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How to wear a Casual Button-Up Shirt?

Shirts are the most essential category of outfits for men. They are both special and staple. They are causal and all kind gentleman vibe. They are for the studs so much so that they exist for those who believe in the simplicity of fashion. But they are of so many different families that make men always get confused with what to wear when and how. For instance, if you are browsing Mufti- a celebrated lifestyle men’s brand then you would experience varieties of shirts like formal shirts, dress shirts, casual shirts, floral printed shirts, geometric printed shirts, self-patterned shirts. And the list goes on! Therefore, the crisis arises about how to style them. Here is a list of out of the box ideas to wear Casual Button-Up Shirts. They are

fancy and full of lives but each one of you needs to put some effort to make yourself look from smart to a dashing man. Let’s dive into the styling tips:

#1 Printed Button-up Shirts with Shorts to celebrate the Stay-cation

Let’s add some color and prints to your wardrobe. For most of the men, prints are feminine but nowadays they have become genderneutral. Thus, it’s a great time to enjoy the perks of it. Buy yourself some cool printed button-up shirts –birds, floral, geometric patterns, inspired by characters from movies. These casual shirts can be paired with a pair of types of denim, knee-length shorts, or as comfortable as joggers. But the most important tip is not to tuck these kinds of shirts. Half or full-sleeves, they appear cooler when not tucked. Enjoy them wearing while enjoying a stay-cation at a friend’s place or vacations.

#2 Plain White Button-Up Shirt for winters and summers

Do store some White Button-up shirts for summers. How to filter the best summer shirt is to go buy the fabric. For summers, it's wise to choose linen or cotton which are light and breathable. When you are buying a couple of them then go for half and full-sleeves both. Both types of shirts can be worn at different occasions hence, serving different purposes altogether. A full sleeves button-up shirt could ideal for formal get-together whereas half-sleeves are for casual summer evenings. The prior could do justice a suit and a pair of formal shoes whereas the latter is perfect with loose trousers and sandals. The choice is yours!

#3 Jackets & Button-Up Shirts

Swarm yourself into an effortless styling by adding a layer with button-up shirts. Denim Jackets in winters or Linen feather-like jackets during summers, both make the look different and enhances the overall personality. Do have a pair of blue denim jackets and earthy colored jackets like beige or brown. Button-up the shirt’s collar to give it an attitude of simplicity whereas the jackets do the work of adding a cool quotient. Team up the layering with jeans or linen cuffed pajamas as you feel like with a pair of sneakers.

#4 Plaid Button-Up Shirts with Skinny fit Jeans

The men, who are skinny as well as well-built and tall too could also enjoy solid colored button-up shirts with skinny fit jeans. When buttoned-up shirts are worn with fitted jeans, they make you both sleek and fit. Accessorize the look with a cap and sports watch. Add a tinge of color by wearing casual sneakers. They form an apt outfit for partying; comfortable and stylish. The important tip is to wear a contrast to the color of the shirt and jeans. So, if wearing a dark shirt then pair it with a light shade of blue jeans and vice-versa. Try to move beyond the plaid colors of maroon and black, experiment with new combos like yellow & blue or black, brown & red, etc. Because just a change of colors will bring freshness to your looks.

#5 Dos and Don’ts of buying Casual Button-Up Shirts

Styling a button-up shirt is the next step. The crucial thing is to buy yourself the right button-up shirts. Buying shirts for men might sound like as easy as buying t-shirts but they are not. There are certain parameters to be kept in mind while making a decision

otherwise styling would not have the impact as it should. For example,

1. Shoulder length of the button-up shirts should ideally match your end of the shoulders and shouldn’t fall beyond that. It doesn’t look crisp.

2. Choose a fabric that suits your body type. For instance, mostly cotton would go with all body types as well as across the seasons whereas a polyester or linen would not look good has got paunch.

3. If wearing printed shirts then no need to accessorize them with caps or cotton scarves but let the unique prints do the magic.

4. They look great when not tucked in the trousers.