messaging, chat, document sharing, audio conferencing, and video conferencing. Now the next step is to get all this into the cloud. Everybody wants to go to no-tangible assets. We’ve been very successful in the u.s. for the past 3 years. Now our business on the cloud in the u.s. has overtaken the business on site. It’s time for us to expand this.


HWM PH | August 2016

l I f E S T y l E

Furi Furi is a challenging boss-rush fighter from the minds of The Game Bakers. Its gameplay is a mix of responsive sword-fighting and shoot-em ups

iS it RAiNiNG outSide? Is it raining? Did chanting “Rain, rain, go away. Come again another day” do anything? Play these games to pass the time and rain, and enjoy while doing so.


from the 90’s (think R-Type and Gradius). You play as a prisoner that must break out of jail. In order to do so, you must defeat your jailers in order to regain your freedom. You are helped by an enigmatic, rabbit mask-wearing man who lays perplexing narrative in between stages. The action in Furi is ultra-responsive. Every damage you take feels like a mistake on your part. Every boss you encounter have several life bars, and each bar you take from them makes the fight even harder than before. Available for PC and PS4, if you are looking for a challenge to test your reflexes, check out Furi.

Blizzard Entertainment’s new IP since the Lost Vikings back in the 90’s, Overwatch sports 22 colorful characters (additional characters are expected in the near future) and tight gameplay to boot. If you have played Valve’s team Fortress 2 before, then Overwatch will feel strangely familiar. the game consists of two teams vying to attack or defend an objective. Much like team Fortress 2, the characters in Overwatch are diverse and perform different functions from each other. Although there is an overarching “class” of characters ranging from Offense, Defense, Support, and Tanks, characters from the same category play differently than other characters in the same classification. Primarily a team-based game, Overwatch rarely rewards going solo. It’s much more rewarding when you and your teammates work as a cohesive unit taking on objectives and obliterating your enemies in the process. Available for PC and Ps4, if you and your friends are looking for a team-based game that will test your abilities to work as one, we highly suggest you check out Overwatch.

arma 3 If you are a hardcore military nut, this game’s for you. ARMA 3 is a first-person, military sandbox simulator. Like Overwatch, ARMA 3 rewards players who plays with a team. In its singleplayer mode, ARMA 3 will have you take on the boots of a NATO operative in the country of Altis. As relations between NATO peacekeeping forces and Altian Armed Forces begin to dwindle, you are tasked to bring peace to the nation of Altis once again. In its multiplayer mode, you will feel the military’s precise nature, as every command and every action will affect your survivability. Available on PC with experimental ports on Mac and Linux, the ARMA 3 is certainly the tactical shooter for you.


l I f E S T y l E

YOUR HOmE iN the South

Just a two-hour drive headed to the south will lead you to a place where homes with the world’s diverse architectural styles reside.

When we were still kids, one activity we’re all used to do when we’re not allowed to play outside was to draw houses. Bet you can still remember that feeling of pure happiness when you’re using your favorite set of art materials, sketching, and combining different shapes and straight lines, and the best part – pasting your artwork on your bedroom wall and labeling it with “my dream home.” Just last week, our team had the chance to visit a place that made us all remember the dream houses we drew back then. Away from the busy streets of the metro lies an amenity of world-class boutique communities. situated at the area of the sta. Rosa – silang – tagaytay corridor, south Forbes, a 500-hectare land promises to redefine your way of living, with a range of projects and developments that accomodate to the affordable, mid, and highend markets. south Forbes’ properties fall under four categories, namely the Mansions – high-end communities with underground utilities; Horizons – upscale villages with overhead utilities; Elevations –

The Heisie house model of the Tokyo Mansions is a 3-storey house with an area of 342.78 sqm. and up.

vertical projects; and Fairways – vertical and horizontal projects located at the golf course. South Forbes features different infrastructural and housing developments conveying the world’s architectural styles, with a variety of themes to choose from, including scandinavian, American Modern, Asian-Modern, spanish, French, Asian-Balinese, Japanese, and thai. Just recently, south Forbes held the grand open house of the Racha Mansions – the newest addition to their numerous projects and developments. Archilles gadayan, south Forbes Marketing sales and Head, explained that the term “racha” is a thai word, which means in high position or elevated. gadayan explained that the Racha Mansions is positioned on the highest elevation among their projects. In fact, some of the lots will have the view of Laguna de Bay while some are located at south Forbes’ greenbelt. With units that are thai-inspired, the Racha Mansions is the 4th of the major developments under the south Forbes Mansions category. It is south Forbes’ answer to the growing demand of people who are looking for a cheaper investment. It has smaller lot cuts, however, than their other mansions. Meanwhile, south Forbes is set to put up more condominiums, as a respond to the need for housing developments in the area of sta. Rosa, silang, and tagaytay.

South Forbes’ Villas convey the intricate design

The Phuket Mansions is inspired by the

Chateaux de Paris resembles the grand and

that exudes the Spanish architectural style.

aesthetics of the Thai architecture.

elegant community of Paris.


HWM PH | August 2016



standing at 5.5-inches, the Asus ZenFone 3 sports 4gB of RAM, and 32gB of internal storage that can be sized up to 2tB via microsD. With its improved uI and exterior design, the ZenFone 3 captures 16MP photos, as well as 4K videos through its 23MP camera. A reversible usB-C type connection can be found on its elegantly designed foot.


HWM PH | August 2016


A smaller console with bigger storage, the Xbox One s lets you play Xbox’s greatest game lineup, including the Xbox 360 classics, on a 2tB internal storage with HDR technology that brings out the true visual depth of the games. It has 4K ultra HD resolution that delivers the clearest, most realistic video possible, as well as a stand so you can position your console vertically.




the design of this liquid-cooled 125cc bike was inspired by the Ducati Panigale sports bike that runs with 13 brake horsepower (BHP) at 7500rpm. the Italjet Formula 125’s top speed reaches up to 108kph and stores a fuel capacity of 10 liters. the Italian son also boasts front and rear disc brakes for a smoother road control.


HWM PH | August 2016


the CM405 df is a multifunction desktop color printer with a 4.3-inch, intuitive and easy touchscreen that combines with superb quality and outstanding value for the money. Meanwhile, the CP405 d is a fast and efficient color printer for medium and large enterprises that includes an EA-Eco toner, which is a special toner that achieves its minimum fusing temperature at 20° to 50° C lower than conventional EA toner.




The set includes the floorstanding SPFs52s for ear-level enjoyment; a center channel sP-C22 that makes dialogues sharper and sound effects louder; and the two compact sP-Bs22 loudspeakers that reduce standing sound waves, resulting to a high-performance and exceptional sound quality.


HWM PH | August 2016


the thule Covert series features the Legend goPro Backpack, the CsC sling, and DsLR Rolltop Backpack. the Legend goPro Backpack holds integrated mounts that allow two goPro cameras to attach and record from multiple angles. the CsC sling has water-repellent YKK zippers, Duraflex fasteners, and ergonomic chassis system to provide a perfect balance of cushioning. the DsLR Rolltop Backpack can be transformed into one large unit for maximum capacity by unzipping the divider that separates the top and bottom compartments. thule brings us these three wonderful containers to help us enjoy our journeys without the hassle of worrying our equipment’s safety.



1. SamSung gear fit2

2.Seagate barraCuda pro

Sleek fitneSS buddy

neW range of helium hard driveS

With an IP68 rating, the gear Fit2 is water- and dust-

Made for high-end consumer applications, the

resistant, all wrapped into a sleek and lightweight

seagate guardian series has 10tB capacity with

sports band-type design. It is equipped with a

platters running at 7200rpm. It consists of three

1.5-inch curved super AMOLED display, powered

new models namely the BarraCuda Pro, IronWolf,

by a 1gHz Exynos 3250 Dual-core processor and a

and SkyHawk, each designed to perform specific

200mAh battery.





5 4

3. onkyo h500bt

4. tranSCend SSd220S

5. pioneer ddJ-rZX

for the audiophile

high-performanCe SSd

flagShip Controller

the Onkyo H500Bt has a touch sensing control

the transcend ssD220s is rated for 550MBps

Designed for DJs on the road, the DDJ-RZX

panel with built-in mic for convenient switching

transfer speed, featuring a DDR3 DRAM cache

is a four-channel professional controller for

between music and calls. It has 7Hz to 40kHz

that provides 4K random read and write

rekordbox dj and rekordbox video. It has three

frequency response via wired and 7Hz to

performance up to 330MBps. It sports a RAID

7-inch touchscreens that give users control

23.5kHz via Bluetooth, and has an impedance

engine and low-density parity check coding to

over the audio and video features in rekordbox

of 16ohm.

keep data secure.

dj and rekordbox video.


HWM PH |August 2016

6. apaCer aC531 uSb 3.1

7. inCharge

ultimate guard againSt ShoCk and duSt

the SmalleSt keyring Cable

Available in 500gB, 1tB, and 2tB capacities, the

inCharge is a charging cable that features both

Apacer AC531 usB 3.1 gen1 portable hard drive

lightning and microusB port. It features a unique

promises read and write speeds at 125MBps, with a

magnet system that makes it snap safely onto the

sturdy cover built against shock and dust. this 2.5-

user’s keyring, making it look like a keychain. It’s

inch lightweight unit has a 1-meter drop resistance

incredibly compact with dimensions of 40mm x

and IP5X dustproof function.







8. anker poWerport 5 uSb-C

9. Jabra Sport CoaCh

10. phillipS bt3600b/00

optimiZed Charging

muSiC on the go

blaSt the roof off

Equipped with a usB type-C, the Anker

the Jabra sport Coach is a wireless sports

With advanced audio performance, partnered

PowerPort 5 usB-C gives out 40W of power

earbuds with intelligent audio coaching

with a slim design, the Phillips Bt3600B/00

through its usB type-C port and four usB

optimized for cross-training and indoor

has an impressive 10W RMs and anti-clipping

ports that have the ability to charge several

workouts. It has a trackFit motion sensor that

function for loud, distortion-free music. It

devices simultaneously. It has PowerIQ and

records distance, pace, steps, cadence, and

allows wireless music streaming via Bluetooth

VoltageBoost technology.

calories burned.




LAB ReSuLtS Every month, behind the doors of our super secret gadget testing facility, the latest tech products are put through their paces using industry-recognized benchmarks and our own blend of real-world usage scenarios. Here are our findings!

t h e AwA R d S multi-test



10 36



HWm PH | August 2016

Best Performance

Best Value

Review scores of 8/8.5 are awarded the silver Award. 9/9.5 get the gold. ONLY a perfect 10 wins our Platinum Award.

For more comprehensive takes on the features and performance of the products reviewed here, visit

ASUS ROG Strix GtX 1080 Three-Winged Beast by Chester Labaco With the release of the NVIDIA gtX 1080 Founders Edition, some were skeptical of the pricing of the reference design. In the past few weeks, partner cards have started appearing in store shelves. today, we will be taking a look at one of them. Specifically, the ASUS ROG strix gtX 1080. they have equipped the Pascal-based card with their DirectCu III cooler, claiming that the card will run 30 percent cooler and quieter. It also supports passive mode, meaning the fans do not spin when the card is under 60째C. Aside from their cooling solution, Asus have included their AuRA RgB lighting for enthusiasts out there that are absolutely crazy in decking out their rig with RgB lighting. Asus has equipped the card with two modes: OC Mode and gaming Mode. the card has a Base Clock of 1759MHz and Boost Clock of 1898MHz under gaming Mode. In OC Mode, the card

has an increased Base Clock of 1784MHz and a Boost Clock of 1936MHz. In terms of connectivity, it has two DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0 ports, and one duallink DVI port. the card comes with a 6- and an 8-pin PCIe connectors to improve power delivery to the card, as well as increase the available power to the card when overclocking. Asus have also included two 4-pin fan connectors. You can connect fans to the card, and they will ramp up with the fans of the card. to test the capabilities of the Asus ROg strix gtX 1080 (using OC mode), we plugged it to our test bench, which consisted of an Intel Core i7-4960X, gigabyte X79uD7, Kingston HyperX Fury 8gB 1866MHz, and ADAtA sP920ss 256gB ssD. First, we ran 3DMark Fire strike. under Fire strike it got a score of 18010, 10146 in Fire strike Extreme, and 5416 in Fire strike ultra. For real-world gaming

benchmarks at 1440p, we ran the Division where it got a minimum fps of 66 and an average of 79 in ultra settings. In Rise of the tomb Raider, it got a minimum of 72 and an average of 96 under Very High settings in DX11. In the Witcher 3, the card was able to get a minimum of 62fps and an average fps of 74. Lastly, in gtA V, it managed to get a minimum of 53fps and hold an average of 90fps. thanks to the DirectCu III cooler, it managed to reach a minimum temperature of 35째C and a maximum of 67째C in a room with an ambient temperature of 22째C without any noticeable noise coming from the fans. We were impressed with how the Asus ROg strix gtX 1080 performed. We believe that Asus managed to improve the already beastly gtX 1080 even more. the Asus ROg strix gtX 1080 should be on your list if you are in the market for a premium gPu.


GPU Pascal (gP104) GPU CLOCk 1759MHz Base Clock, 1898MHz Boost Clock (gaming Mode) 1784MHz Base Clock 1936MHz Boost Clock (OC Mode) MEMOry 8gB gDDR5X 256-bit Memory Bus 10gbps Memory Clock CONNECTIVITy 2x DisplayPort 1.4 2x HDMI 2.0b 1x DVI-D PrICE PhP 42,290

There are two 4-pin fan headers located at the front of the card if you need additional fan headers.


We believe that Asus managed to improve the already beastly GtX 1080 even more. the Asus RoG strix GtX 1080 should be on your list if you are in the market for a premium GPu. TESTED & RATED







GPU Pascal (gP104) GPU CLOCk 1670MHz (Base Clock) 1873MHz (Boost Clock) MEMOry 8gB gDDR5X 256-bit Memory Bus 10gbps Memory Clock CONNECTIVITy 3x DisplayPort 1.4 1x HDMI 2.0b 1x DVI-D PrICE us$ 649.99

GIGABYTE GTX 1080 G1 Gaming Step Up Your Game by Chester Labaco Partner cards for the NVIDIA gtX 1080 have begun proliferating in the market. Of course, gIgABYtE, one of the biggest manufacturers around, will not be late to the party. today, we will be taking a look at one of their Add-in Boards (AIB) for the gtX 1080, the gIgABYtE gtX 1080 g1 gaming. gIgABYtE opted to use their cooling solution for the gtX 1080. the so called “WINDFORCE 3X” cooling solution sports three pure copper composite heat-pipes, special fin architecture, and unique blade fan design, and is advertised to deliver higher performance at lower temperatures. the card is equipped with three fans that have triangle fan edges to guide air smoothly through the 3D stripe curve on the fan’s surface to enhance air flow by 23% over traditional fans, as well as supporting passive mode. Of course, gIgABYtE has also equipped the gtX 1080 38

HWm PH | August 2016

g1 gaming with RgB lighting that supports 16.8 million colors and multiple effects. the lighting can be controlled through XtREME ENgINE. the gIgABYtE gtX 1080 g1 gaming sports two modes: OC Mode and gaming Mode. the card has a Base Clock of 1695MHz and a Boost Clock of 1835MHz under gaming Mode. Meanwhile, the card can reach a Base Clock of 1721MHz and a Boost Clock of 1860MHz under OC Mode. In terms of connectivity, gIgABYtE has decided to use the default connectivity scheme of the gtX 1080 that consists of three DisplayPort 1.4 ports, one HDMI 2.0b port, and one Dual-Link DVI. gIgABYtE has also stuck to the default power delivery system that consists of only one 8-pin PCIe connector. to test the capabilities of the card (using OC mode), we plugged it to our test bench, which consisted of an Intel Core i7-4960X, gIgABYtE X79uD7, Kingston HyperX Fury

8gB 1866MHz, and ADAtA sP920ss 256gB ssD. In Futuremark 3DMark, the card garnered a score of 17559 in Fire strike, 9860 in Fire strike Extreme, and 5269 in Fire strike ultra. For real world benchmarks at 1440p, we ran the Division where it got an average of 77fps and a minimum of 63fps. In Rise of the tomb Raider, its lowest was 71fps and an average of 92fps. In the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the card was able to run at a minimum of 61fps and was able to hold an average of 72fps while in gtA V, and its lowest was 55fps with an average of 89fps. In terms of temperature, the card had the lowest of 47°C and a maximum of 67°C. With these tests in mind, as well as the inclusion of gIgABYtE’s trademark WINDFORCE 3X cooling system, RgB lighting, and a significant overclock out of the box, the gIgABYtE gtX 1080 g1 gaming is worth its price.

GIGAByTE has decided to use their trademark “WINDFORCE 3X” cooling system for the GTX 1080.


the inclusion of GiGABYte’s WinDFoRce 3X cooler, RGB lighting, and a significant overclock out of the box, the GiGABYte GtX 1080 G1 Gaming is worth its asking price. TESTED & RATED




NvidiA GtX 1070 Founders Edition The Budget Titan by Chester Labaco Meet NVIDIA’s gtX 1070. First introduced to the world back in May, it aims to bring highend performance to the mainstream just like its predecessor. Promised to outperform the single card king, the titan X, the gtX 1070 has some large shoes to fill. the geForce gtX 1070 sports a die cast aluminum body. It’s sleek and cool to look at. Meanwhile, located at the side is a green backlit geForce text. the card design also uses a blower-style fan, which exhausts the heat from the card outside the case. Despite most blower-style fans being notorious for being hot and loud, we found the one equipped in the geForce GTX 1070 to be quite effective. NVIDIA claims that the card has three separate copper heat-pipes to improve the cooling of the card. the metal backplate, however, does not provide any passive cooling. In terms of its display connections, the gtX 1070

comes with three Displayport 1.4, one HDMI 2.0b, and one Dual-Link DVI port. thanks to its 150-watt thermal design power, the gtX 1070 is only powered by a single 8-pin PCIe power connector. to test the power of the gtX 1070, we plugged it to our test bench, which consisted of an Intel Core i7-4960X, gIgABYtE X79-uD7, ADAtA sP920ss 256gB ssD, and 8gB 1866MHz DDR3 RAM. For synthetic benchmarks, we ran the ever trusty 3DMark Fire strike. the NVIDIA gtX 1070 Founders Edition got a score of 15299 under Fire strike, 7897 on Fire strike Extreme, and 4167 on Fire strike ultra. For real-world gaming benchmarks, we ran four graphically intensive games at 1440p. In the Division, the card achieved a minimum of 34fps at an average of 57fps with the game’s ultra preset. We used Rise of the tomb Raider’s Very High preset where it got a minimum fps of

55 with an average of 72fps. In the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, all graphical options were set to ultra, except from HairWorks, which was turned off, the NVIDIA gtX 1070 Founders Edition’s lowest was 45fps with an average of 68fps. Lastly, gtA V with the Very High preset, the card got a minimum fps of 45 with an average of 67fps. In terms of temperature, the card ran around 46°C while idling. At its peak, heat shot up to 67°C. We were impressed of how low the sound of the fan was. Overall, the gtX 1070 looks good in all angles. It’s priced aggressively, and its performance knocks the titan X, as well as current offerings from the Red team. While its performance under 4K in a single GPU configuration isn’t there yet, it would be a perfect card to play games at ultra FHD or QHD. the gtX 1070 Founders Edition is a card that most higher-mainstream PC gamers would love to have.


GPU Pascal (gP104) GPU CLOCk 1506MHz Base Clock, 1683MHz Boost Clock MEMOry 8gB gDDR5 256-bit Memory Bus 8gbps Memory Clock CONNECTIVITy 3x DisplayPort 1.4 1x HDMI 2.0b 1x DVI-D PrICE PhP 25,000

Due to its 150-watt TDP, the GTX 1070 FE is only powered by a single 8-pin PCIe connector.


overall, the nViDiA GtX 1070 Founders edition (read reference) looks good in all angles. it is a card that most highermainstream Pc gamers would love to have. TESTED & RATED







GPU Pascal (gP104) GPU CLOCk 1506MHz Base Clock, 1683MHz Boost Clock MEMOry 8gB gDDR5 256-bit Memory Bus 8.5gbps Memory Clock CONNECTIVITy 3x DisplayPort 1.4 1x HDMI 2.0b 1x DVI-D PrICE PhP 26,500

Palit GameRock GtX 1070 Rock Your Gaming Experience by Chester Labaco Palit has been well-known for its aggressive pricing and lineup of Jetstream cards. With the release of Pascalbased cards from NVIDIA in the form of the gtX 1080 and gtX 1070, it wouldn’t take long until the two cards receive the Jetstream treatment from Palit. In this current generation of cards, however, Palit has decided to release a new line of partner cards under the moniker of “gameRock.” the card separates itself from the pack with its blue and white color scheme. the card comes with a backplate for protection and rigidity. As with most gaming branded items nowadays, it comes with RgB lighting that can be controlled through Palit’s thunderMaster app. the card has a thick heatsink with a copper base that is directly connected to the gPu and heatpipes. As such, it will take up 2.5 slots. to complement the heatsink, 40

HWm PH | August 2016

Palit has equipped the card with Dual 10CM-10CM smart Fans to effectively draw heat away from hot spots. the card also sports 0dB technology (passive mode), which means that the card’s fans will not spin until it hits 50°C. Palit has increased the clock speeds of the card to a Base Clock of 1670MHz and a Boost Clock of 1873. In terms of memory, it has 8gB of gDDR5 clocked at 8500MHz. For display connectivity, you have access to three DisplayPort 1.4 ports, one HDMI 2.0b port, and one DualLink DVI. Palit has decided to stick to the reference single 8-pin PCIe connector for power delivery. to see how the card would perform, we plugged it to our test bench, which consisted of an Intel Core i7-4960X, gigabyte X79-uD7, ADAtA sP920ss 256gB ssD, and 8gB 1866MHz DDR3 RAM To start off, we ran Futuremark 3DMark wherein the card got a score of 16160

in Fire strike, 8582 in Fire strike Extreme, and 4539 in Fire strike ultra. For real-world performance at 1440p, we ran

the Division where the card got an average fps of 63 and a minimum of 34fps. In Rise of the tomb Raider, the card garnered a minimum of 61fps and an average of 79fps. Meanwhile, in the Witcher 3, it was able to reach a minimum of 53fps and an average of 74fps. Finally, it was able to get a minimum fps of 44 and an average of 71fps in gtA V. For temperature, the card was able to get as frosty as 47°C and as hot as 65°C in a room with an ambient temperature of 22°C. When looking at it, the Palit gtX 1070 gameRock Premium Edition is almost the same price as the Founders Edition, albeit with some additions such as the large heatsink, RgB lighting, and large overclock. this makes the card a smart choice for enthusiasts out there.

Due to its thick heatsink, the Palit GTX 1070 GameRock Premium Edition will take 2.5 slots.


When looking at it, the Palit GtX 1070 GameRock is almost the same price as the Founders edition, albeit with some additions. this makes the card a smart choice for enthusiasts. TESTED & RATED




ASuS RoG StRiX X99 Gaming Revitalizing X99 by Chester Labaco With Intel recently releasing their new Broadwell-E processors for the LgA 2011-v3 socket, the X99 platform have received a shot in the arm with new motherboards coming out that has support for these CPus. With that said, we will be taking a look at Asus’ new offering in the X99 motherboard arena – the Asus ROg strix X99 gaming. As a motherboard using Intel’s X99 chipset, there are three 16-lane PCIe 3.0 slots, one 16-lane PCIe 2.0 slot (x4 electrical), and two single lane PCIe 2.0 slot. Of course, the

board will support 3-way sLI, as well as 3-way CrossFire. As a gaming motherboard, it wouldn’t be complete without RgB lighting. thus, Asus has included its trademark AuRA RgB lighting. For storage, you have access to eight sAtA 6gbps ports, two of which are shared with one sAtA Express port, one u.2 port, and one M.2 socket 3 with M key. Located at the I/O panel are four usB 3.1 gen1 ports, four usB 2.0 ports (one of which can be switched to usB BIOs Flashback), two usB gen2 ports (one type-A, and

one type-C), one Intel I218V gigabit LAN, one Asus Wi-Fi GO! Module, one S/PDIF, five audio jacks, and one Ps/2 keyboard and mouse combo. the CPu area of the Asus ROg strix X99 gaming is void of any large obstructions. thus, installing large heatsinks should pose no problems. Of course, there are eight DIMM slots that can support 128gB of DDR4 RAM up to clock speeds of 3333MHz. the uEFI of the Asus ROg strix X99 is incredibly in-depth, like most motherboards from Asus. there are lots of options for fan controls and sensors, so you can tweak how silent or how cool your system should run. the overclocking potential of the motherboard is also massive due to its multitude of options available to basic and advanced overclockers. In order to see what the motherboard can do, we armed it with an Intel Core i7-6950X, 16gB of DDR4 RAM running at 2800MHz, and a geForce gtX 960. We started with PCMark 8, where it was able to get a score of 4371 on Home Conventional, 4768 on Creative Conventional, and 3711 on Work Conventional. Next is the ever-trusty Cinebench R15, where the ROg strix X99 gaming got a score of 1763cb on the CPu test, while it got a score of 145.26fps on the OpengL test. For gaming, we ran Fire strike where it got a score of 7126. Due to its X99 heritage, the Asus ROg strix X99 gaming motherboard is a smart choice for enthusiasts out there planning to use Intel’s new Broadwell-E processors.


CHIPSET X99 SOCkET LgA 2011-v3 MEMOry SLOTS 8x DIMM, up to 128gB at 3333MHz STOrAGE OPTIONS 1x u.2, 1x M.2 socket M, 8x sAtA 6gbps 1x sAtA Express PrICE PhP 19,160

Like most gaming motherboards nowadays, the ASUS ROG Strix X99 Gaming has AUrA rGB lighting.


Due to its X99 heritage, the Asus RoG strix X99 Gaming motherboard is a smart choice for enthusiasts out there planning to use intel’s new Broadwell-e processors. TESTED & RATED






GIGABYTE X99-Ultra Gaming High-end Gaming by Chester Labaco with one sAtA Express port). For the I/O panel, you have access to six usB 3.1 gen1 ports, two usB 3.1 gen2 ports (one type-C and one type-A), two Wi-Fi antenna connector holes, one S/PDIF, five audio jacks, two RJ-45 ports, and one Ps/2 combination port. In terms of design, the board is decked out with white and red colors. For us, it would have been better if they stuck with the more

As we have mentioned, Intel has recently released its new line of Broadwell-E processors that use the X99 chipset. thus, there has been resurgence in the X99 motherboard market. today, we will be taking a look at gIgABYtE’s new X99 motherboard, the gIgABYtE X99-ultra gaming. For expansion, you have access to two 16-lane PCIe slots (running at x16), two 16lane PCIe slots (running at x8), and one 1x PCIe slot. since this is an X99 motherboard, it will support NVIDIA Quad-sLI


HWm PH | August 2016

and AMD Quad-CrossFire. Of course, like most gaming-branded motherboard nowadays, the motherboard comes complete with gIgABYtE’s Ambient surround LED. they have also included an onboard header for aftermarket LED strips, so you can sync the lighting of your motherboard, as well as your RgB strips. You can control the RgB lighting through gIgABYtE’s APP center. In terms of storage, you have access to au.2 port, one M.2 socket M, ten sAtA 6gbps ports (two of which are shared

traditional black and red colors. since color preference is subjective, we would leave it up to you if you prefer this particular color scheme. the CPu region is spacious. thus, you shouldn’t run into any troubles in installing bulky CPu coolers. You can also see that you have access to eight DIMM slots that support up to 128gB of DDR4 RAM clocked at 3600MHz. In order to see what the motherboard can do, we armed it with an Intel i76950X, 16gB of DDR4 RAM running at 2800MHz, and a geForce gtX 960. First, we ran PCMark 8 where it got a score of 4260 in Home Conventional, 4770 in Creative Conventional, and 3593 in Work Conventional. up next is Cinebench R15 where the X99-ultra gaming got a score of 1763cb in the CPu test and 145.26fps in the OpengL test. Overall, the gIgABYtE X99-ultra gaming is a pretty good choice for an X99 motherboard. Its plethora of storage options, and support for Quad gPu setups make it an excellent option for a highend build.


CHIPSET X99 SOCkET LgA 2011-v3 MEMOry SLOTS 8x DIMM, up to 128gB at 3333MHz STOrAGE OPTIONS 1x u.2, 1x M.2 socket M, 8x sAtA 6gbps 1x sAtA Express PrICE PhP 22,730

GIGAByTE has included an onboard header for aftermarket LED strips.


the plethora of storage options and support for Quad GPu setups of the GiGABYte X99ultra Gaming motherboard make it an excellent option for high-end system builders. TESTED & RATED




myPhone my86 DTV Made for the Filipino Lifestyle by Ciara Alarcon the MyPhone my86 DtV is one of the latest DtV-equipped smartphones available in our local market today. Available at only PhP 2,999, it runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop, complemented with 1gB of RAM and 8gB of internal memory. Looking at the design of the device, we can say that it doesn’t look cheap, and it is well-designed for its price. We immediately noticed, however, that it was not equipped with an LED notification light and has non-lit capacitive buttons unlike other MyPhone devices. It sports a 13-megapixel auto-focus main camera

with Dual LED Flash and a 5-megapixel front camera with flash. Its main camera performs well in places with good lighting. On the other hand, its front camera produces better image quality than its main camera. At first, we found it strange, but later on, we realized that it’s not a bad thing. After all, Filipinos love to take selfie, right? the my86 Digital television really impressed our team. In fact, the channels were very clear as if we were really watching on a television. users can also take a screenshot and record clips of what they’re currently viewing.

More than that, the device can quickly browse channels, and it has an external antenna to enhance the signal it captures. unfortunately, users could not use their earphones while using the external antenna, since it is plugged directly to the audio port. the display of the MyPhone my86 DtV is impressive despite its lackluster viewing angles. unfortunately, the display does falter under sunlight. In terms of sound, its speakers have clear and loud audio. the included earphones also have good audio quality. Although the mic performed well during calls and recordings, there were some noticeable noise. the 2300mAh battery capacity showed impressive life when it used as a regular phone. While watching tV regularly, however, it only managed to last for two and a half hours. It scored 22800 on Antutu and 4976 on Quadrant. We were a bit disappointed by its performance, as it has a slow user interface. the device also slows down while playing games and lagged several times during our test due to its measly 1gB of RAM. It has speedy performance, however, when we only used it as a basic phone, but we were annoyed by its touch sensitivity issue. Overall, the my86 DtV is a decent smartphone. the device is still handy even if it’s heavy. Also, it is well-designed. Despite its slow user interface and touch input sensitivity issue, the MyPhone my86 DtV has many things to offer. In fact, its high camera quality and outstanding digital television will surely fit the Filipino lifestyle.


OS Android 5.1 Lollipop DISPLAy 5.0-inch IPs LCD (1080 x 720) PrOCESSOr sC7731 (Quad-Core 1.3gHz) rAM 1gB STOrAGE 8gB, expandable up to 32gB via microsD slot PrICE PhP 2,999

The my86 DTV uses an external camera to enhance the signal, and quickly browse channels.


the myPhone my86 DtV is a decent smartphone that has many things to offer. Despite its price, it has many features that will surely fit the Filipino lifestyle. TESTED & RATED






Thule Atmos X5 Protective but Stifling by Patrick Alcantara the more advanced our gadgets get, the more we take care of them. some of us even wear shoe covers to protect our beloved sneakers on rainy days. speaking of rain, thule brings us the Atmos X5. Its newest exclusive offering to protect the iPhone 6 and 6s from water and dust. suiting up our iPhone 6 with the Atmos X5 took us longer than we thought. Snapping the edges to fit the smartphone was a little tricky. We had to force it just to lock the case. the whole suit felt protective, though, with a thick and sturdy feeling all throughout the test. gearing up on its front is the stratoshield screen to guard the display panel

against impact, scratches, glare, and fingerprints. True to its word, Atmos X5 lived up our expectations but with a twist. the screen had a hard time recognizing our finger taps. The home button was also left naked, leaving fingerprint functions enabled, but uncovered. We had a hard time pushing the home button, as the thule Atmos X5’s thickness made its position deeper. We tried texting with it installed, and there were parts of the screen, specifically the lower right portion, that could not be tapped. typing with both hands on the sides of the phone was tiring, too. As mentioned, the home button was left uncovered so

we didn’t risk our phone on salt water. Instead, we tried dipping it on tap water for a few seconds. Upon peeling off the Atmos X5, the phone felt dry and shaded from water. the thule Atmos X5 is for people who spend a lot of time in extreme activities. this protective case, though, should only be worn right on time of the activity and not on a daily basis. TESTED & RATED




MATErIAL Polycarbonate rATING IP68 COLOr Black, White, Floro PrOTECTION Waterproof, Dustproof PrICE PhP 2,999


ekotek ekobuds Budget Listening by Jonnah Lynne Pante the Ekobuds Lifetones’ package comes with two extra silicone tips in different sizes, a user manual, and free Ekotek stickers. On the technical side, the Ekobuds Lifetones is made with a single moving coil with a cable length of 120cm that terminates in a 3.5mm jack. It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz and an impedance of 16ohm. In terms of design, the Ekobuds Lifetones exudes aesthetics despite its affordable price. The left and right earbuds have a pointed design that houses the 10mm 6u white magnetic speakers. Its silicone tips are soft and comfortable to the ears. While the Ekobuds Lifetones lacks a volume


HWm PH | August 2016

control button, Ekotek has equipped it with a multifunction button that allowed us to pause, play, and skip tracks, and answer calls. Aside from that, the Ekobuds Lifetones has a device compatibility switch that lets you adjust the audio and controls compatibility depending on what brand of smartphone you are using. the Ekobuds Lifetones is an in-ear monitor with microphone. We tried recording our voices using its mic, and it gave us sharp and clear sounds with minimal outside noise. speaking of sound, the Ekobuds Lifetones provides decent sound quality that most budget earphones fail to

reproduce. the bass was not that striking while the mids and highs were okay. the sound stage, even though not that grand, seemed apt to the entire sound balance. Although the Ekobuds Lifetones earphones gave us middling performance with regards to the sound quality, one good thing about it is that it didn’t cause too much fatigue to our ears. TESTED & RATED





FOrM FACTOr In-Ear Monitor FrEqUENCy rESPONSE 20Hz - 20kHz IMPEDANCE 16ohm COLOrS White, Black, green, Pink PrICE PhP 299


LG Cam Plus + LG hi-Fi Plus Modularity by Chester Labaco Last month, we were able to take a look at the new modular flagship of LG, the LG g5. unfortunately, we didn’t have any modules or friends, as Lg would like to call them, to test. today, however, we will be taking a look at two of the Lg g5’s friends in the form of the Lg Cam Plus and Lg Hi-Fi Plus. the Lg Cam Plus, as the name suggests, aims to improve the handling of the g5 in terms of photography. It adds a considerable hump at the back of the phone while offering precise controls while taking shots. Located at the bottom of

the module is a quick-launch switch that allows the g5 to quickly switch to camera mode from sleep. Located at the side are two keys, one of which acts as a two-stage shutter, while the other controls video recording. Aside from those two buttons, there is a scroll wheel that changes the zoom levels. the attachment itself also comes with an additional battery with 1200mAh capacity to improve the battery life of the g5. Made in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen, the Lg Hi-Fi Plus aims to improve the downward-firing speaker of the g5. It is equipped with a

32-bit digital audio converter and headphone amp to bring life to your tunes. In our experience, these two friends are not enough to sell the g5. If you already have a g5, however, these friends would most likely sweeten your smartphone experience due to their functionality.






DIMENSIONS 73.9mm x 61.47mm x 16mm (Lg Cam Plus) 73.9mm x 43.85mm x 7.4mm (Lg Hi-Fi Plus) FEATUrES (Lg Cam Plus) Photography buttons, Zoom wheel, 1200mAh battery (Lg Hi-Fi Plus) 32-bit digital audio converter, headphone amp PrICE Inquire

hP f500 Eye on the Road by Patrick Alcantara HP f500 offers a 1080p car recording with built-in 3-Axis g-Force and motion sensor, which is a feature that activates the emergency recording when it senses a huge impact. the sensor’s sincere sensitivity sets the f500 apart from its competitors with ultrasensitive impact detectors. It also includes a date and time stamp for more reliable reference for incidents. the package comes with a car power adapter, a camera mounting bracket, a quick start guide, and a warranty document. upon pulling f500 out from its box, we were impressed with its compact body and thought that the quality might be the

compromised aspect. But, we were proven wrong. Driving through day and night was amazingly similar in experience in terms of video resolution and quality, as the footage were crisp and clear in low-lit areas and displayed a deep, dynamic range. unlike the other car camcorders, the HP f500 had a sturdy grasp on the windshield without obstructing the view. the only problem we had was with the power switch. Interestingly, the power button worked when we switched the f500 on, but didn’t when we were turning it off. We had to wait for it to sleep and reopen the device. the f500 also sports a

mini-HDMI support that works for a quick view of clips on bigger screens. Don’t expect a fancy interface, though. We find its simple interface very useful, especially when you’re trying to configure the settings while you’re driving. All in all, the ultra-wide angle HP f500 should belong to the top choices for car camcording with its practical size and function. TESTED & RATED





rESOLUTION 1080p DISPLAy 2.4” LCD CONNECTIVITy usB (8-pin micro, usB 2.0), type C mini-HDMI, 10-pin Mini-usB to AV out STOrAGE up to 32gB via microsD PrICE PhP 6,190


f E A T u R E

LiFe AFteR the CRowN

The HWM team catches up with Miss International 2013 Bea Rose Santiago, three years after winning the crown. Get to know more about her and her favorite Macpower products! Text by The HWM Team Photography and Art Direction by Victor Felix Pulgar Stylist: Bonita Penaranda Hair and Make-up by: Aimee Yu Manzano and Bonita Penaranda


HWM PH | August 2016

How has it been since you won the Miss International title? It has been three years, but it’s still amazing. there are people still congratulating me. Medyo epic ‘yung results, most especially to my mga kababayan in Masbate where I grew up. until now, they still appreciate and remember my winning speech and winning moments. there are fans na nami-meet ko na memorize talaga ‘yung speech ko, even my walk. It still seems so new kahit na it has been three years because of the supporters. How did winning the title change your life? It changed a lot. I grew up in Canada and worked there to pay for my school, parang ordinary, normal life. And then, now, there are people who know me. You get recognized and that’s priceless. What’s your typical day like? I play around with my dogs, I cook – just random things. I do anything by myself in my house. What can you say about the Philippines being considered as a powerhouse in prestigious international beauty pageants? We’re not just a powerhouse in pageants. there’s a lot more. Now, we’re not just being recognized because of beauty but because of talent, as well. Nakaka-proud. And, obviously, it’s a good path for the future generations to follow, and for them to be inspired, be motivated, and aspire more. What are the must-have gadgets for a beauty queen like you? Cellphone and camera. Most especially that I travel a lot, I go places to places. I need something to keep me up to date, and I need my camera to capture the moments. How do you feel now that you’re the new brand ambassadress for Macpower? It is an honor. I’m actually a big fan of Macpower, and I buy a lot of their products. I have been wanting to be a part and to be a contributor of Macpower. What is your favorite Macpower product? the LuMee – it surprises people and I like surprising people. I like it because it’s a conversation starter, especially in meetings or get-togethers. People are like “open your light!” and then i-click ko lang ‘yung likod, tapos masusurprise na sila. they ask me questions about the LuMee, and then they get to know me, and I get to know them. It’s a good way of meeting new people. there’s a lot of celebrities asking me where to get the LuMee, and I’m actually planning to give it to my friends as a gift this coming Christmas.

LuMee More than just your smartphone’s bumper case, Lumee provides the light that is needed for a good selfie when you’re located in places with bad lighting. the LuMee is a sturdy, durable plastic case that has LED lighting on both sides of the case. the light lasts for up to two hours at full power and 36 hours at the lowest brightness.

What’s your message for aspiring beauty queens? Never give up. Continue joining pageants even if you’re struggling financially, physically, and emotionally. You have to defeat the trauma of not being called for the top 5 or the top 15. I’ve always believed that it’s never the prettiest girls that win. It’s always the most confident – the most confident in herself and on who she is. Before you join a pageant, make sure you’re complete as a woman, because it’s very overwhelming. sometimes, you’ll hurt yourself or you’ll hurt the people around you. It’s not as simple as “I’ll try this.” You have to be crazy and go as far as half a year of training. You have to be trained, not just physically but also mentally. the whole thing about the pageant is actually mentally hard. It’s testing you’re ability as a woman; it’s testing who you are. Make sure to be positive and humble all the time. Know who you are and know where you come from. You don’t have to pretend. I mean, you can pretend to some extent, but don’t be too pretentious that you lose yourself on the way. Just always believe in yourself.


f E A T u R E

Homido Smartphone Vr Headset turn virtual reality within your reach through the Homido smartphone VR Headset. the device is a VR smartphone adapter compatible with most Android and iOs smartphones between 4” and 5.7”. It is 3D-compatible and comes with three lenses for various focal lengths.

“it’s never the pretty girls that win. it’s always the most confident – the most confident in herself and on who she is.”

MOkTAk PrO Bluetooth Speaker the MOKtAK PRO Bluetooth speaker comes with two hemispheres connected through a flexible handle. It is an IPX4 waterproof and dust-resistant bluetooth speaker with built-in 1500mAh battery that can last up to 8 hours of play time and a maximum of 3 hours charge time. 48

HWM PH | August 2016

runtastic Moment Classic Combining fitness and elegance with its vintage design, the Runtasic Moment Classic is an analog watch activity tracker that provides information on your daily steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep duration.

Belkin Tassel Lightning Cable the Belkin tassel Lightning Cable is a charging cable veiled in leather tassel cords, made to match your chic and corporate outfit. It has a 2.4A charging cable compatible with iPhone, iPod, and iPad.


f E A T u R E

runtastic Moment Fun Designed to spice up your active lifestyle, the Runtastic Moment Fun is a 24/7 timekeeping and activity tracking analog watch available in cheerful colors. Equipped with a long-lasting lithium battery, the Runtastic Moment Fun is waterproof up to 300ft or 100m.

rhinoshield Playproof A Marriage of protection and aesthetic, Playproof cases for iPhones will protect your phone from knocks and drops while looking stylish and playful. the unique polymer constructed from hard and soft shells offers excellent absorbency compared to tPu. 50

HWM PH | August 2016




1. runtastic Orbit the Runtastic Orbit is a pedometer with an LED display that offers round-the-clock tracking of your activities, fitness, and sleep cycles, which syncs wirelessly with the Runtastic Me app. With its flexible and handy size, the Runtastic Orbit can be worn on the wrist or as a belt.

2. runtastic Sports Armband 2 the Runtastic sports Armband 2 has a transparent display screen, reflectors for safety, and an adjustable hook-andloop fastener for your desired fit. It allows you to comfortably carry your smartphone during workouts.

3. Boompods Sportpods VISION the sportpods VIsION is an illuminated wireless headphones armed with Bluetooth 4.0 CsR technology that allows efficient connectivity to your Bluetooth device, possible up to 10 meters of operating range, and with up to 8 hours of playback time.

All of these amazing products are available at switch. Discover even more incredible products on their website at








HWM PH | August 2016

This is a championship fight. Which among today’s Android flagship smartphones has the best performance? Text by Liu Hongzuo Photography by Zaphs Zhang Art Direction by Ken Koh




huAwei P9 the Huawei P9 retains the industrial design everyday performance were smooth and language iconic to the brand’s P series. the free of hiccups. unfortunately, the battery P9 is built using aerospace-class aluminum life falls short next to the s7 Edge. Also, the accentuated by diamond-cut edges and P9 isn’t waterproof. rounded off with 2.5D glass on the front. the P9’s headline feature is none other Aesthetically, the phone looks marvelous than the dual 12-megapixel rear cameras and consistent given how Huawei avoids co-engineered with Leica. One camera having unnecessary focuses on grabbing the protrusions on the P9’s best colors while the other compact form factor. camera brings out clarity the phone is 6.95mm thin, with a monochrome sensor. so even if it’s not as sleek as Without using a color filter, its predecessor, the P9 still the monochrome sensor remains the slimmest phone can capture more detail in a Amazing construction quality and camera among the flagship phones scene. the resulting colored prowess. in this shootout. Combined images are nearly on par with with its 5.2-inch screen, the the s7 Edge in quality. Due P9 is easy to grip while being to this sensor, the P9 also small and light enough for takes strong black and white Short battery life with average benchmark one-handed use. the phone photos. this makes the P9 performance. is especially delightful to use, an astonishingly good phone helped along with a sharp Full within this selection for HD display. photography in general. the processing power As a whole, the Huawei of the P9 is a Huawei Kirin P9 is a well-made phone with 955 Octa-core processor. going by our a camera quality to match. At its price tag, benchmark scores, the Huawei-made it’s quite a bargain for a phone that looks processor falls behind industry-leading good and shoots well. the battery life and chips Qualcomm and samsung’s Exynos. benchmark results make it less ideal, but it’s Nevertheless, the user interface and still a worthy gadget on its own.


DISPLAy 5.2-inch Full HD IPs PrOCESSOr Huawei Kirin 955 (Octa-core) WEIGHT 144g DIMENSIONS 145 x 70.9 x 6.95mm PrICE PhP 23,990

the dual rear cameras can work individually or as a pair. this gives us photos with different results.

The P9 has a high quality build that holds up even when it’s compared against more expensive flagships.


HWM PH | August 2016


DISPLAy 5.3-inch Quad HD IPs PrOCESSOr Qualcomm snapdragon 820 (Quad-core) WEIGHT 159g DIMENSIONS 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7mm PrICE PhP 34,990

LG G5 the Lg g5 uses an unorthodox modular Housed within the g5 is a 64-bit Quaddesign that gives a fresh breath of life to the core Qualcomm snapdragon 820 soC. Its Android market. It’s subtle, shiny cut edge real-world performance almost matches gives the 5.3-inch phone a comfortable grip, the Exynos-equipped galaxy s7 Edge. Base as well as dominating looks. battery life, however, is mediocre. Features such as the Always-On Display the Lg g5 has two rear cameras. One (AOD), removable battery, and the option is a standard 16-megapixel shooter with an to enhance the phone f/1.8 aperture, while the other with modular attachments rear camera is a 135-degree combine to make the phone wide-angle lens with an feel like it’s worth its weight 8-megapixel resolution and in gold. Modular add-ons, an aperture of f/2.4. this dubbed “friends” by Lg, feature adds greater variety such as a camera grip and a in taking photos. We felt One of the most interesting and digital-to-analog converter spoiled by the wide-angle powerful Snapdragon (DAC), may be one of the option of the g5, as it enables 820 Android phones biggest things to happen to a us to add more detail into today. mainstream flagship phone. one shot. It’s wide range of the design of the Lg g5, options in terms of camera however, requires the phone brings it on par with other Battery life isn’t good, to be turned off to swap its camera-oriented phones like but replaceable. modular components. Other the Huawei P9. “friends” are going to be While we do feel that available for the Lg g5 in the Lg could have done better near future. with its core features, the Lg the AOD is not too bright, which limits g5 is certainly one of the most powerful the viewing angles. It’s less fancy than snapdragon 820 devices within reach. samsung’s AOD templates. Lg’s AOD feels thanks to its features, performance, and more practical in comparison with a wider modularity, the LG G5 is definitely worth spread of notifications. your attention.

the rear cameras are different with one of them having a wider field of view to get more in a shot.

The LG G5’s modular design is one of the most interesting features to happen for smartphones.




oPPo R9 PLuS It is tough for the R9 Plus to compete this processor is of the mid-range tier, so against the pricier alternatives listed in this the benchmark performance was weaker shootout, but its redeeming qualities make compared to the snapdragon 820-based the phone an effective contender. smartphones. that said, the ColorOs 3.0 (a With its white front bezel and a reskinned Android 5.1) runs buttery-smooth sandblasted metal rear, the design of the with no hiccups during everyday use. phone is blatantly similar to the iPhone Oppo makes selfie-centric phones, and 6s Plus. there are minor the R9 Plus is no different. differences, though, such It uses a 16-megapixel, f/2.0 as the phone’s flat side rims front camera with the same and its oblong Home button. specifications as its rear taken together, the R9 Plus camera, which performs has clearly an inspired design. really well. It is sharp, and the Despite its size, the 6-inch colors are more vibrant and Amazing battery life. R9 Plus feels easy to control natural-looking compared due to the staggered edge to the photos taken with the that runs along the device. Lg g5. Image quality is on Unoriginal design the aluminum-cut edge equal footing with the other with a low-powered doesn’t lie flush against the expensive models found in processor. plastic front panel or the this shootout. glass display, and it’s great the Oppo R9 Plus is for holding even if it looks equipped with a heavy-duty unsightly. the large display is 4120mAh battery. Our test also comfortable for reading and watching showed that the R9 Plus has beaten the videos. the Home button, on the other samsung galaxy s7 Edge by a very thin hand, doubles as a fingerprint sensor, which margin, resulting to add a big advantage is more intuitive than using the R7 Plus’ rear fingerprint sensor. Inside, you will find a Qualcomm snapdragon 652 Octa-core processor.

DISPLAy 6.0-inch Full HD AMOLED PrOCESSOr Qualcomm snapdragon 652 (Octa-core) WEIGHT 185g DIMENSIONS 163.1 x 80.8 x 7.4mm PrICE Inquire

to the Oppo R9 Plus. As a whole, the Oppo R9 Plus is a phone that runs like a flagship, but held back by its flaws in design and processing power.

The design of he Oppo r9 Plus looks undoubtedly similar to Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus.

The r9 Plus’ 16-megapixel front camera shares the same specs as the rear camera.


HWM PH | August 2016


DISPLAy 5.5-inch Quad HD super AMOLED PrOCESSOr 64-bit Exynos 8890 octa-core WEIGHT 157g DIMENSIONS 150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7mm PrICE PhP 39,999

SAmSUNG GALAXY S7 EDGE the samsung galaxy s7 Edge received tasks Edge, such as starting up the email numerous improvements despite looking app with the recepient field all filled up and like the preceding s6 Edge. Our favorite ready to fire. The width of the Edge panel is change is the camera bump that has been now at 550 pixels, nearly double in size of reduced to a mere 0.466 above the rear the older s6 Edge+ panel’s 260 pixels. surface. the s7 Edge has an IP68 rating, Within the innards of the the galaxy making it resistant to rain, splashing, and s7 Edge is a 64-bit Exynos 8890 Octa-core accidental submersion. processor. As a whole, the It has a 5.5-inch display samsung s7 Edge phones are with the iconic Edge screen still one of the most powerful that curves down the sides. smartphones in the market, the Always-On Display (AOD) with only the snapdragon shows the time and date, and 820-powered Lg g5 coming is brighter than that of the Lg in very close. Great overall performance. g5’s AOD. the s7 Edge’s AOD, Moving away from its however, supports fewer predecessor’s 16-megapixel apps for notifications. rear camera, the s7 Edge uses You can now incorporate a a 12-megapixel rear camera Not as exciting as the microsD card of up to 200gB with a bright f/1.7 aperture competition. into the s7 Edge. Otherwise, and smart OIs (image you can have two nano-sIM stabilization). While picture cards using its hybrid card quality and vibrancy are tray, instead. great, it has the least exciting the very edge of the phone also photography features out of the phones in received improved Edge uX with this shootout. more shortcuts and panels, buffing its With the weaknesses of the previous functionality to make it less of a gimmick. Edge phones from samsung addressed with Not only do you get to customize the the s7 Edge, the samsung galaxy s7 Edge is order of the Edge panels, you can also get a strong contender in the current Android extremely specific shortcuts on the new flagship market.

S7 Edge’s rear camera may not be as fancy as the competition, but it still shoots vibrant images.

New Edge UX on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge lets you have two rows of apps instead of one.



SONY XPERIA X Instead of the stylish, monolithic design 820, but that particular model is not yet language that permeated in the Xperia Z available in the local market. series previously, the Xperia X opts for a Real-word usage of the Xperia X felt muted, functional appearance. gone are ordinary except that sony had their the reflective surfaces or glass finishes on interface set to take on a slower, smoother its rear; it has been replaced with a brushed glide animation between apps and menus, metallic look. the biggest physical change which can be irritating if you are a person is the curved glass edges on who’s always in a hurry. the 5.0-inch display, as well as Battery life is decent despite the seamless metal rear that it’s surprisingly small capacity, wraps down the sides. but it pales in comparison to the Xperia X does borrow the other contenders in this functional design cues from particular shootout. its past such as having a We’re happy to report that Good camera, efficient battery. dedicated physical camera the 23-megapixel rear camera button and the lock button on the Xperia X (with its on the side that doubles as 1/2.30-inch sensor) does have a fingerprint sensor. As a much better performance Weaker performance, whole, the Xperia X is nice than its predecessors. plain-looking, slightly costly. to use and easy to operate the Xperia X is one of the with a premium finish. sharpest shooters in this unfortunately, it doesn’t have mix that produces detailed the old suave vibe. thus, it’s images and excels at low-light no longer as stylish as the Huawei P9. photography, even if compared to the s7 Inside the Xperia X is a Qualcomm Edge. Photos from the Xperia X are certainly snapdragon 650 Hexa-core processor. It’s much more vibrant and accurate than the one of the lower performing phones on Xperia Z5, too. On its own, it’s a complete our benchmarks, and it’s more expensive phone that felt nice to use, but it is currently than the Oppo R9 Plus. there is more in the up against prettier, cost-effective flagships Xperia X Performance with a snapdragon with longer-lasting batteries.


DISPLAy 5.0-inch Full HD IPs LCD PrOCESSOr Qualcomm snapdragon 650 (Hexa-core) WEIGHT 152g DIMENSIONS 143 x 69 x 7.7mm PrICE PhP 29,990

The Xperia X has a 23-megapixel, 1/2.3-inch sensor with Predictive Hybrid AutoFocus that delivers quick focusing under 0.6 seconds.

Sony retains their dedicated camera button, which embraced their design language since the Xperia Z range.


HWM PH | August 2016


CAMeRA PeRFoRMANCe Android Flagship Smartphones 2016


We look at color, sharpness, noise, and contrast in this comparison, while the individual review compares the unique shooting modes each phone has. By far, the sony Xperia X has the sharpest image, followed by the Lg g5, with the samsung galaxy s7 Edge placing in third. Although the samsung galaxy s7 Edge has the most natural tone, the colors are tinted a little red than the rest. the Xperia X may have a cooler color temperature as a whole, and its colors come second for its vibrancy and contrast. As the dark horse in the camera arena, the Lg g5 has the best black and white contrast out of the gladiators. All this is visible under scrutiny. We think all the rear cameras here performed well for the price they command. those who did not get a special mention made up for it with their unique shooting features.




Huawei: The P9’s ability to combine both lenses for better contrast makes the photo pleasing to the eyes without losing distinction between hues. LG: Contrast is what the G5 gives best, although it loses out in color vibrancy. OPPO: The r9 Plus’ rear camera is up against much tougher competition, but has the most functional shooter in this arena. Samsung: The Galaxy S7 Edge gives us images with impressive clarity set on a natural color tone. Sony: Arguably the strongest of the bunch is the Xperia X. It gives the best performance on sharpness, color, and contrast.


P E R f o R m A N C E


3dMARK iCe StoRM uNLiMited

(In ms; Lower is Better)

(Higher is Better)

sunspider Javascript measures the browsing performance of a device when processing Javascript. It takes into consideration not only the underlying hardware performance, but also assesses how optimized a particular platform is at delivering high-speed browsing experience.

3DMark’s Ice storm unlimited test uses a mix of graphics and physics test to measure hardware performance. The first test measures the gPu’s capability to process vertices, while the second does the same thing with lots of pixels and postprocessing effects. Finally, the CPU is tested for its ability to process physics simulations while keeping gPu load low.

Huawei P9

Huawei P9


700.6 Lg g5

Lg g5


699.7 Oppo R9 Plus

Oppo R9 Plus


583.6 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


311 sony Xperia X

sony Xperia X





(Higher is Better)

(In minutes; Higher is Better)

Quadrant benchmarks a device’s CPu, I/O, and gPu performance.

Our standard battery test for mobile phones includes the following parameters: • Looping a 800 x 480-pixel video with screen brightness and volume at 100 percent • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity turned on • Constant data streaming through email and Twitter

Huawei P9

Huawei P9



Lg g5

Lg g5


300 Oppo r9 Plus

Oppo R9 Plus

36,552 900

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge samsung galaxy s7 Edge

56,944 sony Xperia X



HWM PH | August 2016

870 sony Xperia X


S P E C I f I C A T I o N







Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

ColorOs 3.1, Android 5.1 (Lollipop)

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android 6.0 Marshmallow


5.2-inch / 1,920 x 1,080 (424ppi) / IPS

5.3-inch / 2,560 x 1,440 (554ppi) / IPS

6.0-inch / 1,920 x 1,080 (367 ppi) / AMOLED

5.5-inch / 2,560 x 1,440 (534 ppi), Super AMOLED Always-On Display, Edge Screen

5.0-inch / 1,920 x 1,080 (441 ppi) / IPS


Huawei Kirin 955, Octa-core

Qualcomm snapdragon 820, Quad-core

Qualcomm snapdragon 652, Octa-core

samsung Exynos 8890, Octa-core

Qualcomm snapdragon 650, Hexa-core


rear: 2x 12-megapixel camera, f/2.2

rear: (Standard) 16-megapixel with f/1.8, optical image stabilization and laser autofocus rear: (Wide) 8-megapixel with f/2.4, optical image stabilization and laser autofocus, 135-degree Field Of View

rear: 16-megapixel camera, f/2.0, AutoFocus Front: 16-megapixel camera, f/2.0, LED Flash

rear: 12-megapixel with f/1.7 aperture and smart OIS

rear: 23-megapixel camera, f/2.0


3gB / 4gB






32GB / 64GB, microSD up to 256GB

32GB, microSD up to 256GB

64GB / 128GB, microSD up to 256GB

32GB, microSD up to 256GB

64GB, microSD up to 256GB








145 x 70.9 x 6.95mm

149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7mm

163.1 x 80.8 x 7.4mm

150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7mm

143 x 69 x 7.7mm



2800mAh (Removable)





PhP 23,990

PhP 34,990


PhP 39,999

PhP 29,990



C o N C l u S I o N





SAmSUNG GALAXY S7 EDGE Every phone in this shootout felt powerful. Each of them had their own interesting features to stand out from the others. Ironically, it was the least novel s7 Edge that got our vote because it had strong benchmark performance and battery life, backed up by its willingness to rectify its older flaws, effectively bringing the Galaxy phone series closer to perfection. the Lg g5 has novel features and comparable performance, but its battery life is less than what we have hoped for. That said, LG’s first try at modular designs will hopefully bring us the next smartphone to beat. the other phones had their own merits, too. there are the immense battery life on the OPPO R9 Plus, the attention to aesthetics on the Huawei P9, and the camera performance of the sony Xperia X, but they didn’t manage to tick as many checkboxes as the s7 Edge did.


HWM PH | August 2016




VS CANON EOS 80D • NIkON D500 • SONy A6300


HWM PH | August 2016

PRoS with LittLe CoNS Able to deliver on most commercial jobs yet generally priced within the reach of a serious enthusiast or starting professional, the prosumer series of cameras is the lineup both these groups of photographers look forward to. They offer the best balance of features, performance, and price. Text by Marcus Wong Photography by Zaphs Zhang Art Direction by Ian Chong



CANoN eoS 80d the EOs 80D is one of Canon’s latest an incredibly handy flip-out LCD that offers cameras, positioned just behind the EOs full touch capabilities. this means that 7D Mark II from last year in terms of besides the usual controls such as touch capabilities. Like the 7D Mark to focus and touch to shoot, II, it uses Dual Pixel CMOs AF you can also touch navigate for faster AF performance the menus of the 80D just as during Live View mode. It you do in a mobile phone., also uses the Digital Imaging making it faster to navigate Integrated Circuit 6 (DIgIC 6) especially when using the image processing, but unlike quick menus. Good handling, the 7D Mark II, has only a One additional thing inclusion of touch makes it very easy to go single DIgIC 6 processor, worth noting is that the kit through the menus. which is probably why the lens that comes with the continuous shooting rate 80D is the first to support was lowered to 7.0fps from Canon’s new Power Zoom 10.0fps. there are also less Adapter PZ-E1. this handy Lower continuous shooting frame rate cross-type AF points (45 in little kit was designed than the others. the 80D vs 65 in the 7D Mark specifically for video II), but that does not mean enthusiasts, as it allows you the 80D is a slouch in that to get seamless zoom by department by any means, way of an electrical motor. as 27 of the central points there’s a choice of two are able to focus down to f/8. zoom speeds, and it even supports remote In terms of design, the 80D retains the control via the Camera Control app, making familiar design of the 7D Mark II, but adds it quite a handy accessory.


SENSOr APs-C CMOs MEGAPIXElS 24.2 DIMENSIONS 139 x 105.2 x 78.5mm WEIGHT 650g (body only) PrICE PhP 51,998 (body only)

The pop-up flash is also the AFassist light for the EOS 80D.

The quick menu is completely accessible by touch.

Ports that you need for video work are on the left of the body.


HWM PH | August 2016


SENSOr APs-C CMOs MEGAPIXElS 20.9 DIMENSIONS 147 x 115 x 81mm WEIGHT 760g (body only) PrICE PhP 96,000 (body only)

NiKoN d500 the Nikon D500 is the long awaited refresh with a 20.9MP DX-format CMOs sensor. of the company’s popular D300 semi-pro the most impressive feature is camera. given that the D300 was released the preposterous IsO range the D500 in 2009, it’s no surprise many possesses. Whereas last of us are still wondering if the year’s D7200 (and even the semi-pro mantle had been full-frame D750 and D810 left to the likes of last year’s before it) would only go up D7200. the D500 gains many to IsO 51200 as an expanded of Nikon’s latest technologies, setting, the D500 boasts and is notable for being one a native IsO range of 50 Professional build of the first cameras from 51200 that is expandable to a and features. Nikon to record a uHDstunning 1640000. given that resolution video. the D500 is using the smaller that is not the only area sized DX-format sensor, that’s Price is high for an in which it excels, though. certainly an impressive feat. APS-C sensor camera. the D500 also gains the new the D500 comes with a Multi-CAM 20K AF system 3.2-inch LCD that tilts and from the D5 with 153 AF has touch controls. unlike points, 99 of which are crossthe 80D, however, control is type. It also gains a very generous buffer limited to the playback menu and during of 200 shots (RAW), and 10fps continuous shooting (touch AF or touch to shoot). that’s shooting capabilities (if equipped with an made up for, in some way, by the inclusion XQD card). that speaks to the improved of a new control pad just below the AF-ON processing capabilities of the new EXPEED button, which allows you to more easily 5 image-processing engine, which is paired select an AF point.

This joystick lets you select the AF point while taking a picture.

The D500 gains a tilt LCD that has limited touch functionality.

The individual control buttons can now be illuminated.



SONY A6300 the sony a6300 is the company’s latest photo diodes to help the a6300 reach IsO flagship APS-C model with a headlining sensitivities of 51200 (after expansion). It feature: speed. As also allows faster readout sony claims, the a6300 speeds, which helps both is the world’s fastest in video recording and interchangeable lens digital continuous shooting. the camera (as of February a6300 will go up to as high 2016), able to achieve focus as 11fps and up to 21 frames in 0.05s. thanks to the new on RAW. It is also capable of Good performance Bionz X sensor, it includes doing Full HD slow-motion and overall no less than 425 focal plane video at 120fps. feature set. phase-detection coverage of the a6300 is solidly built AF points of any camera we with a nice wide handgrip, have ever seen. We certainly while the body itself weighs Autofocus system did not have any problems 361g. sony has packed an suffers in low light getting an AF point over a vcHDMI port, 3.5mm audio without the AF assist light enabled. particular subject. jack, hotshoe, pop-up flash, While the pixel count and an electronic viewfinder remains the same as the into a body that measures a6000 from February 2014 at only 120 x 66.9 x 48.9mm. (24MP), it is worth noting given it has uHD recording that the a6300’s sensor was built using capabilities while being only priced at the new fabrication process we first saw PhP 56,999, it makes the sony a6300 a in the Cyber-shot RX10 II and RX10 IV. By contender just based on the value you using thinner copper wiring, it allows larger obtain for your hard-earned cash.


SENSOr APs-C CMOs MEGAPIXElS 24.2 DIMENSIONS 120 x 66.9 x 48.8mm WEIGHT 361g (body only) PrICE PhP 56,999 (body only)

The movie record button remains easy to push despite its small size.

The basic ports for connectivity are on the left of the body.

There’s a quick menu for easy access to the main settings.


HWM PH | August 2016



CANoN eoS 80d

Image Quality & Performance

When it comes to real-life shooting, the EOs 80D showed itself to be one of the easier cameras to use, thanks to the well laid out controls and the option of using touchscreen to navigate menus. In good light, the camera focuses quickly and accurately. there wasn’t any obvious lag between shots. We found out, however, that we had to enable the AF-assist light by raising the pop-up flash to get proper focus in low-light situations, as the camera hunts quite a bit slow in dim-lit places. Colors from this camera is fairly accurate with just a slight blue tinge. Of the three cameras in this shootout, we’d say the EOs 80D was probably the one that gave us the most pleasing exposures to non-photoshopped photos, as it gives an even overall exposure.

1. At ISO 25600, images from the 80D start to break up and fine details are lost. 2. There’s a very slight hint of blue tinging with the 80D, but auto white balance was still good.



NiKoN d500

Image Quality & Performance

Despite having the lowest megapixel count, the D500 consistently produced images with the most detail. Also, it was able to get focus quickly and accurately, struggling only in the most extreme of situations despite not having an AF-assist light. the D500’s generous spread of AF points meant we could get focus just the way we wanted it, especially with the added AF selection joystick. the joystick is a nice addition, but handling-wise, it could have been lower and more improved. the only issue we experienced was the images would be lightly bluer compared to the others. this is only obvious when your subjects are in shade. While the D500 is easily the largest camera in this shootout, it also provided the best battery life of more than 1,000 shots. triple that of the a6300.

1. Images from the D500 have the best detail, but clearly cast a bit of blue tinge to them. Particularly when the sky is overcast. 2. Images from the D500 remain fairly clean even at ISO 25600.



HWM PH | August 2016




SONY A6300

Image Quality & Performance

As mentioned earlier, the a6300 has the highest number of focus points. that translated to better autofocus performance in good light, as the camera was consistently the fastest to focus. When shooting up close, however, the camera did have a tendency to back-focus. We needed to use the AF-assist light in low-light situations, as the camera would struggle without it. the white balance of the camera was fairly accurate with just a slight tinge of cyan noted in overcast scenes. While the IsO range on this camera only reaches up to IsO 25600, the a6300 performed very well across the range, holding detail together better than the EOs 80D. Color noise was well controlled, making the a6300 a value performer.

1. Despite the fact it’s an “extended” setting, images from the a6300 at ISO 25600 remained very usable. 2. The a6300 has pretty good auto white balance capabilities and it gives good detail, too.


S P E C I f I C A T I o N




NIkON D500

SONy A6300


Canon EF

Nikon F

sony E

Focal length multiplier








Sensor size

22.3 x 14.9mm

23.6 x 15.6mm

23.5 x 15.6mm

Effective Pixels




Number of focus points

45 cross-type

153 focus points (99 cross-type with 15 that support f/8)

425 phase detect and 169 contrast detect

IsO sensitivity


100-51,200 (expandable to 50-1,640,000)

100-25,600 (expandable to 51,200)

Maximum shutter speed




Max continuous frame rate

7 fps

10 fps

11 fps

Max burst

77 shots (JPEG Large), 20 shots (rAW)

200 shots (14-bit compressed rAW)

44 frames (JPEG Extra Large)





Max Movie resolution

1920 x 1280, 59.94p

3840 x 2160, 30p

3840 x 2160, 30p






3”, 1,040k-dots, swingtype TFT LCD with touch

3.2”, 2,359k-dots, tilt-type TFT LCD with touch

3”, 921.6k-dots, tilt-type TFT LCD


139 x 105.2 x 78.5mm

147 x 115 x 81mm

120 x 66.9 x 48.8mm

Weight (body only)




Battery life (still images)

960 frames

1,240 frames

400 frames

Price (body only)

PhP 51,998

PhP 96,000

PhP 56,999

HWM PH | August 2016

C o N C l u S I o N

the BeSt PRoSuMeR CAmERAS ARE... test




Best value

NiKoN d500 It was a closer fight than we expected, as all cameras had their strong suits. the EOs 80D had the best handling and interface, but the image quality fell slightly short of the other two cameras. On the other hand, the a6300 kept up with the D500 for the most part at lower IsOs, but started to fall behind when pushed above IsO 6400. the Nikon D500 takes our best performance award, with only one issue: Price. the D500 retails for PhP 96,000. If low-light performance is a major concern, and you want to get the best video capabilities of any APs-C Nikon Camera, then the D500 is the camera for you.

SONY A6300

the sony a6300 gets the award for best value because it consistenly produced quality images, and has a capability to shoot uHD videos for a relatively low price of PhP 56,999. This camera fits as a great secondary camera for either a photographer or a videographer, and certainly would be a good camera for an enthusiast looking to get high-quality photos and videos. With the a6300’s fast focusing and high continuous shooting rate, this camera will be great to use in sports photography. We can enjoy the advantage of its compact size in shooting run-and-gun videos, but may need plenty of spare batteries, as it drains juice a little bit fast.


f E A T u R E

T h e o f C o m p u B e y o n d m


HWM PH | August 2016

f u T u r e T i n g : Why today’s transistors are hitting a hard wall, and how the supercomputer of the future might be built on new tech.

o o r e ’ s l a w PICtuRE © Corbis

Text by Koh Wanzi Illustration by Ven Art Direction by Ken Koh


f E A T u R E

moore’s law or moore’s l o r e ? Why we just can’t keep shrinking transistors.

How Moore became the law We first had an inkling of the unique conductive properties of semiconductors as far back as 1833. That year, Michael Faraday, an English natural philosopher (really just a quaint term for a physicist in those days), observed the “extraordinary case” of electrical conduction in silver sulfide crystals where higher temperatures led to increased conductivity. This was the reverse of the usual behavior of other metals like copper that displayed reduced conduction when exposed to higher temperatures. Now, almost two centuries later, when semiconductors enable almost all the technology that comprise the fabric of 21st-century civilization, we are fast approaching the inevitable limits of the fundamental underpinning of the semiconductor industry. In 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Earle Moore observed that the number of transistors that could be crammed onto a silicon chip was doubling every year, leading to similar increases in performance. Moore revised the time frame to a more realistic two years in 1975 and the rest, as they say, is history.


HWM PH | August 2016

Moore’s Law has since become the holy grail of the chipmakers. Smaller process nodes allowed manufacturers to cram more transistors into the same area, leading to exponentially more powerful machines. The resulting chips also ended up consuming less power. This is all part of the automatic benefits that were assumed to follow smaller manufacturing processes than before. But, as manufacturers moved farther down the nanometer scale, the chip-making process got more and more complicated. Thus, the global semiconductor industry banded together to release a roadmap every two years that would chart the path for how to move forward together. In the end, Moore’s Law continued apace, not because of any incontrovertible scientific rule, but because the industry willed it to be so. New applications and use cases emerged to push the limits of previous generation chips, which in turn, led to successive generations of silicon that improved by leaps and bounds. Moore’s Law held true, and an empirical observation became a law. Right up till the point that it wasn’t anymore.

In 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore observed that the number of transistors that could be crammed onto a silicon chip was doubling every year...

The problem with transistors In the past decade or so, we’ve come to realize the all too real limitations of Moore’s Law. In the early 2000s, manufacturing processes reached a point where the heat being generated by smaller processes was becoming untenable. As circuits become smaller, electrons move through them faster, which results in better performance, but also more heat. In a word, things were just getting too small and chipmakers were running up against a heat wall (some even worried that the heat output would equal that of the surface of the sun). The solution to this was to stop increasing clock speeds, which have more or less stagnated since 2004. In order to adhere to the projections of Moore’s law, Intel also ditched its Tejas CPUs in favor of a new multi-core architecture that has become pretty much the standard of CPU manufacturing nowadays. That’s worked out fine so far, but the signs are pointing to a new, larger – and possibly insurmountable – roadblock. We are approaching the physical limits of how possible it is to shrink crucial chip features that are nearing the size of mere atoms. Problems like electron leakage aside, the industry will eventually get to the point where electron behavior would be subject to quantum uncertainties. Thus, rendering the transistors hopelessly unreliable. One example is a quantum phenomenon known as tunneling, where particles such as electrons turn up on the other side of an ostensibly impermeable barrier without ever passing through the intervening gap even though they should not as dictated by classical mechanics. Even Intel, the world’s largest chipmaker, has faltered. Its 10nm chips were originally slated for release this year, but the company now expects them to debut only in 2017. More tellingly, it officially killed off its “ticktock” manufacturing cycle in favor of a new “process-architecture-optimization” schedule. This essentially buys Intel more time to develop new and smaller transistor technologies. Its next processor line, which has been codenamed “Kaby Lake,” will be an optimized Skylake architecture still based on the 14nm process.

Either money or physics will stop Moore first The final nail in the proverbial coffin may have been the industry’s reaction to the new state of affairs. In March 2016, the global semiconductor industry released, for the first time, a roadmap that did not assume the continuation of Moore’s Law. It lets applications – ranging from smartphones to data centers – take the lead. So, the industry will work to design chips that fulfill more specific use cases instead of having applications work to take full advantage of chip performance after the fact. The semiconductor industry, once united, also shows signs of splintering, as companies pursue their own paths in moving beyond Moore’s Law. Intel, a towering figure once responsible for setting the pace of progress, isn’t even formally contributing to the forecasting process anymore. Even if the realities of physics didn’t stand in the way, every step down the scale requires a new generation of more expensive equipment to manufacture. This is typically in the range of billions of dollars – an amount few companies can afford – and the cost is so prohibitive that some analysts even think that the expense alone makes the entire endeavor untenable. As Daniel Reed, a computer scientist and vicepresident for research, says quite aptly, “My bet is that we run out of money before we run out of physics.”

What’s a transistor?

A transistor is actually a switch where electrons flow through a channel from a “source” to a “drain.” A gate regulates the current flow between source and drain. In its resting state, the gate stops current from flowing through, but it becomes conductive when voltage is applied to it. When this happens, the transistor is said to be switched on. The on and off states of the transistor correspond to the 0s and 1s in a binary system, and it is how chips are able to store data. But, as transistors became smaller, this process starts to fail. the channel begins to leak, as the source and drain becomes closer to each other, which means that there is a residual current flowing even when the transistor is supposed to be off. This translates into excess heat and wasted power and current leakage becomes more severe. It may even ‘‘ b difficult to tell if the transistor is Source Gatethe reliability of the chip. s to be on or off, affecting




Silicon block


f E A T u R E

Customers are less understanding of the limitations of physics. Are chip features becoming as small as a single atom? Are electrons leaking through transistor gates? That’s just too bad. They want faster chips to keep up with the latest applications, and they want these chips year after year. That creates quite a conundrum for chipmakers. What do you do when the entire premise that your business has been based on begins to fail? Increasingly, attention is turning to alternative technologies like quantum computing, and even silicon replacements like graphene that offer comparable performance but generate much less heat.

the transistors in quantum computers, also known as quantum bits (or qubits), can be 0, 1, or both values at the same time, thanks to a quantum mechanics principle called “superpositioning.” As a direct corollary, two qubits can then hold four values simultaneously – 00, 01, 10, and 11 – and adding more qubits would theoretically result in a computer far more powerful than any supercomputer today. This is because a set of qubits in a quantum computer could exist in every possible combination at once, and where a regular machine would have to go through each configuration individually, a quantum computer could simultaneously process all combinations.

The super CompuTer of The fuTure How tomorrow’s supercomputer might be built. To use a common phrase figuratively, the show must go on.

A quantum leap forward


HWM PH | August 2016

Quantum computers could tackle problems in days that would take today’s computers a millennium to solve.

MAIN PICtuRE Virgin galaCtiC

One of the more prominent solutions is quantum computing. A novel approach to computing that dispenses with the traditional binary system of 0s and 1s. Bits, which are the most basic units of information, come in two flavors: quantum and classical. While they may seem like two different subtypes of the same thing, they’re actually radically different from each other. For starters, classical bits, which are really just the 0s and 1s featured in binary systems, can only take on one value at any one time. This means that it is either a 0 or a 1 but never both. On the other hand,

Helping this along is a second quantum phenomenon called “quantum entanglement,” whereby a change in one particle also immediately affects other particles that it is entangled. This is essentially what allows a quantum computer to manipulate all its quantum bits together. In a nutshell, this means the ability to crunch huge amounts of data at once. As the number of combinations increases exponentially with the number of qubits, quantum computers could tackle problems in days that would take today’s computers a millennium to solve. It was even demonstrated as early as 1996 that quantum computers could drastically speed up the searches of massive databases (the idea isn’t new, and the

potential of the technology. What’s more, these systems behave in exceedingly strange ways. While qubits can exist in multiple states, they need to be measured if you want the machine to spit out the answer to whatever problem it was given, but if you attempt to observe the state of a quantum system, it “decoheres,” which is scientific jargon for saying that the qubit stops existing as both a 0 and a 1, and falls into one state or the other. The problem is that there’s no way of knowing for sure which state the qubit will collapse into. Thus, the success of any attempt to build a quantum computer rests on the ability to harness the probability that a qubit will decohere into one state, as opposed to the other. If the measurement isn’t done correctly, the resulting answer will just be one of its countless possible states, and almost definitely the wrong one. To further complicate matters, because of quantum entanglement, any observation of one qubit could end up collapsing others. This phenomenon was famously referred to by Albert Einstein as “spooky action at a distance.” On top of that, qubits are supremely sensitive to external interference. A passing electromagnetic wave, or even a tiny whiff of heat, can cause them to decohere and ruin any ongoing calculations. As a result, they generally have to be painstakingly isolated from external influences (usually involving some sort of sub-zero refrigerator).

Going 3D

For all the scrambling and indecision over what would best sustain Moore’s Law, manufacturers have hardly been standing still. Over the past years, we’ve seen changes to the design of the transistor to mitigate problems like electron leakage arising from smaller process nodes. the most notable of these was the shift to the 3D FinFEt structure, a switch Intel made in 2012 when it moved to the 22nm process node. While previous transistors were planar, FinFEt transistors feature a raised channel that is then wrapped by the gate on its three exposed sides. this gives the gate much more control over the channel, and enables the transistors to switch faster and still consumes less power. the next proposed step involves so-called “gate-all-around” transistors, where the gate surrounds the channel on all four sides. this gives the most amount of control, but also makes the manufacturing process more complex. With some luck, this could enable manufacturers to reach the 5nm process, but bigger changes are required beyond that.

conceptual bedrock was laid down as far back as the 1970s). Ultimately, because there’s so much computing power waiting to be harnessed, chipmakers don’t have to scramble to increase performance by shrinking transistors and cramming more of them onto successive generations of chips.




The problem with quantum computers Quantum systems are notoriously fragile, and the industry is still a long way from a commercially viable design, which is why everyone isn’t rushing to implement it. IBM may have recently unveiled a working five-qubit quantum computer that is available for public use, but it is still nowhere close to realizing the full



f E A T u R E

Yet another issue is that there is no consensus as to what to build qubits out of. IBM’s approach is to represent qubits as currents flowing through superconducting wires where the presence or absence of a current – or alternatively, its direction – equates to a 0 or a 1. Then there are proposals to use photons, a combination of ions and laser beams, and esoteric-sounding methods involving quasiparticles called anyons (your guess is as good as mine).

T h e s e a r C h f o r

Is quantum computing even possible?


HWM PH | August 2016

Graphene A different approach to solving the transistor problem involves a search for a suitable replacement for silicon that has better properties like higher electron mobility and lower heat output. The latter is already approaching its physical limits, and one alternative that has risen to prominence is graphene, a sheet of carbon that is only one atom thick. Graphene shares silicon’s ability to remain stable across a wide range of temperatures while also being a better conductor of electrons, which means transistors can switch on and off more quickly. This equates to

PICtuRE nasa ILLustRAtION ken koH

That aside, progress has been swift. One of the key challenges in quantum systems is to maintain a quantum superposition without it decohering or collapsing when you don’t want it to. In 2012, the record for maintaining a superposition without silicon was two seconds. Three years later, in 2015, this had leapt to six hours. Last year, a team led by John Martinis, a Google quantum physicist, published a paper describing a nine-qubit system where four could be measured without collapsing the other five. This allowed for significant strides in error correction, as they could then check for and rectify mistakes, which is key to navigating the probabilities involved in getting the right solutions from quantum systems. The possibilities are enticing. One application that has been frequently referred to is codebreaking. Documents leaked in early 2014 by National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden showed that the NSA was actually working on quantum computers for just this purpose. Another application is in artificial intelligence (AI), where quantum computers could theoretically accelerate training of deep learning networks.

better performance and less power consumption. Graphene transistors can operate hundreds and even thousands of times faster than the highest performing silicon devices. The only problem is that graphene is almost too good a conductor, and it cannot effectively switch between discrete on and off states. Various workarounds have been attempted, including doping, squashing, and squeezing graphene, as well as applying electric fields to modify graphene’s electrical properties.

One solution that has presented itself in recent years is the use of graphene ribbons narrower than 10nm. These behave like proper semiconductors so they can switch on and off. Researchers have even demonstrated a new chemicalbased approach that would make manufacturing graphene more feasible in an industrial setting.

SiGe alloy

The only problem is that graphene is almost too good a conductor, and it cannot effectively switch between discrete on and off states.

Another option that has been given is to create transistors with channels made from a silicongermanium (SiGe) alloy. Like graphene, SiGe is a better conductor than silicon, at least in certain aspects. To be specific, it conducts “holes” better. Holes are places in a semiconductor that might contain electrons, but by chance, do not. They behave much in the manner of positively charged electrons. Using this approach, IBM – as part of a consortium including names like Samsung and GlobalFoundries – has even leapfrogged the next-generation 10nm process to create a working 7nm chip last year. Of course, it’s exceedingly expensive to make, and uses cutting-edge technology like extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) to etch features onto the 7nm chips. The impressive part is that IBM claims the technique will eventually allow for 7nm chips to be crammed

n e w maTerials A different approach to solving the transistor problem.

with a whopping 20 billion transistors. In comparison, the highest transistor count on an existing chip is 7.2 billion, on a 22-core 14nm Xeon processor. Of course, SiGe has its downsides, as well. While it conducts holes much better than silicon, it is a less able conductor of electrons. A viable longterm path forward would require SiGe to be used with other compounds such as arsenide, indium, or gallium alloys to improve its electron conduction properties.


A more ambitious idea involves something called “spintronics,” short for “spin transport electronics.” Unfortunately, this is still a highly experimental field even though research into spintronic transistors has been going on for more than 15 years. Having said that, it’s not all entirely science fiction either, and spintronics is already used in certain hard drives. While traditional electronics uses the charge of an electron to represent information and encode data, spintronics utilizes “spin,” an intrinsic property of electrons. Spin can take two forms, either up or down, which is useful because they can then represent a 0 or a 1. Electron spins can essentially be transferred without the flow of any electric current, and this “spin current,” as it is christened, can transfer information without generating heat in devices. Ultimately, the most appealing thing about spintronics is the fact that the voltage required to drive these transistors is extremely low, in the range of a mere 10 to 20 millivolts. This is hundreds of times lower than a regular transistor, so chips would no longer have any problem with excess heat. But these tiny voltages come with problems of their own, as it becomes difficult to distinguish between a 0 and a 1 at such low voltages.


f E A T u R E

T h e r e ’ s s T i l l m o r e T o C o m e Moore’s Law is dead. Long live Moore’s Law. While there are countless possibilities, we’re still not anywhere close to an authoritative solution that will allow Moore’s Law to continue unabated. Does this mean that we’re doomed to stagnating computing capabilities within the space of the next decade? Hardly. We haven’t even scraped the surface of what’s being considered by the computing industry. Quantum computing, spintronics, and innovative new materials aside, others have proposed things like neuromorphic computing and increasingly specialized chips – for instance, Movidius’ visual processing chips – as the way forward. Then there are carbon nanotubes and nanowires, and even the prospect of 3D chips that involve stacking layers of components on top of a single silicon die. The point is that innovation hasn’t stopped, and it isn’t going to. Moore’s Law is first and foremost an economic observation, not a natural law, and the economics will ensure that it stays alive in some form or other. If you take Moore’s Law at its literal meaning, where it simply involves a lockstep march to more transistors and smaller process nodes, then yes, it is on its last legs. But Moore’s Law is also about cheaper costs and generally better

designs. Over the past half century, the semiconductor industry has achieved this by relying on the automatic benefits derived from smaller and better process technologies. With that route innevitably closed, the path ahead is paved with smarter and more creative designs. As long as consumers continue to demand more of the same, there’s little reason to doubt that the industry will eventually deliver. In fact, if we were to take the optimistic view, this might spur design innovations that could kickstart a new era in computing now that manufacturers can no longer rest on their laurels and expect the improvements from smaller processes. The spirit of Moore’s Law might just live on after all.

We haven’t even scraped the surface of what’s being considered by the computing industry.


HWM PH | August 2016

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iOS 10 - Apple’s Biggest Mobile Update Yet

We take a massive Apple WWDC keynote and distill it down to what’s important for iOS users. by Liu Hongzuo


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What’s new in iOS 10?

Come Fall 2016 (Q3 2016), you’ll be experiencing iOS in a new way. by Koh Wanzi Last month, we saw Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote address that touched on upcoming improvements found across their ecosystem – desktop, cars and even smartwatches weren’t spared. Here, we look at new features that will be coming in iOS 10, the operating system for iPhones and iPads, which arguably has the biggest impact for the most of us.

IOS 10 LOCK SCReeN New to the Apple ecosystem is none other than Raise To Wake. It is a feature in iOS 10 that makes iPhone’s lock screen display those important notifications when you bring your mobile device up to your line of sight. The iPhone’s lock screen is also capable of Rich Notifications. It will display more information from apps and show widgets to its left, as well, making your notifications more meaningful. Camera will become easier to access, too. From the lock screen, you only need to swipe from the right, as opposed to the current method (swiping upwards from lower-right corner of the display).



HWM PH | August 2016

ReVAMPeD MUSIC APP The Music app in iOS 10 went for a complete makeover with heavy focus on the user’s library, the album artwork for your tunes, and an overhaul to its general design language. The “For You” tab will now take center stage in the Music app. It suggests music Apple thinks you’d enjoy. Songs now come with lyrics implemented under the track scrubbing bar, so there’s no need to manually stuff lyrics in the description box like its 2008.

PICtuREs aPPle

Photos now come equipped with deep learning technology, which enables facial recognition and object & scene recognition. Combined, the extra data helps iOS 10 create better photo albums and photo search terms based on the photo’s imagery and content. The new Memories feature (pictured) is the result of the phone’s capability, as it automatically combines these photos into a short footage. Footage from Memories can be highly adjustable to your own needs. Like many of the new iOS 10 features, you have to see it to believe it. Apple said that it can help you rediscover cherished moments.

APPLe HOMe APP IN IOS 10 The Apple HomeKit interface for IoT-based smart homes is now congruent, thanks to the new Home app. This app lets you manage all HomeKit devices (effectively IoT smart home appliances previously compatible with iOS 9 under one beall-end-all app. The app also allows customization and Siri voice control.



Apple implemented LSTM (long short term memory) deep learning protocols into Quicktype. iOS 10 now offers better predictive texting. One of the examples given at WWDC 2016 was the ability for Siri to pre-fill text based on context, such as contact details of a colleague when a sender requests for it.

Besides a redesigned app with better organized content sprawled across its interface, Apple News now offers Subscriptions, which lets you view all your paid news on the app. Apple News now offers deeper integration into iOS 10, as well, with the option to allow Breaking News notifications. Now’s the time to use Apple News.



If you liked how Google Maps integrate hotel bookings into its interface, you’d be happy to know that iOS 10 will do the same – Apple Maps is open to thirdparty developers via Maps Extensions. The app is slated to work with Uber bookings and restaurant reservations via OpenTable.

iMessage in iOS 10 goes beyond text-only communication. You get rich links with preview images from pasted URLs. Videos can be played from the message itself. Emojis can be three times bigger, with predictive emojis available. iMessages also welcomes hand-written messages, and new message effects that add more impact to your text.

eND-TO-eND eNCRYPTION In a bid to improve personal privacy and iOS security, iOS 10 now features end-to-end encryption by default. All messages and transmitted information on Apple’s proprietary apps are better protected from hijackers. This has already been implemented independently by third-party app developers such as WhatsApp. It’s nice to see the OS enjoying end-toend encryption across the board.


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What you need to know about NVIDIA Pascal We’re finally leaving 28nm behind. by Koh Wanzi

ILLustRAtIONs ian CHong PICtuREs nVidia

NVIDIA unveiled the GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 to much fanfare in early May. Both of these cards were practically sweating performance through their pores, but that’s only part of the reason why they are so attractive to users. A lot of what makes the cards so interesting is the introduction of a brand-new GPU architecture, dubbed Pascal. Since Maxwell was first introduced in early 2014, followed by


HWM PH | August 2016

second-generation cards later that year and in 2015, Pascal is the first new architecture in quite a while.

PASCAL IS BASeD ON THe 16NM PROCeSS NODe We’ve been stuck on 28nm for far too long, ever since mobile Fermi GPUs transitioned from 40nm to 28nm back in 2012. In tech years, that’s practically a century ago. Thankfully, Pascal debuts on the

smaller, and vastly more efficient 16nm process node, which means it consumes far less power while serving up a whole lot more performance. We also aren’t talking about just a few tens of watts here. At load, the GeForce GTX 1080 consumes over 100 watts less power than a custom, overclocked version of the GeForce GTX 980 Ti – one of the previous generation’s most powerful cards.


distortions, and resulted in visual bugs like broken lines across monitors. The SMP unit addresses this by allowing the GPU to process geometry through 16 different pre-configured projections from a single viewpoint in one pass. The picture that needs to be rendered is broken up into segments,

Pascal is a brand-new architecture all right, and this doesn’t just mean more cores or faster clock speeds. NVIDIA GPUs feature Polymorph Engines that handle things like tessellation and perspective correction, and Pascal’s Polymorph Engine 4.0 (Maxwell still used version 3.0) features a new component called a Simultaneous Multi-Projection (SMP) unit. This enables a single graphics card to support multiple displays without any warping of the final image. This was previously a problem, because the GPU assumed the displays were lined up in a straight line, when they were actually tilted at an angle to wrap around the user. This created

so the correct perspective can then be displayed on the corresponding monitor. Ultimately, you get betterlooking multi-display setups with just one card. Before this, the solution was to install multiple GPUs and assign each monitor to a particular GPU.

PolyMorph Engine 4.0

Vertex Fetch


Attribute Setup

Simultaneous Multi-Projection

Stream Output

Polymorph Engine 4.0 features a new SMP unit for multiple projections.


Theoretical Max Clock

Frequency (GPU Core)






O cy

With GPU Boost 3.0, NVIDIA now offers custom frequency offsets for individual voltage points. This allows the GPU to maximize the headroom beyond a fixed frequency offset. While GPU Boost 2.0 could already dynamically vary the boost speed of the GPU according to temperature and load, it remained limited to a fixed frequency offset across all voltages. The problem with this is that the resulting voltage/ frequency curve isn’t necessarily in sync with what the GPU is really capable of, resulting in lost potential headroom. GPU Boost 3.0’s support for per-voltage offsets corrects this. By adding an additional parameter to vary the frequency offset by – in this case voltage – any lost performance opportunity can be minimized.

Voltage GPU Boost 3.0 pushes the frequency offset closer to the maximum theoretical clock.


l E A R N





Flow Control












Here’s a look at how Fast Sync stacks up against V-Sync.


GPU resource Allocation 100%




GPU resource Allocation 100%



Time Graphics



Dynamic load balancing maximizes performance by minimizing the time GPU resources spend idling (gray area).


HWM PH | August 2016

Fast sync provides a smooth, tearfree, and low latency gaming experience.

frames and increasing input latency. With Fast Sync, the GPU can render frames unhindered, so there is no backpressure, and latency is reduced. Also, cherry picks frames from the frame buffer to display, so tearing is avoided, as well.

Asynchronous compute is one of the rare cases where NVIDIA is playing catch-up with AMD, but caught up it has. Workloads can be separated into graphics and compute tasks, and asynchronous compute describes the ability to process both types of tasks simultaneously. This is a crucial feature in DirectX 12 games, and NVIDIA’s cards had lagged behind their AMD counterparts because of the lack of proper hardware support for Asynchronous compute. Well, that’s no longer the case, thanks to something called dynamic load balancing that allows either compute or graphics workloads to maximize use of the GPU’s resources if they are freed up. This translates into a decent performance bump in some of the latest DirectX 12 titles like Ashes of the Singularity and Hitman.

ILLustRAtIONs ian CHong

Pascal even has something to help less demanding titles run better. A card like the GeForce GTX 1080 would make short work of games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and introduce screen tearing because of the high frame rates. That’s where NVIDIA’s Fast Sync comes in to provide smoother, tear-free, and low latency gaming, in the tradition of V-Sync and G-Sync – except it has nothing to do with refresh rates. Fast Sync tweaks the graphics pipeline and decouples the frame rendering and display stages from the rest of the pipeline. This allows the GPU to continue to work as fast as it can, and store excess frames temporarily in the GPU frame buffer. If V-Sync was on, the game engine would have to wait for the display to refresh, creating a backpressure of

App Attack:

Cheap Virtual Thrills by Zachary Chan

As interest in VR is picking up, here are a collection of VR apps available for use with a Google Cardboard setup. Of course, you’re going to need to have Google Cardboard or one of the many third party clone devices, and the Cardboard app first, but they’re cheap enough to not require considerable investment. And yes, they work on both Android and iOS.

ILLustRAtION ian CHong

SiSteRS: A ViRtuAl ReAlity GhoSt StoRy Android & iOS Free As far as free VR apps go, many will like gimmicks or an excuse to showcase a 360-degree picture. We didn’t want to go there with this list of app recommendations, which brings us to Sisters. The game doesn’t have state of the art graphics and it doesn’t offer panoramic vistas. What it does offer, however, especially after you’ve donned your VR goggles and headphones to block out the real world, is plenty of creepy atmosphere. This is cheap VR at its most effective.

end SpAce VR foR cARdboARd Android & iOS US$ 1.09 (Google Play) US$ 0.99 (App Store) If scaring yourself to death isn’t your idea of having fun with VR, then perhaps you’d want to drop some small change for End Space VR, instead. The game is practically the opposite of Sisters. End Space VR is a fast-paced action game with bright colors, great visuals, and 3D audio. This first-person space shooter is reminiscent of the time when the genre was popular and joysticks were part of a gamer’s arsenal. It is reminiscent of games like X-Wing, Tie Fighter,

Descent, and Free Space.

SiteS in VR


Android & iOS

Android & iOS



Sites is an app that’s been around the block so to speak. Before its VR update earlier this year, it was basically just a collection of panoramic photos of landmarks and locations around the world – nothing that you couldn’t really view on a browser or a desktop. With the VR update, however, Sites in VR (renamed, so you know the app now supports VR) is an immersive journey, and you can now take VR “tours” of said landmarks, zooming in and out of, or checking out specific hotspots.

If your Facebook feed has been populated with 360-degree pictures of late, you don’t have to feel left out. The last app on our list isn’t just for viewing, as it actually allows you to shoot 3D pictures with your regular phone, and then share these pictures over social media. It’s not as immersive as actual 3D or 360-degree pictures, but the photos created with

Seene does have limited depth and movement data included for hours of fun without spending money on new camera hardware.


l E A R N

Get Perfect Panoramas

Panorama images can look spectacular in the right situation: To capture entire vistas or to record high-resolution images. Paul Burnett, Principal APAC Evangelist, Adobe Systems, shows you how. Pictures and text by Paul Burnett Edited by Marcus Wong

Creating a stitched panorama is easy. You can do it in either Adobe Lightroom CC or Adobe Photoshop CC with just a few clicks.

CAPTURING THe IMAGeS You can capture the images for a panorama simply by handholding the camera. No tripod is needed. The software is clever enough to work out where the images join. That said, there are a few helpful tricks. If you’re doing a horizontal panorama, hold the camera in portrait mode to get the most height out of your photos. The multiple images will take care of the width. The opposite is true if you are doing a vertical panorama. Begin at one end, and snap the shots slowly, moving across the scene. You should leave at least 20-30% overlap between your shots and try to move the camera along a horizontal line (you can use the horizon as a guide). Take as many shots as you need to cover the scene, as you can always crop later.

STITCHING IN ADOBe LIGHTROOM Let’s start in Adobe Lightroom. Import the images and select them all in the Library. In this example, I was lucky enough to be in Iceland a few months ago, visiting Kirkjufell Mountain. I took 10 shots hand-held to capture the scene, and imported them into Lightroom.


HWM PH | August 2016

Here’s what you do next: First, select Photo > Photomerge > Panorama to access the Panorama dialog. Here, you’re presented with options that help Lightroom know what projection you want to use. Depending on how you took the shots and how close the content was, play around with these to find the best fit. I chose Cylindrical. Lightroom then does a rough stitch of the images, so you can see how it will look.

Notice that there are some gaps around the edges. This is because of two things: Lightroom doing a lens correction to flatten the images and because there were slight movements in the camera as I panned around. Now I can either choose to click the Auto Crop button and lose the edges, or I can use the new Boundary Warp slider to have Lightroom stretch the edge content out to fill the area. I chose to stretch the image, and then clicked Merge to have Lightroom render my panorama.



Toshiba Canvio Slim II

YAMAHA J U LY 2 0 1 6 TA K E A R I D E W I T H J A D I N E







JULY 2016




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WIn !


the HWm team congratulates claro Hamili for winning the toshiba canvio slim ii external drive from our July issue contest.


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