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Service Provider by : Departent for International Development


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Good Governance and Multistakeholder Forestry Programme Co-Directors DFID-MoFr

Steering Committee : Bappenas Dephut DFID Rep. Others GoI Ministries Civil Org : local govt, private sector will be appointed by mutual agreement of the participant and Bappenas


Technical Advise VPA Consultant GOF Consultant MOF Secondee

Program Management Unit : Program Director Facilitator Administration Staff

Policy Window

Regional Window

MoFr Enggagement Window

Small Grant Window

GOAL Illegal logging reduced, and the role of sustainable forest management in poverty reduction, economic growth, and climate change adaptation and mitigation enhanced PURPOSE Enabling conditions for legal and institutional reform toward SFM in place by 2011, that support poverty reduction, and climate change adaptation and mitigation in the forestry sector Output 1: TLAS as instrument of good forestry governance, sustainable forest management, and trade agreement (as in VPA) is finalized Output 2: Institutional mechanisms for dispute resolution and strengthening community roles in the forestry sector is significantly catalyzed Output 3: Best practices on forest management and governance to promote growth equity, and accountability documented Output 4: Standards and mechanisms for monitoring the improvement of corporate governance and investment performance is sufficiently facilitated Output 5: Improve capacity of civil society organisations to mobilise resources, engage and hold to account government and other stakeholders Output 6: Pro-poor investment regulatory and institutional instruments to link CBFM with carbon markets identified

GRAND DELIVERY SYSTEM Policy Advocacy Development Grand Grand 08/09 >GDP 40.000 - Policy Advocacy - Technical Assistance

Policy Strategic

Regional Support Development and Assistance Grand 08/09 > GDP 40.000 - CF Block Grand - Support Civil Society - Multi Stakeholder Forum - Advocacy Policy & Tech. Assistance Regiional Strategic

MoFr & GoI Capacity Building Grand Grand 08/09 > GBP 40.000 - Stengthen Inst. Capascity - Support Policy Initial at Region and National MoF & GoI Enggagement Strategic

Strategy Small Grand Grand > GDP 15.000 - Eligible Activities - Meeting, Workshop, Training, Tech. Assistance - Innovation, ect MFP Facilitation & Institutional Development Small Grand Strategic

Expression of Interest and Proposal Development. Facilitate by National Facilitator/Instituonal Development Team, Tematic Expert, PUSREN, SC and Approved, Mentor and Monitor by PAC

Key Strategy Partners

Mitra/Grantee : Local Govt, NGO, Acadmeic, Civil Soc, Researcher

CF and Others Strategic Partners

Mitra Lokal di 6 Region

MoFr & Other GoI Ministry

MoFr Office and Other GoI Ministry Office

Program Facilitation by : PAC, MFP Management Unit Secondee Program Director

MFP II Personnel MFP Management Agus Justianto Adrian Wells Diah Raharjo MFP Secondees Endang Setiawan Achmad Edi Nugroho

FOREST GAVERNANCE AND MULTISTAKEHOLDER FORESTRY PROGRAMME Manggala Wanabhakti Building Blok IV 9 th Floor, Room 929-930, Wing C Jl. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta 10270-Indonesia Tel. :+62-21-570 1107 (direct), 570 3246 & 570 3265 ext. 5327 Fax. :+62-21-570 4397 Email : Website :

MFP Co-Director (Ministry of Forestry) MFP Co-Director (DFID) MFP Program Director

MFP Secondee MFP Secondee

MFP Consultants Agus Setyarso Andy Roby

VPA Consultant FLEGT VPA Consultant

MFP Facilitators Nurcahyo Adi Dedi Haryadi Rio R Bunet

National Forest Policy Facilitator Local Governance Facilitator Institutional Development Facilitator

MFP Administration Gustaaf A Lumiu Dwi Pujiyanto Ade Djunainah Ade Lusia M.Abd.Syukur Meilana Budi Nugrahani Saman

Senior Finance Manager Grant Administration Manager Office Manager Secretary Dokumentation and Information Grant Administrator Driver

MFP Profile  

Profile MFP

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