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If you are muscle building you might be considering using anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids not only help bulk up muscles but they also cut the pain associated with working out. However what you need to realize is that the pain is there for a good reason. If you are on steroids you may not realize when you have gone too far when it comes to exercising. However not knowing where your pain threshold begins and end is not the only problem associated with using steroids. Anabolic steroids are designed to mimic the bodybuilding and tissue repair traits that are associated with the intake of testosterone. Some types of anabolic steroids have therapeutic value and are used for treating endometriosis, agioedema, anemia and some types of breast cancer. However, steroids have commonly been used and abused by athletes and non-athletes for bodybuilding. The reason is that they are very effective in masculinizing the body. This means that the body increases in size because it is can utilize protein to grow tissues more effectively. However they can also cause the genitals to shrink in size and the body to grow more hair. Anabolic steroids disrupt the delicate balance of hormones in men. The use of anabolic steroids causes the testes gland to react to the increases in testosterone levels in the blood by producing less testosterone on its own. The testes gland gets an incorrect message that it is no longer needed (because of the disruption in the chemical balance). As a result, the testicles shrink and less sperm are produced which may lead to sterility. Because steroids eventually break down into estradiol (a female sex hormone), a male's breasts will enlarge. Other consequences for men can include frequent and painful erections, impotence, pain urination, an enlarged prostrate gland, severe acne on the upper arms and back, more facial hair and balding on the top of the head. However the above side effects seem minor compared to the very serious health problems that can be provoked by anabolic steroid use. This includes an increased risk of liver tumors, an increased potential for high blood pressure, higher cholesterol and heart abnormality. These are not problems that show up immediately. They may hit you at any time and unexpectedly because you decided to opt for the recreational use of anabolic steroids when you were younger. Mood swings are another consequence of anabolic steroid use, which can of course cause social and romantic problems. This is casually referred to as "Roid Rage." People who take steroids can become increasingly violent or aggressive and there are many stories about professional athletes flipping out in public and even committing suicide as a result of taking these anabolic steroids. Yet another big risk of taking anabolic steroids is that they can get you banned from professional competition as a muscle builder. Many gyms also do not like members who are taking steroids because sometimes they are injected with needles. This of course also increases the risk of hepatitis and AIDS.