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WE NEVER STOP THINKING F-75 Jalan kampung Titi Semang 08200 Sik kedah, Malaysia Website: Email: Tel: +604-6491094

Company Profile Introduction MZ First Motion is an enterprise company founded and registered in Malaysia to serve customers in supplying the materials in engineering fields. Initially, the majority of our business was in the supply of hardware related items. With the growing demand from our customers, we are now in a position to supply not only a comprehensive range of hardware products, but also complete solutions for air conditioning and refrigeration spare parts, tools and equipments, machineries spare parts, electronic and electrical products, lights and bulbs, plumbing fitting, bathroom accessories, power and marine machineries, boat accessories, Malaysian timber and various type of steel. With our office located in Penang, Malaysia, we are in the middle of Asia trade center. By the simplification of our logistic operation and strong relationship with our associates we already cut down the time in sourcing your needs. Our business philosophy is always to growth the relationship with our customers. This will be achieved by delivering the rights products in accurate time line while Maintaining our customer satisfactions in every aspect.

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Our Customer At MZ First Motion we cater all levels of the buying public, which obviously comes from two different categories. EXCLUSIVE RANGE Government Organization Corporate Organization Commercial Organization Mainly meant for organization or agencies in their focused industry.

MIDDLE RANGE Middle Traders Individual Mainly meant for medium to small business trade.

The Core Our business core value is to develop a sustain business relationship with our customers while achieving their needs within their constraint. It always been our pleasure to make you achieved your dreams by sourcing the materials you require.

Founder Muhamad Zulnabli Bin Mustaffa is the founder of Mz First Motion Enterprise . A dynamic and ambitious young man originally from the north Malaysia in the state of Kedah. His curiosity is always in engineering field since his young age and his business interest is the heritage from the family background. His highest education is Bachelor Degree in Robotic Engineering and Diploma Mechatonic Advance Technology Institute (ADTEC Kulim). After completion of his study, he worked as mechanical engineer in the carton box manufacturing industry. He expands his knowledge and experiences while working as Design and Motion engineer CpAutomation Company from Switzerland. He moved to Electrical Company and take Certificate for electrical from ST Chargeman A1 and PW2 after that her have other Computer Certificate CCNA, CCNP, RHCP and MCSE 2007. He has 5 year experienced in Mechatonic and Networking system, technology Design SCADA system Controller for Factory and Mall, Make Controller for Machine and freelance Programmer. Working outside of the country giving him the times to explore around the Asia region and by taking this chance he has observe the engineering practices from various places.

Products & Service MZ First Motion Enterprise supply components, parts, equipments, trainer and tools used in engineering field that related to electronics, electrical, mechanical, mechatronic, computers, IT and other Creative Industrial including part for photographer or cinematography We carry a wide range of products in term of variety and technology, from budget category to a premium quality to meet different type of customer requirement. Most of the products are a well known brand in the industry. Our product line can be divided into five main categories as follows: Components, part and industrial supply Equipment and trainer Tools and Hardware Software Supportive products Service and Troubleshooting Trade (Import /Export) Photographer and Cinematography When we deliver you our products, automatically you have buy for our product reliability with a free gift of our responsibility. The product that we offered is in their high class range and is on their top quality. Our products and service can be dividing into eight categories as below. Our scope of supply is not only limited to our core products mentioned above, but we are also assisting our customers in sourcing many other items and as well being a local Malaysia agent for our customer. For more information about us, please visit our website at or kindly drop your email at for any enquiries.


Tools & Hardware

2.1.1 - Power & Hand Tools

For the precision in your professional field we supply a wide range of hand tools and power tools from Makita, Hilti, DeWalt, Bosh, Stanley and many more.

2.1.2 - Hardware

A wide choice of hardware item including bolts, nuts, stud, paint, glue & adhesive, door/window fittings & locks, rope & chain, bearings, mechanical transmission, castor wheels and tool bits.

2.1.3 - Construction

For your construction materials we have various types and sizes of raw steel, timber, wood and plywood.


Electronic & Electrical

2.2.1 – Appliances

For commercial or home application, we have a wide variety of kitchen equipments, fans, home or office electronic & electrical appliances, lights & bulbs, smoke detector and many more.

2.2.2 – Spare Parts

Let us take your burden in sourcing you the correct and genuine spare parts. We have in stock several spare parts as example, circuit breaker, distribution board, switches, switch control, cables, capacitor, relay, transformer, thermostat, temperature sensor, motion sensor, solenoid valve, capacitor, voltage regulator, dimmer, timer, TV cable and accessories and heating elements.


Plumbing & Accessories

2.3.1 – Bathroom & Toilet Accessories/Fittings

Bath Tub, Sink, Faucet, Shower Head, Mixer Valve, Spray Shower, Water Closet, WC Seat Cover, Odor Trap, Drain Plug, Pop-up Stopper, Flush Tank and spare parts, Soap Holder, Toilet Paper Holder, Towel Hook and etc…

2.3.2 – Water Plumbing Fittings & Accessories

PVC & UPVC Pipe, PVC & UPVC Fittings, PVC Flexible Hose, Fusiotherm Pipe, Fusiotherm Fitting, Strainer, Filter, Valves, Coupling, Water Meter and etc…

2.3.3 - Fuel Plumbing Fittings & Accessories

G.I Pipe, G.I Fitting, Strainer, Filter, Valves, Fuel Meter and etc…

2.3.4 - Gas Plumbing Fittings & Accessories

Pressure Regulator, Shut off Valve, Ball Valve and Safety Valve.

2.3.5 – Pump

Vertical & Horizontal Centrifugal Pump, Sand Pump, Submersible Pump, Diaphragm Pump, pump & motor spare parts.


Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

2.4.1 – Air Conditioner

We supply the air conditioner unit and its spare parts for the well known brand, Daikin, Hitachi, National Panasonic, Mc Quay, Sharp, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, York, Sanyo, Acson, LG, Carrier and Fujitsu.

2.4.2 – Refrigeration

We dedicated our supply in Berjaya refrigeration and its spare parts. We also supply the common spare parts for other brands of refrigeration unit as example, compressor, accumulator, evaporator coil, condenser coil, Printed Circuit Board (PCB), digital thermostat, fan motor, capillary tube and expansion valve.


Boat Accessories

2.5.1 - Pontoon/Jetty

A floating dock systems that are versatile - the modules can be configured end to end or side to side, as long and wide as you wish and for many different applications or configurations on water or land.

2.5.2 – Windlass

A wide variety of windlass at your choice

2.5.3 – Hatches & Port Light

A wide variety of hatches and port light

2.5.4 - Water Skis / Accessories / Floating

Ski & Kneeboards, Ski Tow ropes & Harness, Inflatable Tubes, Feet Pumps, Ski Pylon, Gloves, Buoyancy Vests.

2.5.5 - Emergency / Safety Equipment

Life Buoy, Air Horn, Fire Extinguisher

2.5.6 - Electrical

Switches, Fuse Panels, Navigation Lights, Searchlights, Interior & Utility Lights, Lights, Electric Horn, Battery Box/Tray, Battery Terminal & Switch, Marine Batteries, Batteries

2.5.7 - Fishing & Accessories

Rod Holders, Outrigger Accessories

2.5.8 - Mooring / Anchors

Anchors, Anchors Ropes, Anchor Rollers, Fenders, Fender Racks, Buoys

2.5.9 - Pumps / Sanitation

Bilge Pumps, Fresh Water Pumps, Aerator Pumps, Macerator Pumps, Marine Toilet, Thru Hulls, Drain Plugs, Hose & Hose Clips, Strainers

2.5.10- Steering / Controls / Hardware

Steering Wheels, Steering Cables-Mechanical & Hydraulic, Throttle Cables, Control Boxes, Control Kits

Ladders, Oars & Paddles, Engine Brackets, Seats, Pedestals, Port Holes, Utility Hatches, Boat Hook, Stabilizer, Glove Box, Drink Holder, Grab Handle, Canopy & Railing Fittings, Cleats, Hinges, Shackle & Board

2.5.12 - Fuel / Exhaust

Fuel / water Separators, Filters, Fuel Line & Connectors, Fuel Tank, Tank Vents, Blowers, Deck Plate

2.5.13 - Trailer Parts / Accessories

Winches, Trailer Jacks, Couplers, Rubber Rollers, Hub, Rims, Mudguards, Balls, Leaf Springs, Load Carries


Training and Education Equipment

2.6.1 – Trainer kits

Education Equipment for studies like Workbench, Training kit mechatronic, Electrical ,electronic ,Pneumatic and Hydraulic.

2.6.2 – Mechatronic

Mechatronic Part for Motion PLC, Microcontroller, Robotic, Motion Equipment, HMI, Sensor and other



2.7.1 – Design

Design high technologies network system and build CMS for web server

2.6.1 – Photographer and cinematography

Make DSLR cinematography and photography

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Company Profile