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NEXUS NEWS 6 A round-up of the news you probably did

The second and final part of an article writ­ ten by Glenn Krawczyk which explores the many uncomfortable aspects of Mind Control in the New World Order.

not see. ARI BEN-MENASHE INTERVIEW 11 Glenn Krawczyk interviews the author of the explosive book liThe Profits of Warl/ and uncovers a web of international conspiracy and intrigue. MICROWAVES AND YOUR HEAHH 17 By Prof. Ron Laura and John F. Ashton. They are constantly bombarding us from the sun, and they sit in many of our kitchens, but how safe are we in their pres­ cence? GOLD IN THE SAN ANDREAS - Pt 3 21 By Ted Smith. Finishing our story of the Spanish conquest of parts of South America, and the links to the mountain of gold ingots found in New Mexico. UFOs. OVER MEXICO 26 On 11 th July 1991, thousands of people in the world's largest city witnessed the beginning of a UFO flap that continues to this day. Edited by Ruth Parnell. ENERGY & POWER IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER. 31 By Stan Deyo. A look at the monopolisa­ tion of energYt free energy research, and thermionic conversion.



A round-up of interesting news and titbits, from the underground science network. THE TWILIGHT lONE

REVI EWS - Books ..•...................................•....•.....••...57

"Profits of War" by Ari Ben-Menashe.

"Big Brother" by Simon Davies.

"It's A Conspiracy" by The National Insecurity Council.

"Prophecies of the Presidents" by Beckley & Crockett.

"AIDS, Cancer & The Medical Establishment ll by

Raymond Keith Brown~ MD.

"How to Screw 'Your' Bankl ' by Laurence F. Hoins.

IIVaccinationr by Isaac Golden.

REVIEWS - Vilfeo & Audio Tapes


"Bankers & Bastards" - Paul Mctean. "New World Order; Seduction or Solution?" -Jeremy Lee. '''Missing Time" " Budd Hopkins. l'Oxygen Therapies 1992 Update" - Ed McCabe. "Messengers of Destiny" - UFOs over Mexico. "Earth Changes Australia l' by Gordon-Michael Scallion.




A collection of strange and bizarre stories from around (and of{) the world.


follow-up section of information that readers of previous issues will want to know. This issue follows up Ed McCabe, Oxygen Therapies, and Essiac - the herbal cancer cure.










Editorial Welcome again to the latest and greatest edition of Nexus! LotsJ to tell you this issue. First up !,bough, yO" all owe me (and Catherine) a round of congratulations on the arrival of our new daughter, Jacinta. To save all those phone calls, she weighed eight pounds and a bit, and emerged via a successful waterbirth at home. Second up, we have a full-time assistant editor/secretary/proof-reacter/editorial assistant/photocopier/sandwich IJlaker/receptionist/researcher and sooth sayer. Her name is Ruth, and she is worth her weight in gold. (We were 'Ruthless' before her arrival). Some exciting events are also on the immediate horiz.on, such as the visit to Australia by James Clark. He is the inventor of the Life Information System Ten (LISTEN), and will be speaking and conducting workshops. See inside cover ad. Maverick archaeologist David Hatcher Childress will also be visiting down-under over the next few weeks. He is a speaker we highly recommend you see. Refer to the back cover for more details. On the exciting news front - there has been the biggest UFO 'flap' you have (n)ever heard of. Tens of thousands of people watching UFOs hovering over the world's largest city, in broad daylight, and being captured on hundreds of home movies. The details are in the article on pages 26-29. There is a hot-off-the-dubbing studio video documentary now available through Nexus, with some incredible footage of the 'UFOs mentioned above. See page 30 for details of the video. Bruce Cathie has teamed up with an American computer whit, and produced a computer programme for calculating the world's grid points. It is a highly accurate programme with many abilities, and will open up a Pandora's Box of research to come. For further infotmation, please refer to page 51. On a completely different front, Nexus Magazine has been cooking up a project which is essentially the establishment of a high-tech, self-sufficient 'community', This is the 'community' many have dreamed of, with facilities for publishing, food growing, storage and sales, state of the art natural health facilities, a 'mad scientist' .research and development complex, chalet and bungalow style accomodation, con­ ference faci'lities all set on a couple of hundred acres of good soil, abundant fresh clean water, bigh in altitude, with about one hundred like-minded people living there on their own couple of acres. Sound familiar? If this is your dream also, contact me at the office and I will share details of progress to date. Starting with the nex.t issue of Nexus, we will have a regular column. This will be written by Gordon-Michael Scallion, and will focus on prophecy and earthchanges. We feel that his track record of predictions has been high enough so far, as to merit more serious attention. We agreed to publish this column in the interests of inform­ ing the hundreds of people who ring him in the US, wanting details of his predic­ tions for Australia and New Zealand. Stay tuned. In the meantime though, get his tape on Earth Changes in Australia. Details are on page 57, If what he predicts eventuates with the accuracy level he is achieving at present" then all you conspiracy theorists may be able to breathe a sigh of relfef. In a nut­ shell, it would appear that the 'Orwellian' New World Order that so many people fear happening, will be 'beaten to the post' by sudden, dramatic and severe earth changes. According ItO what he and others are predicting, massive earthquakes, tidal waves and freak weather patterns will foil the plans of any world-conquering conspirators. It would appear that we will need to band togetller locally to survive what's ahead. Nevertheless, Nexus wijl publish on, until the last newsagent goes underwater. Meanwhiile, we hope you all have many years ahead in which 10 read, and re-read, our humble publication. Thank you all for your continuing and growing support. Duncan Roads

WARRANTY AND INDEMNITY Advertisers upon and 'by lodgmg material with the Publisher fex publication or authorising or approving of the publication of any material INQEMNIFY the Publisher and its se.rvants <l:nd agents a.gains~ all I.ia~ility claims o~ proceedings whatsoever arising fro~ th~ p~blication and without Ilimiting the gene~lity 0.1 the 'fo-regolng to indemnify each of /hem !n relation to defamallon, slanc~r of title, breach of copyright, Infringement of trademarks ex names 01 publica­ II tion titles, unfair cwmpetition ex trade practices) royalties or violation of rights or privacy AND WARRANT that the material complies with all relevant laws and regulall.ons and that its publication will not give rise to any rights against ex liabilities in the 'Publisher} its servanls or agents and in parti_cular that nothing [herein is capable of being misleading or Cleceptive or otherwise in ,breach of [be Part V of the Trade Practices Act 1974. All expressions of opin­ ion are published on the basis that they are not to be (egarded as the opinion of the Publisher or its servants or agents. Editorial advice is not specific and readers are advised to seek professiooal h.e1p for individual problems. o Nexus New Times 1993



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NB: Please keep let­ ters to approx. loo·IS0 words in length. Ed.

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide Dear Duncan, As a new reader of your magazine, thanks to the publicity given to it by Brian Wilshire on his radio programme recently, I wish to compliment you on its contents. 1 was particularly interested in the article on Hydrogen Peroxide as I have been using it now for over six months, having been introduced to it by Brian's references to it in his book "The Fine Prinl". Incidentally I have been a pharmacist for over 55 years, and at the time I trained, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide had an official oral dose of2ml to 8ml. I note from your editorial that you have been experiencing computer problems and perhaps this accounts for the rather "garbled" dosage table on page 22 under the heading "Purg~ng Schedule fOf 3% Hydrogen Peroxide". It would seem that two suggested schedules have been lumped together. Could you please check your source copy and advise me as to the, correct dosage tables. I enclose my application for a year's subscription and an order for back wpies. Yours sincerely, Ernest W., Ph.D., M.P.S.

(Dear Ernest, just as a good carpenter should never blame his tools, so a good publisher should not blame his computer. .

The pur.gzng. sche~ule you require IS p.n~ted zn full on page 37 of thiS Issue.) .

Re: Suppression of Oxygen . Th eraples ..

discouraging any oxidative therapies for their members. Apparently, they collect monies to meet their payroll, publish "facts" and not one of them we contacted has provided funds for their mem­ bers' treatment. In the last five years my clinic has treated over 200 cases of HIV­ positive patients. We have kept in contact with as many of these patients as possible, and of that number, 113 patients still report they are HIV-negative. It is harder and harder to get any patients to come forward with their results due to locality and "AIDS bashing" - a real growing social problem here in the South. I now fmd it necessary to publish the Boyce Ginic, Inc. protocol so that as many people affected with HlV-positive AIDS can fmd treat­ ment (possibly a cure) in other countries that are more broadmind­ ed, less interested in the dollar, and more interested in the patient. AZT and DOl, while making billions of dollars, are really cytotoxic to the patients. No one has lived past 3 years using AZT or DOl, bUl using oxidative and alternative therapies, patients have been able to lead a productive healthy lifestyle for over five years. In closing, I hope many physi­ ci~ns, ~?th medical and n~tural, Will ut~hse the prot~co~ With my ~est Wishes. If pOSSible, I woul~ like to have some feedback, and If more protocol clarification is needed,i'm sure they can write ,to you at Nexus and youll forward it ,to me for fW1her explanation. S·mcere1y, Dr James Boyce Boyce Ginic Inc. 4410 B. Wes~ Aloha Drive Diamondhead MS 39525 USA

Dear Mr Roads, Oxidallve therapies are under attack in the United States. Large phannaceutical companies are paying huge sums of (W ho. bl' hed D B ' money to Political Action e ve pu IS royce s Committees (PACs) to coerce leg- protocol for the succ:es sful islators to force government treatment of HIV In the bureaucracies such as the FDA, I Resources and Updates Section DEA, NIH!, and the CDC to raid I ofthis issue; see pages 36-37.) individual practiLioneIS and cause revocation of their licences. There Re: Advertising Response Dear Editor, A letter of great are cases that are even being tried with recommended fines and prison II gratitude for the terrific response terms. Many AIDS support groups from your switched-on readers who are also being amanced by the phar­ caught a vision of Lymphacising maceutical companies. They are from the December-January issue


of Nexus. I am pleased to be able to report that some of the many pe_ople who have purchased the Lymphaciser and gOl into a regular program are already seeing positive results. Some testimonials: "in less that a week I lhad clearness of thought, appetite back, and lots more energy ..."; "it really works, my hips ean now rotate freely, amazing... "; "in five minutes the Lymphaciser had corrected! my jet lag..."; "I have lost an incredible amount of excess weight....". Lymphacising is proving to be a true self-help system where the "self' is catered for by cleansing the lymphatic system. This is the body's front line defence that removes toxins and allows the body to naturally find its own balance and heal itself. Energy meridians are also cleared promoting the proper function of the central ner­ vous system and the establishment of self-worth. Th' anks ~am, Lymphatically yours, Ian PettiU

(Ian, I think I should charge you for advertising in Letters to the Editor. Lucky for you thoug h, I also use the lym­ phaciser and can thoroughly recommend it. Ed.)

Re: Planetary Alignments Dear Ed, I appreciate articles like that by Stan Deyo, (Nexus Dec-Jan '93), as they fill in the gaps with the son of research that doesn't get done by the rest of us. His overview information is valuable. As lMl astrologer though, I'd like to raise an issue from Stan's article that has been bugging me for years. It is the question of "alignments". It's been used in heaps of articles 'by all sorts of people over the last decade. The media Il1so regularly abuse the term. The best example was in 1982 around a book called "The Jupiter Effect" and the subsequent debate it began. The gisJ was that all the planets would align in 1982 and this would cause tidal waves, floods, earthquakes etc. While it was an eventful year politically, socially and earthwise, none of the great predictions really materi­

alised. (And only some planet.s lined up anyway.) It did however give rise to the "alignment" theory - that when the planets align the earth will cop it I would like people who use the alignment concept to explain what' planet is doing what to what Planets also square, conjunct, oppose and trine each other. Are each different and in what way? How does that tie in with Stan's graph on page 12 of Vol.2,#II, and what happened planetarily at each month? lf they are not clari­ fied then this general "alignment" tenn is applied to everything and no one is any wiser. Thanks for the article Stan, but more clarification please. Richard G., Noosa Heads

Re: Adams' Pulsed Etectric Motor Generator D S' I h fced th ear II, a~e no lover e years many stones and adverts fOli subsJances and devices which the inventors claim will work wonders and if you send $39.95 P&P you'll discover it for yourself. I have over the years sent away many times for these miracles and ye~ received in return only disap­ pomtmen~. Many tlme~, I have attempted to construct deVIces from plans found I in magazines and I Ihave never been abl~ to reproduce what he author Most of the. ~eople who Itestl.fY to the authentlClty of these deVIces are to the average man, I unapproachable. Could you write a follow-up story on the Adam's Motor, aboUl someone's successful construction of such a device. I have rarely heard of the inven­ tors of these devices using them on a daily basis. A layman has a better way of describing new technology without confusing everyone with technical jargo~, such as "my Adam's E~ectnc Go-Kart can go two weeks Without a recharge". Not the EMF unity rated 114% of a gigawatt. Yours faithfully Peter W., Yarraman (Don'l worry Peter, you will be hearing a 101 more of Roberl Adams inlhefWlure. Ed)



BANK SCAMS A Letter to the Editor appear,ed in our local paper recently. It was sent in by a local Independent candidate for the seat of Fairfax. He had queried his bank as to why his son's Austudy pay­ ment was not shown on the statement six days after depositing it. 'fo his amazement the bank advised that it was now policy of all banks mot to credit any government chequeS for at least seven days unless by prior special arrangement. A call to th.e Australian Banks Association to confirm or deny this policy resulted in a "no comment". A further call to the Federal Treasurer in Canberra for a "please explain" resulted in a record-like reply by one of the Treasurer's staff saying ... "Your comments have been noted, your comments have been noted, ... etc. etc." In now total disbe'lief, he phoned a friend and currency trader to see what light could be placed on the subject. His friend $aid it was the latest scam in banking circles to debit all accounts immediately and if they overdraw one cent, bounce and charge accordingly ... This sucks in about four to eight mil­

------ -

- is offering a new ser­ vice called "Family & Friends" in which you can nominate five phone numbers (long distance or overseas) that will attract a sav­ ingof 10%. The service costs $1 per month, and all you have to do is supply Telecom with the five SID phone numbers you ring the most. You can even include one ISD number among these. Is it just big brother keeping an eye on us, or is Telecom trying to save us money? (Source: Telecom brochure, 1992)

lion a week to the "ring". Then on the other side of the fence, they don't credit any account with any government social security, Austudy, or pension payments for seven days, shoot it onto the money markets for six days, continuously rolling over, and this brings in about $1.6 million per day nett. I guess ,it is just what we have come to expect from banks, isn't it? (Source: the Editor, sent by M. Burnett, 1ndeperulent carulidate for Fairfax, published in the Sunshine Coast Daily, 11/11/92).





"""'..:0... ilL 6-NEXUS




The Swedish Nationab Board for Industrial and Technological Development is now convinced that radiation from power lines can cause childhood leukaemias. After evaluating two studies examin­ ing the possible links, the board is con­ vinced that action such as banning new housing in exposed zones ,is necessary. One of these studies involved researching the effects of Electro­ Magnetic radiation in the work place, while the other researched the effects of living in houses under or near, over­ head power lines. (Source: New Scientist, 3111.0/92)

SLEEPING Pill TURNS POLICEMAN INTO KillER? An American jury found last week that the sleeping pill Halcion (triazo­ ~am) was partially responsible for tum­ ,ing a former assistant police chief into a murderer. This was apparently tbe first case in which a jury blamed tthe side-effects of Halcion for violent behaviour. Although Halcion has been banned from the UK market for over a year, the FDA still considers it safe and effec­ tive. (Source: New Scientist, 21111192)




CtA OPENNESS? As the Cold War ended, the CIA decided it needed to project "a greater openness and sense of public responsi­ bility". So it commissioned a task force. On 20 December 1991, the com­ mittee submitted a IS-page "Task Force Report on Greater Openness". It is stamped "SECRET", and agency officials refuse to disclose any of the contents. (Source: It's A Conspiracy! See book reviews this issue.)

TAX PAYERS MONIY BEING USED TO PROMOTE CPs The Federal Government is spending $2.5 million on a two-week advertising campaign to encourage us to visit our local general practitioner (GP). The campaign will include !two weeks of television advertising. In light of the growing dissatisfaction with the medical system, and the rising number of people seeking alternative health care treatments, I would say the government is going to need to spend far more money than this to restore the ailing confidence in this industry. According to sources in the natural health movement, approximately one in four people have visited a natural health care practitioner, and this num­ ber is tipped to continue rising. (Source: Sunshine Coast Daily, 2011193)


UK to fall into line with other European countries where vitamins and minerals are classed as pharmaceutical products if they contain as little as one­ and-a-half times the recommended daily intake. Once these substances are not allowed to be classified as food supple­ ments, then as things stand they would have to go under medicines law instead. The Medicines Act requires laboratory and animal testing, which would cause a massive increase in the cost of the substance to consumers, a move in itself that would bankrupt m.any busin.esses in this field. (Source: Sunday Telegraph [UK], 9 August 1992).

NEW STUDY LINKS COMPUTER VDTs WITH MISCARRIAGES A new study of 585 pregnant women employed in banking and clerical posi­ tions in Finland is the first to find an increased risk of miscarriages for women who work at VDTs that emit strong magnetic fields. The women were employed for at least three months during the first trimester of


pregnancy - and 191 had miscar­


The study concludes that pregnant

women who work with YDTs with

strong magnetic fields are 3 1/2 times

more likely tb have miscarriages than

those working with VDTs with low magnetic fieldS. The research, reported at an interna­ tional scientific conference last September ,in Berlin, also asserted that women exposed to medium levels of extremely low frequency magnetic fields had nearly twice as many miscar­ riages as those exposed to lower levels. The Finns were the first to do the obvious: They measured the magnetic fields of 23 different computer models, the women's exposure and the out­ come. Dr. Marija-Liisa Lindbohm, primary researcher on the Finnish study, con­ cludes that "pregnant women should not work at VDT terminals with high magnetic fields". She points out that newer computers have lo-wer - and safer ~ levels of electromagnetic radi­ ation., (Source : Taken from peg:gen.techeffects, via the Pegasus Computer Network.)

~~HEARD .. ljOU SlGHT~D ~








Britain's booming health food indus­ try is under threat from European Commission plans to classify all but the smallest doses of vitamins and min­ erals as drugs, rather than ,food prod· ucts. The Commission also plans to move against sales of herbal teas, royal jelly and slimming aids. The move, which could see the removal of most brand name vitamins from the shelves of health food stores and chemists, will seriously threaten the Ilivelihoods of thousands of people in the £200 million-per-year health food industry. 'Harmonisation' would require the






Gl$BAt NEWS that we could dominate the entire coun­ try." Months ago, many international relief agencies began to urge the US government to provide cargo planes md air drops to deliver food directly to villages in Somalia. No assistance came as huge numbers of Somalis starved to death, the death toll reaching 300,000, by some esti­ mates. The US Air Force is by far the largest in the world. It could have easily and inex­ pensively provided famine relief to every needy village and town in Somalia and then attempt to move the supplies through overland convoys on dangerous roads. The US corporate media expressed great moral outrage that various gangs, which had been armed and financed by the Pentagon for the past 18 years, were foot­ ing these convoys. Using this as a pretext, the Pentagon has now stepped in to suppress the armed groups it created. The way the occupation is unfolding has little to do with providing famine relief or feeding the survivors. lD fact, the famine began to subside weeks ago after the rains came and new crops began growing. Even today UJe U.S could feed far more starving people, much faster and at less expense, with a large airlift. But Washington has chosen aircraft carriers, destroyers and tanks to deliver food, proof that it is the strategic position of Somalia


that most interests the Pentagon. STRATEGIC POSITION The attitude of US offlciaJdQm toward the Somali people is reflected in a state­ ment by a national security adviser. David Winterford of the Naval Post-Graduate School. "Somalia as a country is not worth much, but its geography is price­ less," he said recently. "Whoever controls Somalia could control the southern entrance tOlthe Red Sea and thus could! control the Suez Cana, a prime location from which to influence the political sta· bility of the Middle East." Other Pentagon advisors are cheering the "bumanitarian precedent" this occupa­ tion sets for intervention in Yugoslavia, Sudan, or Haiti. This scenario of feeding the hungry is only slightly different from the pretext of defending the self-determination of smal1 nations. The Pentagon for its devastating destruction of [raq, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of people. In a similar vein, fighting drug lords was the cover for .the 1990 invasion of Panama. But there is growing recognition in this country that the Pentagon may have cyni­ cally allowed a crisis to develop in Somalia and then intervenedl to establish control of a strategic area li.nking Africa to the Middle East.

military chief reveals Pentagon plan for new wars It appears the massive US military inter­ vention into Somalia could 'be the result of a new military doctrine developed to justi­ fy the Pentagon's bloated $300 billion annual budget. Many reporters at a 4 Dec'ember news briefing were astonished when Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Gen. Colin Powell bragged that the upcoming Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, would be a "paid political advertisement" !hat would showcase US military "capabilities and usefulness. " In an article written for Foreign Affairs magazine just before the US invasion of Somalia, Powell outlined !.he new doctrine. He pushed it as the reason to maintain staggering levels of military spending even though poverty is deepening throughout the United States. "The new national military strategy is an unclassified doe1UTlenL Anyone Can read it," Powell wrote. "The central idea in the strategy is the change from a focus on global war-fighting to a focus on regional contingencies. In the fall of 1992 we are fme-tuning that strategy. restructuring our armed forces so that they are ideally suited (Source: Workers World Service: to executing it." 46 W. 21 St.• New York, NY 10010 USA; via Pegasus Computer Ne1Work.) In the Foreign Affairs article. Powell made it clear that the Somali intervention /. has little to do with bringing much-needed relief to a suffering population. "Because of the need to accomplish a wide range of missions, our new armed forces will be capabilities-oriented as well as threat-ori­ ented. What sorts 'Of missions can we envision? I believe that peacekeeping and humanitarian operations are a given objec­ .~-~--tive..... LONG·TERM OCCUPATION .. The groundwork: to cover a longer occu­ pation of this strategically located African country h!!,S already Ibeen carefully orches­ trated. The corporate media have begup to quote specialist and military personnel on me need for an expanded role and a longer stay. From the beginning, this has been the purpose of the interventi,on. On 5 ./¥'1'-/:1. r" . <.~~~;;::.:7 . December 1992, Joint Chief of Staff head ~-'='~~~'.' . ~ General Colin Powell explained, "We ..." ~~.'~' ­ -= enough fo~ce so wanted Ito put in a large








• ••

increasing the water flow in many trib­ strains. School systems begin to 'job utaries such as the St Lawrence, out' courses to the private sector. Mississippi and Rhine. Snow and hail Opportunities grow for teachers and shall fall where it previously has not. teacher consortiums to teach without The year 1993 shall be known as Rain floods much of Great Britain and constrictions. Home-study grows and a "The Year of the Great Quakes". The the Scandinavian countries. Drought return to the 'trades' begins. Earth's magnetic field shall become ends in Africa and California. Riots in major US cities beginning erratic as it prepares for its new course. New plagues emerge, disease of the with Los Angeles, national guard and In Ithe United States, the first of these optic system and parasympathetic sys­ US military called in. US joins war in changes will see the beginning of the tem, the cause: body's electrical system Europe. A sad time for the Middle breaking-up of California starting with unbalanced due to interaction between East,- karma! Conflict begins as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San the body ~nd the Earth's magnetic field Palestinians join with other Middle Francisco, the Golden Bridge damaged, and electromagnetic pollution. Heart East nations against Israel. During the Imperial Valley inundated, ,a nation failures increase. The alternative healer Tribulation (1991-1997), war shall be in shock. The final warning sounded ­ emerges, as more turn to natural heal­ in that land, once again. the land's time has come, it prepares for ing methods, many forced by lack of New Communities, based on lunar its cleansing and reunion with its moth­ insurance due to an inability to afford principles, form around the world, er land, Mu. Many see the event as a it. New healers come forward in great many in southwest and southeast USA, relief and begin to rebuild. Sadly, more numbers, some to heal the physical C~ada, Australia and New Zealand. is to come. Mass migrations begin into body and others to give hope. Mass dreams of the coming changes Nevada, Arizona, Colorado. Western Nutrition shall be emphasised in now occur for the many rather than the US hit with quakes-Nevada, Arizona, schools, becomes mandatory in many, few. All are warned by God. Children New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, as a movement to take responsibility receive the clearest information and are Wyoming, Montana and Washington, for one's health grows. The FDA told by spiritual beings that God's mes­ begins to break-up and reorganise. many exceed 7.0. Inundation occurs in senger, Michael watches over them. coastal US from Maine to Florida Preventive health care emerges in a Framework for New Colonies of '96 Keys,Vancouver to the Baja-Florida's strong way. is created. Pan Handle to 'Texas. The US declines economically, insur­ The Great Awakening increases - all With the beginning of the shifting of ance industry further collapses because that choose to receive the message of the magnetic poles, the forces of nature of high claims due to Earth changes. His return do, His light is seen in the react. Weather becomes erratic US exports drop significantly as coun­ sky. Intuition and psychic abilities tries move deeper into depression. throughout the world trade winds shift, increase ten-fold for all humankind. A high winds occur in many countries. Unemployment ,rises. time of joy for those with eyes to see. The polar regions begin to melt, Education shifts due to economic Blessings abound. Records on the life of Jesus will be revealed. (Source: Gordon·Michael Scallion, in The ~5 Earth Changes Report, Issue No. 16. January 1993.)













.C~~~"~'~ <






The Earth Changes Report is pub­ lished by The Matrix Institute, RRI Box 391, Westmoreland, NH, USA 03467. Tel: 1 (603) 399 4916 Fax: 1 (603) 399 4340. A six issue subscrip­ tion costs US$60.00. (See also advert on page 57.) The next issue of Nexus will see the start of a regular column by Gordon­ Michael Scallion. It will take the form of questions and answers. If you have a question (not personal) you would like answered by Gordon­ Michael Scallion concerning his predic­ tions for the future, send it in to Nexus Magazine. PO Box 30, Mapleton, Qld 4560, Australia. NEXlJS-9

ri Ben-Menashe is a man without a home, a coun.lry. or many friends in the cut-throat world of international intelli­ gence. In his recently released book entitled Profits of War, the sensational story of the worldwide arrtJs cOIispiracy, Ben­ Menashe details the unbelievable story of an international cabal of well-connected intelligence community and corporate arms dealers who, as dIe title of the book suggests, wage war to covertly gain power, influence and personal wealth. Ben-Menashe is the man responsible for leaking the information that eventually led to the Iran-eontra investigalions and the demise (or sacrifice) of Oliver North whO', it ,turns out, was only a small player in a much much bigger game. After serving in the External Relations Department of Israeli Military Intelligence and acting as personall)a!ional security advi­ sor to Yitzhak Shamir (former President of Israel) for a total of twelve years, Ben-Menashe has written what must arguably rate as one the mosl importanl political and intelligence exposes ever. I met with Ari Ben-Menashe twice during 1991 to discuss vari­ ous issues, including the theft by the US Justice Department of the most sophisticated data-eollecting computer program ever devel­ oped, which is known as 'The Inslaw Affair", and the subsequent modification and international sale of that program to various countries around the world, including Australia, by a CIA front­ company and an Israeli Intelligence front-company owned and ron by Robert Maxwell.



By Glenn Krawczyk




The computeF program we are talking about is called Promis and its use presents the Diggest threat to individual rights by any computer technology in use today. Not only that, it has given US Intelligence agencies access to extremely sensitive infonnation stored in the databases of possibly as many as eighty-eight coun­ tries around the globe. Ben-Menashe devotes an entire chapter of his book detailjng Ithe joint ADtericaI}-jsraeJi initjative to sell Promis to intelligence ;md law enforcement agencies worldwide, and gives several examples of how the program has been used to ,interfere with the politic-al process of various countries and keep track of citizens. Since obtaining an illegal copy of the program over a decade ago, the Central Intelligence Agency has, in conjunction with Israeli Iptelligence, embarked on a highly-successful worldwide initiative to i1Istalf "bugged" copies of the software in computer systems run by intelligence and bw-enforcement agencies, (as well as government organisations), to which they now covertly have Yiilimiteg access. One of the earliest "leaks" regarding this covert computer dou­ ble-dealing came out in an article entitled "Spy vs. Spy", (written by Zuhair Kashmeri for the Toronto Globe and Mail), which was published on Saturday 20 April 1991. Devoted entirely to the

Promis initiative, the article quotes one of Ka,shmeri'-s Canadian Intelligence sources: "Some of our allies, such as Australia, are furious after they found out from the revelations of the Inslaw Case that they were sucked into buying Promis." Kashmeri confirmed to one of my colleagues that he has had a Itwelve year relationship with the two intelligence sources who supplied the information for the article and that 'they had always proved reliable in the past.

At the time I interviewed Ben-Menashe, it proved very hard to authenticate all his claims. Although Israeli Intelligence denied all knowledge of him for some_time, I was informed by a helpful con­ tact within the Apstalian Democrats that he had indeed worked there for them, and, was giv_en copies of various personal refer­ ences that supported the claim. After later interviewing Bill Hamilton, the director of Inslaw Inc., the company that wrote the program, and other individuals familiar with the case, I felt quite confident that ATi Ben-Menashe knew exactly what he was talking about On 1 September 1992, an investigative committee of the US Congress released an investigative report on the Inslaw Case, which outlines the controversial history of the Promis software. It took three years of investigation to complete the report, due in part to the withholding of evidence by government agencies connected to the theit, modification and distribl!tion of the program, as well as the intimidation of important witnesses. In order to slow down and mislead the investigation there have been arrests, on false charges, of indiyiduals irtforming the judicial committee, as well as the sus­ picious death (read: murder) of journalist Danny Casolaro, who had been investigating the Inslaw Case and its links to the October Surprise, Iran-contra Affair, and BCCI bank collapse. Far from answering all the questions, the report concludes that a far more thorough and far-reaching investigation must be urgently undertak­ en. The committee's report confirms many -of Ari Ben-Menashe's claims. He was, in fact, one of -the key sources of their informa­ tion. I put the following question~ to him when we met in 1991: GK: What is Promis? B-M: It is the most sophisticated computer database that has ever been developed in the wOJld. Computers are very Widely used by the intelligence corrununity; it's the main source of irtformation about people. You can essentially get everything about anybody you want to know. GK: To what extent would it be used by the intelligence com­ munity to collect information about the civilian population? B-M: It's quite widely used, all over the world, to collect infor­ mation about dissidents, opposition ieaders, and so on. What does it do? I'll give you an elliample which is very inter­ esting. You have a computet', put this program on it, and connect this clilmputer to the wafer company, to the electric companY, to lATA (International Air Travel Association), to credit card compa­ nies, to the tax department, bank accounts, to anything you like to


think '" phone lines, where someone calls, to, which is very impor­ tant. Other than tapping him, now you can also have a written

record of a.ll the telephone numbers he or she dials. So if you want Mr. Joe Smith and everything he does, it's the only program that can bring all this data from everywhere ... GK: Globally? B-M: Globally, yes, onto one screen! It's a very sophis.ticated program. I mean, this is the biggest infringement of privacy on anybody, anything. Is there any privacy? I mean, the government agencie$ woul4 be able to monitor anybody's activities as they wish. Very quickly too. Once they have ,this information, who knows what they do with it. GK: How quickly can Promis assimilate irtformation and pro­ vide a dossier on aperson? B-M: If its hooked up correctly, a maner of seconds. It is a bet­ ter ,information collection system than any other. I m~ I dlink it put the satellites out of business. . GK: Have you seen.this in operation? B-M: Oh yeah. You know, this program makes George Orwell's '1984' iook like ... (nervous laugh). George Orwell was modest. What this program can do, the only one in the world that can do this, is first of all make sure wHen you're ta:Iking about "Harry Smith" it's the same "Harry Smith", because therer could ten "Harry Smith's". It would compare notes, check common denominators, and it would frod Harry Smith. His water usage, his electric usage, how many times he ~as travelled abroad, what does he do with his credit cards, his car licence number, all sorts of Sluff. Put it togeth­ er, and there you go. You have everything you want to know about this person. The first version was ready in 1979/80. In, '81 he (Bill Hamilton) offers it to the Justice Department, because it's also good for law

enforcement. lie offers it, and then suddenly the National Security Agency has it. Lt's given to the Israeli's in '82, and it's being mar­ keted around the world, given to 1l11ies and non-!llli~s. The reason being, it was bugged as well. What you would do is basically set it up for one government, and without letting that government know, have a phone tap on that computer and can pull out information for yourself also. They bugged their allies as well! I'U give you an example. The Americans sold it on our behalf (Israel) to some Arab countries. Jordanian Military Intelligence had it in '82 and they were collecting data on 'the Palestinians. The Palestinians were threatening the king (Hussein) as well. We were also sharing that information with ,them. GK: Without their knowledge? B-M: Of course, wi.thout their knowledge. Now, IDe two coun­ tries that marketed, the two security forces that marketed this pro­ gram, one was Israel and one was the United States. ilsrael dId it


through various computcn companies owned by Robert Maxwell. The Americans on the other hand did it through a company called Hadron, based in the United States, owned by the owner of UPI (United Press International), a fellow by the flame of Earl Brian. He used to be Reagan's Secretary of Welfare and Health in California, when Reagan was governor. Then he was working for the imelligj;nce services. BasiCally his companies were "attached" to the CIA. The CIA was marketing it for the National Security Agency. One of the Maxwell companies sold it to the GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) and that was bugged. The West knew what was going on in that theatre faster than the Russians. Another example. South Africa. Great place. It was given to them without the bug. lIt was set up through a company called Degem, owned by Maxwell. This program tracked ANC (African National Congress) ,people, and what came out of the computer was handed to the Buthelezi people (lnkatha) and then you had ''black­ on-black" violence. GK: And meanwhile, was this being monitored by the US as well? B-M: Yes. It's funny you know, there was also a terminal in Pretoria that was used by the South African Military Intelligence, and ,the IV Embassy and that place share a wall, so ... GK: How widespread is the use of Promis in other countries? B-M: It's quite widespread. Most of the Western allies have it The Australians have it, the British have it, as we said the South Africans have it, the Nicaraguans have it, even ,the Guatemalans. The ex-East Bloc countries have it too. I believe that since 1990 most of them have checked it for bugs, but they still use it. MIS, MI6, the Russians. GK: Who is using it in Australia? . B-M: ASIO (The Australian Security intelligence Organisation). GK: Do you know who installed Promis in Australia? B-M: Yes I do. It was Hadron. GK: Could the use of Promis be seem as a threat to privacy of the general public? B-M: Sure. That's what it's all about. GK: So it couldn't be written off as something that's just there to monitor terrorist groups and so oh?

B-M: Sure. That's what they say. But what's a terrorist? I mean what is national security, what is all this? It's a matter of monitoring people that are getting in the way of the government, keeping everybody in line. Once you have this technology and you know everything every­ body else is doing, or whomever you want to follow ... you can b:as.ically control other people that way. You can put in disinfor­ mation, do all kiJJ.ds- of things, block bank transfers, you know, stop people doing things or make sure they don't have money, or their money doesn't come through on time, and so on. There's SO much that can be done with 'this information. Simple things. You don't have to be very sophisticated. Cancel reserva-


tions, slow down bank transfers, put in a computer that a credit card is no good. Just imagine, all you have is your American Express card, and you're stuck somewhere around the world and the computer shows ,that your card is no good! Simple as that And then When you complain three weeks later, "softY, mistake.". But in the meantime, for three weeks you were in trouble. GK: ] have been told that the National Crime Authority in Australia is setting up a database to [Tlonitor every single bank transaction over $5,000. I suppose that system might be useful for this purpose as well?

B-M: It's the same database tby the way. 'They just got a con­ densed version of Promis. It's not called Promis, but once the pro­ gram is out... GK: How much Of a connection is there between intelligence agencies and banks or oth,er private organisations that hold exten­ sive and sensitive computetr records? B-M: WeI], I think what happens is that the intelligence agen­ cies become the centre of all of it. You know, the banks monitor the money, other guys monitor stuff, but the intelligence agencies put it all together. GK: SO they have access to banking records? B-M: Oh sure. They have access to everything. This is why a lot, of countries love the idea oflD cards, because this way it makes things easier. Or they use a social security number or tax me num· ber. Initially the idea was to do it all through law enforcement and that kind of Ithing, but since it didn't work, 'because of parliament or congress or whatever, they just had to do it through the back door. It's the Si!IDe thing, and again, it's governmertts and bureaucracies trying to control everybody's lives. GK: When yoU' Ilook at all the intelligence gathering capabilities, surveillance, eavesdropping, tracking, monitoring and so on, it s-ee1T\S that they are all evolving and interlocking more and more. ls it steamrolling out of control? R-M: Yes, yes. I've always said this. It is getting out of con­ trol. I mean, suddenly you have everything being monitored. Everything. GK: Do we need it? I mean, what are they going to do with all this information? B-M: Who knows. But it's bureaucracy. Everybody loves it. Each bureaucrat, or each guy that runs some section of a listening agency wants his empire Ito grow, and it grows and goes out of con­ trol. Remember that intelligence bureaucracies are just like every­ thing else, they get over zealous. I sometimes wonder, how the United States government ... I mean, $600 million for a stealth bomber. One stealth bomber! With $600 million you could clean up Los Angeles and all its homeless. But you 'know, "security", "defence", "he communists are coming". But I guess the commu.nists aren't coming any more. We need to find a new enemy. (Cynical.)


GK: The question I get asked all the time is "how do they keep all this a secret?" B-M: It's easy. Everybody protects his job. And I'll tell you another thing. Most of these guys in national security, what do they do? They either sit down listening aU day, or rurming their computers or re-li$tening to tapes. Some of these jobs are very !Jlenlill. He comes home. His wife asks him something. "It's secret. I can't tell you". It's also a means of protectiQIL Il's easy. This guy starts tal,K.IDg publicly... he's gone. And there's another thing. Each person has a very sml!ll amount of knowledge, unless you get to a senior level, and once you get there you're part of the system. Each person has this very small lthing he does. In twenty years how many people have broken ,rank? Not that many who are sufficiently up there to know. But my question today is what is it ill for? GK: That's what we would like to know! B-M: When you look back at it, it's a whole load of buUshit crap, bureaucrats keeping people in work and keepiPg tabs on their opponents. GK: But is all this surveillance capability so powerful now that it's impossible to resist unfair govemmentpractice? B-M: It's hard to resist unfair govcmment practices. It's very hard. I mean, how do you do it? You're fighting ghosts basjcally. But bureaucracies can be fought if you know how they operate. It's hard, but you can do it, you know, stay ahead. GK: 'You're suggesting that it's more bureaucracy out of control than some grand conspiracy then? B-M: Yep! That's what it is. I never ran into any "super-com· mission". That's what it is. Friends with mutual interests protect­ ing each other's powerbases or their own powerbases. That's how it goes. I don't see it as one grand conspiracy. It's just there's tech­ nology and Ibureaucrats, they want to do their job well, so the col­ lection becomes larger and larger. More collection and more infor­ mation. GK: What happens when interests collide then, say on a national level? B-M: Then you have a fight. That's what they call a "crisis"! GK: Are we heading to a point where tllis is all too fragile, this reliance on technology and a "balance of terror"? B-M: Would your life be any different if you were not moni­ tore-d? Probably better. But the average person, what does he care? The way I see it, you go to work, you get your house, you give half of what you eam toward the house, at the age of 60 you own the house and live off your pension. You sJay in line, you get the house. I mean, this whole issue of mortgage is ... make sure they get married at a certain age, you have two children, and that's how everybody's in line. You work all your life to Ipay your mortgage, and if you don't work you lose your house. Perform or... GK: In tem:l£ of gathering information on people, are there any moral criteria as far as the intelligence community or bureaucrats are concerned? B-M: Moral criteria about what? If you're targeting somebody, you're targeting somebody.

bullet wound to the head and his death was termed a suicide. Friedrich was a close ally of Lt. Col. Oliver North and (Amiran) Nir. He had a lot of knowledge about the Iran-contra and Inslaw cases. Nir died in a plane crash in Mexico." It is interesting to note that when the current affairs show Page OfU! ran a story on John Friedrich and the iNSCA tsclUldal on 27 March 1989, they went out of their Way to make it look like Friedrich had engineered the entire fraud perpetrated by the NSCA. They ended their report with an interview wim FriOOIich's replace­ ment at the NSCA, asking, "Is he (Friedrich) the SQrl of man who would contemplate suicide?", 'the reply, "I've tried to think that through,in my mind, I believe that it would be possible, bUJ I of course can't say if that is what's happ<:.ned" ThiJ! was seventeen months before Friedrich's alleged suicide actually to'ok place. • Could it be that Friedrich's "suicide" was actually a disappear­ ance planned well in advance due to the heat that was being put on the NSCA by investigators, and the questions being raised by the public? Since whellis suicide the expected behaviour pattern of a "failed businessman"? It seemed to me to be a very odd question to finish the report with, but it is worth noting that Channel 10, the television station that ran Page OfU!, was owned by Christopher Skase at the time of the report, another of the well-connected apd high flying West­ Australian Jbusinessmen who has since fal-len from grace. In an article written by himself, Friedrich posed questions about how businessmen like Alan Bond and Christopher Skase became so wealthy, so fast. It's likely he knew exactly how and why. As for the true nature of the NSCA's activities, Friedrich wrote, "If 'intelligence' means the world of covert government action, both Australian and overseas, then yes, we were involved in some intel­ ligence work.. I don't know how people can really believe that it was possible for one man to make happen aliithat existed at Sale and elsewhere. And if I was getting the nod from people above, why were they giving it? There are ten so-called joint United States-Australian government installations in Australia. The Americans want to have people around who can keep an eye on these installations, who can respond, if necessary, to threats to those mstallations. The US has valuable and important facilities here. It likes to know they are safe. Much of my career is bound up in this fact ... there was considerable interest in the NSCA Victoria Division in a number key areas of government and indus­ try, including the Department of Defence, the Federal Police, some State police forces, the Foreign Affairs Department, and the Attorney-General's Department." ­ No doubt many of these government departments would have been ecstatic to get hold of a computer progrllffi with the surveil­ lance capabilities of Promis. Perhaps Friedrich was the man Who connected them to the people who were marketing it


The Nationa I Safety'CouncillLink Another interesting connection may well lie in the cover-up of the activi'ties of the National Safety Council of Australia, Victorian Division, and Ithe activities and alleged "s,uicide" of it's director, John Friedrich. In the 23 September 1991, issue of the American political newspaper Spotlighl, the following passage appears: "Two weeks before Casolaro's death in early August, John Friedrich was found dead in Sale, Australia. He suffered a single




liThe sun is our strongest natural source of microwaves. The microwave-oven-Ieakage standard set by the Bureau of Radiological Health is approximately one billion times higher than the total, entire microwave spectrum given off by the sun. It is appalling for these ovens to be permitted to leak at all, let alone for the oven advertisements to encourage our children to have fun by learning to cook with them."

By Dr Ronald S. Laura & John F. Ashton Extracted from their recent book: HIDDEN HAZARDS published by Bantam Books, Australia, 1991.


he statement opposite by Dr M.M. Zaret of the New York University Medical School was made to a US Senate com­ mittee hearing on microwaves in 1973. 1 By this time, in some urban areas of Americ.a., the level of manmade communica­ tion microwaves and high frequency radio waves in the environ­ ment was estimated to be from one hundred to two hundred mil­ lion times the natural radio frequency background ,from the 81m! Since the 1970s, the development of cheap solid-state devices for the generation of microwaves had re'sulted in a proliferation of generation equipment and lise accompanied by a steady further increase ,in the environmental levels of this invisible pollution, sometimes termed 'electronic smog'. This invisible smog penetrates our homes, workplace.sandl recre­ ational areas, and is absorbed significantly by the human organism. Literature has now accumulated which reveals a coos.tellation of clues suggesting that persistent levels of microwave radiation vast­ ly stronger than those occurring in nature are inimical to health. Microwaves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum and! are considered to be that radiation ranging in frequency from 300 mil­ lion cycles per second (300 megahertz) to 300 billion cycles per second (or 300 gigahertz). This radiation c.orresponds to a wave­ length range of I metre down to 1 millimetre. Electromagnetic energy in this region is non-ionising and this is quite different in terms of biological interaction compared with harmful x-rays and ganuna rays. Microwaves are absorbed at the molecular level and manifest as changes in vibrational energy of the molecules or heat. Microwaves are reflected by electrical conductors such as metals and certain obstacles. Consequently they can be focused into intense highly directional beams by antennas. Microwaves do not bend with the curvature of the earth. When long distance transmis­ sion is required, it is thus necessary to use repeaters that receive, .amplify and re-transmit the signal. Typically repeaters are about 50 kilometres apart. Even the power transmis,sion lines of the national ,electricity grid and their supporting towers may resonate with radio frequency radiation, thereby acting as repeaters, which re-radiate this energy into the environment. One of the first uses of microwaves was in radar during World War II. Since the war microwaves have been utilised in air traffic control systems, military and police radar, television broadcast sys­ tems, long-distance telephone equipment, medical diathermy devices and microwave ovens. Industrial uses have also steadily increased. Microwaves are utilised for heating in rubber process­ ing, plywood fabrication and paper and cardboard manufacture. These processes may utilise up to 1 million watts of microwave energy in individual factories. The ceramic, plastic manufacturing ~.d leather industries also use microwaves, with other applications including the drying of Itextile bales, dehydration of fruit and the sterilisation of food.


As hum;ms a~o absorb microwave radiation and heat up accord­ ingly, the possibility of hazard from microwave exposure prompted researchers in the early 1950s ~o consider setting exposure guide­ lines.

SAFETY LEVElS· BASED ON A GUESS? In 1953, H.P. Schwan of the University of Pennsylvania pro­ posed that human expQ!iure be limited t.o a maximum average power density of 100 watts per square metre or 10 milliwatts..per square centimetre. Schwan's proposal, directed to the US Navy, was based on a calculation that eXPQsure to this incident power should raise the temperature of the body by no more than 1ge, while power densities 10 times might produce heat damage. Thus, the proposed1limit allowed a safety margin of about 10 times. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) adopted this maximum exposure limit in 1966, with many Western nations adoptin,g similar standards thereafter.' Unfortunately, this maximum average exposure limit, which is still current in most Western countries, did not allow. for the possi­ bility oJ microwaves having athennlj,'l health effects. Subtle effects of low levels of microwave radiation which were not directly attributable to heating have been reported by researchers, mainly in Europe, since the 1950s but have been largely dismissed by promi­ nent American researchers. However, as R. Bowers and J. Frey point out, "scepticism is not a suUicient basis for setting stan­ dards"" It is revealing that athermal effects apparently were consideredi when the USSR established its maximum exposure standard of 10 microwans per square centimetre per working day, a level 1000 times smaller than the US value. A strong supporte~ of the high American exposure limit has been Professor S.M. Michaelson of the University of Rochester School of Medicine. In 1967 Michaels.on had written: 'The occasionall reports of headache, lassitude, stomach-ache pains, sleeplessnes..s, irritability, and other bigi:lJy s\lbjective symptoms among workers in the vicinity of microwave generating equipment have not been thoroughly investigated. These findings should not be ignored, as simiiar vague, mUd, and undefined symptoms have been experi­ enced in the course of microwave studies in this laboratory. Such symptoms could indicate a basic microwave effect.'" However, six years later at the 1973 Senate hearings he testified that there was no substantial evidence of injury to human beings from microwave radiation below the 10 milliwatt level. Over a decade Ilater, despite a growing llterarure of subtle and harmful radio frequency radiation effects, a report: by Michaelson stUl min­ imises the significance of much of this research and in his conclud­ ing remarks he states, "Depending upon the circumstances, what may be an adverse effect for one individual may be beneficial to another...• Professor MichaeTson's research in this instance and! in earlier times was supported by the US Air Force. This association of microwave research with the military was mooted by P. Brodeur in 1977' as the main reason for the US main­ taining its high exposure limit. R.O. Becker and G. Selden have pointed out: "There were persuasive economic reasons why the 10,000 microwatt (=10 mW/cm') standard was and still is defended at all costs. LoweJing it would have curtailed the expansion of m'ilitary EMR use and cut into the profits of the corporations that supplied the hardware. A reduced standard !ilOW would! constitute an admission that the old one was unsafe, leading to liability for damage claims from ex-Gis and industrial workers.'11 FEBRUARY-MARCH '93

WHAT ARE THE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF MICROWAVES? It would appear that it is obvious that if the human body is exposed to a high level of microwave radiation it would 'cook' much the same way as food 'cooks' in a microwave oven. However, microwave ovens use it specific (requellcy gf radiatio!) which is designed both to penetrate and heal In cornmunic.ation systems a wide ,range of frequencies is used and the absorption of this radiation varies considerably with frequency. The human body begins to significantly absorb electromagnetic radiation when the frequency exceeds about 15 megahertz. This absorption varies fQI differem parts of the body with certain organs such as the eye and testes being particularly sensitive to microwave heating effects. In the frequency range 70 to 100 megahertz, which overlaps the TV and FM rat;ljQ broadCll.'lt frequencies, the human body acts as an efficient radiation antenna., strongly absorbing these wavelengths.' This radio frequency radiation constitutes a major component of the electronic smog in our environment. Although srudies of the health effects of microwaves began in the 194Os,'o it was not until the mid-~960s that sufficient data had accumulated to alert observant researchers. In 1964, M.M. Zaret reported that radio frequency radiation may produce capsular cataracts." A few years later testicular damage was reported after repeated exposure to microwaves. 12 In both these cases high microwave intensities, such as those associated with military radar and which exceeded the 10 milliwan limit, were involved. What was more alarming was the steady trickle of reports that low levels of microwave exposure could ,produce a range of ner­ vous and vascular symptoms. Tliese were highlighted by Dr M.N. Sadchilcova at a symposium in Warsaw in 1973 and later pub­ lished." Sadchikova presented data of a study of 1180 workers who had been exposed to microwave radiation up to about 3 milli­ watts per square centimetre compared with a control of 200 people who had not been exposed to microwaves. SadchikQva's results showed that among microwave exposed workers there was a signif­ icant increase in neurological complaints, such as heaviness in the head, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, and partial loss of memory. Microwave workers also showed a significant increase in cardiovascular symptoms, such as a tendency to slow heartbeat, reduced blood pressure and reduced ventricular capacity. These symptoms which seem to characterise what has been called 'microwave radiation sickness' were IProduced by microwave levels well below the 100 milliwatt safe level of Western countries." The low safety margin of this standard is ,jJlustrated by reported cases where servicemen have accidentally been exposed ,to radar radiation a mere six to nine times the safety standard for a short time period and have been seriously affected. In one case, a fifty-four-year-old man in good health was exposed to the radar for a mere Bo seconds. He experienced severe chest pain, vertigo and a heating sensation of the chest and head. Facial erythema (reddening of the skin) persisted for three days, stomach cramps, gritty eyes and other symptoms persisted for weeks, while insomnia and irritability remained for months. The severity of the complaints peaked three months after Ole exposure and coincided with the diagnosis of arterial> hypertension. A detailed medical examination five months, later could reveal no secondary cause of the hypertension. In a second case, a twenty-one-year-old healthy man sustained inteIff1ittent exposure for a mere 75 seconds at a similar intensity. He reported very similar initial symptoms.. Four months after his exposure hypertension was again detected. IS A decade earlier M.M. Zaret had suggested a possible connection between radar exposure and hypertension.'·


Commenting on a mOIe recent radar exposure case, M.M. Zaret points out, "What is not fully appreciated by our profession is that repeated irradiation at subclinical levels can produce pathology that appears only after del!I.Y"Y The higher-than-expected incidence of cataracts in servicemen exposed to radar" and in radio-linesmen19 is another example. In the meantime studies with, animals have revealed a who:le range of microwave-induced effects including disturbance of bio­ rhythms, increased protein synthesis of the liver, thymus and spleen, and the ability to recognise the presence of pursed microwave radiation as a clicking sound heard in the head.'" Low levels of microwave radiation have also been reported to induce cancer in test animals."

"My analysis of, newly acquired epidemiologic data implies tha't the mutagenic potential of non-ion.ising radia­ tion should now be considered a factor for increased prevalence of Down's syndrome in Vernon Township, malignancies in Bourne, Falmouth and Sandwich·-towns that surround the PAVE JPAWS radar on Cape Cod in Massachusettsuand the otherwise unexplained increaSe in breast canter-related mortality in white women younger than age SO years, the group most linvo1lved with microwave ovens and video display terminals, both usual­ ly operated at breast height. ...we must become better ac~ainted with alii forms of non-ionising radiation sickness."

MICROWAVE LEVELS IN THE ENVIRONMENIf This brings us to the issues of what are the levels of electronic GEN ETIC EFFECTS smog in our environment, and' how many of us aFe being M:fected. The potentially devastating health effects of electronic smog are In 1972 Bowers and Frey drew attention to the already congested the genetic effects produced by radio fremicrowave channels in the New York·metro­ qu~cy radiation. '~&i.~,%i~i:#~f.'~~1:~~i~:';ijfL~i . ?W';,;~t;}1;.~%ii~ poli~ area with a coloured ~ap in, the report MIcrowaves were fust ~ported to cause ,fW'0!o~~W:}~~~~:~~I";'t.:~::~i~~~:~ff:'f~ s.ho~mg the approach to IDl.crowave sarura­ . chromosomal dam~ge ~n 19.59 by J.H. :'i~~~ttli'e~tJSSRestablislie:a~itS0ll tlOn. Later measurements of radIO frequency Heller and A.A. Teiscelra-Pmto.'" The "':llj;.: ::"':;:':.;" ·'t,.:<t:1*,:·:;~~:~(i",,:g:,':.;;:f,,'3;::~ expe~iment~ were performed on gar~ic q:\;:';\':"J.TI~~.'mp,m~:~p~~~r~C;illwj1\~;j~radi.ation levels in. several US eities by root tipS, usmg very short pulses of radla- :~ijsf~n("a;':'r' :J;:o'~""f>"l"';';O'<m"" '~'"~r~":"a:"'ttc::%i: EnVIronment Protection Agency (EPA) staff lion giving rise to a com- ~i~: >~:.,. ,.:1~ :,,,~,"~:.:;,;,,:~;~;A:~~i~i';::i'j,.~;~M: showe~ power density levels be~een 1.and ponent. The effec~ no~~ mlffiIck~ tJ:1ose£R~r :~quAr~ :~:gQJu:n~{re'pe.r:iN; 2.5 ~lcrowatts per square ~entlffie~re m 4

~~~~~u:~t s~~iesl~;I~~~fer ;:.%;::~~ 1~~R!EJ,;~·~~·y~tl;:J1~Y~I~,ji99q~J;: ~~~ti~:~c~~~a~t~' ~:~::~~~~~:;~:

to ~av: shown that low power ffilc:rowa~e :~:~:tlmes meas~rement on a ~treet corner m couild produce mutations m I~;;! "i'~L;i~r.{:";b~:~\?!:: 5~'$.)ii",,;.:,z,,':;:J:m:~i,::;;,::"·~t WasJ.t.IDgton DC? as 3.5 mlcrowatts per square mammalIan cells and in insects." In the \~~:;~~:. !X~~;si:"¥~dVg~:t~L';ti!i!~~W'''S';'; ce.nl1metre WIth levels of 10, 66 and 97 196Qs• and i970s researchers showed. that f~(iW~~l~~:;#.:%l,tM,:~e,+,;,;%(,~i:,!~ifi;~~[,l£;,~t~; microwatts ,per sq,uare . centiJPetre near the <.:,:.. ".~.", .. , ,--.~ -:~ .. ~':.'"t""~:"'-"""""""""'::~~"'''' Q,'Y-;'~~:«""~v:(i: f' . protem, RNA and DNA absorb 65-75 ~t:>ii~"'"''''';i~,,1~'';'~M~;:}'f;';}':~~:;~c'';V1''':;«-;:;\i;lX: tops 0 multi-storey buildmgs ,in New York, gigahertz radiation, and that microwaves Chicago and Miami! respectively." These are able to interfere with repair mechanisms or even to induce gene power densities all exceed the Russian standard for maximum mutations in bacteria.14 exposure. In this same period S. Baranski and co-workers showed ,that A more recent 1986 E.PA survey reports that while over 99 per cent of residents in 15 major US cities were exposed to' less than 1 chromosome aberrations are produced in human cells which have microwatt per square centimetre of AM, FM and TV frequencies, been irradiated with 3 gigahertz microwaves at power intensities some locations are, however, exposed to much higher levels of below the safe level of 10 milliwatts per square centimetre." A subsequent study reported in 1974 showed that fragmentation of radiation, such as revealed by a reading on the roof of the Sears Tower in Chicago which measured 230 microwatts per square cen­ nuclei as well as chromosome breakage occurred in human cells timetre. The EPA measurements also showed that at distance of 5 which had been exposed to microwaves of 2.95 gigahertz and power densities of 7 or 20 milliwatts per square centimetre. kilometres from large diameter tracking radars at airports or miliWhile a number of studies have now reported that microwaves tary bases, the power density levels of microwaves can be up to n can produce foetal abnormalities in test animals (also known as ter100 microwatts per square centimetre. atogenic effects),>· perhaps the most relevant evidence is the higher Even at the 1 microwatt per square centimetre level this now ubiquitous manmade radio frequency radiatiofl is now at a level than expected incidence of Down"s syndrome among the children millions of times higher than average levels occurring naturally at of workers exposed to radar. In 1965 A.T. Sigler, from the Johns Hopkins University Scho_ol of Public Health, reported on a study of the earth's surface. ionising radiation exposure and microwave exposure of the parents This raises one further issue. Do these increasing levels of elec­ of Down's syndrome children. tronic smog enhance the effects of ultraviolet radiation and contribute to the increasing incidence of skin cancer, the increase of The results showed that although the.r.e were no discernible diffe.ences in exposures to x-rays or other ionising radiation for these which parallels the increase in enviro.nme.ntal exposure to fathers compared with the matched control group fathers, almost W microwaves? In addition the incidence of malignant melanoma seems to be per cent of the fathers of children with Down's syndrome had 10weI in country areas than in cities where microwave radiation reported "intimate contact with radar", compared to slightly more intensities are also higher. It is reveaijng to note that A. leonardi than 3 per cent of the fathers of the control group!' A higher than expected incidence of congenital malformations and co-workers in their evaluation of the mutagenic potential of among the children of helicopter pilots stationed at Fort Rucker, microwaves comment: Alabama, was reported in the early 1970s and agaiJlllinked Ito radar "Although exposure to microwaves apparently does not exposure." damage the DNA at subthermal exposure levels, some More researchers are becom' g conv' ed f t h · ~esu!ts obtained with bacteria, ye.ast,. cell cuJture.s, animals m mc 0 ese. mlcrow~ve In VIVO or even man, however, indicate that microwaves health dange~. I~ 1988 M.M. Zaret o([ered the followmg wammg might e~sily potentiate the damaging ~ction of other DNA to fellow medicos. antagonist agents s.u:ch 'as UV or cnemlcals.'I>'





MICROWAVE OVENS: IRRADIATING OUR 'FOOD AT HOME The develo,pment of microwave ovens came as an expected spin-off from the rapLdly developing post-war microwave ,technol­ ogy, and the flISt commercial ovens were produced around 1962. These ovens use a magnetron tube to produce a microwave fre­ quency of 2.45 gigahertz at an energy output of between 400 fPld 900 watts for a typical gomestic unit. 'the oven power supply is designed to deliver 4000 volt negative pulses to the magnetron, which makes it me most dangerous power ~upply in any item of domestic equipment. The frequency chosel1 corresponds to the absorption peak for water, and thereby enables foods containing water Ito be heated quickly and efficiently. The microwaves are beamed from the magnetron into the oven compartment holding the food where they are contained. Microwave ovens are not per­ mitted to leak microwaves at a power density level of more than 5 milliwatts per square centimetre at a distance of 5 centimetres from the outside of the oven. Thus small le~ below this level may occur and substantially contribute to the electronic smog in the home or office. Medical hazards reported to be associated with microwave ovens include burns, catllTact formation, neurologic injury and pacemaker dysfunction." Despite the publication of these reports, microwave oven sales have continued to soar, reflecting the ever-increasing hold of tech­ nology on society. In 1987, 11 per cent of West German, 35 per cent of English and 66 per cent of US households had microwave ovens. It has been forecast that the percentage of microwave householqs in the us wilL rise to 90 ~r cent by the mid-1990s." These rises paralld the increasing percentage of women in tl:!e work force and decreasing family size in many Western countries. In the words of M. Doyle, president of The Consumer Network in the United States, "There's a new kihd of eater, buyer and user evolving, and there's a revolution against kitchen work and any kind of hassle anywhere. Time is so precious that "quality time" is afforded with our families not in front of the warm hearth, but around the microwave."'·

WHAT WE CAN DO It is difficult to entirely avoid exposure to microwave radiation. Local government agencies may be able to provide details of microwave high intensity corridors. Living in these corridors and near radar should be avoided. There are some other things you can do to minimise the health risk to you and yOUT children. If you have a microwave oven and intend to go on using it, have it checked immediately and regularly for leaks. Microwave oven doors are especially prone to lellkage. Do not open the door while the oven is on. Try to avoid microwave cooking of frozen foods and commercially prepared dinners whenever possible. One additional worry is Ithat the most recemly targeted market segment for microwave-ready cuisine is young children, with some microwave cooks reported to be only five or six years old. While the children's microwave meah market in the US already consti­ lUtes in excess of $100 million in annual sales, the health cost to the population may be far greater. Exposing YOUllg, still develop­ ing children to low level microwave.s from potentially leaky or misused ovens is a business too risky to be in. Similarly, the hea:lth risks for young children associated with the long-term eating of microwaved food 'are unkIlown and may prove to be yet another disaster in the name of economic growth and blinded commercialism. Given the unknown variables in this mat­ ter, we believe it prudent for parents Ito disco_urage growing chil­ dren from using microwaves and to minimise the quantity of microwaved food eaten,







he possession of immense wealth put them at an obvi­ ous disadvantage, as it made them extremely vulnera­ ble, forced, as they were, to remain rooted in the same place to protect it. The lesson to be learned from these very anxious weeks of dreadful uncertainty would never be for­ gotten by Pizarro. It was all very well going after a fabulous treasure, but what to do with it once it was secured? Atahualpa vehemently denied being involved in a secretly planned insurrection. But Pizarro was far from ,convinced of his innocence. Prince Huascar had mysteriously drowned in the Andamarca River, and Atahualpa, who had received the news of his death with suitable expressions of surprise and indignation, must surely have had a hand in it. Pizarro had sent messages to San Miguel, giving the account of his capture of Atahualpa, and of the fantastic ran­ som offered for his release. He urged the Spaniards to send Almagro over the mountains to him as soon as he arrived from Panama. Only when Almagro showed up with rein­ forcements would he feel secure. To prove his good faith, Atahualpa suggested to Pizarro that he send some of his own men to Cuzco, they could then see for themselves that everything was being done to collect the gold, and that the country was not preparing for war. Pizarro gladly accepted the offer, and spared three cavalrymen to go and reconnoitre to the south. After several weeks' absence, the three caval­ rymen returned from Cuzco. They had travelled six hun­ dred miles to the capital without any hindrance ,through country entirely at peace. Nowhere did they encounter signs of trouble. Pizarro was greatly relieved to hear this. He was also greatly pleased with what they brought back with them: in addition to much silver, two hundred loads oflpure gold! Almagro had at last arrived! He had safely reached San Miguel with reinforcements of 150 infantry and 50 cavalli)'. Pizarro received these glad tidings in a letter from Almagro's secretary, Perez, with a private note enclosed, informing him that his master planned to oust him from his position of leader. Pizarro wasted no time in replying to Almagro, very briefly touching on his secretary's disloyalty, and expressing full confidence in the one friend he could trust, with every hope that they should continue to share in the richness of the conquest. He ended with an urgent request that he make all haste to Cajamarca, where a won­ derful welcome awaited him. Almagro, being a sincere and! open-minded man, accepted the' contents of the letter for what they were worth, and! set off early the next morning but not before he had dealt with secretary Perez whom he promptly hanged on the spot.

T .

by Ted Smith

Part 3.

Concluding the story

of the mystery

surrounding the

discovery of an

estimated 20 billion pounds sterling in gold, in the underground caverns of New Mexico.



The three Spanish cavalrymen who had returned from the south had 'been ecstatic about the incredibly :vast amount of Itreasure at Cuzco. The room full of gold that Atahualpa had promised was nothing compared wiih what they had seen at the capital. The great temple was absolutely ablaze with gold, silveli and precious gems. Tbis ioformation especially influenced Pizarro in deciding to wind up proceedings at Cajamarca, even though the amount for the agreed ransom had not yet 'been quite reached. He was impatient to move on Cozco. Once he had taken the capital he would be master of the empire. He was therefore overjoyed when Almagro finally arrived with reinforcements, because he could recom­ mence active operations. But there remained the prickly problem of what to do about Atahualpa? "Kill the dog," growled Almagro. The accumulation of ransom gold was melted into ingots, and was estimated to be worth 1,326,539 pesos de oro. [n addition, the silver was reckoned to be worth 51,6LO marks. The share Pizarro allocated Ito himself amounted to 57,222 pesos de oro, and 2,350 marks of silver. He also acquired the massive solid gold throne of the Inca, which was esti­ mated to be worth 25,000 pesos de oro. The troublemakers whom Pizarro had left at San Miguel, who had shown up' at Cajamarca with Almagro, were most vociferous in their demands that the Inca now be put to death. They had no claim on the enormous ransom and, indeed, received very little from it. The followers of Almagro, who also had nn claim on the ransom, joined the chorus demanding that Atahualpa be killed. They wanfed him out of the way, so the mission might proceed, and allow them to make their own fortunes. Since Atabualpa had fulfiled his side of the bargain, the Spanish honour now required that he be set free, but that would tlten put him, a strong and very capable king, in a position to destroy the invaders. That would not be allowed. Accordingly, the Spaniards arranged to put the Inca on trial for murdering his brother, Huascar, and for inciting his own people to rebellion. The trial was a complete farce, a travesty of justice, with Pizarro and Almagro, two of the biggest cut throats of the 16th century acting as judges. The emperor was, of course, pronounced guilty, and wa'i sentenced to be burned to death in the plaza. Atahualpa vehemently protested, his innocence to no avail. On that same day, 29 August 1533, just two hours after sunset, a trumpet sounded in the great square of Cajamarca, where the entire military garrison was drawn up to witness the forthcoming proceedings. Atahualpa was [cd in chains out of the fortress. With some difficulty, he shuffled for­ ward to the stake, with the Dominican friar, Vincente de Valverde, at his side, beseeching him to renounce his god, and embrace the true faith. "My son," cried Valverde, holding up a crucifix, "abjure your false god, and be baptised. Even now, it is not too late to save yourself from the fires of hell, where you will burn for all eternity!" He leaned closer to Atahualpa, and hissed in his ear. "Do it, you fool, and I promise you shall not die by fire." "How then shall I die?" asked Atahualpa. "By the garrotte," replied Valverde. Atahualpa called to Pizarro, and asked if this wa'i true, and


when told that it was, he consented to be baptised. Valverde performed the rite, the most important of Holy Church, and blessed the Inca in the name of Juan de Atahualpa. He then stepped back to allow his new convert to be taken away, to be executed by slow strangulation. With the death of Atahualpa, the Inca empire effectively ceased to exist, and the Spanish conquest of Peru was brought to a successful conclusion. But not before the Spaniards, who descended upon the country like locusts, had marched south on the capital and stripped it bare of every­ thing of value. The work of centuries was utterly destroyed by the organised brigandage. Temples and Pillaces were looted of their treasures. Homes were pillaged or demol- . ished. Vast amounts of gold, silver, and precious jewels were seized. There were gem-encrusted ornaments, gold vases, vessels and mensils. Of pure gold there were four life sized Lamas, and ten or tweI ve statues lof women east in gold or silver. In the home of one In"Ca poble, ten planks of solid silver were found, each plank being twenty feet long by a foot in width and three inches thick. Bands of gold­ mad Spaniards roamed the streets of Cuzeo in search of hid­ den treasures. Inca nobles and ,their families were subjected to the most vile and excruciating tortures to make them reveal 'the hiding places of real or imagined hoards of gold. Death, torture and mutilation was the' order of the day. Indian men, women and children caught wearing jewellry had their hands and fingers hacked off by the gold-crazy Spaniards who could not wait to be given the valuables. The whole amount of loot was piled high in a COIl\IDon heap, gathered together for division, after some of the best articles had been put aside for the Crown. The vast hoard of llreasure is said to have exceeded the ransom accumulated for Atahualpa. On 26 April 1538, almost five years after the tragic death of Atahualpa, the followers of Pizarro clashed in battle with Almagro and his men at La Salinas, near CUZCQ. Almagro was defeated and was summarily executed by Hernando Pizarro. Three years later, on Sunday, 26 June 1541, Francisco Pizarro was attacked and killed in his palace at Lima. The perpetrators were a group of Spanish cavaliers seeking revenge for the death of Almagro. It was noon, the hour when Pizarro had dinner. The cava­ liers came along the street, shouting, "Long live the king! Death to the tyrant!" Their leader, a man called Rada, was at their head as they ran through the open, unguarded palace gates and attacked two domestics loitering in the courtyard. One of these received a blow and fell to the ground; the other sped away towards the house, calling, "Help help! They're here to murder Ithe marquess!" The comwotion aroused Pizarro and his party of guests. Rising from the table, where they were all seated, Pizarro called to one of his officers to secure the outer chamber, while he hurried away to arm himself. The clamour outside grew louder, and his guests, who were a dozen of the leading citizens of Li!:na, including the judge Velasquez, became very alarmed, and retreated in haste to a balcony, where they jumped over a railing to the garden below and ran off, leaving their host to fend for himself. The officer, who should have secured the outer chamber, held the door ajar, and tried to enter into dis­ cussion with the assailants. But they burst in, killed hiJn on the spot, and threw his lifeless body down into the area below. Pizarro's brother-in-law, Martinez de Alcantara, who FEBRUARY-MARCH '93

they publicly beheaded him in the great square of Lima. was assisting the marquess to put on his armour, ran to the Very soon afterwards, Valverde, Bishop of Cuzco, with the outer chamber and, with the aid of two young men who were jUdge, Velasquez, and some other followers of Pizarro, were pages, tried to resist fthe attack. In the desperate struggle that followed, two of the assas­ allowed to embark from the port of Lima. sins were mortally wounded, and Alcantara and his two helpers were badly hurt. Pizarro, giving up futile attempts to To this day, it is generally believed that Pimrro expended don his breastplate, wrapped a doak around his arm, his vast fortune on building his capital of Lima. But how grabbed a sword, and rushed to the outer chamber to join the can that be true? His building costs would have been almost affray. By now, the two pages lay dead on the floor, and negligible. Most of the materials, such as stone and timber Alcantara was staggering were in abundance, and backwards under a rain of freely available. There were blows, too weak from loss of also plenty of Indian slaves blood to hold his position to do all the work. SEA CARIBBEAN any longer. Pizarro sprang Pizarro was neither mean •.' forward to take his place and, .............. 8"Io......oto,

nor generous, but he was Puerto Hormiga despite the disadvantage of avaricious, and it is very ;l'",,,:,-,,,,X<1 being at least twice the age of unlikely that his vast fortune ;,"" his oldest opponent, fought ..:;./Q>. was given away in gifts to his "'Q~~'i with the speed and courage friends, or that it was con­ of a tiger. "Oh yes," he sumed in building his city of exclaimed, in the first flurry Lima. of cut and thrust, "traitors! During th.e years before his Have you come to 'kin me in death, Pizarro could have my own house?" been sending large amounts Two of his adversaries fell of gold north, to the hidden to his sword. The others safety of the San Andreas ." drew back in dismay. Mountains. Initially, these :.. BRA Z I L "Well, come on," he taunt­ consignments of gold going n ed them. "You think I can't north would not have aroused ...

deal with you all?" He undue suspicions, as he was "I lunged at them again, and the long in the habit of dispatch­ ... conspirators fell back a few ing large amounts of gold to more paces to avoid the fury n his creditors in Panama. of his assault. Later on, ,of course, he would "Why are we taking so' have had to exercise greater o In which case, discretion. long?" yeU'ed Rada. Eager to V I A C'> the gold wou~d h.ave been end matters quickly, he 'llIo sent north in secret, probably grabbed hold of one of his disguised as pig iron ingots, companions, and pushed him -t. each ingot having been treat­ forward, straight onto ed with the bituminous sub­ Pizarro's sword. In that stance the Incas used for s1U'­ instant, before the weapon could be withdrawn from the facing their royal roads, and unfortunate man, Rada darted loaded aboard empty vessels in, and stabbed Pizarro in the as ballast. In the further interests of secrecy, the con­ throat. As he reeled from the PRECOLUM1lr",N CllNTRAL ANDES c. 3<>«> ll.c.-A.U, 1$

veying of these consignments blow, and sank to his knees, _ _ Boundory ollllQ .E.Il!pn .L III' 11'••'"11 Il<1onl

Rada and several others of gold would have had to be Inca roya' rold, plunged [their swords into his entrusted to people who • Alchlolllgi"", iii... could keep their mouths shut body. ,. "~'", ' 110 It is therefore likely that "Jesu!" cried Pizarro, with these same people would liIis dying breath. He lay still have been partners in the for a moment, .then with his scheme, having deposited finger traced a cross on the their own shares of gold with Pizarro's cache. bloody floor, and bent his head down to kiss it. Another It must be explained! why Pizarro, and some of his follow­ stroke put an end to him. ers, would have sent their gold north to be hidden under the The conspirators were not in control of Lima. Their first San Andreas Mountain. The answer to this question is quite step was to seek out and apprehend Pizarro's secretary, obvious, when considering the enormous anloullt of gold Picade, who, they interrogated as w where his master Ihad they had to prptect, they needed a safe place to hide it. hidden his treasure. Picado would not, or could nOt, tell them, even though they made him suffer the most excruciat­ Keeping the gold in their personal possession would have attracted every cut-throat in the New World. It has already ing tortures. Unable ItO .get [the information they wanted,










been shown how easily the conspirators gained entrance to Pizarro's palace to murder him. Keeping the gold in Lima would have been a very risky proposition, necessitating a permanent twenty-four-hour guard, with no absolute guaran­ tee that it would remain safe. In any case, tile posting of such a guard would AOt have been practical, considering the uncertain state of the country, with soldiers continually hav­ ing to be pulled away to deal with rebellions and civil wars. There was a political side to all of this. Pi~o would never have allowed the Crown to treat him in the same man­ ner as it treated Cortes. But if, at some future date, the Crown had decided to remove him, his entire fortune would have been in jeopardy. We have the fate oJ bis, Herando, to confum the likelihood of that happening. Upon returning to Spain, shortly before the assassination of Pizarro, he was arrested on trumped-up charges, and incar­ cerated for 20 years in the strong fortress of Medina del Campo. Could it be that he was held there without sentence because he would not reveal the secret hiding place of Pizarro's treasure? Doc Noss was not a mining engineer, and he bitterly regretted the fact a little later on, after alIbis efforts to· blast a way into the mountain had proved useless. First he had tried clearing away the entrance h01e with a charge of dynamite, but the explosion had shaken ,the moun­ tain so badly that the unstable roof of the passageway col­ lapsed. Next he had tried blasting into the side of the moun­ tain, but aU that had done was to bring countless tons of rocks crashing down. It was now going to be a very tricky job getting back into the treasure rooms again. He realised he would not be able to do that on his own. What he needed was the help of a qualified mining engineer. That would cost a deal of money he did not have readily available to him. FOJi that reason, he made arrangements to sell some of the gold he 'had earlier taken out of the mountain. It has pre­ viously been mentioned that the private ownership of gold was illegal in the USA. So what Doc Noss was intending to do, when he visited the house of a prospective buyer on that fateful night back in 1949, was to take part in a crooked transaction. Doc Noss and the other man were in the kitchen, seated at a table fac­ ing each other. They were alone for a few minutes and then a door opened and the wife of the man came in. She did not look at them, nor did sbe speak, but went straight to the back of the kitchen where she pretended to be busy. Doc Noss was uncomfortably aware that she was quietly listening in on the discussion. He began questioning the man, at first tentatively, but, once he suspected ~ere might be something wrong, he came straight to the point. "Do you have the money?" he asked. "Yeah," answered the man, as though that was a non­ essential detail. "I've got it." "Where?" said Doc Noss. "Can I see it?" "In the minute," replied the man. "Let's have a drink first." "His wife crossed the floor with a bottle of whiskey and ItwQ gl;lSses, put them on the table in front of the two men, 'and returned to the back of the kitchen. Doc Noss felt an uneasy qualm. As he did not know the man, he had felt he could not trust him, even before he had come to the meeting. ' 24·NEXUS

The man took the bottle and poured whiskey into the glasses. "I've had some spare time on my bands just lately," he said, "and I've been making a few discreet inquires about you." Doc Noss frowned. "What did you want to know?" "Well," drawled the man, "I found out that you're a bit of a prospector. " "So, what's newT' "Aw, just one or two things that don't seem to add up." "Such as?" "Well, I asked myself, wby would a prospector want to . sell me gold?" "What's wrong with that?" "Nothing," said he, shaking his head. "Nothing, except, why oot sell it in the usual way?" "Look, do you want to buy the gold or not?" "Yeah, but I'd have to see it first" "And I'd have to see your cash," countered Doc Nos.s. He was very angry and showed it. "[n any case, I don't think I'll stick around any longer." He rose to his feet. The man spoke quietly. "Why, where are you going?" "Home," replied Doc Noss. "You can't go home yet, you haven't finished your drink." Doc Noss gave him a scornful look. "I don't drink." With that he crossed the ,floor of the kitchen in a few rapid strides, opened the door, and went out to the driveway where his utility truck was parked. Suddenly, the man's wife started to shriek that Doc Noss was going to fetch a gun. Coming out of the house in a hurry, the man stood on the porch, raised his arm, and point­ ed a pistol at Doc Noss. "Stop," he shouted, "or m shoot!" Doc Noss ignored the warning, and kept going. Just as he reached his truck, there was a sharp report frOID me pistol, and a bullet hit him in the back. He threw up his anus and clutched the empty air in a spasm of agony, then fell to the ground dead. We now come to the most important part of the story, which deals with those who bave laid claims to the treasure of the San Andreas Mountains. These claims, for what they are worth, have been lodged by private persons, sucb as the Doc Noss family, and some ex-servicemen, who were sta­ tioned at the White Sands Missile Base when they made their discovery of the treasure. Claims have also been lodged by Indian agencies representing the Apaches, whose ancestors where supposed to have !hidden the gold under the mountain. All of these claims, which are now in the process of coming before the US court, must, inevitably, stand the test of the highest legal, as well as moral, standards of jus­ tice. This fact ought to encourage the Peruvian people, who have the strongest possible claim, to bring a lawsuit for the return of the treasure. Their claim, of course, would be that of victims of unprovoked aggression seeking the retom of property stolen from their country.



he Dresden Codex, one of the remaining records of tthe great Maya, states that the total soJar eclipse of 11 July 1991 would usher in two life-altering events: earth changes and cosmic awareness in the fOfftl of encoun­ ters with the masters of the stars.

Perhaps 1200 years ago, the prophetic Maya caught a glimpse of our destiny and that of our predecessors. Eclipses played a tran­ scendental role in the history of Meso-America; they were heaven­ ly signals marking the beginning or end of an era. These phenom­ ena depicted portents of things to come. Historically, an eclipse armounced the Aztec migration from the mythical Atzlan and the settling of the valley of Mexico. It herald­ ed the Spanish invasion and the plunge of the indigenous people into darkness where their culture would remain submerged for almost 500 years. The Maya revealed their profound knowledge of terrestrial cycles through divLnations recorded on ancient storyboards. One of the most intriguing, the Dresden Codex, is a mysterious blend of accurate prophecy and pure science in Ithe form of tables. It con­ structs a calendar of events dated to 3114 BC, the date officially accepted by modern science as the age of the Codex. The Mayan hieroglyphics give us insight into the vast knowl­ edge and magnificent genius that they created, understood and existed within, a realm of myth dictated by heavenly movements. To them, the sun, the moon and the Pleiades were the keepers of time, and the seers of future events. The people of Meso-America were indeed a cosmic race whose thoughts and lives were ruled by what happened in the heavens, especially the birth of a new sun. Thus, a great number of historic events were directly linked 10 an eclipse. According to the inscription, the era of the first sun ended with a devastating wind; the second with fiery rain; the third with dark­ ness. The era of the fourth sun terminated with water, recognised by most cultures as The Great Flood. the fifth sun exited with the destruction by earthquakes that devastated Mexico City in 1985. The 1991 total solar eclipse armounced great changes. It also marked Ithe beginning of the era of the sixth sun, the sun of Quetzalcoatl, the legendary bearded, fair-skinned god who is lillribUted with the social, technical and cultural enlightenment of prehistoric America, and who also promised to return. The sixth sun, due to its historic movement, trajectory lUld dura­ tion, marked the end of cosmogenic obscurity, giviJrg credence to the prophecy given in the year 755 AD, that the sun of 1991 would usher in a new era of not only earth changes, but also cosmic awareness. The people of Mexico prepared for what some called the eclipse of the millennium, dlle to the maximum- duration of 6 minutes 45 seconds, one of the longest in history. One thing was certain: Qlls would become the most scrutinised and photo'graphed eclipse ever recorded. 26.NEXUS


Shortly after I pm, seventeen different people, unknown to each thirty minutes. other, in different locations, waited with camcorders in hand With his countrymen now gripped in what Jaime Maussan called expecting only to capture the total eclipse on videotape. UFO, or 0VNl, fever, he accepted an invitation to appear on the popular television programme Siempre en Domingo.

To the left of the bright patch of sky, and slightly above, a star, faiDt at fIrst, began to sparkle in the darkening afternoon sky. After presenting some of the more spectacular tapes, he made

Sr Leopoldo Laborde Ithought he was videotaping two stars. what is probably the fIrst televised prime-time appeal to the people Across town, Sr Alejandro Larraguivel also believed he was of Mexico, asking that they send him any videos containing recording bright stars. Sra Laura Hernandez saw a glimmer of a unidentifIed objects, and to please double-check their footage taken bright object as the clouds parted. Sr Miguel Angel Torres videoduring the eclipse. The telephone number flashed across the screen and moments later the studio switchboard lit up. taped a shimmering, stationary body. The camcorder read 1.22 pm. The eclipse footage had flamed the Mexican passion for intellec­ Padre Manuel Ferrer, a Catholic priest in the southern quadrant of the city, focussed on the luminous orb in the darkened sky. tual debate. Why were the sightings so overt? The UFO had posi-

On the outskirts of the city, at a hill named 'mountain of the tioned itself beneath the eclipsing sun at a time when millions of . stars', Sr Jorge de la Torre videotaped an extraordinary object suspeople were looking up. Why? Unless it wanted to be seen. And the ultimate question, why Mexico? pended over the bustling city. Sr Marco Antonio Flores taped this segment a:s the fifth sun preceded Ithrough its fmal stages before the Some thought it was an unknown intelligence carrying out a sci­ entifIc mission, similar to what our scientists were dQing .at that new sun, the sixth., emerged. The time was now 1.24 pm. 1ihe sun was in full eclipse. same time, measuring and monitoring. Others believed ,it was The Aguilar family rorned the event into a fiesta. The camera indeed the fulfilment of the ancient prophecy, the age of cosmic clock read 1.04 pm in the beginning and 1.25 pm at the end. This awareness being ushered in by a god in a sleek, silvery chariot, indicates that the UFO, known in Mexico as OVNI (Objecto drawing attention to the sixth sun and to the return of Quetzalcoatl. Volaro No Identificado), remained stationary over the world's Realising the need for outside help, Jaime contacted Lee and Brit largest city for at least twenty minutes. Elders. He explained he had followed their investigation into the Swiss Pleiadian UFO contact case, and 'From the southern zone of the city, the footage taken by Sr Fuentes is some of :.::::.::.;:.::..... h:::" ·.··.b"'~-: ~.: that he had presented their findings to the the ~ost dramatic ev~r taken. This is ·..:t;y:~et.:~~:.¥~£~~gn~:.()r. Mex~can people in a two-hour television the first hyperJump ever r~rd- :. ,.fhe'lJF():f1a"·~ Special. ed. HIS camera read 1.28 pm. The object . . ~ _ : ,·c.. had now hove~ed over the city for about ~exico: On 16 September, Mexicans celebrate their national Independence Day. The twen.ty-three mmutes. . <: ~,tHe festivities include a parade of marching troops, mechanised infantry, and military 60 Minutes TV programme), is one of fly-bys.

Latin America's most credible and popuVicente Sanchez, one of Jaime's engi­

neers, was prepared to get some good Air

lar invest~ga~ve journalists. C~ught in .his ...• .weteseeli:.6ir;.:tap~rlf(jii~i-: Force stock footage. First carne the heli­ copters, then the fighter squadrons. enon, he organised a division of his pro. . . . . .... . . .

Vicente noticed an object ben~ath the for­ duction company as a UFO investigative malJon ot twenty-four Air Force fighters and began to track it. unit They began in earnest to track the numerous witnesses to the Five of the Mexican Air Force fighters broke formation and gave 11 July event. chase to the unknown craft, but it soon accelerated, leav,ing them in An executive with Televisa, Mexico's largest television network, its wake, headed north-east towards the volcano zone. Sr Gullermo Arreguin, was the first to step forward. Optical After Jaime's prime-time apped on television, hundreds of enhancement of the object he taped, depicts a metal disc-shaped reports began to ftlter into his office at Programas, including new craft. It was suspended in the air and seemed to be floating, per­ footage. In one segment, a UFO found itself in the flight path of an haps rotating on its own axis. airliner and had to move to escape detection and a possible colli­ The Breton family recorded a silvery object at 1.22 pm, across sion. the nearly 85 miles (132 km) from the location where Sr Arreguin Pachuca, a mountain community north of Mexico City, had took his identical footage. Optical enhancement and split screen reported UFOs over their area on several occasions. The local tele­ were utilised to compare the segments taken by Sr Arreguin in vision station filmed one of the sightings, complete with a familiar Mexico City and Sr Puebla The two spacecraft corre­ star in the background. sponded in size and shape. Were there two similar objects, or was From the heart of the volcano zone south-east of Mexico City, there one object with the capability of a hyperleap of 85 miles new reports filtered into Jaime's company. accomplished in a ,split second? In Atlixco and Medepec, during July and August 1991, UFO In the north-east portion of this massive city, Sra Laura activity was extremely heavy, especially over a small natural pyra­ Hernandez zoomed in on one object she thought was a planet. mid, whose name means 'in the place in the heart of the gods', Slow motion gave a better view, and enhancement showed a pul­ Teteolotitla. Photographs were taken of the skies over nearby sating energy from the metallic craft. Popocatepetl, the mighty volcano known as 'the sleeping sentinel'. At the Televisa studio, the six best videos taken during the his­ Optical enhancement revealed that an object believed to be a sin­ toric eclipse were put through comparative analysis. All were gle light source may actually have been a tight formation of ships. shown to be structured metallic objects that reflected sunlight. These appear to be the same type of craft filmed during the Whether by design or accident, the UFO flap over Mexico City Independence Day parade. is, thanks to the video camcorder, Ithe most documented mass sight­ Popocateptl fever reached an all-time high, creating traffic jams ing ever. The object or objects were seen or taped for a duration of as curious onlookers waited for a peek at the nightly fly-bys.

h' aCcioel)'

:.: '. . .'

'};;.': :,.",p.:: :'.: City is; .thankS, to file "video '·camdj'iiJer. most

M;:~:;, ~~:~~ice:t~~1:~I:~1 ~l o~~t:~dddiih.~htedffla~§l<hijlf~ . :""~:'::'::<:::~;;q:;':(",i'«:;':;:~'./::j~ ·:::f:(WeIj.Jb;~c()~l~Pt.P~i;9.~Je£t~:

,~:~ =::::~~ ~i~h~~:te~:~ep~~!~~~:';qiiration:;Q~t~irtY'miijijf¢s; ; i



Those who made the pilgrimage were rarely disappointed. During September and October 1991, there was no let-up in the State of Puebla. Super C~I 3, the largest TV station in the city, was airing a round-table discussion on the subject when telephone calls suddenly jammed the station's switchboard. Hovering over the city at that moment was a now familia,r unidentified aircraft Footage was taken by a professional camera crew from the station as the luminous object remained in the area for almost an hour. Nearby, at Mede~, a Prograrnas' carneram~, fllrned the ships rapidly moving through the darkened sky towards an unknown des­ tination. The following evening, 20 September, the ships returned and while he shot his third segment of video in a three-day span. While Medepec and Atlixco were being inundated by sightings, Puebla was experiencing a return by a ship that had! a curious inter­ est in the transmission towers of Super Channel 3. (7 October 1991,22.59 pm.) Within the same week the UFO activity returned to Mexico City, as shown in a unique video taken by Vicente Sanchez, an engineer who had filmed the Indep-endence Day parade months earlier. On 16 November 1991, in the zona vo/canica (zone of volcanos), Padre (Manuel) Ferrer, a Catholic priest, who had taken eclipse footage months before, was curiously drawn to a radiance suspend­ ed above and beyond the outskirts of the city. As he zoomed in to the maximum range of his camcorder, the size and brilliance of the object was intensified. Suddenly, one hght transformed into 'two: two separate forms of luminous energy. About thirty seconds later, the metamorphosis began again. He had been recording for the better part of an hour when he noticed that a third light soUrce was becoming visible. To the right of the two bright objects, a big twinkling emerged. Weary, the padre stopped recording after one hour. The luminous object remained in the same location, silently hovering for siX hours. Then, according to the padre and other witnesses, the three lights merged into one huge brilliant object and accelerated straight up into the night sky. One week later (23 November 1991), and 7,000 miles from the volcano, a Japanese couple vacationing on Kyushu island took an amazing video near Mt Unzen. The footage showed it was the


same type of craft filmed over Mexico City during the solar eclipse four months earlier. ) This mysterious ship remained near the Mt Unzen volcano until twilight, then moved, bathing itself in the glow of the moon. Like Padre Ferrer, the couple grew weary and only taped at intervals until they turned' in for the night. The next morning, in amazement, they discovere.d that the object remainedl, flaming brightly in the morning light. Why was it there? Coincidence, or a planned event designed to attract the attention of .those who can comprehend the Mayan prediction of cosmic awareness and its correlation w earth changes? The UFO flap over Mexico City continued through the months of January and February 1992, as did the excitement and experi­ ence of the people. By mid-January, Mexico City appe.ared to be the preferred flight path of the Unknown craft The first video ever taken of a UFO was filmed accidentally in the late 70s by Manuel Juarez of Channel 3 in Guatemala. While producing an automobile commercial he noticed an object darting through the blue sky. The clip from Guatemala closely resembles that taken by Vicente Sanchez over Mexico City years later. Recent photographs from Mexico revealed a sombre object pho­ tographed from inside a late-model car, and another photograph taken in the state of Hidalgo. It strongly revealed a 'variation two' ship, photographed by Edward Billy Meier in 1979 as it hovered over a wooded area in Switzerland. The similarities are amazing. Four different configurations of space ships have been seen in the skies over Mexico, and there may be more. Meanwhile over Mexico City the skies were becoming more and more crowded. A commercial airliner approached for a landing as a UFO passed dangerously close. The excitement continued. Over Atlixco a mysterious ren­ dezvous was captured on video by a Super Channd 3 cameraman Guillermo Guemez. The light on the ~eft of the screen was approaching the other bright ball of light until they appeared to merge ~ one, as if docking. Suddenly to the left, two more lumi­ nous objects appeared. As the tw.o on the right separated, you could now see four distinct unknowns. Lee and Brit Elders invited Nippon Television to join their inves­ tigation and a Japanese film crew arrived in Mexico on 8 May 1992. During the previous seven months Atlixco had been a hot bed of UFO activity, so Jllime had arranged for three key interviews, begin­ ning with the most importapt political figure in the city, the mayor, the first government official in Mexico to publicly discuss the sub­ ject of UFOs. The Mayor of Atlixco, Sr Miguel Angel Ordonez Rosales, explained he hadn't seen the UFOs, but many people around the area claimed they had seen them, and they knew they were there. He didn't know what they were nor why they were there. He said that the UFO activity over Atlixco was becoming the topic of international dis­ cussion. The previous Thursday in a bina­ tional trade conference between the USA and Mexico, US representatives told him they knew of the UFO activity over Atlixco. The question/answer session went on for one hour. Mayor Ordonez Rosales explained that there was not a threat from the craft and that many of his constituents travelled to out­ lying areas to observe the activity fu'st hand.


Remarkably, the government's position was like that of Ithe citi­ zens'. Although they haven't any definitive explanations to the mystery, they were curious and wanted to know more. Word of the team's presence spread quickly, Many people crowded into the mayor's office, disturbing the interview. More people waited in the streets. They were experiencing a classic example of what Jaime called OVNl fever, which by now had become an epidemic. They crossed the street and entered the office of the Commandante of Puebla and the supervisor of the police for the state, Sr Miguel A. Larios Cruz. The commandante was asked if the UFOs were dangerous. The commandante responded that if there were beings inside these ships, they were not hostile or dangerous to us. He added that if they wanted to hurt us they would have done so by now, therefore there was no need to feel threatened. At the beginning of the flap before everyone started seeing UFOs, Sr Larios Cruz's office had been told that objects had been seen near the pass between the volcanoes. Thinking this was a drug plane, a stake-out was organised. A camera would be used to record the a,ircraft ID numbers so the arrests could be made. The stake-out was successful, but the photo was unlike anything he had ever seen. The photograph was taken from 40 metres. He ,thought that the object had a length of 10-15 metres, something like a DC3. That is the plane most used by smugglers, and as he thought the plane was going to bring smugglers, he chose to send out a photographer. He analysed one picture through a magnifying glass and realised that these lights he was seeing were portholes. The team then headed for the largest radio station in the area, XHVP·FM Stereo Sol, which had been the control centre for UFO reports and sightings. The director of the station provided some shocking details. They're in a community of 100,000 people and they consider their ratings very high, up to 90%. Most of the peo­ ple were aware of the station and that this was where they give the UFO reports. They found out that 90% of the people in Atlixco had seen a UFO, and other other 10% knew about UFOs. This was amazing. Ninety thousand respondents had seen the bright objects that ruled the sides over Atlixco and Medepec, and yet, with the massive sightings and front page news coverage, the people remained calm. There was no panic; only curiosity for the mysterious visitors. Then, in rapid succession, .the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place, beginning with an innocent home video taken during a vacation some months earlier. A young man named Max Hofbauer, an engineer, filled in addi­ tional pieces. His investigation of the phenomenon centred near his home in the State of Puebla, near the zone of the volcanoes, where the objects were reported frequently and most specifically around Mt Popocateptl. Max reponed another clue. The OVNls regularly flew between the volcanoes Popocateptl and Iztaceihuatl in the direction lof Puebla, and over what many believe is a base, Teteolotitla. Amano Meckelow is an archaeologist employed at Programas,

and wi1h friends had recently climbed 'the sleeping sentinel', Mt POPOCaIeptl. Since their last climb, they noticed that the trails had changed dramatically, and once on top of the crater, his camcorder recorded an amazing event. The normally cool water of the lagoon was hot. The mountain was beginning to vent; the Iiong dormant volcano was coming to life. The sleeping warrior' was awaken­ ing. Mt Popocateptl is the fourth-largest volcano in the world with an elevation of 17,887 feet. It is also the most dangerous volcano, for Mt Popocateptllies lbetween Mexico City and I\Jebla Should 'the sleeping giant' blow its top, the explosion alone could trigger a mega-quake that could destroy these ItWO historic cities and affect over 30 million people, one-third of the population of Mexico. We are living, according to Mayan prophecy, in the age of the sixlh sun and, as in Cortes' day five hundred years ago, 'the sleep­ ing warrior' was awakening from a long hibernation. Perhaps the earth changes foretold by the ancient messengers of destiny were all-encompassing, and not focussed solely on the inhabitants of Mexico. The Maya envisioned changes, no matter how destructive, as a necessary progression, believing that from the ashes of catastrophe would bloom a stronger alliance that was essential to the rebirth of civilisation, and to the recycling of nature. Nothing in history compares with the massive sightings and remarkable videos taken through the Mexican flap of 1991 and 1992. Discovering the meaning of such overt activity is centred on speculation which was seeded by an accurate prophecy of the Maya. Perhaps, as foretold 1200 years ago, the unidentified objects are indeed messengers of destiny. As of October 1992, over 200 videotapes of UFOs over Mexico had been examined.




in the


s the months race by, increasing numbers of drought and famine burgeon out of control in what someone has called the "third world countries". As I sit watching the horror of ,these stricken communities on the evening news, I grieve more than most folks around me, because, I am certain I know a solution which can provide adequate food, water and power for all of them; but, I also realise I haven't tried hard! enough to get more people involved in that solution-part of which is philosophical and part of which is technological.


Philosophy of Cause" Effect and Solution Philosophically, I know these terrible disasters are a direct consequence of human avarice, ignorance and corrup­ tion of the spint. The philosophical portion of the solution is simply to attain harmony with the Qrder of things, but the technplogical and spiritual actions to attain that relationship are more difficult to achie\:e and maintain than most might realise. For those like myself who have had a "near death expe­ rience", the reality of a sentient life which continues out of the body after death is not a difficult thing to accepJ; because we have had a chance to peek ever so briefly into the next world. As for the various religious dogmas which have been derived by "the blind leading the blind," I can only say it is a shame the great philosophical Truth, which initiated all of the various religions at some point has been so obscured by man-made rhuals, mindless mantras and prayer recitals. By researching into the original teachings of the most ancient Indian, Chaldean, Aboriginal and Hebraic philoso­ phies I have found they all espouse the 'existence of an intel­ ligent creative source which in some manner gave birth to what we know as reality here on Earth. ]n every case, how­ ever, the cultures have so twisted the original teachings or directives to suit political purposes that the Trow which ini­ tiated them..aU has been buried. To get at that Truth, eacb of us must establish (or re-establish in the Messianic Hebrew tradition) a communication link with that Creative Source (G*D, Elohim. Brahma, etc). Since none of iUS on Earth today is tnrl.y perfect in his or her understanding of our reason for existence, the best that any of us can say to another in regard to philosophy is, "Mine works for me". As long as our individual philoso; phies are not in conflict, this will suffice; however, any man-made philosophy which imposes dominance over another or which takes more than it gives to our system is



5. introducing hm:d core pornography to collapse our moral strocture; 6. increasing our ltax burdens so that the only way Ito pay our debt is to sell our own country to some nameless, faceless banking consortium somewhere in Europe; 7. destroying our faith in the established governments of the planet indudjpg all the socialistic, "democratic" and monarchistic forms of rule an-d, finally; 8. making uS so dependent upon a centralised system of social order that we cannot have independent sources of power, water, food, petrol, housin'g, medicine and trans­ port. The answer is so simple that I have overlooked it for • twenty five years. There is a common element between power, water, food, petrol, housing, medicine and transport. A Technologically Harmonious Solution? In fact, this element is common Ito all the foregoing objec­ For many years now I have sat by firesides with a host of tives of the New World Order; for it is a fundamental gOOd-intentioned folks discussing the problems of our fami­ requirement of all things which exist and interact. lies, our towns, cities, countries and, of late, our planet. As a It is the harmo,nic exchange of energy. That's right. result of these chats and of being involved with trying to When you "consume" power from the electricity or gas in your home you simply exchange energy in a concentrated solve mankind's major problems, I have long been aware of an "unseen hand" which has guided human affairs across form with energy in a less concentrated form. Remember national boundaries. Some have called it, "the Illuminati;" your high school physics, "Energy is neither created nor destroyed". The exchange of energy helps the pumps to pro­ others, "the New World Order". Few people have ever gotten to meet any oflthe faces who either vide our household water. The control or serve this New World Order; ~0.i~i;""'-*{i~;i~,~Pi!~~',~{t"'\;f;~(",0:'~::::~~%'~~1i~H'W exchange of energy is integrl!l to the but I have. . ~~>ffJf~"p.~$I€,;in:r.i!i£i.n /¢I'!he;r,~.~.:t.j~ ~ombustion of petrol wh~ch is, in turn, '''~·''O'·''·O·'''~·'· r. ,.. ",.tr,.; .. . ".~ .,..... t It th tr t f I Some of th em have been 0 bV10US lY !!':'<' ·;~I::.·;·.:'·':'.:!!."'·'f:"'··"'·.""<'~··:'.·.":'. ':'~·L'.:.·">h·';.:::~v",:,.".,; L:,',';;..; """ .':' "",,:, :"q"' ..'," m egra 0 e anspor mg 0 peop e . rf I h'l h h b d' :AevS onec;WUlc 'f, d" d' h' I ' an LOO in ve 1C es. Even Just day-to­ powe u w 1 e ot ers ave een 1S- ';J//",<;:;~,."",;$:'<' ~;":'''''''!:/';,"'~'"!>0.''':;~'''~\'\''"':' arm~g~y. sen;ile., no matteF how ~j.~~~Usl'ii6.$)all~af~!::~~~lf(Jh~sl~;,i}:,,~ day requires the exchange of the md1v1duals of th1S group presented :~.i\.:¥i~.'~,;~"'. :'frh"'" .,.';'<::<)kt"':!!%:<~. '~:~~I".w~~fJ energy m the forms of heat and electro­ :IT'LOVe;''?-'1 ISIS"n03,',ee In""",· . d" th emse Ives to me, I al ways k new th.ey \ii~ "'''~ ~ .;:i.i~".":",,,,:.:"';:~'.'( ;"~.)~",,, \j, .::"~, .:iJIWl magnellc ra 1al1ons. were trying to control an ent~e pfanet ::l(rlt;~rhi$jfi$/ij'Qti~ijJ~~s,tf~;:t~~Ji~~; Yes, the one ~eak ~oint of The of people rather than to ~erve 1t. In the ¥Pth:~~"'~~t"?<.~t;;:"'·:-"'.~~1:~'t:;a;'1>S\it'i~:~:Jit New World Or~r IS that,lt cannot con­ early days of my rubbmg shoulders ~;\ 1!<~l~~'!:kt!;~TOg!r;,~;;JJt'fl;l~),,,ll%~ trol a populatiOn which does not with this "tyrannical elite corps". I;:n~)'i¥~r~~lg;j~liatiQ6al(~:~d;i'i;i!~bif:~i:*;:~~~depend upon community petrol, elec­ enjoyed ,the heady rush that came with;Wl~i~0~i@~!}h:;;;,#~;;/:;;~~,~;,/$,2.';iD;im:w:;' tricity, transport, water and/or natural ...,. .. . . . .. . .. ... . '., ..... gas. If a person were to, develop a the use of their power and authority in cheap and portable way of efficiently the pursuit of a better world for all. In those days my skills in physics, computer programming and systems design exchanging energy in the form of, say, electricity, then all helped me to develop revolutionary theories on energy our dependence upon communal services would be removed, exchange and propulsion techniques. We would not have to pay those energy !.aXes, We would be as mobile as we wished with "very cheap" energy to power In the latter days where I have realised the evil design of our very simple electric cars and planes. There would be no their New World Order, I have turned to expose them and to choking control of our lives because we could afford to say, resist them in a most peaceful and loving manner; yet, for "No!" to their New World Order. many years I did not know why the New World Order was so frightened of what I said, wrote or did down here in sleepy little AustrAlia. What could I seriously threaten them Thermodynamic Energy Conversion The servants to this New World Order whom I have met with? have all been as human as you and I (well, ,me anyway). Then, one day not too long ago, it dawned on me, that the great un-asked question has been, "What is the "Achilles There is, however, a growing supply of information from people like Budd Hopkins, Bob Lazar, Stanton Friedman, Heel' of The New World Order" whose stated objectives William Moore, John Lear and Bill: Cooper that would sug­ include: gest the New World Order is not controlled by humans as 1. making us so dependent upon its cashless society that we will get rid of money and will accept an identity number we know them. The testimonies being presented indicate that someone wants us to know or to believe that aliens have marked permanently on our body; invaded Earth and are rapidl'y programming us for some­ 2. limiting the amount of intemational and inter-regional thing big in the near future. travel we do; Now, in one of Bob Lazar's technical videos in which he 3. systematically destroying national rights and ownership of property and resources; states how the alien spacecraft he saw were powered, he says 4. establishing an international network of interlocking cor­ they used a highly efficient thermoelectric process. This one statement has bugged me more than all the others he and the porate monopolies; bound to fail and bound to cause strife. That is where we are today. The basic principle, the keystone which enables and suSJ'ains all of Creation, is Love. This is not a feeling. This is not an abstract. This is a logical order. It is rational. Love is a process one enjoins. Love is giving energy and creative effort into the system before receiving from it; and then only in the amount one has already given into 'the sys­ tem. Love is experiencing and creating within existence as long as those processes do not impede any other sentient being's exercise of the same right. The main p..roblem to doing this is the lack of communication between mankind and 'the re'st of Creation. When that communication is re­ established, the harmonious exchanges of energy (Love) will once again permeate our entire planet

. .• .




General Concept For A Resonant Thermo-elect.ric Converter


Cavity < 5 Torr

HT Diode

lSKv Cap m < SpF

Charge crowding

Copper Tube


Cap 1


Path of ions accelerated by atomic

vibration and charge crowding

Cap 2

Centre Corona Wire

Cap 3


rest have made regarding this "alien" encounter. Bob's tech­ nological "revelation" was straight out of manmade text­ books except for his use of element 115 for a source of heat to the thennoelectric convertor on board the spacecrafl The reason this whole concept has grabbed my attention is that all the research into thennionic power generation which myself and my associates across the planet have been able to accomplish over the last 10 years p_oints to a device just like Lazar showed in his video. Now, if we as the pri­ vate sector of R&D (research & development) can fonnulate such a theoretical! pJocess from our own crude resources, cannot the governments of Ithe world? When I was still in dle USA in 1971, I was approached


by intelligence ,officers who, ostensibly, were in the National Security Agency. They knew all about my private research at that time into advanced thennodyn-amic propulsio:n con­ cepts. They told me about some fifty other related projects which had been overseen by Dr Edward Teller since the early '50s. In subsequent discussions with them about my other interest in making a tuned electrical generator they expressed at mild interest in where I would want to test such a device. I explained to them that my device might 'be some­ thing like the one the fictional hero, John Galt, made in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. and I thought it might best be tested in a largely unpopulated area. It was their suggestion that Australia might be the place for me to do all my subsequent



research. I was not to know until over twenty years later in any given direction resulting from the "random" moveHOW interested in the power generator that they really ment of the atomic structures. (Refer to diagram on page were. 33.) They expressed great interest in assisting me to finish If these forces are allowed to strike a free electron or ion my work as long as I would move to Australia to do it. in an electrically tuned resonant gas-ftlled cavity at reduced When they then moved me to Australia I started asking pressure. the electron or ion will accept the mechanical ener­ questions about why they were not telling the public about gy of the impact and will arrive at some other part of the all the revolutionary technology they already had which tuned circuit at a greater velocity than normal. If enough of related to my primitive efforts. In the end, they decided to these accelerated charges hit at that point in time. they will mise the electric field strength to a point that a disruptive arc set me up io an experimental lab at the bottom of a very deep mine shaft in Ballarat (in Victoria). There they said I discharge will pass from that point to a diode-protected would be able to complete my research into the energy conextraction circuit (refer to diagram on page 33). version without interruption. It is my opinion that they were In its simplest concept, such a device could be best visu­ going to bury me in that mine shaft; because I was not alised as a hollow copper tube which has a thin wire down allowed to tell anyone about the proits length in the centre. The tube has ject. the place or the timing of same. : ' 0 . . '.' ,.::;o:l <;~}~},,§,;,<{;.~;" ~ been sealed to atmospheric pressure They suggested that I tell no one .,.': .. : . Ii ¢' ~:~:~:4 ~1·>;~·:i~<;~:~;~-'N#\ ...". . i and reducedl to, say, 10% atmospher­ " " t;" ~":It • ~i" ':l,·, 'w.'., N~., . where or wh~n I was going to the 'I' . til: ""f.'§:'" .'le: ;1';1 :;~ ic. The wire will have a DC bias of mine shaft. Maybe I am too paranoid; '.' s~e }IS . II "~. ~;l~~. ,~~p~I~~r(:1 some ~,OOO. to 18,000 volts ~cross it. but maybe that can be healthy, too. . Order· IS The wife wIll connect to a hlgh-voltStill the penny did not drop for .~. ~ age diode which will be connected by me. I thought they were more con- ·f,: ~~(J~ene ""' ~/t,. ~~)'j an air spark gap to a series of three c~med about my "flying disk" propul- <'I: CJstron9l]JfCaLo.t;·:';:;~step-down circuits ~reverse Tesla SlOn concepts. than abo~t the energy "dis~tsters6fsuch'a:·Pnitiiiles>.,~01,ls>. The syste~ ~ill be started ~y converter. I did not rreahse how much . " ',..,'.: ..." :c. :.... '.;:: .... :;. '. '!1,.gl :' ',':.>.:"';; 1001smg the gas wlthm the tube, hltI had frightened them when I had said ling the centre wire with a spark to

. t'th ,"-' pressmg aFieao; but ; h ".' "fa' ." h ;. '. 'b'

h at· It IS.t

,'fHatthiHr 'visiiitr'fotdhe 'world:'

~:sar;~~~~rg~:egi~:~S n~ :~~~~~ "'i:cilihbt~iJl1fcv~r;l~i':':': J;.<..~': ~~~ ~~ ~~;e a~~~~~ ~~ :~~~~~

" :Id3 __ -:: ': ~:::--'~'.h: around the planet to give everyone ~"" •. ~ . , : : ... :',; .:;;'~;;>. ~ '~" " the tube start to resonate between the equal opportunity to use them. I had: .. . .'-,~: ::~:rk~::: 'd . ""*0;;'1<'.;:; '~" wall of the tube and the centre wire. thought that if everyone had equal As the plasma formed in the access to the new technologies that no one would gain uniionised ga<; actually allows wavelengths to travel at slower lateral technological superiority. In this thought I might velocities than in a nonna! EMF broadcast, frequencies as have been wrong. Now, I understand that such a sharing of low as 50 MHz can be used to tune the cavity oscillations to technology could not work until the basic cultural or philointerface to the much higher frequencies (say. 40 GHz) of sophical (religious) differences of the various peoples were the vibrating atoms in the copper tube wall. Thus. as the unified throughout the entire world. vibrating atoms periodically donate motion to a passing ion. I see that the New World Order is pressing ahead; but the wall of the tube "'cools" down a bit. The mechanical that it is threatened either by astronomical or geological dismotion will have been converted to electric field intensity at asters of such magnitudes that their vision for the world canthe central wire. Once the arc occurs at the spark gap, the not survive. They know the disasters' will probably kill energy will not return to tlle tube until after it has been converted back to heat (or relative motion) by the electrical load about 75% of the population over the next ten to twenty years. They have even built massive underground cities device attached to the Tesla Coils. from which they might rebuild the human culture after some Before you cast a skeptical eye on the foregoing. remem­ major catastrophe has wiped the surface. ber that we already have thennoelectric generators in operaIt is for this reason that I think the concept of the thermotion from the small kerosene lamp versions in Siberia to the dynamic conversion process should be shared with you and orbital, nuclear-powered satellites overhead. The efficien­ as many others as rapidly as possible. Some of you will cies of all these are only at best some 12%. They are all somehow survive the coming disasters; and you will want to high-current devices. They all use thennal-to-thermal referaccess electrical energy to survive and re-build. ences for the energy flows, not thennal to electric potential In my books, The Vindicator Scrolls and The Cosmic references as the preceding describes. Heat and electricity Conspiracy (Revised 1992 edition, available through are integrally related as much so as magnetism and electriciNexus), I discuss a high-voltage thermionic convertor which ty. The only difference in the new system of thennodynam­ can extract electricity from the ambient vibration of moleic electrical conversion is that we fool an ambient heat cules and atoms. My associates and I have studied the work source into flowing into a diodic electric circuit because the of both Dr Tesla and Dr Moray in great depth to arrive at the circuit looks like a heat sink to the heat source. Comprende, encompassing theory which I am about to impart to you. mis amigos? Good Luck! All atoms and molecules above absolute zero temperaThat is all I need to say for now. I hope the you will ben­ efit from my thoughts on these matters and that you will ture exhibit motion in either spin or translation from one point to another. This motion is random over a given length remember you read it in the "Nexus of Roads" of time; however, if small time slices of molecular motion . (,in the time base for. say, 40 GHz frequencies) in any mass Stan Deyo, from the vantage pomt oflthe Blue Falcon are analysed, there are periodic imbalances in the nett force j.'





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Ed McCabe & Oxygen Therapies in AustraHa THE MEDIA COVER-UP! Many readers will know that Nexus Magazine sponsored and organised the recent visit to Australia, of the internation­ ally-known researcher, Ed McCabe. Early on in the piece, I had asked Ed to bring with him: some medical records of people who had been cured of AIDS, i.e., had rumed HIV- after being HIV+. Guaranteed of this evidence, I proceeded to contact the main media outlets in NSW, Victoria and Queensland. Their silence was deafening! So deafening, that I thought that maybe their fax machines were not working properly 110 receive my press release. One particular current affairs programme (the bearded one) contacted us and request­ ed that xhey would do a story on Ed McCabe, as long as they could be the first TV programme with him on air. I told the researcher that ABC News in Queensland had already shown some interest I(only after I earbashed a reporter for some time to check it out for herself}. The 'bearded ,one's' researcher wanted to get an AIDS "expert" to comment on what Ed McCabe was saying. You can guess the rest. I therefore insisted on a Debate for­ mat. Wow, was this researcher annoyed at that suggestion! It would mean that the 50­ called expert would have to become informed on Oxygen Therapies so as not to lose face in a debate. You guessed the rest, they all backed off. I didn't give up. I spent hundreds of dol­ lars on MediaNet. This a you-beaut elec­ tronic information service, which means whe.n I send McdiaNet a press release it gets shoved up onto computer screens of every TV, radio and newspaper network that I care to nominate. The only 'response I got from this exer­ cise was several small ABC radio pro­ grammes wanting to do an interview, usual­ ly late at night when nobody listens. I begged and cajoled the 'bearded one's' researcher to contact Dr Boyce's clinic in the USA, and do a story on the hundreds of ex-HIV+ patients who are now HIV-. He wasn't interested. Nor was any other news


director in the country. Now usually when someone claims to have cured AIDS, they get checked out and then ridiculed. Not the case with Oxygen Therapies. There is so much medical evi­ dence to support oxygen therapies that no media dared cover it. During Ed's last visit to Australia a cou­ ple of years ago, a reporter from a well­ known Melbourne newspaper Slood up in question time, and told the audi~ce that he had been 'told' to do 'a hatchet job' on Ed McCabe. Aftcr listening to Ed speak, he promised to write the truth about oxygen therapies. He also said that if he did this, his newspaper would not run the story. And they didn't The AIDS Council of NSW decided to attack the validity of oxygen therapies on the basis that it was mentioned in a maga­ zine that also runs stories on UFOs. They did not bother to check up on the clinics which have successfully used oxygen thera­ pies to treat AIDS, cancer and many other diseases. Thankfully, there is a growing number of doctors and therapists who have seen the miraculous results of oxygen therapies for themselves. Many of these are beginning to use different forms of oxygen therapies in their practices today. I have already been contacted by people who have gone from HIV + to HIV - in Australia, as a result of oxygen therapies. Unfortunately most doctors work on the concept of "if it was any good I woyld have already heard about it". I urge readers to encourage doctors and AIDS organisations to contact those clinics who have successfully treated AIDS and cancer, and break through this murderous cover-up. The lecture tour of Ed McCabe was a success. The talks were generally well attended, and about three thousand people became aware of oxygen therapies. I would like to thank Brian Wilshire of Radio 2GB, who gave 2 hours of air time to Ed McCabe while in Sydney. Brian, like me, has seen for himself the ama~ing results obtained by using oxygen therapies.


·p6f6ncY]\latlliillPtCX1iicts}. (02) 447.552 •

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The Boyce Clinic Protocols for using

Oxygen Therapies to successfully treat

HIV+ AI DS patients.


Dr James O. Boyce, of The Boyce Clinic, in Diamondhead, Mississippi USA, bas been using oxidative therapies to successfully treat + and AIDS patients. He has come under pressure from the medical bureaucracy in the USA, to cease operations and to not disclose his protocols. Nexus Magazine is pleased to reproduce, with permission, the most Irecent protocols used by Dr Boyce to successfully treat these diseases. (Also see 'Letters to the Editor')






PRE-ENTRANCE: Physical examination Blood ohemistry examination Examination of patient history lin detail Past and present social history Brief psychological questionnaire Signed agreement that protocol will be followed while under treatment

DIET: No meat, chicken or shellfish. Eat raw or slightly steamed vegeta­ bles, and )Jatural fruits such as oranges, pears, apples, carrots, etc. Juice from fresh, live, wnole plants such as celery, carrots, cantaloupe (wash outside with mild, dilute hydrogen per­ oxide solutipn to remove possible chemi­ cal sprays), etc. .One regular Gunk) meal every week. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs to be taken (other Ithan prescribed) as they win




negate the therapy. Note: One beer shuts down the immune system for a minimum of 24 hours.

sodium bicarbonate, 5 oc of B12, 1 cc of B6 (pyroxidine), 1 oc of Bl (Thiamine), and 1 cc of multiple trace elements. Since chelation reduces the blood-sugar Ilevel and may cause venule cramping, then up to 10 cc of lidocaine may be added to relieve this discomfort. If a patient oot~s a drop of sugar level (i.e., lack of energy), then he may eat a piece of candy to raise the blood-sug<!T level. The pink IV drip should Ilfst at least 4 hours, 5 hours being preferred.

Bath Therapy:

TREATMENTS Minor Autohemotherapy: Take 3 cc of patient's blood, mix with 21 cc of 210 micrograms of ozone and re-inject into the vein.

IV Peroxide (white bag): To a 250 cc bag of 5% dextrose (use ringer solution if patient is diabetic) add 5 cc of sodium bicarbonate, 5 oc of mag­ nesium chloride, 2 cc of 0.375% solution of hydrogen peroxide, 2 cc of 99% DMSO and 5 cc of lidocaine. This IV drip should be given over a period of 1 1/2 to 2 hours. If patient experiences discomfort then check the IV ne_edle for position.

Direct IV Ozone: After 3 days of minor autohemothera­ py, then in addition to this procedure, commence with direct IV Ozone treat­ mem by adding 30 oc of 210MCG ozone, and lincreasing the volume to approxi­ mately 180 cc over the next 7 days. Note: Gradually increase the dosage from 30 cc to 180 cc of medically derived ozone according to p-atient's comfort lev­ els. Watch for tightness or coughing in chest and/or throat area--indicating blood system is full. When !tightness or cough­ ing appears, immediately discontinue ozone injections. Ozone may be injected twice a day at 8 hour intervals.

IV Chelation (pink lbag): The white bag mixture (peroxide) is given 3 days in a row, then on the 4th day, the IV chelation is administered to remove excess free radicals which are created by the infusion of peroxide and o~one. In preparation of the pink bag, the following procedure is followed: 80 oc of solution is removed from a 500 cc bag of 5% dextrose or ringers. Then, 3 grams of EDTA is added along with 50 cc of injectable vitamin C (25 grams per bot­ tle), 5 oc of magnesium chloride, 5 oc of

First week, the patient should fill the bathtub full of water and add one gallon of 35% hydrogen peroxide. The ;!nd week and beyond, Ithe patient should use . one quart of 35% hydrogen peroxide 'and in both cases should soak up to 30 min­ utes. The patient must be aware not to get the bath water ,in his eyes, n_ose, mouth, or ears. Shower afterwards. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it excretes as well as absorbs, therefore the hydrogen peroxide helps to detoxify any toxins that are excreted by the skin.

Colonies: To assist detoxification of rapid-oxidis­ ing viruses, colo.nics should be given 3 days in a row each week, then once a week for eight weeks, then at least once a month.

Acupuncture: Needle or laser acupuncture should be used 3 times a week on lpoints 036 and S37

Rest: Patient should get plenty of rest: no late-night partying with others. Patient should sleep under a pinkish-purple coloured light (non-painted, clear bulb).

Supplementation Therapy: Twenty-five drops stabilised oxygen in an 8 ounce glass of water or orange juice twice a day, morning and night. There are many brands of stabilised oxygen on the market, such as Aerobic 07 (TM). A less expensive approach would be the utilisation of one drop of hydrogen perox­ ,ide to a glass of water or orange juice, moming and night, increasing it by one drop each day. If nausea appears, back off 3 drops and then continue to a maxi­ mum of 25 drops, twice a day. By using hydrogen peroxide, you should tllke ~ci­ dophilus capsules or pOWder two hour.s beforehand. Genetically engineered wheat grass, source of Super-OXide dismutases, tablets


--wi th catalase and/or coenzyme Q I 0 should be taken twice a day. Example: 6 tablets morning, 6 tablets night, of AOX/Plax by Biomed Foods. Take 5 one-gram tablets of vita-min C twice a day. Also take a multi-vitamin with min­ eral and! an additional B complex tablet once a day. Take a homeopathic Thymus under the tongue, one eye dropper 3 times a day. Example: N-15 Thymus Plus dis­ trihuted by Progres~ive Laboratories, Inc., Irving Texas.

Optional Therapy: h has also been suggested Ithat the

Further studies have suggested (though not yet confmned) that Aloe Vera, Reshi mushrooms, shark cartilage and Carnivora will raise the T4 count. There is evide'nce that the Rief/Curtis equipment will kill the "AIDS Virus"when set at 32,750, 33,750, and 34,750 MHz for a period of 10 min­ utes at each setting. It has been reported that the virus replicates at 31,750 MHz. When using this equipment, colonic irri­ gation is absolutely necessary to maintain it clean colon.


patient be put in a rhype-rbaric oxygen chamber for 1 hour, twice daily, 3 times a week, at 2 ATA. There is' also some med­ ical evidence indicating positive results for patients sleeping with the north pole of a 5000 gauss magnet beneath the coccyx (Charlie Farr, MD).

441 0-8 West Aloha Dr., Diamondhead, MS 39525


Those with more serious problems will often benefit from staying on 25 drops three times a day for one to three weeks, then tapering down to 25 drops two times daily until the problem is resolved (possi­ blyas long as six months). It is important that H2 0 2 be taken on an empty stomach. This is best accomplished by taking it either one hour before meals, or three hours after meals. If there is food in the stomach the reaction of the H20 2 on any bacteria present may cause excess foaming, indigestion and possibly even vomiting. It is recommended that you start taking Vitamin E and an acidophilus product before going onto HP2' Before you commence a course of self treatment using hydrogen peroxide, we strongly recommend that you become more informed on the subject. To this· end, we suggest you obtain the Nexus information kit on Oxygen Therapies (see page 39).

35% food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide must be a) handled carefully (direct contact will burn the skin - immediate flushing with water is recommended); b) diluted properly before use; c) stored safely and properly (after making a dilution the remainder sho_uld be stored tightly sealed in the freezer). One of the most convenient methods of dispensing 35% H20 2 i~ from a small glass eye dropper bottle. Fill this with the 35% H202 and store the larger container in the freezer until more is needed. Store the eye dropper bottle in the refrigerator_ The generally recommended dosage is outlined in the chart below. The ,drops are mixed with either 6 to 8 ounces of distilled water, juice, milk or even aloe vera juice or gel. (Don't use chlorinated tap water to dilute the peroxid~!) The program outlined here is only a sug­ gestion, but it is based on years of experi­ ence, and repons from thousands of users. Those who choose to go at a slower pace can expect to progress more slowly, but that certainly is lill option. The program is not carved in ston~, and keep in mind that it. can be adapted to .fit individual needs. Individuals who have had transplant~ should not undenake an H20 2 programme, Hydr.ogen Peroxide stimulates the immune system, and could possibly cause a rejec­ lion of the organ.

Maintenance Dosage In most situations after the 21 day pro­ gramme listed below, the amount of H20 2 can be tapered off gradually as follows; 25 drops once every other day for 1 week 25 dWps once every third day for 2 weeks 25 drops once every fourth day for 3 weeks

This can then be reduced to between 5 and 15 drops per week based on how one feels.


USA ph: (601) 255 9457

Fx: (601) 255 6591

'~{1, ..:-:;.;X:_>:.... :... >:;... ,j" .. ~__ '. .


)(I., ••. " ~ .... L~",





An article appeared in the Dec/Jan '93 edition of Nexus, which reported on a suppressed cancer cure. This was based on a herbal mixture, popularly called E.ssiac. Unfortunately, at the time of going to pr'int, we had not obtained the details listed below, which describe how to make Essiac.

Essiac Supplies Needed 5 gallon stainless steel pot 3 gallon stai.nless steel pot, with lid Sttainless steel fine-mesh double strainer Stainless steel funnel Stainless steel spatula ]2 or more 16-ounce amber glass bottles with airtight caps, (not childproof caps) " 2 gallons sodium-free distilled water Measuring cup Kitchen scale with ounce measure­ ments

Essiac Formula 6.5 cups of burdock root - cut. (Arctium Lappa) 16 oz. Sheep Sorrel Herb - pow­ dered (Rumex Acetose/la) 1 oz Turtey Rhubarb Root - pow­ dered (Rheum Palmatum) 4 oz. Slippery Elm Bark - powdered (Ulmus Fulve)

Preparation 1. Mix Essiac formula thoroughly. 2. Bring sodium-free distilled water to a polling boil in 5,gallon pot with lid on. (Approximately 30 minutes at sea level.)


3. Stir in 1 cup of Essiac formula. Replace lid ane! continue boiling for 10 minutes. 4. Turn off stove. Scrape down sides of pot with spat.ula and stir mix­ ture thoroughly. Replace lid. 5. Allow pot to remain closed for 12 hours; then tum stove to full beat for 20 minutes. 6. Tum off stove. Strain liquid iijto 3-gallon pot, and clean 5-gallon pot and strainer. Then strain filtered liq­ uid back into 5-gallon pot 7. Use funnel to pour hot liquid into bottles immediately, taking care to ttighten caps. Allow bottles to cool; then tighten caps again. 8. Refrigerate. Essiac contains no preservative agents. If mould should develop in bottle, discard immediately. CAunON: All bottles and caps must be sterilised after use if you plan to re-use them for Essiac. Bottle caps must be washed and rinsed thorough­ ly, and may be cleaned with a 3% solution of food grade hydrogen per· oxide in water. .

Directions for use. Heat 4 tablespoons (2 oz.) sodium­ free, distilled water in a stainless steeJ pot. Add 4 tablespoons of Essiac, (shake bottle first). Mix and drink. Take at bedtime on an empty stom­ ach, at ~east 2 hours after eating. Questions regarding recipe and dosage should be directed to the author: Dr Gary Glum, Silent Walker PubHsbing, 1>0 Box 92856, Losl Angeles, CA 90009 USA.

Dear Duncan, Firstly let me con­ gratulate you on your excellent maga­ zine,.and on your great article concerning the Essiac fonnlJla. A am amazed that it actually took so long for someone to publish the story about Rene and her amazing work. I have been a great believer in Rene and Essiac for the past five years. 1 was originally told about it lby a visit­ ing Canadian friend in 1987 and have experimented with its use ever since. I have taken the cQmpopnd for near­ ly five years myself, originally as a control experiment and now as a health- supportive. I can verify the . claims that your article made in the treatment of C.A. I have personally given the com­ pound to over 100 patients at various Hospice terminal care homes around Sydney and witnessed an amazing stay of illness in all but eight cases. I gave the Essiac to my patients on their own request after showing them the litera­ ture about Rene, however at the time I was only working in the capacity as a registered nurse and as such would be discredited easily if challenged on point. I went on to develop a much more potent form of the formula when look­ ing to the the application of Essiac in the immune-suppressed patients (post chemotherapy. radiotherapy and long exposure to corticosteroids and HIV). I have found that by incorporating lyophilised thymus extract and immuno formula vitamin supplements, a broader spectrum of treatment was possible. I originally did this by crush­ ing the thymus extract and immuno fOrrt'lula and adding them to my pow­ dered Essiac mixture in a direct I: I ratio before making them into tablet form. My only criticism of your article is the paragraph mentioning dosage ­ specifically the 6 ozs per day of pow­ d~red pure sorrel. Firstly you do quite correctly mention caution in the use of Essiac with patients suffering renal (kidney) dys!unction. The levels of oxalic acid found in the sorrel family are incredibly high and should not be ingested in anything like the aforemen­ tioned dose. I do feel that patients with at least 50% normal renal function could tolerate small doses, less than 250 mgs per day for a period of 14


days then rest for 14 more days. The lunar cycle has a great effect on the body's ability to metabolise and excrete substances. I have found that we are very receptive to the benefits of herbally-related treatments when used as the moon begins to wax two or three days before the first quarter, and fin­ ished two or three days before the full moon. As we all know, this is our best time to learn, plant, conceive, etc. The second dangerous area is in the production of Essiac at home. FirstIy, the sorrel needs to be consis­ tently harvested that is to say, the extract must come from the same clump of plants at roughly the same level of maturity in the plant's life. Otlherwise, the dose of oxalic acid varies vcry considerably. The toxic dose can be as low as 2 grams per day. Dangerous side effccts can be encoun­ tered even below this dose depending on general health. renal function and level of other oxalates and purines ingested during that period. Kidney, uteric and gall stone forma­ tion. arthritis, gout, nausea and vomit­ ing. dizziness and headache, hyperten­ sion, complete rena~ failure and myocardial arrest are some of the dis­

astrous side effects of dangerously high oxalate ingestion. I have been produc­ ing a stable and consistent form of the\ modified Essiac for the last year and I am very impressed by the feed back of clinical information I have received thus far. The greatest drawback I have managed to overcome is the deteriora­ tion of potency experienced as in all dried herbal preparations. Preparation is a long and expensive business but, I feel. well worth the effort. I do not market my product to the general public because of the complex way in which the law and medical soci­ ety operate in this country. However I can direct you to a clinic that will send you a sample of Essiac and! brochure for a donation of $10. It is important to undcrstand that whilc I am free to make claims about the effectiveness of Essiac because of my research, the Nestor Clinic does not make any such claims. I am sure you all understand what I mean, being avid readers of Nexus.


Nestor Clinic address is: PO Box 293

Terrigal, NSW 2260

(Send $10 for brochure + sample)










J ~}.


'>I.~ .~ r;,'lf~II'1\n\~'\



ne series of CIA experiments searching for a method to induce amnesia found that pulsed microwaves could be used to overstimulate the production of acetycoline in the brain, a neurotransmitter associated with the storage of memory. This process is known as EDOM or Electronic Dissolution of Memory. Whilst a person is subjected to the signal they literally cannot store any memories, and are left instead with a period of amnesia or "missing time." They can even be influenced to have amnesia about their amnesia. According to the book, The Mind Manipulators, by Alan W. Scheflin and Edward M. Opton Jr, pub­ lished in 1978, 'The E.D.O.M. alters time senses by emitting radio­ waves and ultra-sonic signal tones, which in turn act upon memory storage chemicals in the brain." It has been claimed that this process is u.£ed to "wipe" s~ific memories from the minds' indi­ vidual's who have been exposed to highly classified infonnation and are leaving the employ of government agencies who deal with sensitive information. This particular technique leaves me wondering about so-called "missing time" events associated with alleged alien abductions. We have developed the ~echnology to induce amnesiac periods in our own laboratories, and don't need alien intruders to 'help us explain how they can be induced.

The brain implant operations, now so commonly blamed on alien abductors, have been occurring on our planet for a long time at the hands of the human species. Doctors in Sweden have been placing brain transmitters ill! the heads of anaesthetised patients without their consent or knowledge for over thirty years. There is evidence that the Sodersjukhuest, Karolinska, Nacka, and Sundsvall Hospitals have implanted brain transmitters without the permission or knowledge of their patients for several decades. Swedish authorities deny the existence of brain transmitters and advise complainees that they risk admittance to mental institutions if they cominue to talk about implanted devices. In 1985, however, when a letter drafted by representatives of various Swedish human rights groups, and legal andl technical pro­ fessionals, was sent to the country's Attorney General, he referred it to the District Attorney, Mr. Overaklagaren, who determined that such an activity would! not be considered a crime (Overaklagaren,#ADll,76-85). A 1968 texJbook entitled Bio-Medical Telemetry (written by Dr Stuart Mackay, formerly of the University of California, Berkeley), Ithat was used by the Swedish Defence Research Institution's educa­ tional unit, reported, "Among the many telemetry instruments being used today, are miniature radio transmitters that can be swal­




Sharp, who personally Wlderwent tests in which he proved he could lowed, carried externally, or surgically implanted in man or animal. They permit the simultaneous study of behaviour and physiological -"hear and understand spoken words delivered to him in an echo­ free isolation chamber via a pUlsed-microwave audiogram (an ana­ functioning. The scope of observations is too broad to more than log of the words' sound vibrations) beamed into his brain." hint at a few examples. The possibilities are limited only Iby the imagination of the investigator." Becker then goes on to state, "Such a device has obvious appli­ cations in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with Dr Jose Delgado, a pioneer of electronic brain stimulation (ESB) "voices" or deliver undetectable instructions to a programmed who was ,funded tbrough front organisations by the U.S. Office of assassin." A 1978 book entitled Microwave Auditory Effects and Naval Research and the CIA, stated in his book Physical Control of Applications, by James C. Lin, Ph.D., explained how audible voic­ the Mind (published in 1969), that "brain transmitte~ can remain in es can be broadcast directly into the brain. This technology could a person's head for life. The energy to activate the brain transmitter be used to make the deaf hear, but instead, ,it has been turned is transmitted by way of radio frequencies." against the public. "One of the possibilities with brain transmitters is to influence Allen Frey also reported that he could speed up, slow down, or people so that they conform with the political system. Autonomic stop isolated frogs' hearts by synchronising the pulse rate of a and somatic functions, individual and social behaviour, emotional microwave beam with the beat of the heart itself. "According to and mental reactions may be invoked, maintained, modified, or Robert Becker, similar resultS have been obtained using live frogs, inhibited, both ill animals and in man, by stimulation of specific indicating that it's technically feasible to produce heart attacks with cerebral strucnrres. Physical control of many brain functions is a a ray designed to penetrate the human chest." I should mention demonsu_ated fact. It is even possible to follow intentions, the that Becker does not participate in such research as far as I know. I development of thought and visual experiences." believe that he is interested in the more humane aspects of electro­ Early implants were about half the size of a cigarette filter but magnetic research, and is fairly critical of military and intelligence newer versions can be adapted to liquid crystals, injected directly applications of this type of research. into the bloodstream to lodge inside the brain. Two-way radio It has been demonstrated that focussed Ultra High Frequency communication with brain transmitters has been possible since the (UHF) electromagnetic energy beams can be used to induce "con­ 1950s, including voice messages and 'returned thought,' siderable agitation and muscular activity" or "induce muscular weakness and lethargy." Microwaves can also be used to bum MORE WEAPONS OF WW III human skin, enhance the effects of drugs, bacteria and poisons, or The weaPQ,ns that Harlan Girard says are being used in covert affect the functioning of the entire brain. These effects were all mind control operations include a transmitter which broadcasts at studied at length by the CIA. On 21 September 1977, in testimony the frequency of the human nervous system, which he claims is before the SeRate Subcommittee on Health and ScientifIc Research, manufactured by Loral Electro-Optical Systems in Pasadena, Dr Sidney Gottlieb (who directed the MKULTRA program) was California. Loral, a major defence contractor, had! previously con­ forced to discuss aspects of the CIA's search to find "techniques of ducted research on directed energy weapons for Lt Gen. Leonard activation of the human organism by remote electronic means." Peroots of the US Air IForce, who was searching for a weapon to In a Reagan administration sponsored top-secret research project implant messages into the minds of the enemy and to urge his own code-named Operation Black Beauty, Dr. Michael Pe~inger, an troops on to superhuman deeds of valour. The device employs American-born Physiologist who runs the Environmental Psycho­ electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of gigahertz frequency, pulsed at Physiology Laboratory at Laurentian University in Sudbury, extremely low frequencies (ELF). It is used to torture people both Ontario, was asked to develop a weapon that could be used to physically and mentally, from a distance. Weapons of this type are swiftly dampen crowd aggression. He developed an electromag­ Ithought to have been used against the British women protesting the netic device that employed time-varying fields of low intensity presence of American cruise missiles at Greenham Common Air pulsed in the ELF range, at frequencies between I and 10 hertz. lJase duriDg the seventies. This weapon can be used to induce.lQ.liU Apparently a pe~on standing in the field of' this particular device sensory deprivation 'by broadcasting signals into the auditory perve will find a specific area in their brain flooded with histamines, at such high power that it blocks the victim's ability to 'hear' them­ resulting in uncontrollable fIts of vomiting. Is this the sort of 'acti­ selves think. This device has taken the concept of the old phrase, vation' we c~ look forward to? 'its so noisy in here, I can't hear myself think' and turned it into a powerful wea,pon of terror. FRIENDS IN lOW PLACES The processes employed iby such ELF technologies are described Harlan Girard is no stranger to mind control. He claims that he in various U.S. Defence Department publications, including one entitled The Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low-Intensity Conflict himself has been targeted since 1983, after a series of incidents by Capt. Paul E. Tyler, Medical Command, United States Navy, brought him to the attention of some less than pleasant, but very which is included in a collection entitled, Low-Intensity Conflict powerful people. It all began when he made a couple of negative and Modern Technology, edited by Lt Col. David 1. Dean, United comments about Reagan's "brand of Republicanism" to a former States Air Force. The paper was delivered in 1984 and the collec­ Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii who approached him in 1976 tion published in 1986, by Air University Press, Maxwell Air Force (while working in Australia) to raise funds for Reagan's long-term Base, Alabama. election campaign. He also voiced his disapproval at the prospect of any former IDirector of Central Intelligence becoming President, Another pulsed microwave device can deliver audible si&nals in response to a question from the former Governor on how he directly to an individual whilst they remain undetectable to anyone would feel about George Bush (whom he knew little about at the else. The technology is very simple and can be built using an, ordi­ time) taking over the top spot in the White House. nary police radar gun. The microwave beam generated by the device is modulated at audio ,frequencies and can broadcast voices When Girard later applied for a position as Commissioner to the directly into the brain. In his 'book, The Body Electric, Nobel Prize South Pacific, a trade position that falls under White House juris­ di.ction, the Office of the President requested information concern­ nominee Rohert Becker describes a series of experiments conduct­ ing his background. In his reply Girard mentioned his earlier con­ ed in the early 1960s by Allen Frey, where this phenomena was tact with Reagan's Hawaiian friend, having forgotten his earlier fIrst demonstrated, as well as later experiments conducted in 1973 at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research by Dr Joseph C. remarks and thinking the contact would be in his favour. James 42·NEXUS


Baker, who w as responsible for selecting th called the fo nn e successful ap er plicant,

his earlier re m Lieutenant G ov er no r of H awaii, and as ar ks to the G a result,

ov er later found ou no r ca m e to Baker's n01i t that the Gov ce. H e ernor, lik e Bak friend of Reaga er, was a clos n. Girard conc e personal ludes that hi s an d his mail ro tele utinely op en ed (beginning arou phone was tapped B ak er decided nd March 1983 he wasn't supp ) on ce

orting the 'righ ti m e he cl ai m t' team. Aroun s th at !he w as d this

pr of il ed by ei National Secu th er G eo rg e rity B us h' s terrorist or ga ni Planning Group, or one of th e pro-active co sa tio ns be in g unterru n by O liv er ment of the W N or th from th hite House. e baseIn 1983, O liv er North, whom "m y favourite R ea ga n was known to marine", was refer to as the' National Se w ith fE M A , curity Council' T he Fe de ra l s lliaison Em er ge nc y M a~ady extremel an ag em en t A ~ right-wing orga ge nc y, an nisation respon SI bl e fo r co or - dl -

- was to ha nd B us h the pres idency ea rl ie r After the atte than was fmal mpt failed, R ea ly the case. ga n all but ha tial powers an nd ed ov er his yway. H e real presiden­ ly was ju st an a president. actor pl ay in g the role of G ir ar d w as liv in g in Los A ra nc h in Sa nt ng el es , no t to a B ar ba ra , at o far fr om R ea ga n' s the tim e he w believes) to sp as pr of ile d, ad eculation re ga di ng (h e rd in g his threat this was s.heer coincidence, it potential. Alth m ay ha ve no t ough for it was arou be en assessed nd this tim e th that way, at his m in d co A n ou tli ne of ntrol "treaune ju st ho w si m nt" began. pl is ti c W hi te potential threat H ou se ev al ua s to the Presid tio ns of ent w er e af te r life, is mentio the attempt on ned Reagan's Wars o f th e C by B ob W oo dw an l in hi s bo ok, Veil: Th£ IA . H e co m m Secret en ts th at reports _----: ~ ::----,

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na ti ng go ve on threats to that op er at io ns m en t agencies or civil unrest mthe President in times of na pe op le an d an serious "and ge , as well as pl tio al ys ts di dn 't be na l ne em ra er lly anning fo r 'con ge nc y am N or th spent hi lie ve were ou nt ed a ba r saying to nothing m or tinuity of gove s tim e with FE they w ou ld lik e than two gu rnment'.

M A co nd uc tin dr af tin g pl an e ys in

to W sh ill ia oo s for the ov er g co ve rt actio m Casey orderin t R ea ga n" w ou ns th ro w of th e g, "I w an t a te ld ha ve DCI be lie ve d th at US C on st itu tio , and ar he al so cr ea te n In on 1989, the Fede it." n. It is d a divisio.n given the task ral Bureau of of th e ag en cy ac ce ss to hi s of 'neutralisin Investigation th at was ow n fi le on g' W hi te Hou re fu se d Mr. G word for this pr th e gr ou nd s se enemies. ir an l

mandatory rele og ra m is DAK th at "i t is ex Th e co de ase on the basi OTA. em pt fr om

T he fo llo w in s of 5 USC. §5 tion of the Uni g un da te d m 22 (b) (l )" . Th ted St at es C od em o, pr ep ar ed N at io na l Labo is sec­ e is applicable ke pt se cr et in by th e Los A ratory, en tit le to documents the interest of d 'Concepts fo la m os

Em er ge nc y M "to be

na tio na l de fe Girard has ne r Assisting th anagement Age nc ve r he ld a se e Federal ncy in its Var pr op os ed re se curity cl ea ra nc e or foreign policy". w hi ch re qu ir ed ious Missions', ar ch ''<to invest e no r ap pl ie d on e, al th ou gh outlines igate m ic ro w av m am m al ia n or ,for a jo b from which he he did w or k e radiation ef ganisms" givi for the US A received' an ho fects on ng further cred ir Force G ir ar d believe no ,th en ur en ce ab m le to ig ht G di ira sc the FB I be hidi s the re as on be harge in 1963 rd's claims.

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that his 'profil ca ? m e a target for min G ir an l says th e' was though d co nt ro l is at he has be en t to be simila Jr, the man w an ex r d po to ex se d to m uc h hi that of John H ho attempted tremely sensiti to assassinate inkley gh ly classified ve informatio H e to o ca m e to 'talk' hi m in Reagan in Mar n while his 'h fr om a pr iv il to co m m itt in g andlers' ha ve ch,1981. eg ed ho m e an es tr an ge d from m tried in ur ex de pe ri en ce d 'c on d, li ke G ir ar r, or at le as t his father. It d, w as tr ol le rs ' ev en would se em ob su ic id e. So m liked Reagan's (directly to hi e co vious that Hin m politics, althou e 'o n- lin e' an d s br ai n) re la tiv kley dis­ gh there are a su gg es t that th ta lk to hi m el y no rm al ly continuous tir nu m be r of theo e pu rp os e of be ad fo e of abuse, an ries that the as sa ss in at d so m e ha ve ev re be gi nn in g their are pr ac tis in g io n at te m pt on en told hi m th on him be fo re Reagan at they be in g se nt on sions. m or e im po rt an t m is ­




TrIHE DEMOCRATIC CHARADE According to Harlan Girard, the equipment has also been used to influence politics in a much more direct fashion. He believes that Michael Dukakis, the Democrat presidential candidate running against George Bush in the 1988 US erection, was targeted with microwave ,technology in order to impede his public speaking per­ formance once'~ opinion polls showedl he posed a threat to Bush's election prospects. He also claims that the equipment was used against Kitty Dukalcis and drove her to the !brink of suicide. In the glilZy Disneyland world of US politics, a presidential candidate with problems such as these to deal with obviously stands to lose the race to the White House. Girard's words when describing this scenario to me was, "Even if the Kennedy assassination and Watergate weren't coups, the 1988 election certainly was" It is likely that all three were coups, in effect, and may even have con­ ducted by Ithe same de facto government. The fIrst two are the sub-­ ject of many a good book, and many more a theory.

CHECKMATE Is Harlan Girard's personal claim of

being a victim of mind control, and

electromagnetk torture, so outrageous

in light of the fact that type of

experimentation has taken place? He

says the biggest flaw in the efficacy of

the treatment that he has lbeen subjected

to, lies in the original 'simplistic' as&Css­

ment of his personality, stating, "I am

not homicidal, or suicidal. The CIA

may murder me, bu t [ will never

become anybody's Automa.ton." No

doubt many individuals would not have

the same capacity to resist, or strength

of resolve.

As for the question of why her has been a'llowed to live; in the days when he first realised tthat the White House (or FEMA) were trying to 'neutralise' him, he began keeping a diary which includes the number plates of numerous vehicles associated with his treat­ ment which can be traced back directly to the White House. He has circulated a number of copies of this diary for his own protec­ ltion. He also says that besides this is the even more horrifying pos­ sibility that the process of torture is itself gratifying to the individu­ als who conduct it, and for thalt reason they would rather keep working on him tthan get rid of him. He has been ~ed to believe, and does believe, that daily reports are prepared on the progress of the torture of human beings with ELF weaponry, and that these reports are made' available to twisted syrnpathis.ers within the gov­ ernment as a reward for their patronage to agencies such as the CIA. Girard says that attempts have also been made on his life with ordinary weapons, however. He told me that if I were unable to contact him in the future I should speak with his lawyers, as they were fully aware o£his situation, and would know if he were still in one piece.

THE UNWITTING LEGION If Harlan Girard's claims were the only ones of this nature, we may safely feel reason to doubt them, but they are not. Many indi­ viduals, some with high public profiles, believe that they are the subjects of mind control operations, but they generally keep a low profile with regard to the subject for fear that it will destroy their credibility, or worse. Others, who due tal the anti-social behaviour that brings their cases to the public's attention, are written off as liars or nuts. For example, on Saturday 17 March 1984, The San 44·NEXUS

CROSSING THE MIND In her book, Such Things are Known, author Dorothy Burdick (an alias, in order to protect her reputation as a professor at Foothill College in Santa Clara, California) outlines her personal experience as an involuntary subject of mind control. She Claims to have been used as a target in 'thought reading' and 'voice broadcasting' experi­ ments being c.onducted by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Using a Cray supercomputer running a compl~x pattern-recognjtion program, the agency was able to read Dorothy's brainwave patterns and insert thoughts into her head quicker than her own brain could process tbel11. She states that these foreign thoughts literally "cross the mind". Apparently, when you speak, the nerves controlling the vocal chords, mouth and tongue are activated in proportion to the various directions and tensions each muscle is directed to move. These FEBRUARY-MARCH '93

patterns occur whether or not the words are actually spok£n aloud, The process of !.hought reguires that you 'talk' to yourself in order for you mind to function consciously. This is called 'sub-vocal thought', Just try thinking without 'speaking to yo_urself if you don't believe it. The brain-wave patterns produced in this neurolog­ ical process can apparently be read using some form of remote sur­ veillance device and can reveal an individual's every thought. The UJs Angeles Times ran an article on 20 AugllSt 1992 entitled, "Cameras record images of thought" which states, "Scientists have been able to directly view human thought processes, tracing the complex patterns of electrical and chemical reactions to small clus­ ters of brJ!.in cells. The researchers used a comparatively simple camera that records subtle differences in reflected light too small to be seen with the naked eye that flicker over the surface of the braiD. as thoughts occur. They said the technique win provide a much more precise way of mapping various thought processes and physi­ cal activities to specific parts of the brain." William H. Theodore, a neurologist at the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke commented, "It's a very interesting technique. The advan­ tage is that it records very rapid changes in brain function. I think: it might enable surgcons ~o better map out .speech regions." This technique is now public knowledge, so wO\1ld it really be at all surprising if DARPA, which has spent bi~lions of dollars devel­ oping parallel-processing supercomputers, and on brainwave pat­ tern-recognition research (purportedly for use in advanced fighter aircraft), had discovered ,how to apply this technology Ito more sin­ ister operations? After all, this agency's entire mandate is to devel­ op more effective weapons with which to arm the American defence and intelligence industries. TIHE REAl"STAR WARS" Combinations of electromagnetic radiation and hypnosis have also been the subject of intensive research. In 1974, researcher J, F. Shapitz said of one oli his research proposals, "In this investiga­ tion it will be shown tha& Ithe spoken word of the hypnotist may also be conveyed by modulated electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain i.e., without employing any ,tcchnical devices for recciving or transcoding the messages and without the person exposed to such influeru:e having a charu:e to control the information input consciously. It may be expected that they rationalise their behaviour and consider it to be undertak£n out oftheir ownfree will." (Emph.llsis added.) Anybody investigating so-called 'channelling' phenomena would be wise to take this area of research into consideration. It is inter­ esting to note the fact that the number of people who consider Ithemselvcs 'channellers' has escalated rapidly since this type of research was conducted. It is uncanny how similar their messages are, regardless of which 'entity' they claim to be Ithe source of their 'divine guidance', I would suggest that any individual considering the content of "channelled" information should be discerning and critically evaluate whether the message they are "receiving" or con­ sidering is empowering (in a non-selfish sense) or would serve Ito ~nvoke thought patterns beneficial to the New World Order. The Sydney Morning Herald published an item on 21 March 1983, which adds weight to Ithis hypothesis. The article stated that a paper entitled, 'The Soviet's are Invading the Human Mind" had been submitted to the newspaper's foreign editor by Dr, N.assim Abd EI-Aziz Neweigy, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Agriculture, Moshtohor Tukh-Kalubia, Egypt, It is worth quoting the article at length, even though its grammar is a little odd. ''The Soviets have manufactured Ithe advanced computers, or even imported them, and fed them with the minute psychical partic­ ulars based on their studies about the anatomy and biology of the

Continued on page 63 FEBRUARY-MARCH '93

Open Letter to Nexus Magazine The "Open Letter To All Working On Alternate Energy" fascinated me. I can relate to much of what Paul Brown wrote. There are many devices which could be classified as 'alternative ener­ gy' which are nO.thjQg more than clever improvements on inefficient everyday machines. I've been fascinated since high-school days with fuel efficiency; probably from the well-advertised 'Mobile Economy Run' - a competition open to anyone using standard automo­ biles, driving from Los Angeles to New York. The rbest Miles Per Gallon was the winner. When I bought my first (used) car, [ installed a vapour gas extender. It was nothing more than a line attached to the bottom of the carburettor that sucked air through a water-filled bottle which created water vapour as the incoming air bubbled up through the water. Many a moon later, after Uncle Sam's Navy had trained me in electronics (and atomic reactors), I adapted an oscillator circuit to a standard capacitor discharge ignition improver. The principle was to make the spark-plug fire many times during the normal single firing time. I had to use a 'high wind' coil (in place of the standard coil) to get enough spark because of the increased pulsing ­ therefore shorter spark duration. My first vehicle was an International deliv­ ery van that used the Austin of England 4 cylinder slow RPM engine, which had those long threaded spark plugs. Because of the slow RPM, and ideal maximum number of pulses gave a doubling in gas mileage! Many a year later, I installed the same device on a used police cruiser that used a 440 4-barrel carbuJet­ tor. I had a rather humorous and enlightening experience with it. In try­ ing to market it, I brought it to a friend


who was interested. But he was highly sceptical of the principle. He informed me that Cunningham (the great racer) stated flatly that once a flame front was developed in the engine cylinder, it couldn't be re-ignited. I had the device rigged so that [ could flip a switch and change from normal ignition to experi­ men~. My friend and I took a ride in the vehicle. At about 40 mph, I flipped on the experimental ignition. "Varoom!" An increase in G-forces was clearly felt, without my changing the pressure on the accelerator pedal. His remarks: L,"Scratch Cunningham." If one is electronically and slightly mechanically inclined, my description is enough .to cre.ate the device. It is the type of thing that needs no drawings or circuit diagrams. It is merely the mar­ rying of a few devices, and installing it on the vehicle. I sold the vehicle and forgot to remove the device. I sent away for plans for a 'Hot Water' fuel extender. From my description, a shade-tree mechanic should be able to design and install one. The principle was to warm up the fuel to almost the point that older vehicles had a problem called 'vapour lock'. This was fed to the reg­ ular fuel inlet to the car­ burettor through a nee­ dle valve. It took me a month of driving before stumbling onto the the principles of how it worked. The needle valve was Ithrottled down to the point that it just about fed or kept up with the engine's demands. Actually, the carburettor's bowl was empty and the warmed fuel partially vapourised. As one approached a hill, the needle valve had to be

opened slightly, and when over the hill, ' it had to be closed back to 'normal'. A pain in the neck, but worth it when it improved mileage 27%. The device routed fuel from the fuel pump through a 1/4 inch diameter copper tube that was coiled a dozen loops inside a 2 inch copper pipe (with end closures soldered etc.). The header lines were cut and tapped to run hot water through the larger pipe which acted as a heat exchanger to the coiled 1/4 line inside it. One of the tricks of assembly was to use 1 l/2 to ? turn coils in the 1/4 lines as it entered and exited the heat exchanger, to take up vibration. I first tried plastic connectors with clamps, but it is vulnerable to vibration and leaks. A 'hard plumbed' system with ferruled connectors solved the leaks. The needle va,lve is the more difficult piece to find. Some kind of mechanical Unkage is needed from the valve so the driver can adjust the valve. A solid rod worked better than a flexible choke rod. When I was out of work, that vehicle and its gas extender went 'by-by'. FQr about 9 months I've been collecting parts and pieces for a device I saw on




my friend's vehicle, something he vapour which the engine runs on. remembered from a 1950s article in Remember to install some kind of anti­ Popular Mechanics. He was a machin­ flash device (like those used on acety­ ist, and built a block with the inlet 'hole' lene tanks) or a cbeck-valve, to prevent to go under the carburettor. Nothing a backfire in the carburettor flashing up more than the old water vapour vacuum into this tank. principle. The friend I referred to would travel NB: Anti-smog systems have a 3 miles to a post office and back home pump that circulates oil vapours to the daily. His milcs per gallon (MPG) was carburettor, tap into that line, just in the range of 30-40, using a big old before it enters the carburetlor, at that Ford Ltd. This type of device doesn't location it is a vacuum (from the engine start 'working' until the carburettor float chamber is emptied, which takes at via the carburetlor). As the engine twns, it creates a vacu­ least 2 to 3 miles. When it is empty, um at the carburettor. If you can install the engine then lis running on pure a tapped opening (to accept a threaded petrol vapour, which is the secret of connector) the vacuum on the 'hole' those 100 to 200 miles per gallon car­ will be proportional to the throttle but­ burettors you hear about. My friend terfly. An explosion proof tank is made was probably travelling only 1/2 the to hold about a gallon of petrol. A line trip on the efficiency of vapour; what connects from the bottom of the carbu­ must have been his mileage if he took it rettor to the top of this tank. The tank on a long trip? When installing this is partly filled with pctrol. An 'air type of device, some kind of valve stone', the type used in a pet fish aquar­ needs to be installed to shut off the fuel ium, (sevcral small or one large), is fit­ line to the carburettor. On the newer ted with a line that draws air from out­ vehiclcs, there is an overflow from the side the top of this tank. The engine is fuel pump back to the main tank; if not, started 'normally'. Once running, the some kind of by-pass needs to be regular fuel line is shut off (no fuel installed so the pump isn't ruined with going to the carburettor). The engine over-pressure (pumping on a dead-end vacuum draws on the tank which sucks line). As with anything, a large dose of common sense needs to be applied. air into the tank through the air-stone. In general, all people experimenting The ultra-fine bubbles breaking the sur­ face of the petrol in the tanle, create with fuel extension devices report that the larger the engine, the easier it is to improve efficiency. Most buy an old ineffi­ cient vehicle and experiment on it. I estimate that the last device I described should , get at least 50 ~] miles per gallon, and highiy prob­ able get double that. There is always the argu­ ment of the engine running too lean, which will burn out valves and rings. I am highly dubi­



ous about that. I sent off for a design to bum hydro­ gen in an engine. Verifying Paul Brown's 'story', a 17 year old boy developed a simple device that uses tap water, 12 volt DC and some stainless steel. He went to one of the major TV stations in Los Angeles challenging them to feature his car on TV rather than those exotic, expensive, compli­ cated hydrogen cars of the future. Three months later he was in jail (1979?) and was still there the last I knew. Friends tried to sell the plans. [n a follow-up letter (after buying the plans), they stated that you didn't have to install stainless steel valves to make the engine hold up. If you ran the engine for a minute or two on regular petrol before turning it off, the cylin­ ders and valves were lubricated enough, not to require the installation of special alloy valves. A little bit of deductive logic and a dose of common sense says that it is very highly proba­ ble that bwning petrol vapour will not damage the engine by running too lean. I'd make the educated guess that on local trips, simply running the engine "normally" would take care of the lubrication. If used on long trips, fill­ ing the carburettor bowl once every 100 or 200 miles would suffice. That would necessitate some kind of a reach­ rod to twn a valve with, or a solenoid actuated valve. I've found that it is best to keep the system crude and simple, until it is working. If it does work on the first try, it always need improvements. When everything is up to snuff, then add the bells and frills. In other words, start with simple, cheap gate-valves. Often times it is simpler to open the 'bonnet and open the valve or close a valve, than it is to run wiring allover the place and be overdesigned to start with. Once you have 'something' work­ ing, you'll get all kinds of suggestions to improve in ways you never thought of. Respectfully, Philip N. Ledoux c/- RFD #1 Box 245, Claremont, NH USA 03743 FEBRUARY-MARCH '93

...... "



elongated! form was surely much closer to that of a modem blimp'. According to Dr Pinotti, the huge 'Shakuna Vimana' described in the text 'might be defined as a cross between a prane and a rocket of our times and ,its design might remind one of today's space shultle'. 'Surely, it expresses the most complex and sophisticated aeronautical design among all the other descriptions of Vimanas mentioned in me Vymaanikq­ Shaastra he said. He described the author of the treatise Vymaanika-Shaastra as a man 'attempting to explain an advanced technology'. Dr. Pinotti, who made an exhaustive study of the history of Indian astronautics, said another text. Samarangana Sutradhara had 230 stanzas devoted to the principles of build­ ing Vimanas and their use in peace and war. He said ancient Aryans knew the use of the element 'fire' as could be seen from their 'Astra' weapons that included Soposamhara (flame belching missile), Prasvapna caused (whiCh sleep) aRd four kinds of Agni Astras that travened in sheets of flame and produced thun­ der. He said the car that was supposed to go up to Suryamandal (solar system) and the N aksatr amandala (stellar system) cannot be dismissed as a myth because of the 'technical nature' of its description.

India may have had a superior civillisa­ tion with possible contacts with extrater­ restrial visitors, and the flying devices called 'Vimanas' described in anc.ient Indian texts may underline their possible connections with today's aerospace tech­ nology. an Italian scientist told the World Space Conference here today. Dr Roberto Pinotti asked the delegates to examine in detail the Hindu texts instead of dismissing 'all the Vimana descriptions and traditions as mere myth'. 'The importance of such studies and investigations could prove to be shocking for today's man because the existence of flying devices beyond mythology can only be explained! with a forgotten supetior civilisation on earth," he said. Pointing out that Indian Gods and heroes fought in the skies using piloted vehicles with t~ltible weapons, Dr Pinotti said they were similar to modem jet propelled flying machines. . He said centain descriptions of the Vimanas seemed 'too detailed and techni~ cal in nature to be labelled as myth'. He cited various texts to show there were 32 secrets relating to the opennion of Vimanas. some of which could be com­ pared to modem-day use of radar, solar energy and photography. Quoting from Vymaanika-Shaastra he said the ancient flying devices of India were made from special heat absorbing metals named 'Somaka. Soundalike and Mourthwika'. He said the text also discussed the seven kinds of mirror and lenses installed aboard for defensive and offensive uses. The so­ caned 'Pinjula Mirror' ojfered a sort of 'visual shield' preventing the pilots from being blinded by 'evil rays' and the weapon 'Marika' used to shoot enemy aircraft 'does not seem too different from what we today called laser technology,' he said. According to the Italian expert, the 'prin­ ciples of propulsion as far as the descrip­ tions were concerned, might be dermed as electrical and chemica~ but solar energy was also involved. For instance, the Tripura Vimana' men­ Dr Pinoui said tioned in Vymaanika-Shaastra was a large depictions of space craft operated by 'motive power generated travel, total destruc­ by solar rays,' Dr. Pinotti said, adding 'its tion by incredible


weapons and the fact that Vimanas resem­ bled modem unidentified flying objects would suggest that India had a "superior but forgotten civilisation." "In the light of this, we think it will be better to examine the Hindu texts and sub­ ject the descriptive models of Vimanas to . more scientific scrutiny". he said!. (Source: The Hindu, 12 October 1~88,

Banga/ore,lndia) [For those interested in this subject, 'we recommend that you try to attend the talks and slide shows by David Hatcher Childress, author of Vimana

Aircraft ofAncient India & Atlan/is. For further information 00 his pend­ ing visit down under. please refer to the back cover of this issue.]


A 1923 drawing by T.K. Ellappa of Bangalore, India of a Vimana (Vimaana) prepared under instruction from Pandit Subbaraya Sastry of Anckal, Bangalore.




.. " .. "."


SEARL & GRAVITATIONAL PROPULSION A personal acquaintance of mine had the good fortune to meet Mr. 1. R. Searl, in England. His investigations into gravi­ tational propulsion have proven Ito be quite rev~aling. In 1949, he was employed by the Midlands Board as an electronic fitter. He was very enthusiastic about the sub­ ject of electricity, though he had no for­ mal education on the subject other than was required Iby his job. Unhindered by conventional ideas about electricity, he carried out his own investigation into the subject. During work on electrical motors and generators, he noticed that a small electromotive force (EMF) was produced by the spin­ ning metal parts, the negative toward the outside and the positive toward the rota­ tional axis. In 1950, he experimented with rotating slip rings and measured a small EMF on a conventional meter. He also noticed that when the rings were spinning freely and no electrical current was taken, his hair bristled. His conclusions were that free electrons in the metal were spun out by centrifugal force being produced by the static field in the metal. He then decided to build a generator on the same princi­ ple. It had a segmented rotor disc, passing through electromagnets at its periphery. The electromagnets were energised from the rotor, and were intended to boost the EMF. By 1952, the first generator had been constructed and was about three feet in diameter. It was tested in the open by Searl and! a friend. The armature was set jp motion by a small engine. The device produced the expected electrical power, but at an unexpectedly high potential. At relatively low armature speeds a potential of the order of 10.5 volts was produced, as indicated by static effects on nearby objects. The really unexpected then occurred. While still speeding up, the generator lift­ ed and rose to a height of about 50 feet above the ground, breaking the union between itself and the engine. Here it stayed for a while, still speeding up and 50·N~XUS

surrounding itself with a pink glow. This indicated ionisation of air at a much reduced pressure of about 10.3 mm Hg. More interesting was the side;effect, causing local radio receivers to go on by themselves. Finally, the wlluJe generator accelerated at a fantastic rate and is thought to have gone off into space. Since that day, Searl and others have made some ten or more small flying craft, some of which have been similarly lost, and have developed a form of COntrol. Larger craft have been built, some 12 feet, and two 30 feet in diameter. Once the machine has passed a certain threshold of potential voltage, the energy output exceeds the input. The energy output seems to be viftually limitless. We made some measurements when I was there, and as far as we could see, the estimated output is somewhere in the vicinity of 10.13 to 10.15 watts. Above what appears to be -the threshold poten­ tial, some 10.13 volts, the generator and attached 'parts become mertia-free. Thete is also some 'matter snatch' upon acceler­ ation away from the ground, since it tends Ito take a little 'turf with it when it goes. Analysing what is happening is fairly easy. What the generator is doing is plac­ ing a 'stress' on the ambient space around it. The space breaks down to provide the magnetism to relieve the stress, but the energy by-product is absorbed by the generator, which reinforces -the field. It should be noted at this point that only a very s,mall amount of space fabric pass­ es through the craft and an even smaller amount is converted for energy. However, I have noti-ced that small changes in etheric forces lead to large physicall effects. It was aptly demonstrat­ ed and I was impressed. Recently (1987), Mr. Searl had a brush with authorities, when he began simply generating his own power for his own house. Now he doesn't have a very large house, bllt the Utility Board didn't like the fact that they had lost theiIimonopoly. He now lives in Birmingham under an assumed name.

(Source: Extractedfrom an e-mail dis­ cussion on Pegasus Computer Networks, PO Box 284, Broadway, Qld 4006. Phone: (07) 257 1111.) FEBRUARY-MARCH '93





~"':~; ....





"ilit.,,:', ,



,..--;;:,:~.'.~ ,,"~-

23 SKIDDOO A sizable body of folklore has accrued to the number 23--see, for instance, The 23 Phenomenon by Robert Anton Wilson (see Fortean Times, 23:32). Usually, attention is focused upon its sinister aspect, but for Richard Connolly, a pub manager in Douglas, Isle of Man, it is a: lucky number. His recent 23rd birthday fell on 23 September; 'so, at 23:23 hours that day he placed a bet of £23 on the number 23 on the roulette wheel at his favourite gambling place, the Palace Casino ,in Douglas. He won £571. "1 was staggered when the ball popped into 23," he said. He would have won a lot more if he bad had the conviction to resist hedging the bet by splitting it between the numbers each side. (Source: The Sun, 25 September 1992.)

THE POWER OF NUMBERS - 7 The coincidental positioning of num­ bers has long held superstitiou~ or mys­ tical meanings for mankind. Consider the number seven, the num­ ber most people think of as a 'lucky' number. 52-NEXUS

Take the example of a certain fellow, born on the 7th day of the 7th month of 1907. OTT his 70th birthday, 7n/1977 , he decided to gamble on his lucky number - seven. So he visited his local race track, and noticed with amazement that horse number 7, in race 7 was odds on favourite to win, and the race started at 7 minutes past the hour. Buoyed by all this synchronicity, our friend placed $77 on horse number 7. You guessed it, the horse came 7th!

WALTER CRONKITE'S UFO ABDUaION? Walter Cronkite, grand old man of the evening news and long time anchor­ man for CBS News, now finds himself in the news, much against his will. Close friends of Cronkite admit that he has become a member of the space age with a bang! Walter, they say, has had a close encounter of the third kind, that is, face to face with aliens. Walter told close friends that he was seated on his verandah with an aperitif, waiting for dinner. Suddenly the house and grounds were severely shaken. Cronkite felt himself passing out, and thought he was having a heart attack.

Here's how the veteran newsman described the event Jto a close friend. "I came to," he says, "stretched out on something like an examination table, in a round, metallic room, perhaps 20 feet across. I tried to move, but was unable to. Severa~ beings surrounded me ­ humanoid, I would say, uut fuzzy, indistinct. They seemed to be fading in and out 1 couldn't see them clearly. It wasn't my vision, because everything else was clear. I was mainly consci01'l5 of large, searching eyes." For the next couple of hours he said his mind was filled with events from his own past, and from many of the major news events he had covered over the years. "I think they were conjuring it all up and recording it in some way," Cronkite said. Walter's friend contin­ ued with more bits and pieces of their conversation. "Every so often, I get a powerful urge to go 011 the air with statements to the effect that the aliens are pe:3Ceful, law­ abiding beings, who only mean us well, and can be very beneficial to us. But I don't KNOW anything, and I'm resist­ ing every effort to become an apologist or propagandist for them." "I'm in therapy. In the first place I want to know that I'm sane, and didn't FEBRUARY-MARCH '93


THE TWILIGHT ZONE hallucinate aU this. In the second place, if it DID really happen, 1 want to know if I'm the victLm of post-hypnotic suggestion to 'prepare the way' for these, whatever they are. I've never believed lin UFOs, but now [ have a great deal of indecision on the matter." "I may be a great disappointment to them, but 1 am NOT going Ibefore the camera to tell the world that they are our loving friends. Leave ou~ the "r" and they could be fiends." The fact remains that for four hours, Cronkite was missing. Anxious calls were made to the police. The grounds were searched. He was Ilater found by the housekeeper peacefully sleeping in the chair on the verandah. "I swear he wasn't there before. That was one of the first places 1 looked. I'm ready to take a lie detector test and swear that Mr. C. was not on the property:' she says. Cronkite had every bope of keeping his experiences a secret for fear of damage to his credibility, but secrets have a way of being found out. Walter's extraterrestrial experience may seem unbe'lievable to him, but many claim to have had similar experi­ ences. And it will come as a relief Ithat at last someone with unimpeachable credentials has had a close encounter as well.

(Eakenfrom a story that appeared in the Corufidential Reporter {USA), December 1991.)

with strange figures or presences in the room?" (2) "Have you ever experienced 'missing time' for an hour or more?" (3) "Have you ever experienced flying through the air? (4) "Have you ever seen unusual balls of light in a room?" (5) Have you had any unexplained

scars?". The Roper figure is the first effort to quantify the abduction phenomena and estimate the extent of alien abduction activity in the United States. The figure of 3.7 million people may indicate only part of the actual activity, since many, if not most, abductees are abducted more than once. If we assume an average of 5 abductions per person, that equals 18.5 million abduc­ tions. To calculate the rate of this activity, we need a time span, say 45 years the post war period. These assumptions suggest the aliens have conducted: • 411,111 abductions per year, or • 7,906 per week, or • 1,129 per day, or ·47 per hour in the continental USA alone for the past 45 years. It is likely abductions have been going on for longer than 45 years. If a longer time period is used, this would reduce the rate of activity. However, the poll did not count children, which aliens are known to have abducted. Thus, 47 abductions per hour may be substantially correct, if not understated.

(Source: "Operation Right To Know" Forum Newsletter, Vo/~ 1, #4, Sept/Oct

47 UFO ABDUCTIIONS INI THE USA PER HOUR? "Im.plications of the Roper Abduction Poll", by Elaine Doaglas A just-released Roper Poll of adult Americans, commissioned by a Las Vegas real estate developer, estimates there are 3.7 million abductees in the United States. This is the number extrapolated from Roper's random sample of respondents, 2% of whom answered "yes" to at lea$t four out of f,ive key questions devel­ oped by UFO investigators. The ques­ tions, relating to experiences typical of the abduction phenomenon, were, (I) "Have you ever awakened paralyzed



1992; via MUFONEI on the ASTRONEI Computer Network.)




On 2 December 1954 came the last and most important development in this matter. A conference was performed at the Army Technical School, patronized by ADESG. (Superior Army School Gradua.tes Association), a very re~pon- ' sible entity. The selected audience included important military personnel and civilian authorities. The subject to be discuss_ed was entitled 'Flying Saucers'. Colonel Adil de Oliveira was in charge. He made a careful evaluation of all information and evidence collect­ ed throughout the world since 1947. he analysed Project Blue Book and studied seven outstanding from the pro­ ject's files. He discussed the best Brazilian sightings and concluded mak­ ing the following statements: 1. Evidence shows that Ith-e saucers are real. No government could afford to ignore the reports about UFOs and all investigations should be made to determine the identity of any UFO sighted over the country. The problem could be of military interest. 2. The saucers appear to be some kind of revolutionary 8.ircraft. They are not conventional phenomena or illu­ sions. There are too many responsible people involved to say that the whole thing was an hallucination. 3. We don't know where they come from,..and we don't know the purpose of their survey. 1 hope some day we can solve the riddle and know the answers.' "Finally, closing the conference,







Br,igadier Guedes Muniz said a few words: 'We military technicians and aeronautic engineers have not tried in the past to discuss the technological and scientific probability of these space vagabonds. And! we are not trying to discuss it now, because we remember an old story, very good to be recalled here: "Years ago, the best aeronautic engineers in the world assem bled together to study the hom-beetle flight. They analysed the horn-beetle, it's aerodynamic shape entirely wrong, it's flight surface tremendously deficient, h's heaviness and it's incredible power. After a great deal of reasoning and sci­ entific experimentation they had made certain that the horn-beetle could not fly. But the hom-beetle, knowing noth­ ing of this, is still flying!"

(Source: Takenfrom a Brazilian Air Force official report, as published in Flying Saucer Newsletter CS1.- NZ.1957)

HONDURAN MAN DECLARED DEAD COMES BACK TO LIFE TEGUCIGALPA, 7 Jan. A man taken for dead came back to life as he was being put into a hospital morgue in the northern city of San Pedro Sula, local newspapers reported on Thursday. Jorge Alberto Castillo was declared dead by a doctor late in December Irom stab wounds to the Iheart, The Daily

Tiempo said. Tiempo said that the body of CastiUo, 26, was marked with a death seal but that a.s he was being put into a cold chamber another doctor noticed that his heart continued to beat. Physicians revived him with electri­ cal shocks and performed open heart surgery to save him, Tiempo said."I am alive because of the pure miracle that while I was in the morgue a ,doctor by the name of Pineda noticed that one of the veins of my throat still carried -a pulse," Castillo was quoted as saying. CastiIro, a fruit and vegetable vendor, plans to file charges of homicide against his agressor, a man identified as Roque Sabillon. Castillo's wife said that his mother had already bought the coffin.

(SoUTce: MUFONEr Network, via ASTRONet)

ROCK IN I ROll EARTHQUAKE The pop group Madness played two re-union gigs in Finsbury Park, north­ east London, on the weekend of 8/9 August 1992 -their first for six years. It was probably "One Step Be~ond" that set the crowd of 30,000 into a stomping rhythm ~ shook the neigh­ bouring buildings with a quake estimat­ ed at magnitude 2 on the Richter scale. Appropriately, the song contains the words "earthquake eruption".

n_-tt 1/1





The quakes bit at 9.30 on Saturday and 9.00 on Sunday; the Sunday con­ cert began half an hour eJUlier. The seismograph at the Science Museum, foyr miles away, dign't pick up any movement; but London sits on a bed of clay, lousy stuff for recording quakes. The buildings most affected--Anwell Court, Green Lanes and Rowley Gardens--were nine-storey tower blocks. Only people above the fifth floors feIt anything, which suggested to Alice Walker of the British Geological .Survey that the shockwave had a fre­ quency of 2 Hz -two vibrations a sec­ ond. Sound at this wavelength is below our hearing threshold, but can be felt up the spine. Windows, ceiHngs and balconies were cracked, and tenants caBed the fire brigade. One itenant described his building "moving in a circular motion-­ it was like walking on an aeroplane". On the Sunday night, thirty tenants, a dozen fire officers, eight police officers and a council surveyor gathered outside the Rowley Gardens flats. In 1984 and 1987, U2 concerts in Brussels formed very precise patterns on a seismometer five kilometres away. (Sources: The Guardian, 11 & 26 August

1992; The Daily Mail, 18 & 26 August 1992.)

HURRICANE BLOB Hurricane Andrew stirred up some­ thing weird in Elwood Guillot's pond in Independence, Louisiana, off Interstate 55, about fifty miles north of New Orleans. Nobody was really sure if the trans­ parent gelatinous blobs are animal, veg­ etable or chemical. They were found on 26 August by Elwood's grandson Michael, out inspecting the storm dam­ age. The main blob was a bit smaller after three days, but was still more than a foot across. Michael Guillot plunged his net into the pond and came up with several more blobs. Biologist !Bob 'Thomas said the blobs were "harmless crowds of single cell organisms", which't r.eally leave us any the wiser.

(Source: AP, 29 August 1992.) FEBRUARY-MARCH '93


FROGS FROM SPACE! The phenomenon of life forms falling from the skies is discussed in a six-part TV series, Weather Watch, shown in NovemberlDecember on the BBC'. It features eyewitness accounts and also poses scientific explanations for the strange showers. (A book of the same name is available, authored by Paul Simon, a science writer and BBC pro­ ducer.) Reports of showers of animals,living and dead. plants and inanimate objects are so numerous--and from all over the world--that Ithe phenomenon is far from unusual. Showers of young frogs or toads, usually alive, are the most fre­ quently seen, falling from the sky with the rain. In Britain~ falls of small eels, fish. periwinkles, snails, starfish and tadpoles have been witnessed. One incide_nt happened at Trowbridge, UK, in 1939, and was reported in The Times. An open-air swimming pool became the target for thousands of falli",! frol!:s. The event is


remarkable in the annals of freak show­ ers because so many people saw it bap­ pen. Many of these witnesses, who were children at the time, recall the event vividly. The day had been over­ cast and thundery, when the sky opened. "It was a job to walk on the path without treading on them," remembered one woman. The same area 'has seen similar incidents in the meantime. There are no doubt many cases which go unreported-~perhaps eyewitnesses ignore or forget what they've seen, or keep quiet for fear of ridicule. However, it is well-known that large numbers of small frogs can emerge from cover after a rain shower; but, while this may explain some events, it not account for other cases in which, say, fish are found on a roof, or mustard seeds and haricot beans swoosh out of the sky on successi ve days. One likely explanation for most of the weird showers points to whirlwinds andl waterspouts which scoop up frogs

or fishes from ponds, lakes Qr the sea, carrying them for miles and dumping them on land. But this doesn't explain why other Objects from their hahitat don't fall from space with them. Perhaps a waterspout vortex, with thick cloud cover above, drops heavier mate­ rials earlier on its journey? Another possibility has been pro­ posed by naturalist Ian Darling, from Slimbridge, Gloucestershire. He has a report of pink frogs being lifted into the air by strong winds on the fertile edge of the Moroccan desert--which could account for pink frog falls at Stroud a few years ago, and similar falls over Europe. He claims that two or three times a year, sand from the Sahara does fall on the UKustrong winds during 1987-88 brought both frog rains and falls of red Saharan dust Perhaps the Biblical plagues were true after a.ll. They are similar to phe­ nomena still experienced today which would seem to be real meteorological events. (Source: Fortean Times. #65.1992.)



IT'S A CONSPIRACY! By The National insecurity Council Publ: Earth Works Press, Berkeley, CA, USA.

Cost: $20JJO (Australia)

Available: The Sydney Esoterk

Bookshop. See advert page 60 this

issue. An excellent book! Despite the frivo­ lous-sounding title and author(s), this book is a researcher's delight. It has short concise, and surprisingly well­ researched paragraph,s outlining 250 pages of some wen-known and some not so well-known, conspiracies. Although most of the conspiracies covered are American based, there is still enough international intrigue to make it worth buying. • Did the US encourage Saddam Hussein to attack Kuwait? • Was William RandoIph Hearst a paid agent of AdoEr HitleF? • Were Malcolm X and Karen Silkwood murdered bJy the US govern­ ment? • Was George Bush a CIA agent in the 1960s? • Why did the US government take Nazi war criminals under its wing?



- ~ .... --



This, plus about 60 other 'conspira­ cies', are wen researched and concisely described. I note with respect the author(s) unemotionally present both sides of the picture and thus appear not to take sides. The information is non­ stop and leaves you gasping for breath. Then, just when you are getting seri­ ously convinced that they are an out to get you, there are several rather humorous quizzes and examples to set you off. On top of all this, references are sup­ plied, thus ensuring a future article or two in Nexus Magazines to come.


: :

PROFITS Of WAR The Story Of The World-Wide Arms Conspiracy By Ari Ben-Menashe Publ: Allen & Unwin, NSW. Aust. Cost: $ 395 pages with index A mind blowing book! Whether it's true or made up, it tiestog·ether many international intrigues into a very read­ able and jaw-dropping story. Ari Ben·Menashe tells the story of his life as an intelligence offioer in Israeli Intelligence up to his fall from grace just a few years ago. His Job' operating with some of the highest levels of the Israeli Cabinet involved the negotiation and organisa­ tion of arms deals, on a grand scale. A career story linking such apparent­ ly unconnected scandals such :1s the death of media baron Robert Maxwell, Mark Thatcher (son of Margaret Thatcher, Alan Bond, West Australia Inc., several military coups in South American nations, the Iran-Contragate Scandal and more. It is one of those books that most publishers will not print, and which do not think will be around for .too long, which is unfortunate because the book is an excellent story in itself, despite



REV'IEWS being an eye-opener into some major news stories. The back cover reads: "This is the book the Israelis tried to stop, written by the' man they said didn't exist, the book that George Bush and the CIA tried to sabotage." After being set up as the fall guy in a major bungle (or was it?), and spending a year in a US jail on trumped up charges, Ari Ben-Menashe is spilling his gUts, The story he tells will amaze you. I advise you to get this book while it is still available.

BIG 8ROTHER Australia's Growing Web Of Surveillance By Simon Davies Pub/: Simon & Schuster, Australia. AvaHable from The Sydney Esoteric Bookshop. See advert on page 60. Simon Davies is an Australian jour­ nalist who has an international reputa­ tion as a campaigner for privacy. His research and involvement in this field has resulted in this excellent book which points a finger at the growing web of surveillance using ever-evolving new technology, and the possibility of living in a vast electronic prison.



This is a book looking at the develop­ ment and ramifications of the use of this new technology. The linking of computers, massive databanks, satellites, togetheF with gov­ ernment and corporate misuse of this information, is already occurring. It would appear that the information age could be an age of enlightenment if used wisely, or a cage of Orwellian pro­ portions if left to run its current course, All in all, this book is an informative foray into the subject of Privacy vs Big Brother.

PROPHECIES OF THE PRESI­ DENTS The Spiritual Destiny Of America Revealed By Timothy Green Beckley & Arthur Crockett Publ: Inner Light Publications, NJ. USA Cost: $20.00 (l28pp, 50ft-cover) Available: The Sydney Esoteric Bookshop. See advert on page 60. Yet another book from that ever active firm of US publishers, Inner Light. It is an updated, 1992 re-bash of the 1984 book of the same name. Be warned though: like most of their titles, this book has been 'Americanised', This is a term used to describe some­ thing that has been unnecessarily sensa­ tionalised. I say unnecessarily as the subject material warrants more serious research. The topic of prophecy and prediction is one that people are lbeing fascinated by in ever-increasing numbers, so books like this are being hungrily devoured by people seeking to 'suss out' the future. There are many interesting titbits of infonnation, and if you read it, you will


REVIEWS often catch yourself saying "wow, that's interesting", but it didn't make me jump up and down and tell everyone in the office that they have to read this book.

HOW TO SCREW 'YOUR' BANK A self-help Manual By Laurence E Hoins Publ: Laurence F. Hoins Available from the author, PO Box 795, Nowra, NSW 2541. Phone: (044) 232 962. Cost: $50 which includes postage. Make cheques, etc., payabl1e to June Hoins. If you read and liked the article in the last issue of Nexus (VoI.2, #11) titled "Charlie Vs Goliath", then you need to obtain this book. For those who have come in late, this book deals with you and your bank. Even ac; you read this review. there are several very important court cac;es in progress that the banking system would prefer that you did not find out about. The.reason being, that farmers in debt may get up out of the dust and fight back! This book is actually a compilation consisting of hundreds of pages of examples, information and exhibits - all


serving to illustrate the fact that you can AIDS, CANCER & THE MEDICAL stand up for your rights and that one ESTABLISHMENT person can make a difference. By 'Raymond Keith Brown, MD The author hac; had a remarkable Publ: Robert SpelleJ Publishers, career of researching, examining, and NY, USA.

applying in(ormation to achieve one's Available through Veritas Press,

goals. As a result, the book is well­ focussed and will be of enormous bene­ GPO Box 1653, Bundaberg, Qld


fit to anyone who decides to join the This book is directed to the intelligent ranks of those who refuse to be walked reader concerned by the rise and . over by the banking institutions of this spreading problems of AIDS and cancer country. in our society. The author shows that Thoroughly recommended reading! the scientific medical community, while narrowly focussing on rthe immune sys­ tem and the AIDS virus, has largely AIDS,

neglected other equally applicable body CANCER & THE

defenses. MEDICAL

Previously unpublished micropho­ ESTABLISHMENT

tographs are printed in this book, as evi­ dence of the primary importance of pleomorphic organisms, the connecting link between viruses and bacteria. Dr Raymond Keith Brown did his medical training in the US Navy and at Philadelphia General Hospital. He was a General Practitioner for 20 years in Eac;tville, Va., and did a two-year fel­ lowship at the Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research. His book is a must-read for doctors who profess a genuine desire to'treat Rll.ymood K~i(h Brown. MD, AIDS, mv and Cancer patients.







NEW WORLD ORDER Seduction Or Solution? By: Jeremy Lee ("'



~C ClDC"""l.10n. ("l'

V'Oi1T~10n '-L ... 40. .........

c: c·







A Review Of Risks And


By IS<l3c Golden

Cost: $17.50 (including postage) Available from: Aurum Healing Centre, PO Box 1198, Geelong, Vic 3220. This is the 3rd edition of an excellent book examining, as the title suggests, the risks and alternatives to vaccina­ tion. Written for both concerned parents and health care practitioners alike, this book is well-referenced and well-pre­ sented. Subjects covered include summaries of actuall disease trends, summaries of the risks of routine vaccinations, and chapters on each vaccination program currently in practice. For those seeking an alternative to routine vaccination, there are three chapters covering the pros and cons of homeopathic programs. All in all, an excellent, concise and well-referenced book on a subject I wish more people would become informed with. Thoroughly recommended reading. 60-NEXUS

Producer: Discovery Television Cost: $46.00 plus postage. (See advert on page ~15 this issue). Phone: (075) 338 335 What an impressive orator. It is so refreshing to see an informed, eloquent and spellbinding speaker, and present­ ed on an excellently produced video. This video is in two pans, SO don't be fooled by the interval after part one, (like I was). fferemy's presentation, illustrated by a slide presentation, gives an interesting overview of recent world history. Part one refers mainly to the 'New World Order', soviet Russia, the West, and how Australia fits in. Part two zooms in on Australia, why we are in a financial mess, and our constitution. A brilliant, inspiring and informative look at our past, our present, and our potential. Strongly recommended viewing.

MESSENGERS OF DESTINY By: Jaime Mausson and lee Elders

Producer: Genesis III Publishing,

USA Cost: $49.95 (includes postage) Available: Nexus Magazine. (See advert on page 30). This has got to be one of the most amazing UFO documentaries I have ever seen. This excellently produced, and attractively presented video covers the recent and continuing UFO 'flap' over Mexico and Mexico City. As you will have no doubt read the article on pages 26-29 of this issue, I will not repeat the details. Suffice to say, that this video shows FEBRUARY-MARCH '93

FREE Report Reveals... The Shocking Truth About MISSING TIME By: Budd Hopkins

impressive footage of UFOs, during both daytime and night-time, UFOs being chased by Air Force jet fighters, interviews with a Mayor and Police Commandante, and much more. The tie-in with ancient Mayan prophecy is the final clincher in what ends up as a spine-tingling film.




IL~·~~§ ..


l·~e"~",,V . .--;;;::::,.,,,.).0



Turn from ttl. pWllc IKtUrt in 8,;,bane 1'192


Ed McCabe


By: Ed McCabe

Producer: Te,Jeviz Productions,


Available from: Nexus Magazine.

(See advert on page 39).

Cost: $45.00 includes postage

This is the video r.aken at Ed McCabe's public talk, held in Brisbane. It is an excellent quality production, with clear pictw:e and sound. His lecture covers the history. poli­ tics and coverup of oxygen therapies in the USA, and brings us up to date with what the latest treaunents are, where they can be located etc., etc. All in all, a very current picture of the latest research into this under­ ground subject.

Producer: Thoth Archives, NSW. Cost: $45.00 (j ncludes postage). Available from: Thoth Recorded Archives. (See advert on page 68.) This is the complete three hours of Budd Hopkins' presentations whilst in Australia during late 1992. The presentation, accompaniedl by slides, gives good, solid, neutral infor­ mation on Ithe phenomenon known as 'abduction experience'. For more details, please refer to the article published in the December '92 ­ January '93 issue of Nexus.

BANKERS & BASTARDS By: Paul Mclean Producer: Thoth Archives, NSW. Cost: $35.00 (includes postage). Avai lable from: Thoth Recorded Archives. (See advert on page 68,) Many people may remember Paul McLean as the Senator who stood up to the banks, and then faded from view. His own story plus the details of sor­ did banking scams that are ravaging our land make an interesting tale. The video was recorded at the Ballarat Festival For Our Future, dur­ ing early November last year. Also on the video, is Charlie Kerr. Readers of the last issue of Nexus will recall the article of the farmer who stood up the banks - and won. Another video we recommend for your collection.

EARTH CHANGES AUSTRALIA By: Gordon-Michael Scallion Available from: PO Bo;:< 377, Blackwood, SA, 5051. tost $18­ including p-Fp. You 1!lJ.lli get this tape! If it's true, it will change the way you think:. If it's not true, it will still change the way you think. (See advert on page 57).



Many don't work at all, most work only a little, yet new technology brings you real results - dramatically and fast. So report the nation's leading authorities, Drs. Lee and Joyce Shulman, psychologists and authors of Subliminal: The New Channel to PersollOl Pawer, New brands spring up like mushrooms. The New York Times calls this a "brave new industry taking bookstores by storm." Newsweek reports sales have douqled since 1985. · Many tape makers, too eager for profits, without expertise, are filling the market with worthless tapes. Yet at the same time, new technological breakthroughs now bring us the most powerful tapes yet produced. That's why you should have this informative new report by Alphasonics, the comp.any thai pioneered the new technology, whose tapes are chosen by the Drs. Shulman after comparison testing all the brands.



That old adage about not judging a book by its cover applies even more to tapes which can't be leafed through by curious shoppers. Some of the prettiest packaging covers the poorest tapes. Yet to dismiss subliminals is to deprive ourselves of amazingly powerful tools for self change.



• 5 popular myths about subliIninals. • The truth behind the conflicting research reports. • The Tape Shoppers' Check List: 14 things to look for to be sure you get your money's worth. • How to evaluate the tapes you already have. • 4 personal preferences that determine which tapes you11 enjoy (and so use.) • How and wby subliminals work: an inside look at the new technology. • 11 unique advantages subliminals have over other self help methods. • How subliminals can give you effortless weight control for a lifetime. • How you can conquer habits like smoking, alcohol, and drugs without the struggle. • How you can relieve stress, .enhance healing, deepen relaxation and sleep. • How you can build confidence, reach peak perfonnance in work, studies or sports, and attract more love and prosperity into your life. CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE COPY OF TlUS 20 PAGE REPORT

Ph (09) 322 2066 or Fax (09) 481 6201 The complere repon. nonnally $10, is free to NEXUS readers for a limited time. (Melllioll NEXUS, Feb '93) Plus you receive a valuable coupon wonh $20 toward the purchase of the most powerful tapes on eanh. Alphasonics'N International 99 Outram St West Penh 6005 Western Australia




Continued from page 45 human body, and the studies about the anatomy, chemistry and elecrricity of the human brain. These computers were fed, as well, with the different languages and their meanings. The dialects of people have been fed from the nature through satellites. The Soviets started to feed the computers with objective programs". "It seems that the Soviets recoursed to suicidal method with the human society by allocating an electronic rayon every mind for many persons in different soc·ieties. Such rays are fed from the memory of cem­ puters Which stored a lot of data about the human being and the languages. These rays interlace and inte.rweave with Jhe natural thinking to form difflLSed artificial thought. Through such ferocious ami· humanitarian means, the extremist groups are fabricated, the troubles anti bloody disturbances are instigated by advanced tete-means via satel­ lites, in many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America." (Emphasis added.) The editor of the column in which the article was printed even stated, "We think it


makes points too important to ignore." [ think that ,is a conservative way of putting it. One disturbing possibility, given all the infonnation we have at hand, is that the individuals involved in this potential mega­ mind-control operatidn could themselves be programmed, and not even be aware that they are cenducting such an operati0n.

THE NEW MENTAL BATTLEFiElD In the December, 1980, edition of the US Army Journal, Military Review, an article by Lt CoF. John B. Alexander entitled, 'The New Mental Battlefield: Beam Me Up Spoc.k". provided fU:Fther in$ight into the technical capabilities now at the disposal of the controllers. He writes, "Several exam­ ples will demonstrate areas in which progress has been made. . . The transfer­ ence of energy from one organism to anoth­ er. . . The ability to heal or cause disease can be transmitted over a distance, thus inducing illness or death for no apparent cause. . . Telepathic behaviour modifica­ tion, which includes the ability to induce hypnotic states up to distances in excess of 1,000 ki[omerres, has been reported. The



use of telepathic hypnosis also holds great potential. This capability could allow agents to be deeply planted with no con­ scious knowledge of their programming. In movie tenns, the Manc.burian Candidate lives and does not even require a phone call. Other mind-to-mind thought induction tech­ niques are being considered. If perfected, this capability could allow the direct trans­ ference of thought via telepathy froUl one mind, or group of minds, to a selected target audience. The unique factor is that {he recipient will not be aware thal thoughts have been implanted from an e:fternal source. He or she will believe the thoughts are original." (Emphasis added.) If it is possible to feed 'artificial thoughts' into the morphogenetic field via satellite, then mind control of the entire Qlanet is pos­ sible. An individual's only resistance would be to constantly question the motivation behind their thuughts, and not act upon thoughts that they consider to be outside the lX)lUldaries of their own 'ethical and moral' boundaries. Once again, it is wise 10 con-

Continued on page 64




Mind Control & The New World Order

Continued from page 63

Adviser to Jimmy Carter, in his book The sider how television, advertising, and vari­ Techrwtronic Society, which is almost a bib­ ous forms of social pressure are constantly ljcal 'text for advocates of the New World being used to manipulate those boundaries. Order. Brzezinski founded the infamous Trilateral Commission, played ,a leading AN ORDER WE CAN 00 WITHOUT role in George Bush's 1988 election cam­ Mind control technology is a reality. p_aign as an 'adviser on foreign policy (seems Some techniques are lbeing used covertly on unusual for a former Democrat National particIDar individuals, while others are used Security Adviser, doesn't it?), and IS a tire­ openly on the entire planet. Just go and less all-round promoter of the One-World switch your television on. There's the most GovemmentlNew World Order philosophy. effective one of all! "In ~he technotronic society t'he trend would se_em to be towards the And while we shake our heads in disbe­ aggregation of the individual support lief at the horrors that are fed to iUS on the of -uncoord i nated citizens, easi Iy nightly news (or is that hourly?), don't for­ within the reach of magnetic and get those old principles, feedback, rein­ attractive personalities effectively forcement, coRdi/wning, whilst lamenting exploiting the latest communication "Why do people do those honible things to techniques to manipulate emotiol')s each other?" It may be reasonable to con­ and control reason." sider that 'those people' may be getting more AT ONE MINUTE TO MIDNIGHT than a little help from our Big Brothers. As Lt. Col. Alexander said in the summa­ After all, unless the Old World Order is made out to be, or turned into, the worst ry of his Military Review article, "The infor­ Order there could be, why else would we mation presented here will be considered by some to be ridiculous since it does not con­ want a new one? form to their view of reality, but some peo­ I will leave you with one final quote to ple still believe the world is flat." consider. It was made by Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security $

References and Bibliogra-phy: 1. Effects of GHz R'l(Ii3JiOQ Q{I \be lIulTll!,rt Nervous SyS1em: Recenl Developments in the Technology-of Political Conlrol. Author: Harlan E. Girard, Philadelphia, PA, USA Presented at the Nato Advanced Research Workshop on Coherent and Emergent Phenomena in .BiOIOOlecular Systems, The University of Arizona, January 15-19, 1991 2. Terminal behaviour experimrolS- by ~ Central Illlelligence Agency under William Casey and Judge Webster. Author. Harlan E Girard, PbiJIl~lphla, PA, USA January, 1989, revised February, 1991 3. Ccrt'espondence with Stuart R. Hameroff, The University of Arizona, Health Sciences O;prre, College of Medicine, Department of AnIleslhcsiology, Tuscon. Arizona. Dated: January 24, 1992­ 4. The iBody Electric: ElecJTomagnetism and the Foundation of Life. Authors: Robert O. Becker, M.D., and Gary S.elden. Publisher: William Mcrt'ow and Company, Inc., New York, 1985. pp. 317· 326. 5. Operation Mind Control. Aul/lor: Walt.q Bowart. Publisher: Fontana I Collins, USA, Great Britain, 1978. 6. The Mind M<mipulators. Authors: Alan W. Scheflin and Edward M. Oplon, Jr. Publisher: Paddinglon Press Ltd., New York and Loodon, 1978. 7. Discussion and correspoodence with Steve Bush, Computer Scientist, California., USA. Date: January

Mind Control & The New World Order Continued from ,page 64 I Felnary, 1992. (Special Thanks) 8. Computer Bullelm Board Document: Update On Mass Killings. Researcher: W. M. Cooper, Ariuma, USA, 1992 9. There's more II) your mental iIl-heahh than yoo think: What you are feeling could'lIx: the result of fhe violence-inducing nallJre of psychiatric drugs. Publisher: The Citizen's Committee on Human Rights, October I November 1990 Bulletin. Australian National Office: 201 Castlereagh St., Sydney, NSW, 2000. 10. Mass Murderers in White Coats. Author: Lemy L1pon Re·printed in Matrix 11 Publisher: Arctus Book Service" July, 1990. 11. Journey into Madness: Medical Torture and.the Mind Controllers. J\ulhor: Gordon Thomas. Publisher: Corgi Books, UK, '1989. 12 New Documents Confirm CIA iLinks II) "Deep Sleep" Psychs: Evidence Grows oflnwrnational Psychiatric Collaboration. Publisher: The Citizen's Committee on Hum'l!l.R.ights, in ''Freedom'', Vol. 7 No.2 13. Anti-Religious Movement: Contemporary Terrorism, Kidnapping and Psychiatric Brutality. Publisher: The Citizen's Committee on Human Rights, in "The Joumalfor Personal Freedom". 14. MindlControl. Author: Larry Collins. Publisher: Playboy Magazine, January 1990 (U.S. Edition), March 1990 (Australian Edition). 15. Behold a Pale Horse. Author: William Cooper. Publisher. Light Technology Publishing, Sedona, Arizona, 1991.



v'+ I ur-u


{;j4'1 /j.jO}

16. Incident (¥:ar White House: Gunman'slbizarre claims. Publisher: San Francisco Cbronicle. Saturday March 17, 1984. 17. Drug pilot says he's caught in a CrA plot. Author: Al Messerschrnill. Publisher: Miami Herald, Moodily May 2&, 1984. 18. X-Ray surgery failed to find bug in man. Author: Bill Leuning. Publishec Miami Herald. June 9, 1984. 19. Former drug pilot says Operation Crystal Ball is a piotto take over the world Author Jim Leggett. Publisher: The Nati6ilal EXlminer. April 30, 1985. 20. Such Things are Known. Author: Dorothy Burdick. Publisl}g; Vantage Press, USA, 1982. 21. .cameras record images of thought. Publisher: Los Angels Times, August 20, 1992. 22. ~ Soviet and Invading the Human Mind. Publis.h1:r: Sydney Morning Herald, Stay Ip Touch Column, (Article reference: 'the March of Science.) January.2Jst, 1983. 23. Operation Mind Control, Part 1- Update. Dave Emory Archive Tapes. Distributor: Archives on Audio, P.O. Box 170023, San Frandsco', CA. 94117-0023, USA. Ph: (415)346-1840. 24. The New Mental Battlefield: Beam Me Up Spock. Author: Lieulenanl,Colonei John B. Alexander, U.S. Army. Publisher: Military Review, Decembq, 1980. A.1l official journal of the U.S. Armed Forces. 25. Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychology Research, Unclassified Publisher: Defence Intelligence Agency - Washington DC - 1975. 26. Controlled Offensive Behaviour - USSR.

rev. vvo;. .... , <..v.



Unclassified, Author: Capt. John D. LaMothe, Medical Intelligence Officer, Departmelll of the Army. Publisher: Defence Intelligence Agency Washington DC - 197227. Paraphysics R&D - Warsaw Pact. Unelassified Publisher. Defence Intelligence Agerr;::y • WaIDington DC - 1978. 2&. Biological Meets of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves), Eurasian COJm1unist Countries. Unclas$.iJied. Publisher. Defence Intelligence Agency - Washington DCMarch, 1976 29. Microwave Auditory Meets and Applications. Author: James C. Lin, Ph.D., Thomas S~jO&field, H. USA,1978. 30. Veil: The Secret Wars of the CIA 11981-1987. pp. 124. Author: Bob Woodward, IPubLisher. Simon <m.d Schuster, Ltd. London. 1987. 31. Mind ConlTol. Author: Peter S.c.brag. Publisher: Marion Boyars Publishers Ltd., London, 1978. 32. Who lillied John Lemon? Author: fenton Bressler. Publisher: St. Martin's Press, New York, 1989. 33. Conspiracies, Cover-Ups and Cr\uIes: Political Manipulation and Mind Control in America. Author: Jonathan 'lankin. Publisher: Paragon House, New York, 1991. 34. Brain Transmitters: How they are used Published: Planetaty Association fO£ Clean Energy, Vol 6 (2-3) 25. Reprinted: Missing Link Magazine, No 118, July 1992

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