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UFO JOURNAL October 2013

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Two white, cylinder-shaped UFOs observed by Alabama witness by Rich Hoffman Alabama & Mississippi State Director and Jeffrey Hauck Alabama & Mississippi Assistant SD

Tristan 'Buddy' Myers

Missing persons may be tied to UFO cases by David Paulides Colorado MUFON

EDITOR’S NOTE: Author David Paulides makes an interesting case about the often overlooked similarities in missing person’s cases. I just read his latest book, the third in a series, Missing 411: North America and Beyond. Ufologists are still grappling with the alien abduction process, but Paulides' research suggests that may only be part of the process. Many go missing in the blink of an eye - some are found with little or no reccollection, and many others are never found. He has uncovered a mountain of research that may open new doors to future research. In my years of law enforcement and private investigations, I am still amazed at the number of coincidences Continued on page 7

In mid-August, both of the authors were notified that the Science Review Board had identified one of our cases – CMS Case 46515 – as a candidate for the 2013 Top Ten cases in MUFON. This sighting consisted of a set of cylindrical-shaped craft moving in a step-up echelon pattern with no apparent tail and wings. The witness, a male in his late 50s, was driving from his home in Columbus, Georgia, to his workplace in Sylacauga, Alabama, where he is a 30-year railroad engineer. He has a BS degree in engineering and is of good health, wears glasses, and is active in model railroading, his avocation. He wishes to remain anonymous. It is also worthy of noting that he reported this sighting to both MUFON and NUFORC. It was noted in the NUFORC entry that NUFORC Director Peter Davenport stated he spoke with the witness and may have referred him to report this to MUFON as well. What follows is the synopsis of the case. CMS Case # 46515 – near Kellyton, AL, March 28, 2013, 10:35-10:39 a.m. On the morning of March 28, 2013, (not the 29th which he incorrectly stated in his case synopsis in the report) from 10:35 until 10:39 a.m. CDT the witness observed two white, cylindrically-shaped objects fly from north to south, making a broad sweeping turn to the west. They stayed in view, ascending slightly until they finally just faded out. The event was observed

Figure 1: Witness sketch of objects as they moved from 2 to 10 o’clock position on his windshield and driver’s side window.

from his automobile as he was driving in his 2007 Ford Mustang to work, between Kellyton, AL, and Goodwater, AL, on U.S. Highway 280, about 10 miles west of Alexander City, AL. He was able to keep the objects in view for four minutes as he continued driving along at almost 65 mph, but admitted he slowed down to watch the object and also determine if this was a reflection, note the car behind him, and to see if he could determine any further details to help explain this unusually slow set of objects. The day was clear, with scattered high clouds. He was driving in a northwesterly direction, and the objects appeared at his two o’clock position moving what he believed to be a north to south direction. They were very bright white in color and were cylinder-shaped. No wings or other control surfaces were seen. They did not have the silhouette of rotary winged aircraft, appearing to be long and slender, rod-like in their appearance. They were making a broad, westerly turn, and ascending Continued on page 4

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By Jan Harzan It was heartwarming to receive over 50 responses to my “Share YOUR Story” email last month. The overriding theme of nearly all the responses was that many of you have had a firsthand experience that brought you face to face with the UFO Phenomena, and having had that experience, you are now looking to make a difference by being actively involved with MUFON. A truly great reason to be involved! For those of you still looking for your first encounter, I salute you for having the courage to pursue something that you know to be true from other’s stories. I salute your passion. Together we WILL find the answers we are all seeking. It will take time, it will take patience, it will take commitment to process, and it will take all the will power we can muster. But we WILL find the answers we all seek, and in our lifetime, I am confident of that. Our Mission is “The Scientific Study of UFOs for the Benefit of Humanity” and to achieve our mission we are going to need everyone involved, with better technology, better communication, and better teamwork. To achieve this I announced at the Symposium that my focus as Executive Director will be in three primary areas, going Global, going Social, and going Mobile. If you look at the major trends in the world today the first is that UFOs are a global issue. There are some 196 countries on Earth and there is no reason that each and every one of them should not have an active MUFON Chapter operating in their country. Now to be realistic, if we focus on just the top 8-10 countries (or languages) we will be able to reach nearly 3 billion people on the planet. Those countries or languages in order 2

of size are Chinese, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, French, German and Italian. It will be important going forward that we have a clear strategy to create presence in these countries and on the web in these languages. The second initiate is going Social. It is imperative that we be able to communicate freely and quickly with each other as our world now moves at the speed of light with everything that’s happening being available in an instant it seems. To facilitate this, I have engaged a website specialist to begin building a social media website for MUFON so that people can get the information they need quickly and easily. Also chapters will be able to communicate their monthly activities to anyone and everyone with a need to know. You’ll be hearing more on this later as we make progress towards this goal, and we are not talking a year, but rather a matter of months before you will begin to see the results of this specific initiative. An important side note to better communication, is our communication with the press. I am pleased to announce that Roger Marsh will be our new Director of Public Relations, and the cornerstone of his new position (he will continue as our Journal Editor as well), will be to ensure that our best cases are making it to the press in a timely fashion. This is a spin-off of the highly successful 2012 MUFON Annual Report headed by Robert Powell, our Director of Research, where we highlighted our Top 10 sighting reports for 2012 to the media and the public. Roger has been engaging the press in those cities and states where these sightings occurred and has found excellent reception from the press. This Continued on page 24


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With so many interesting people in MUFON, we're going One-On-One for a closer look. Check out artist Dennis Rano's first caricature of Valerie Schultz. Terry Hinson's feature is on page 16.

features Cylinders over Alabama: May make Top 10 List..... 1 Missing Persons cases: Should we re-think?........ 1 Glowing spheres: Ontario case reviewed.. 17 First Person: Meet Jacques Patenet.. 22

editor’s note

Expanding MUFON's national media coverage By Roger Marsh Editor

The Journal is bursting at the seams again this month with investigation pieces – and I promise an excellent line-up to come through the end of the year. An unusual piece this month from Colorado MUFON member David Paulides – whose “Missing 411” series I can’t put down. I’ll never be last in line again. The story causes one to look around at other things happening and wonder if there are more areas related to the UFO phenomena. Don’t worry – NUFORC Director Peter Davenport will be back next month – he’s running around the Alaskan territory this month on an exciting adventure – so we gave him the month off. Thanks go out to Executive Director Jan Harzan and the board for appointing me Director of Public Relations. I jumped into the new work with the “Top 10 Cases of 2012” list from the Science Review Board and moved it out to media across the country. I will be linking our news coverage on the

new web site once it’s up and going. Recent coverage includes a nice piece in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that centered on a case just north of the big city. A reporter in Oklahoma City wrote about a local case and is planning to follow up on that and anything else we report going on. The Dallas Morning News should have run a feature by the time you read this. And we are working with a network television station on another feature they hope to air in early November. I plan on concentrating on your work – once a case is closed and with permission of the State Director and Field Investigator – local and regional media will be alerted. So far, the media is reacting with open arms and the published or broadcast output is looking better than we have seen in the past. Special thanks to artist Dennis Rano who many of you know as the caricature artist behind his “people of ufology series” at Dennis has teamed up with Texas Assistant State Director Terry Hinson as the writer-illustrator duo bringing us up close and personal with our MUFON teammates. And below, is me.

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Witness details: Neither object had a wing or tail Continued from page 1

very slightly as they moved across his entire windshield. Their position to each other remained constant; one was slightly above and behind the other, as shown in Figure 1 (step-up echelon). He observed them almost continually for four minutes but did break away to stay aware of road ahead as he continued driving to work. They finally just faded out, for lack of a better term at about his 10 o’clock position. OBJECT DESCRIPTION: Both objects were cylindrical, white in color, did not have wings or tails and were not tapered at either ends. The witness described a flat front and back. After gathering the measurements, the size of the objects was approximately 180 - 220 feet long (depending on exact distance) – This corresponds to aircraft size. Both objects moved at approximately the same speeds as aircraft and in a straight line with the witness describing a slight increase in altitude as it moved across the front windshield and onto the other side windshield. The objects faded out after the four minutes and were no longer visible. WEATHER INFORMATION: 57 degrees, clear skies with winds NNE at 5.8 mph. The witness reports it as a nice sunny and clear day. LOCATION: The sighting location was on Highway 280 near Kellyton, AL. The witness was travelling in a northwest direction and this was prior to the Kellyton exits. He lost sight of the objects as he got to the Route 9 exit two miles west of Kellyton. The sighting covered four miles of highway. Traffic was light at the time and it is very rural. An appreciation of this area’s geography can be seen in Figure 3. You have Kellyton marked by the letter A. To the north is the Talledega National Forest which includes mountainous areas. To the southeast is a large set of lake areas while the rest of the terrain is relatively flat and heavily wooded. The largest city is Alexander City which the witness had already gone past. Considering the witness believed MUFON JOURNAL —

Figure 2: The Google Map image of the 280 stretch. The yellow triangles mark the approximate start (on the right) and the endpoint (on the left) of the observation.

the objects moved from the north to the south, when you look at airports in the area, there are very few with the largest in Birmingham (70 miles to the northeast) and the next largest in Montgomery, 65 miles to the south west. EVIDENCE/INVESTIGATION: The witness was extremely cooperative and was very perplexed by what he had seen. He stated that despite years of seeing commercial and military aircraft, he had never seen anything like this before. Its lack of appendages, abrupt ends, color and what he stated was a slow speed, puzzled him. He could not even guess what these objects were and made every attempt to determine whether a light reflection was coming into play by shifting his head and looking to see if possibly a car behind him may have been throwing off a light, but considering that the objects moved across two windows (the front and side), he ruled out the reflection notion. Over a period of a month, the witness conversed and exchanged emails and spent much time trying to analyze 4

and consider every detail of this case. He was very cooperative! Despite all checks in various databases and newspapers we could not locate any other witnesses to this event or having filed a report of anything unusual in the area. It is worthy of note that during a 30-day window we have three other reports of cylinders being witnessed on the opposite side of Birmingham to this sighting. In checking these cases, there were no similarities other than being cylindrical and having flat ends but that is where the similarities stop. Colorations, lighting, size and more differed significantly. Measurements: The witness reported the following critical pieces of information. He initially reported them to be at 35 degrees above the horizon but as we discussed this further, they were actually 15 degrees. We discussed this point as he was sitting in his 2007 Ford Mustang. The angle would not conform to the position he referenced by the interior mirOCTOBER 2013

ror. He stated he first saw the object at the two o’clock position and last saw it at the 10 o’clock position and out of his side window. He reasoned that they were a mile away but could not be sure. He believed that they remained the same angular size over the four minutes being observed while he continued to move northeast on Highway 280 at an average speed of 60 mph. As they moved (what he believed to be south) the objects moved up on his windshield. This could likely be due to the fact that his forward momentum was actually getting him closer to the objects thus putting him in a position to be below the objects. Utilizing an Excel tool called Trig7 v. 7.2 that was provided to me through MUFON by Jim King a number of years ago (email address jimkingr@, I began inserting some of the data collected thus far. Here are the various metrics based on what was provided concerning size and distance estimates. Assuming the objects to be a mile away, here are the measurements (Figure 4) obtained: 15 Degrees elevation 5,280 feet = 1 mile Yields an air distance of 5,466 feet and an altitude of 1,415 feet. Next, the witness described the objects being the size of a penny which is 1.9 degrees but he later refined this to the size of a quarter at arm’s length making it 2.4 degrees. When adding this to the tool where we supply the 2.4 degrees and the air distance derived earlier, we derive that the object’s size is 229 feet in length (Figure 5) – give or take several feet (the arm length is based on 22.6 inch in length arms). Using the same tool and evaluating a distance of 1 ½ miles yields – the altitude at 2,122 feet and the object’s sizes to be 364 feet in length, placing them much larger than most commercial aircraft (e.g., a Boeing B757-200 is 155.4 feet – Figure 6). When trying to deduce speed of the object based on the approximate distances and the positions of two (30 degrees) and 10 o’clock (-30 degrees) from direction of travel, we then get an additional set of information we can OCTOBER 2013

Figure 3: Position of witness to the area surrounding the observation.

Figure 4: Calculation of Altitude at 1 mile.

Figure 5: Determination of size.

now look at (assuming it is accurate that the objects stayed at the same angular size, of course). At the initial sighting location position, an object a mile to a mile and-ahalf away places the objects just above the north end of the town of Kellyton. 5

As the witness moved four miles down the road near the intersection of Route 9, the objects being again a mile to a mile and-a-half away at a -30 degrees position from straight ahead, places the Continued on page 6


Case 46515: Investigators review testimony

Figure 6: Boeing 757-200 from Aircraft Recognition application iPlane.civ.

Figure 7: The movement of the vehicle (smiley faces) and each minute and each mile (dotted lines) along with objects movements.

Continued from page 5

objects in a position about four miles directly west of the city of Kellyton. The path of these two positions would indicate that the objects were moving more westward than true north to south. In fact, if the witness noted the slight upward angle of the objects and we assume that he was actually closing in speed with the set of objects, the objects could have been more southwest as he continued to drive. Figure 7 illustrates the position and movements of the object over the four minutes of observation. The Formation: In trying to evaluate known objects that move in an echelon pattern, one would consider a military refueling operation and in a check of both Birmingham and at Maxwell AFB, you do find the 117th Air Refueling Wing of the Alabama Air National Guard is located at the BirminghamShuttlesworth Airport. The only operational flying unit at Maxwell is the Air Force Reserve Command’s 908th Airlift Wing (908 AW) and subordinate 357th Airlift Squadron (357 AS), which operates eight C-130H aircraft. As an AFRC airlift unit, the 908th is MUFON JOURNAL —

Figure 8: Shows corresponding movements of cylinders. If positioning is correct, we have two cylinders larger than any known aircraft, moving at about the same speed as the car (60 miles per hour +/- 5 miles per hour) and covering approximately 4 miles in distance. This obviously places two large and close in proximity objects moving at a very slow speed, well below any known objects that closely resemble objects as described.

operationally gained by Air Mobility Command (AMC). The problem with the refueling explanation lies with the fact the lead plane is above the other aircraft with the trailing aircraft in a step-down position. Usually, the fueling boom comes out of back end of the leading aircraft and descends downward. This position is maintained until the refueling is completed. Objects Proximity (to each other): Commercial flights do not generally have aircraft that fly as close to each 6

other as these objects. In a check with both Birmingham and Montgomery airports, no aircraft could be identified over this area at the time and on the date of the observation, let alone two aircraft. Military aircraft do move close to each other as we have seen from air shows and even in movies such as “Top Gun.” A wingman may fly behind or even adjacent to another lead aircraft. We could not get any response from either of these military installations. Radar would be of benefit and ultimately needs to be pursued, if the radar is yet available. Conclusions/Disposition: Obviously, when trying to deduce an unknown from the known, you use as much logic as possible. In looking at the facts as made available to us at this time, it becomes quite apparent that we are as perplexed about this sighting of two cylindrical, large craft in this odd formation as he was. For the many reasons cited (size, position, speed, appearance), there is little explanation for these objects other than UFO-Unknown, which is how this case is classified. Pending further information and review, it remains as such in CMS today. OCTOBER 2013

Map shows the area where the Shearin and Myers boys went missing west of Roseboro, NC, and 24 years apart.

Are some cases related to UFOs?

Odd case pattern-similarities suggest more study Continued from page 1

that occur when I least expect it. One of these instances occurred when I read the May 2013 MUFON UFO Journal and the article titled, “Investigator Reveals Cape Fear River Case Details.” What follows is a coincidence that is hard to believe. Five years ago I was in a national park conducting research and noticed a few employees closely watching. I left the park and returned to my room off the park. Several hours after I started to settle in, I had that game-changing knock at the door. I answered the door and found two National Park Rangers dressed in plainclothes. The rangers stated that they knew who I was and had followed my research over the years. They stated that they had a story OCTOBER 2013

they’d like to tell me. I invited the two into the room. The rangers stated that they had worked at a series of parks over the years and had noticed that there seemed to be an inordinate amount of people who vanished. They explained that there was always a big search, significant publicity and press at the beginning, then 7-10 days later, almost everything would stop. Rarely did they ever hear about follow-up and they continued to see people go missing and the park service didn’t seem to track or conduct follow-up investigations. They felt that someone should look into the missing person issue and understand the circumstances and the number of people actually missing. They believed that the number of missing could be very high. They stated that they didn’t 7

want any further involvement in the issue, just wanted someone to be aware and investigate it. I thanked the rangers for their information and spent a restless night trying to sleep. The story the rangers told changed my life. Since that eventful meeting I’ve spent five years researching people who have vanished in the wilds of North America. A group of us founded the Can Am Missing Project ( and have worked missing person cases nonstop. I’ve written three books about our research (Missing 411-Series) and we’ve found 34 geographical clusters of missing people across North America. We have identified specific criteria that we apply to our research that limits the scope Continued on page 8


Research unturns cluster areas of missing people Continued from page 7

of our investigations. Here is a partial list of the elements involved: • Cases must be from a rural area. • The Missing were with canines. • Often times found in creeks or riverbeds, or swamps. • Often there is a geographical clustering of missing. • Inclement weather is often associated with the disappearance. • When the victim is found, they are often unconscious or semi-conscious and cannot remember details when they were missing. • Many times victims are located with missing shoes or clothing. • Missing are many times located in an area previously searched. • A large number of incidents are documented where law enforcement believes the victim was abducted/kidnapped. • Berries and swamps are inextricably associated with many of the missing cases. • An unusual number of the victims are found to climb thousands of feet uphill or travel many miles further then any Search and Rescue guidelines indicate is normal. **Not every case needs to have each of the elements involved. All cases are excluded from the study where evidence points towards a voluntary disappearance, suicide, drowning, human involvement or animal attack. During the course of our research we spend countless hours researching archived newspapers and microfiche. We also read countless newsletters and books about a variety of topics not directly related to missing people. We learned long ago that if you focus on one specific topic as the answer to a complex equation, you would miss many elements that may add to an understanding. This practice of reading many newsletters is exactly what brought us to the Cape Fear incident. As a reminder, in January 2007, four adults and a boy were fishing on the MUFON JOURNAL —

banks of the Cape Fear River near Hope Mills, NC. One of the men walked into the woods and saw three orbs hovering just off the ground that then moved away over trees. A young boy with the group had been in a different location and observed two orbs exhibiting similar behavior. As the boy was walking away from the orbs, he saw two small humanoids at a fire pit. The humanoids were described with similar physical characteristics, strange goggles that were flashing red, small in stature with a breastplate. The boy heard his father calling his name and ran back to meet him. It was at this point that all of the men started to see strange lights in the sky and a bright, white light hovering in front of them 200 yards away. There are many more aspects to this story that happened near Hope Mills that I won’t cover now, but I do refer you to the May 2013 MUFON UFO Journal and the great article written by Norman Gagnon. The boy and his dad (Chris Bledsoe) returned to their home in Grays Creek, approximately 16-18 miles west of Roseboro, NC. At 1:30 a.m., a “vibrational tremor” was coming from above the house. Chris went outside to see what was occurring, and nothing was observed. The dogs in an adjacent kennel were acting violently during this time. Their housedog, sitting on the porch, then bolted away and disappeared into the woods. Chris went to the woods to look for the dog and observed an entity. The MUFON team conducting follow-up on this event scheduled a hypnosis session with the Mr. Bledsoe. It was found that he was abducted while he was near the river on his fishing trip. As I was reading this story, I was completely overwhelmed by the coincidence that I had just uncovered. In March 2013, I published the third book in my “Missing 411” series, Missing 411- North America and Beyond. In that book I included a new chapter on multiple disappearances, two people who disappear from the same geographical location. Approximately 16 8

miles from the Bledsoe residence, there are two homes just west of Roseboro, NC, where children disappeared. Both of these incidents involved small boys and their dogs. Neither of the boys was ever found and the word “kidnapping” and “abduction” had been used in each of the cases. The proximity of these cases to each other is stunning. I have included the stories I wrote on the disappearance of Bruce Shearin (2 years) and Tristen “Buddy” Myers (4 years). Bruce Shearin Missing February 27, 1976, a.m., three miles west of Roseboro, NC Age at Disappearance: 2 years Roseboro is a very small town 15 miles southeast of Fayetteville and 12 miles north of Bladen Lake State Forest. The region around the Roseboro has hundreds of small bodies of water surrounding the city limits. The open space around the city has very thick forests dotted with many farms. Some areas on the perimeter of Roseboro are swampy, lush, and extremely thick with old-growth trees and thick brush. In the morning hours of February 27, 1976, 2-year-old Bruce Shearin was visiting his grandfather’s farm three miles west of Roseboro. Bruce was playing in the front yard of the residence on the farm which was near the South River. Bruce’s aunt was watching the boy play with a German Shepherd puppy when she walked into the residence for 10 minutes. When the aunt returned, Bruce was gone. There was a frantic search of the farm and surrounding area, and then a call was placed to the Sampson County Sheriff’s office. The search for Bruce lasted several weeks and included the 82nd Airborne Division, National Guardsmen, local sheriff’s deputies, and the North Carolina Bureau of Investigation. This search was called the largest effort of its time in the county and included over 1,200 volunteers, Bloodhounds, 10 rescue squads, paratroopers and scores of volunteers. Roseboro Police Chief Aaron Wright OCTOBER 2013

made the following statement in the March 4, 1976, edition of the Gastonia Gazette, “Officers are investigating the possibility that 2- year-old Bruce Shearin may have been kidnapped.” This statement shows that law enforcement was very concerned and investigating all possibilities. Bruce was the oldest son of Dennis and Kathy Shearin. Dennis was a Specialist 4 in the Army and stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia. Dennis was granted a 15-day leave to search for his boy. The Shearins were separated at the time Bruce vanished. Despite the extensive search for Bruce, nothing was ever found indicating where the boy may have gone. Law enforcement did make statements indicating that Bruce may have been abducted, and foul play may have occurred. Tristen “Buddy” Myers Missing October 5, 2000, p.m., one mile west of Roseboro, NC Age at Disappearance: 4 years If there ever was a little boy that had a difficult upbringing, it was Buddy. His mother was a young exotic dancer who was not given custody after birth, and his father wasn’t known. Buddy went to live with his grandmother and grandfather. One day, the grandfather was backing up and ran over the boy, fracturing his leg and injuring his head. In August 2000, Buddy went to live with his aunt and uncle in a rural residence one mile west of Roseboro on Microwave Tower Road. Buddy’s mother died in 2004 in an auto accident. On October 5, 2000, Buddy and his aunt, Donna Myers, went to the store and later returned home in the afternoon. Buddy had casually walked out of the home in the past, and Donna had installed a buzzer that rang loudly when anyone opened the door. The buzzer was operational as the pair was in the family room. Donna lay down on the couch as Buddy was on the floor playing with his pet Chihuahua. Donna said she saw Buddy fall asleep, and she then dozed off as well. Approximately 10 minutes after she fell asleep, the phone rang in the residence, waking Donna; it was her husband checking up on the family. Donna OCTOBER 2013

looked through the room and the residence and found that Buddy was gone and so was the dog. The family also had a small puppy that was kept in the yard surrounded by a small area fence (approximately eight feet by eight feet). When Donna walked into the yard looking for Buddy, she also noticed that their puppy was missing. Donna immediately contacted other family members, and they started to search the area. Family members found nothing and contacted the sheriff. The Sampson County Sheriff immediately called for assistance and volunteers. Over 100 people responded to the area and searched the woods around the Myers property. The 82nd Airborne responded and committed resources to finding the boy, along with local firefighters and police officers. On day five of the search, a truly unique thing happened. The Chihuahua that Buddy had been playing with, Buck, scampered into the family’s yard. The dog had been fed and was clean. He did not have the appearance that he had been living in the woods. Nothing positive happened for another five days until day 10. The puppy that disappeared from the yard also returned. The puppy showed the same excellent health as Buck and was also clean. After a multi-week search of over 1,000 people, Bloodhounds, helicopters and Search and Rescue professionals, Buddy was never found, and no evidence was ever located indicating the location of the boy. Five days after Buddy vanished, a reporter was driving to the Myers home and saw the family dog “Buck” near the residence. The three-legged dog briefly reignited the search for another five days, again, nothing was found. Summary The similarities in the facts surrounding the disappearances of Bruce and Buddy are striking. The boys disappeared 24 years apart. Here is a list of similarities: • Lived in rural areas just west of Roseboro. • Last in the presence of their aunts. • Playing and left with dogs. • One dog in each incident re9

turned to residence. • Came from broken homes. • Living with relatives, not parents. • Law enforcement considered kidnapping in each case. • 82nd Airborne participated in each search. • No evidence was found in either event. One of the more fascinating elements of the Buddy Myers case is why didn’t the buzzer on the door activate when and if Buddy opened it? The Chihuahua appeared five days after the disappearance, and the puppy reappeared after 10 days. Where were the dogs? They almost certainly would’ve had to have been in some type of shelter, as there were many notes in news articles that the dogs appeared clean and sheltered. The puppy was either released close by or was confined. A small puppy could never run for miles like a mature dog. There was no mention in any articles I reviewed for either case that indicated what the weather had been during each search. I think it’s interesting that Bruce’s dad was in the military. Readers are always curious if a victim’s family had military and/or religious affiliations. This is one of the rare events where a military relationship did exist and where the military actually participated in the search. What is it about this specific part of the United States that would pull two small boys from their families? The fact that many children disappear while in the presence of a puppy or dog is overwhelming. These two cases are like needles in the haystack. What are the odds that two small boys would disappear in an extremely rural environment just west of the same small city and never be found? What are the odds that these two young boys would vanish two miles apart and never be found? What are the odds that 13 years after Buddy disappears, another victim of abduction comes forward with a remarkable story just 16 miles west? With the many similarities in these three stories, can this be mere coincidence? MUFON JOURNAL —


Irrationality of debunkers - illustrated By Stanton Friedman Every so often I find a UFO debunking piece that illustrates  the irrationality of the debunker’s arguments despite the educational background of the debunker. For example, Dr. Isaac Asimov who wrote more than 300 books, mostly on scientific  topics and many science fiction tomes made the following claim: “If aliens were visiting Earth, they would either land and make themselves known, or keep hidden. If they do neither, they are not visiting.” How extraordinary that a world class sci-fi writer can’t think of other scenarios some place in between the noted extremes. He certainly gives no rationale. He has not claimed to be himself in touch with ETs or to have studied the evidence presented by witnesses to actual ET behavior. One might say it illustrates arrogance combined with ignorance. My nephew, Paul Kimball, who has a law degree and has spent a lot of time “studying UFOs,” in mid August penned another piece about which one can only shake one’s head and ask where that nonsense came from. He starts by saying, “Here are the reasons why I am completely convinced there was no ET crash. If aliens had sufficiently advanced technology of the kind that would permit travel to the stars (and I have talked to enough scientists to know just how mind blowingly advanced this would have to be, Stan Friedman and his nuclear rockets balderdash not withstanding) then it beggars belief that they would crash in spaceships that looked like something out of a 1950s sci-fi B movie once they got here (much less crash multiple times, as some posit, including Stan.)” As noted in the book, Science MUFON JOURNAL —

Source: Wikipedia

Was Wrong by myself and Kathleen Marden, there were loads of scientists who were totally negative about flight in the air and then flight in space. I don’t know how Paul knows what the Roswell crashed saucer looked like... lots of reports of small light weight pieces of wreckage...not like a spaceship at all. Notice the assumption that the same small vehicle that crashed at Roswell, or Aztec, or the Plains of San Agustin came to earth directly from another star system. Is he really unaware that flight in the atmosphere of a planet is a very different business than flight in deep space between stars? Wow! Lift, drag, heating, gravity, etc. are very different for airborne vehicles than for deep space rockets. We have many reports of huge mother ships, into and out of which the small Earth excursion modules fly. The Lunar excursion modules which landed on the moon were extraordinarily different from the huge Saturn V rockets which were launched from Earth with the LEMs on board. Surely he (with a very strong background in history) is aware that even as far back as the epic battles of World War II, there were huge aircraft carriers which carried a bunch of small airplanes to the locations from which these aircraft flew. The carriers didn’t fly, and the aircraft didn’t float 10

on the water. The carriers carried fuel for the airplanes and provided housing, food, ammunition for the pilots, etc. The aircraft are far more maneuverable than are the carriers. Despite all the aircraft in a huge variety of sizes, speeds, etc, there are  loads of crashes. Two huge and expensive space shuttles crashed. Paul has another sword which he wields, “However, allowing for the equally infinitesimal (based on what?) possibility that Murphy’s Law applies to super advanced aliens, it beggars belief that they would just leave the remains of the ship and their dead comrades to be found by beings, who, as Stan puts it, were here to observe us because we might be dangerous someday soon.” In actuality, I have suggested more than 20 reasons for coming here. Furthermore we are already dangerous. We killed 50 million of our own kind in World War II. We destroyed 1,700 cities. We have exploded 2,000 nuclear (there is that word again) warheads. Not dangerous? Furthermore, there certainly were later sightings near the Roswell crash site that might well have been aliens looking for their fallen comrades. I doubt if they worried much about our duplicating their technology. Christopher Columbus could not have duplicated a nuclear submarine or a radio or computer chip. After all we Earthlings have left many of our dead behind. Check out, By Any Means Necessary by William Burrows. One hundred sixty-six U.S. military men were in planes “tickling” radar sets in North Korea, China, and Russia just after World War II… and being shot down. We didn’t go after them (starting World War III) and their families weren’t told about what happened to them until 50 years later OCTOBER 2013

in 2001.We didn’t attack Russia when they downed Gary Powers U-2. Yet Paul asks, “How can we be asked to believe that they would let we warlike creatures have their technology?” Why does he think we would have been able to duplicate it? Has he no concept of how difficult it would be? And he pontificates as a supposed expert on alien behavior and technology, “If they had the ability to get here from another star system, then they would certainly have had the ability to collect or vaporize the wreckage.” One might note that “We Earthlings” have had the ability with nuclear (that word again) weapons to vaporize all the civilizations. Yet we have exploded 2,000 nuclear warheads, but only two on people. Funny how countries agree not to use poison gas. Paul also pontificates about keeping secrets, “It beggars belief again that the United States government could have maintained what must be [why?] such a vast conspiracy to this day to keep it all quiet. History tells us that the reason they are kept for a very long time successfully is  that they are always confined to only a few people. As soon as they start expanding the circle of knowledge, then the wheels fall off.” Now that is real balderdash! The definition for balderdash is “Senseless prate, a jargon of words, noisy nonsense.” Yes, Paul you hit it on the head. There were 12,000 people at Bletchley Park in the UK secretly working on intercepting, decoding, translating and carefully distributing German military communications in the early 1940s. Not one word in public until 25 years after the war was over. The Lockheed Stealth aircraft was developed at a cost of $10 billion over 10 years in secret…thousands of people. At one time the Manhattan Project involved 60,000 people in secret. The National Reconnaissance Organization contracted with Boeing on  a new spy  satellite architecture and then cancelled the program. That involved thousands of people, OCTOBER 2013

in secret, at a cost of $13 billion. The development of the first successful U.S. spy satellite in the “Corona” program was kept secret for more than 30 years. The first one (after 12 expensive failures), obtained more information about Soviet military installations than all the U-2 spy planes that preceded it. Many more than a few people were involved. Now let us look at “Stan Friedman’s nuclear rockets balderdash.” It is quite clear that when engineers and scientists want to control large amounts of energy, they go nuclear. When it comes to bombs, a big bomb in World War II released the energy of 10 tons of dynamite in 1944. In July 1945 the first nuclear fission bomb released the energy of 16 thousand tons of dynamite; by 1952 the first nuclear fusion weapon (Mike) released the energy of 10 million tons of TNT. The Russians later set off a fusion (H-Bomb) one releasing the energy of more than 50 million tons of TNT. The U.S. Navy, admittedly a bit larger than our Canadian Navy, built their first  nuclear submarine in 1956, able to sail around the planet underwater. Submarines in World War II could stay underwater for all of 24 hours.  Years later the first nuclear fission powered aircraft carriers operated for 18 years without refueling. Three different organizations successfully operated nuclear fission rockets at the nuclear test site in Nevada. They were Westinghouse Astronuclear Laboratory (I worked on their NRX A-6 at a power level of 1100 megawatts). Aerojet General operated  the XE-1 at a power level of 1,000 megawatts. Los Alamos operated the Phoebus   2B at a power level of 4,400 megawatts or twice the power of grand Coulee Dam less than eight feet in diameter. There are no fission nuclear reactors in Nova Scotia where Paul lives. We here in the neighboring province of New Brunswick have the Pt. Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station power plant. A fission power level is 2,200 megawatts. I and many others worked 11

on studies of fusion rockets able to eject charged particles having 10 million times as much energy per particle as in a dumb old chemical rocket. Many papers have been published, but I suppose Paul hasn’t seen any. It should be noted that almost all the energy in the universe comes from nuclear fusion in the stars. Why Paul is in denial about nuclear rockets, I don’t know. I don’t know though I suppose lawyers don’t dig into such matters. I should note that my book, Flying Saucers and Science, has pictures of several real nuclear rocket engines. The real balderdash is that one should theorize forever about alien activities and motivation, but avoid the facts. But it is the evidence that matters. Of course, there might be advanced propulsion systems that can outdo nuclear fusion. They are not needed to get us out there and certainly not needed to get aliens here. Let us not forget that nearby stars are already within reach if we want to spend the money. We didn’t even find out that there was such a process as nuclear fusion until 1938. A very short time ago indeed. We now know that there are planets all over the place. Many of them have to be much older than Earth. Paul may think “nuclear rockets are balderdash.” And only small groups can keep secrets. He probably is aware that many nuclear facilities had UFO sightings back in the 1940s. These include reports near Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and the Hanford Atomic Works up in eastern Washington State. Furthermore as delineated by Robert Hastings and Robert Salas, there have been UFO observations where missiles on which were mounted nuclear weapons had been shut down by aliens. The notion that only small groups can keep a secret is put to rest by the fact that this year the U.S. Black Budget is about $50 billion. Stanton T. Friedman is available at MUFON JOURNAL —

UFOs and Nukes

Huge UFO reported near F.E. Warren AFB during major ICBM-related incident

By Robert Hastings

On October 23, 2010, F.E. Warren Air Force Base, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, temporarily lost the ability to communicate with 50 of its Minuteman-III nuclear missiles. The five Missile Alert Facilities responsible for launching those ICBMs in time of war—Alpha through Echo, comprising the 319th Strategic Missile Squadron—would have been unable to do so during the period of the disruption. This dramatic story was leaked to Mark Ambinder, a contributing editor at The Atlantic, which published it three days later. The Air Force then quickly acknowledged the problem, saying that a back-up system could have launched the missiles, if necessary, and claiming that the breakdown had lasted a mere 59 minutes. However, the latter statement was untrue, according to two missile maintenance technicians stationed at F.E. Warren, who say that the communications problem, while intermittent, actually persisted more than 26 hours. Significantly, these same individuals revealed multiple sightings by “numerous [Air Force] teams” of an enormous cigar-shaped craft maneuvering high above the missile field on the day of the disruption, as well as the following day. The huge UFO was described as appearing similar to a World War I German Zeppelin, but had no passenger gondola, propellers, stabilizing tail fins, or advertising on its hull, as would a commercial blimp. The confidential Air Force sources further reported that the commander of their squadron sternly warned its members not to talk to journalists or researchers about “anomalies” they may have seen in the sky near the missiles during the communications snafu, MUFON JOURNAL —

An LGM-30G Minuteman III missile at F.E. Warren Air Force Base. Source: Wikipedia

and then threatened severe penalties for anyone violating security. Those familiar with my published work know that I have always identified my ex-military contacts, if I am given permission to do so, and that the number of anonymous sources cited in my book UFOs and Nukes is very small indeed. However, in this instance, I don’t have the option to be forthcoming with the names of my sources. Although I possess very detailed information about the communications disruption incident—including its duration, down to the minute, and the exact sequence of events involved, as the problem moved from site to site over time—I will not be able to elaborate here. Similarly, I cannot be specific about the locations of the multiple UFO sightings that have been reported to me, for fear of inadvertently identifying my sources. 12

So, for the moment, I will say only this: On October 23-24, 2010, one or more “huge” cigar-shaped objects were observed by active duty Air Force personnel operating in the field. The actual number of UFOs is uncertain because it is not known whether a single object was observed more than once—at different, widely-separated locations, as it maneuvered above the missile field—or whether multiple objects of the same size and configuration were involved over the two-day period of the sightings. The disquieting information regarding an apparent UFO-presence during the communications disruption incident was provided to me in December 2010, via a retired Air Force missile targeting technician who had activeduty contacts at F.E. Warren. At one point, referring to reports he had just received from two missile maintenance technicians who had been working in the missile field, attempting to identify and correct the communications issue, he wrote, “Everyone was talking about the ‘huge blimp’ seen by numerous teams all weekend long. Nobody thought it was a Goodyear blimp, which had been seen on local TV.” If the mysterious cigar-shaped object repeatedly sighted on October 2324 was somehow involved with the 50-missile launch system disruption, it wouldn’t be the first time that a UFO interfered with the functionality of nuclear missiles, according to several U.S. Air Force veterans who have courageously gone public with their own, still-classified close encounters at various ICBM bases during the Cold War era. As Journal readers know, several of those accounts have appeared in this monthly column over the past year. OCTOBER 2013

A Behind-the-Scenes Crack-Down by the Air Force? A few weeks later, my retired Air Force missile-targeting source emailed me again and wrote: “[I am getting reports from one of my contacts at F.E. Warren] that the Air Force is taking a dim view of [personnel] making reports [to outsiders] of UFOs or other strange, unproven anomalies. Anyone caught on-the-record, or off-the-record, is now punishable under the ‘John Walker Law.’ He said several of his peers have been questioned thoroughly... “Another [contact], who is at Minot AFB, reported that Global Strike Command has issued a new policy about making such reports and promised to persecute/prosecute anyone talking about these incidents. [He] told me everyone was briefed during this month’s Commander’s Call, that under no circumstances will anyone speak to the press or other ‘investigators’ about strange anomalies that they may or may not have seen. “He says they are making threats against the entire missile maintenance complex, force-wide, after reports surfaced on the Internet about UFOs and missiles.  Global Strike Commanders are upset and it will take a long time for the fire to go away.” It’s possible that the reports on the Internet related to my September 27, 2010, “UFOs and Nukes” press conference in Washington D.C., which CNN streamed live and other domestic and international news organizations covered extensively. That event occurred less than a month before the large-scale missile launch disruption incident at F.E. Warren. The Civilian Sightings In addition to the military sighting reports occurring on October 23-24, I also received persuasive testimony from a number of civilian witnesses relating to ongoing UFO activity within F.E. Warren’s huge missile field, which sprawls across the tri-state convergence of southeast Wyoming, southwest Nebraska and northeast Colorado. OCTOBER 2013

Between late September 2010 and early April 2011, there were credible reports of cigar, cylinder, spherical and triangular-shaped objects maneuvering near and even hovering over various missile silos in Banner, Kimball, Cheyenne and Morrill Counties in Nebraska. Other sightings occurred in Laramie County, Wyoming, north and east of the city of Cheyenne. Among the reports that came in over a several-week period are the following. Tanya Runge, who lives on the east side of Sidney, Nebraska, emailed me on December 16th and wrote: “I can’t be sure of the date but it was in late September or early October. It was little chilly out. I had taken a blanket and gone out and sat on my patio... It was a partly cloudy evening and there was a full moon. “I sat outside for a little while, and I’m pretty sure I dozed off for a few minutes. When I opened my eyes, I looked above me and there was an object floating very slowly over me. It was quite a ways up but still under the clouds that were out. “The object was mostly black with some silver in it...I sat there and watched it glide by, going north to south, and then it went into some clouds. There was absolutely no noise from it and no lights. I think the only reason I could see it was because the moon was so bright... “Then it came from the south, going north, very slowly but further east of me. Again I watched it until it disappeared in the darkness. "I sat there for a little bit, searching the sky for it, but didn’t see anything until I heard some birds squawk and fly out of the tree. "I looked above me and back behind me and it was going over again, from north to south. "That is when I got freaked out and went in the house and locked my doors. I told some of the people I work with about it. I think they thought I was a nut.” The town of Sidney is literally surrounded by missile silos, with those 13

belonging to Hotel and India Flights located east of town, where Runge saw the object moving in a grid search-like pattern, north-to-south, south-to-north, and then north-to-south again. She later sent me a small model of the object she had made—a squat cylinder with four, round, silver-colored structures on one end. Another individual, who requests anonymity, emailed me on December 23rd and wrote: “I’m not real sure what I saw, but I live north of Potter, Nebraska. This is about 18 miles from Kimball, to the east. "This morning, when I let my two dogs out at 6:25 a.m., I noticed a bright star in the sky. Then I realized it was overcast and there were no stars out. I walked off my front porch and that’s when I realized it was something else. It was stationary and cylinder shaped with one bright, oval light, or maybe more, over the top. It disappeared before my eyes. “I live between two missile silos and this thing was to the southeast of where I live, right about where there is a silo, or I should say, it could see the silo real well. "I haven’t called the sheriff yet [because] I am afraid they will think I’m crazy, but I probably will, just to see if anyone else saw something...I know you were in our area a couple of weeks ago and I’m not real sure why I’m emailing you, but just thought I needed to tell someone.” The witness told me the designation of the missile silo nearest to the hovering UFO—which I won’t mention here—and said she had noticed outof-the-ordinary Air Force activity at the site during the days following her sighting. She also sent me a drawing of the object, depicting a cigar-shaped craft with an uninterrupted strip of illumination down one side, hovering at a 45-degree angle to the ground. All of the witnesses either spoke of Continued on page 23


filer’s files By George Filer

[EDITOR’S NOTE: This edited roundup of UFO sightings is presented to keep Journal readers informed about some of the vast number of sightings being reported. Unless otherwise noted, these cases have not officially been investigated.] Alaska Discs

SEWARD – On September 8, 2013, I was on the computer visiting Alaskan webcams and observed a peculiar webcam picture with three objects in a landing formation. The one to the left was farthest away from the landing site was at the highest elevation. The middle object was lower, and the object to the farthest right was the nearest to the Earth.  I cannot describe the actions or motions, because, even though the official statement says that the picture is updated every 10 minutes, it is now 5:11 p.m. my time and the image has not changed. Thanks to MUFON CMS. California Unidentified Object

CRESCENT CITY – A skinny object emitting a lot of heat flew very slowly south on August 9, 2013. I watched this object for about five minutes as it crossed the horizon. No trail was left by the object and I could not hear anything. I gathered a few of my coworkers and we all witnessed the object make a turn to the east and disappear after about 30 seconds.  As soon as the first object disappeared another became visible from the north with almost the exact same description. It followed the same path and took about the same amount of time to finish the path and disappear. This occurred for a total of five objects. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

ROSSVILLE -- On the top left of the picture by the tree is a round thing looking like a moon on September 1, 2013. It looks like a face with eyes and nose. Going down to your right at the other tree, you will find on the mid right hand corner of the tree an orange, bright light and one in the left corner, looking like an alien coming down from the sky. You will find it between the two trees and the mobile homes. Note: The artifacts in this photo are likely due to illumination of particles by the camera flash. Thanks to William Puckett, Director, Kansas Orbs

Georgia Strange Cross in the Skies LAWRENCEVILLE -- What caught my eyes was the color and cross shape on September 1, 2013. It was thicker in the middle and bright orange in color and moving very slowly, silently. Driving home I cleared some of the trees and noticed the object had come to a complete stop. As I got in front of my house, I had a clear sight and noticed an identical second object approaching very slowly. I ran in the house to get my cell phone to get a picture and ran to the backyard that gave a complete unobstructed view of where the both objects were. That was less than 20 seconds and they were no longer there. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

RUSSEL -- My friend took pictures on  August 15, 2013. There were numerous orbs flying below the rainbow. Thanks to MUFON CMS. Maine Bright UFO

BANGOR – On August 25, 2013, at 9:30 p.m., I went out to my yard with a camera to record the night sky; and MUFON JOURNAL —



saw a close, low flying, intense, bright lighted object. It was moving silently north so I called to my girlfriend to witness to the event. I began recording and stabilized it on a tripod as it flew low across the sky. It flew low and hovered just over the power lines, and eventually hovered over the river for several minutes. I ran to an open area and continued filming until it disappeared. There are several points of reference in the video and it did not appear to be a plane or helicopter so I feel it is something anomalous or supernatural. Thanks to MUFON CMS. Massachusetts UFOs

appeared shining lights on the fields. Monday night, they spotlighted again. Only one appeared huge lighting up the sky with random movements. It shot to the sky, then a bright orange orb flew over the houses lighting the fields as I tried to film its erratic patterns. It dispersed into 15 smaller orbs making a sweep of the area and shot up rejoining the larger orange orb as I filmed. On Tuesday morning I was whipped and crawled into bed. When I awoke, I couldn’t get my bearings as I was on my bedroom floor and bleeding from my mouth. My gums inside my mouth were burned. I’m a believer now. Thanks to MUFON CMS. Michigan Four UFOs

ROWLEY – I am a Federal Computer Specialist for 45 years and on Sunday September 1, 2013, I stepped on to the back porch at 8 p.m. and noticed glaring lights that lit up the clouds. I thought 747’s were coming into land at Boston’s Logan Airport. However, the lights got too large and bright to be any sort of aircraft. Within seconds entire fields in back were lit up as though spotlights had blasted on. Two huge objects appeared in the sky equal distance apart and hovered. I’m a pilot, and know aircraft and how the eyes can play tricks on anyone watching planes at night. But, these two objects were huge and lighting up the whole area. Aircraft landing lights do not rotate and flicker like these were doing. These were huge objects with rotating yellow lights underneath lighting up the entire sky and my back porch was under a spotlight - focused on me. I realized these were UFOs and ran to get my cameras and tried to record as much as I could. The two huge objects shot straight up, but one hovered with bright lights. Ten smaller objects OCTOBER 2013

DEARBORN – Four of us witnessed four UFOs hovering and then flying around at 9 p.m. on September 3, 2013. One after another they seemed to ascend out of the earth. The UFOs looked like a red-orange color like fireballs. They climbed as their lights dimmed and faded away within seconds. After a minute, we saw a moving, pulsating, bright white light at satellite height. Two minutes later we saw green and red flashing lights on each craft flying at a really high altitude. I captured this with a photo and video. Thanks to MUFON CMS.

the window of the car I was in on our way to the LDS Temple on August 23, 2013. It was about 3:40 p.m. in the afternoon and I didn’t see the rectangle object it at the time. I saw it when I put the picture on my computer. Thanks to MUFON CMS. New Jersey Lights

CHERRY HILL – I was driving down Marlton Pike and saw several objects in the sky that were just hovering on September 9, 2013. They caught my attention because the empty, dark sky is prominent on that part of Route 70. At first I thought it was lanterns or flares, because there was no immediate movement. Then they started to move, one more than the others. At the same time three of them vanished and the one remaining headed northeast. They had intentional, directional fast movement, and were not lanterns. Philadelphia International Airport has flight paths that cross over here, and I have seen thousands of planes fly over; and these were unlike anything I have seen. I was able to take shoddy photos with my iPhone. Thanks to MUFON CMS. New Mexico Google Objects

Nevada Rectangle UFO and Orb

LAS VEGAS – I took this picture out 15

WHITES CITY – The Google Map Satellite image date recorded is April 2008 and is the source of the image.  Has anyone else reported these findings in Google Maps images yet? Thanks to MUFON CMS. MUFON JOURNAL —

ONE-ON-ONE: Valerie Schultz - ASD Maine This issue of the Journal profiles the Assistant State Director of Maine, Valerie Schultz. Valerie lives in rural northern Maine with her husband of 30+ years and their three dogs. Underline “rural” as a bear invaded her backyard last month. I heard an audio of Valerie interviewing an experiencer in an abduction case in 2012. I was impressed with her professionalism and asked Valerie for an interview. Journal: To warm up, here is a quick six pack of questions. Answer with just one word. Schultz: OK. Journal: Do ET’s exist? Schultz: Yes. Journal: Does the government have any alien craft? Schultz: Maybe. Journal: Cattle mutilations, UFO related? Schultz: Maybe. Journal: Crop circles, UFO related? Schultz: Some. Journal:U.S. moon landing hoaxed? Schultz: No. Journal: Disclosure in the next few years? Schultz: No. Journal: How did you become an investigator? Schultz: I have always been interested in the night skies and as a child I enjoyed looking up at the constellations. My interest in UFOs really began when I read Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken. That book really opened up my mind to the world of UFOs and ancient aliens. During the 1980s I became a member of The Fortean Society in New York City which was then headed up by John Keel. We met on a monthly basis and I met Whitley Strieber and others. The meetings were great and solidified my interest in the UFO phenomenon. I also met Budd Hopkins at a book signing. And then back in the 90s I listened to Art Bell on Coast to Coast. I joined MUFON in 2010 and became a field investigator in 2012. MUFON JOURNAL —

Caricature by D.Rano See more ufologist’s toons at

Journal: Do you have a favorite UFO documentary or TV show? Schultz: I’m a huge fan of “Ancient Aliens.” It’s a great show. The research is great and it’s all around the world showing the evidence that ancient aliens could have been a possibility. It’s well made and done in a respectful manner. Journal: If it were possible to have an hour to just sit and talk quietly with any UFO investigator or witness, whether living or dead, who would it be and what would you discuss? Schultz: I would have to say Stanton Friedman. I think I’d want to know more about his involvement with Roswell and find out more about Majestic 12. I think that would be really interesting. I have his book, Flying Saucers and Science, and in the book he mentions that aliens could be coming from Zeta1 or Zeta 2 Reticuli. I’d like to know more about his ideas about that. Journal: If MUFON had a suggestion box, what would you submit? Schultz: It would be nice if the CMS could identify if a witness had submitted any previous reports. Instead of searching it would be nice if the CMS could somehow flag them as having a previous sighting. 16

Journal: Are you currently reading a UFO related book? Schultz: Yes, I just started reading Our Occulted History by Jim Marrs. He presents evidence that the Earth was once hosted by prehistoric civilizations of non-humans using technology surpassing what we have today. Journal: Have you ever bought anything from the MUFON online store? Schultz: Yes, I bought some DVDs of lectures from previous symposiums. I bought the “Investigator Training Series” and “UFOs: A Worldwide Phenomenon.” Journal: So is it cool being a MUFON Investigator? Schultz: I think so, yeah. It’s really interesting. Journal: Do you feel there are any advantages or disadvantages in being a female investigator? Schultz: I don’t see anything either way. No. Journal: If it were possible to go back in time to a historic UFO event where you could magically be the Lead Investigator, what case would you want to investigate and why? Schultz: I guess Betty and Barney Hill. The reason I say that is I just happened to watch Kathleen Marden’s DVD, “The Betty and Barney Hill Story: In Their Own Words.” Betty was so courageous. I would want to know more about where the entities came from and the map. They had shown her a map. Also, the leader had given her a book to take with her and she was thrilled because she would have proof, but the leader took it away from her as they were returning her to the car because the other entities objected. Journal: That book would have changed everything, wouldn’t it? Schultz: It certainly would of! If you have a suggestion for OneOn-One, email Terry Hinson, ASD Texas, at com. OCTOBER 2013

‘I feel it was some sort of collection device like a scout vehicle’

Small glowing sphere hovers near rooftop level by Norman Gagnon STAR Team Field Investigator

CASE# 48790 BGE Results: Total Certainty Index is 16.14 percent L O N G I T U D E / L AT I T U D E : -79.70056/43.58229 SYNOPSIS: HC reported that on July 3, 2013, at approximately 10:10 p.m., from outside on her patio, she looked up and saw a bright, glowing sphere of light with a tail hovering above her backyard. OBJECT DESCRIPTION: The glowing sphere was bright white, yellow-orange in color. Size: approximately two feet in diameter and hovered about 25 feet off the ground - near rooftops.The sphere also had an extension at the rear, like a thin tail or “vertical stabilizer” that seemed to be made from the same translucent substance; sphere’s core and motionless fin were radiating swirls of energy. HC: “The tail also seemed to be in two parts whereby one was a bit shorter than the other, branching off or forking with one being a bit shorter.” WEATHER INFORMATION: The temperature in Ontario, Canada, was 71.6 degrees, winds out of the east-northeast at 5.8 mph, humidity 88 percent, clear and visibility 7.0 miles. LOCATION: Ontario is located in East/Central Canada, bordered by the Great Lakes, Hudson Bay and James Bay. It is Canada’s second largest province in total land area. Population was over 12,100,000 in the 2006 census. EVIDENCE/INVESTIGATION: Glowing anomaly - what it did not affect: - Electricity to area homes, street lights or electronic devices. - No discharge of luminous gas, dust or related particles seen during flight. - No indication of heat burn OCTOBER 2013

traces, melting or warping to area home surfaces, trees, etc. - No “communication” including telepathy was experienced by any of the witnesses. - No noise was heard during flight. - It was not a RC flying sphere helicopter, rotercraft or quadcopter UAV. - Neither of her dogs (inside the house) barked or reacted strangely during this incident. HC stated that the sphere was so bright that it lit up the area within its flight path, heading in a southeast direction over her backyard and in between her neighbor’s house. HC: “This object flew very slowly at roofline level and was in the area for about a minute, minute and-a-half. I feel it was some sort of collection device like a scout vehicle.” HC’s CMS report adds: “There also appeared to be a marbling effect continuously changing within the object which appeared to be swirling in a light of orange, yellow and white, as 17

though it was chemicals or gasses not properly mixing.” A second witness did briefly see this object. HC: “One of my son’s friends saw this object from the front view only and did not see a tail. Her sighting was very short (a few seconds) as it flashed and pulsed three times, from how she described it, and shot off very quickly.” WITNESS CREDIBILITY: HC is a 43-year-old homemaker and also works in her home office for a home theatre company. From the emails that were exchanged between us, she’s very detailed oriented with her description of this UAP and inquisitive to what exactly it was but without interweaving the typical alien related scenario. CONCLUSION: This was a fascinating report. With my background in preternatural research, this case appeared to have crossed over the ufology realm and into the paranormal dominion. I am surprised that this anomaly did disturb or affect its surroundings in any way except for its luminosity. Case is closed as an Unknown UAV. MUFON JOURNAL —




the night sky By Gavin A.J. McLeod Moon Phases New Moon October 5, First Quarter October 11, Full Moon October, 18, Last Quarter October 26. Bright Planets (Evening Sky) Mercury (magnitude: 0 to 0.5): From Virgo into Libra. For northern hemisphere observers Mercury will begin the month low above the west-southwest horizon at sunset and will set below the westsouthwest horizon about 1 hour later; as the month passes Mercury will sink towards the western horizon; by month’s end Mercury will be lost in the glare of the setting Sun. For southern hemisphere observers Mercury will begin the month standing above the western horizon at sunset and will set below the west-southwest horizon about 2 hours later; by month’s end Mercury will be standing very low above the west-southwest horizon at sunset and will set below the westsouthwest horizon about ½ hour later. Venus (magnitude -4.3): From Libra through Scorpius into Ophiucus. For northern hemisphere observers Venus will begin the month standing above the southwest horizon at sunset and will set below the west-southwest horizon about 1¾ hours later; by month’s end Venus will be standing high above the south-southwest horizon at sunset and will set below the southwest horizon about 2 ½ hours later. For southern hemisphere observers Venus will begin the month standing high above the west-northwest horizon at sunset and will set below the southwest horizon about 4 hours later; by month’s end Venus will be standing high above the western horizon at sunset and will set below the southwest horizon about 4 ¼ hours later. Saturn (magnitude: 0.6): In Libra. For northern hemisphere observers Saturn will begin the month standing above the southwest horizon at sunset and will set below the western horizon about 1½ hours later; by month’s end OCTOBER 2013

Grouping Of Bright Planets and Stars. The Moon, Venus, Saturn and Mercury on October 7, 2013, just after sunset.

Saturn will be standing low above the west-southwest horizon at sunset and will set below the west-southwest horizon about ½ hour later. For southern hemisphere observers Saturn will begin the month standing very low above the western horizon at sunset and will set below the westsouthwest horizon about 2¾ hours later; by month’s end Saturn will be standing above the west-southwest horizon at sunset and will set below the west-southwest horizon about ½ hour later. Bright Planets (Morning Sky) Mars (magnitude 1.6): In Leo. For northern hemisphere observers Mars will begin the month rising above the east-northeast horizon about 4 hours before sunrise and will be standing high above the east-southeast horizon at sunrise; by month’s end Mars will be rising above the eastern horizon about 5 hours before sunrise and will be standing very high above the southeast horizon at sunrise. For southern hemisphere observers Mars will begin the month rising above the east-northeast horizon about 1½ hours before sunrise and will be standing above the northeast horizon at sunrise; by month’s end Mars will be rising above the eastern horizon about 2 hours before sunrise and will be standing above the northeast horizon at sunset. Jupiter (magnitude -2.2): In Gemini. For northern hemisphere observers Jupiter will begin the month rising above the northeast horizon about 6½ hours before sunrise and will be standing very high above the southeast horizon at sunrise; by month’s end Jupiter 19

will be rising above the northeast horizon about 9 hours before sunrise and will be standing very high above the southwest horizon at sunrise. For southern hemisphere observers Jupiter will begin the month rising above the northeast horizon about 3¼ hours before sunrise and will be standing above the north-northeast horizon at sunrise; by month’s end Jupiter will be rising above the northeast horizon about 4 ¼ hours before sunrise and will be standing above the northern horizon at sunrise. Other Celestial Phenomena Zodiacal Light: Zodiacal light will be visible in northern latitudes in the east before morning twilight beginning October 3rd and lasting two weeks. The phenomenon is visible only from very dark locations. Zodiacal light is the result of sunlight bouncing off dust grains in our solar system. These grains lie mostly in the plane of the solar system. Look for a pyramid of light in the evening sky somewhat similar in appearance to the light from a city or town just over the horizon. Conjunctions and Occultations October 1: Mars 7 degrees north of the Moon. October 6: Mercury 3 degrees south of the Moon. October 7: Saturn 1.9 degrees north of the Moon. October 8: Venus 5 degrees south of the Moon. October 10: Mercury 5 degrees south of Saturn. October 25: Jupiter 5 degrees north of the Moon. October 30: Mars 6 degrees north of the Moon. MUFON JOURNAL —

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CMS rankings Here is September’s CMS Ranking Report for all State Directors. Congratulations to Georgeanne Cifarelli (California), Cathy Richards (Ohio), Debbie A. Ziegelmeyer (Missouri), Roberta Smith (Kentucky), Eddie Middleton (Tennessee), Richard Hoffman (Alabama), Cheryl Ann Gilmore (South Carolina), Max Mitchell (Utah), Steve Winans (Kansas), Donald R. Burleson (New Mexico), Fred R. Saluga (West Virginia), John Ventre (New Hampshire), John Ventre (Maine), Richard Beckwith (Wyoming), Jim Klancnik (South Dakota), John C. Kasher (Nebraska) for being at 100%!!! All State Directors who are at 100% are highlighted .

Understanding the Chart This report is based on our two measures of UFO Investigation effectiveness. 1). Assigning reports within 72 hours of receipt, and 2). completing all investigations within 90 days of being assigned. The “Assigned” column is a three month running average of the number of cases assigned within 72 hours divided by the total number of cases received in that three month period. The  “Completed”  column is the number of cases completed beginning ninty (90) days back and going back six months from there (for a total of nine months back) divided by the total number of cases reported in the same period. The “Weighted Rank” is just the average of the two columns expressed as a percent.To improve your score be sure to assign all cases within 72 hours, and follow-up with your Field Investigators to ensure all reports are completed within 90 days. To be considered complete, a report must have been investigated and placed in one of the three completed status codes (Unknown, Hoax or IFO) by you or your Field Investigator closing the case. Questions or help? Contact Steve Hudgeons at OCTOBER 2013



Weighted Rank





Georgeanne Cifarelli

100 %





Cathy Richards

100 %





Debbie A. Ziegelmeyer

100 %





Roberta Smith

100 %





Eddie Middleton

100 %





Richard Hoffman

100 %




South Carolina

Cheryl Ann Gilmore

100 %





Max Mitchell

100 %





Steve Winans

100 %




New Mexico

Donald R. Burleson

100 %




West Virginia

Fred R. Saluga

100 %




New Hampshire

John Ventre

100 %





John Ventre

100 %





Richard Beckwith

100 %




South Dakota

Jim Klancnik

100 %





John C. Kasher

100 %





William J. Konkolesky

99 %




New York

Samuel A. Falvo

99 %





John Ventre

99 %





Douglas Wilson

99 %





Morgan A. Beall

98 %





Teresa Turner

98 %




North Carolina

Lakita Adams

98 %





Gregory Andersen

98 %




New Jersey

George A. Filer, III

96 %




Rhode Island

John Ventre

96 %





Craig R. Lang [Section 4]

95 %





Richard Gardner

95 %





John Ventre

95 %





Ralph O. Howard, Jr.

94 %





John Ventre

94 %





Vicki LeBlanc

92 %





Ruben J. Uriarte

89 %





Donald Borton

88 %





Michael Panicello

88 %





William R. Puckett

87 %





James E. Mann

86 %





Samuel Maranto

84 %





Stewart I. Hill

84 %





Gerald "Ross" Baxter

84 %




North Dakota

Dale Brown

80 %





David McManus

70 %





Richard Hoffman

63 %





Norman D. Walker

61 %





Charles Stansburge

54 %





James E. Clarkson

50 %





David McManus

50 %





Thomas Bowden

48 %





Susan L. Swiatek

40 %





Steve Hudgeons

39 %





Reginald Buck

30 %



Report UFOs to 21


FIRST PERSON: National Director, MUFON France Jacques Patenet National Director MUFON France

I was born during 1947 in Bourgogne, and after university studies in electronic engineering in the North of France at Lille, I accomplished my career at Centre Nationale d’Etudes Spatiales where I was posted in different fields of work: • Responsible in the laboratory for technological research of ground systems. • Responsible for telecommunications, the weather and cinema/photography of the launches of Ariane in Guyane. • Mission Chief for the launches and deployments of geostationary satellites. • Responsible for the security in Centre Spatial of Toulouse. In conclusion, I regained the direction of GEIPAN when its reorganization was complete after the audit of Francois Louange where I organized the on-line archives of GEPAN/SEPRA and I put in place the network of IPN as well as the group of scientific


Jacques Patenet

experts. I participated in the writing of the book entitled, Phenomenes Aerospatiaux Non Identifies, Un Defi a la Science, published at editions du Cherche Midi, under the direction of the president of the piloting group of GEIPAN, Yves Sillard. My favorite sport is golf as well as hiking in the mountains. I also have a hobby doing cabinet making in my workshop. As far as Ufology is concerned, I use a technical and a scientific cartesian


approach to it. As far as all the hypotheses about UFOs are concerned, I am what you might call an enlightened skeptic for I need irrefutable proof while maintaining an open mind in an objective manner. I am convinced that life has developed and will develop elsewhere in the universe, in ways that we probably could not imagine. As far as meeting extraterrestrials, I am much more skeptical about it. The duration of life on a given living planet in a certain different solar system is short in comparison to the age of the universe. Our sun is a second or third generation star, and the universe is 13 billion years old. What is the fraction of extra solar systems where life including intelligent has evolved? The universe is immense and we do not even know if it is finite or infinite. We have detected fossil radio waves from beyond 40 billion light years from Planet Earth. The evolution of life including intelligent life elsewhere in the universe might or might not be uniformly spread out. It can be related to the Drake equation. We need proof.



MUFON WELCOMES new Field Investigators: Anthony Baldacci, Oregon; Darrell Clulow, Nevada; Dean Davidson, Western Australia; Sanford Davis, North Carolina; Terry Ray, Pennsylvania; Carol Weigold, Connecticut; John York, Utah. PROMOTIONS: Pete Elmore was appointed by California State Director

Georgeanne Cifarelli as State Section Director, Los Angeles County.

Resta @ More info:

MYSTERIES OF SPACE & SKY X:  October 26, Washington-Baltimore area.  Speakers include: Dr. David Jacobs, Norman Gagnon,  John Ventre, Col. Tom McCabe, Antonio Paris and Rob and Sue Swiatek. Agenda includes a debate on UFOs!  Contact Dr. Peter

PHILADELPHIA MUFON, October 4-6,  UFO Hunters Reunion with Bill Birnes, Pat Uskert and Dr Ted. Also, Nick Redfern, Travis Walton, Anthony Sanchez, John Ventre, Tom Carey and a total of 13 speakers.

Hastings Continued from page 13

their reluctance to discuss their sightings with others for fear of being thought of as deranged, or were met with disbelief when they actually did so. For these reasons, only one of them, Tanya Runge, has given me permission to use their name publicly. Interestingly, one of my civilian law enforcement contacts in Nebraska sent me an email on April 6, 2011, in which he spoke of his unofficial approaches to various USAF teams working in the part of the missile field located within his jurisdiction: “I’ve tested the waters about [the] sightings with everyone in the Air Force and all give a slight chuckle, then clam up.  Just last week, I threw out a line to [a missile] alert crew and one airman stated, ‘Oh yeah, we’ve seen them,’  then quickly caught himself and said, ‘We can’t talk about it.’  I didn’t push it because I’m near sure it would be reported back [to his squadron commander] by the lieutenant.” 

were apparently observed, on several occasions at different locations, during the weekend of October 23-24, 2010— the period of the 50-missile communications-disruption incident and its immediate aftermath. I emphasize that the aforementioned confidential sources at the base have not said that the UFO(s) actually caused the disruption, and it must be noted that the Air Force’s Global Strike Command has now officially attributed the problem to an improperly-replaced circuit card in a weapons-system processor. Nevertheless, the intermittent presence of at least one unidentified aerial object during the hours-long—not minutes-long—crisis was definitely noted and remarked upon by “numerous” technical teams working in the base’s missile field.

Tickets at  or contact John Ventre at 724.836.1266. PITTSBURGH MUFON,  November 2, Linda Moulton Howe, Kathleen Marden, Stan Gordon, John Ventre and Michael Lee Hill. Tickets at contact John Ventre at 724.836.1266. JOURNAL SUBMISSIONS - Send feature stories based on your best investigations - with any photos, illustrations or maps - to for consideration.

In Conclusion Based on numerous credible reports by Air Force personnel and civilians, it appears that ongoing UFO incursions near F.E. Warren’s missile sites occurred intermittently between September 2010 and April 2011—perhaps even earlier and perhaps more recently. Importantly, according to reliable military eyewitness testimony, one or more enormous, cigar-shaped craft OCTOBER 2013



LOOKING BACK: 40 YEARS Pennsylvania case mixes UFOs and Bigfoot by John Ventre Pennsylvania State Director

I found the attached article in the December 1973 issue of Skylook #73. As you know, 1973 featured some of the most famous cases including the Pascagoula Mississippi Case. October had the most abductions recorded in UFO history. There seemed to be an agenda of taking soil and human samples and getting out. The UFO wave lasted two months and covered numerous states from Mississippi to New Hampshire. Witnesses Watch UFO Landing in Pennsylvania - Hairy Creatures Seen Some 15 persons said they witnessed the landing of a huge, reddish, ball-like object on a farm field along the Vance’s Mill-Bute Road in North Union township, Thursday night, Oct. 25 and several saw “hairy creatures” in the area. Stanley Gordon, director of the Westmoreland County UFO Study Group, and his team of investigators were at the scene the next day to talk to witnesses and take tests of the area. Nothing but normal background radiation was found; however, Gordon told the Uniontown “Evening Standard” (from which this account is written) that farm animals in the area, dogs or cows, would not go near the

area where the creatures were seen and the UFO reportedly landed, because of fear. George Kowalczyk probably had the best view of the happening on his father’s farm. He was driving along the road when he saw an orange light in the sky over his father’s field. He parked his truck, took his rifle and two neighbor boys to investigate. “He said he watched the thing descend slowly to the ground,” Gordon reported. “This time it was completely white. It was about 100 feet in diameter, as big as a house, with a dome on top. It was very, very bright.” The object made a sound similar to that of a large lawnmower. Meanwhile, one of the youths with Kowalczyk spotted something moving along a fence. Kowalczyk described two creatures, one about

eight feet tall and the other about seven feet, walking stiff-legged. They were completely covered with a dark, grayish hair, had long arms that extended almost to the ground and they were making crying sounds such as a baby would make. A sharp odor similar to sulphur could be smelled, which has been noted in most of the other sightings of such creatures. While one of the youths ran away in fear, Kowalczyk fired a shot into the air and then directly at the creatures as they began to approach him. “The larger creature made a moaning sound raised his right hand and the light in the field disappeared and the sound stopped. The two creatures then slowly walked away,” Kowaldzyk, 22, told Gordon. He added that his eyes began to bother him at this time, and that the lights on his pickup truck dimmed. He got into his truck and called the State Police. Both Gordon and a trooper at the scene acknowledged that Kowalczyk was visibly shaken by the incident. No physical signs of a landing were evident and no footprints were found. However, the pasture was cropped low by grazing cattle. The investigation is continuing.

Director’s Message Continued from page 2

will continue in 2013 on a monthly basis as new reports come in and are investigated. Our intent is to publicize only cases that have been thoroughly investigated and approved for release by the State Director and Field Investigator assigned to raise the awareness of the media and the public to UFO sightings happening now. Finally, as technology gets faster, smaller, and cheaper, everyone will be using handheld devices for gathering and disseminating information, whether it be pictures, texts, voice, MUFON JOURNAL —

video or emails. This is already happening today so we need to ensure that our products and services play to this medium and that we are leaders in online mobile content for UFO Investigations and Research. What better way to share the latest UFO photo or video with the world than on something like Instagram with an official comment from MUFON. As you can see there is lots to do in the NEW World of MUFON and I know each and every one of you is up to the task to help make it happen. So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started! 24


MUFON eJournal October 2013