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Banana Tramp Situation

Hanging with Shiva Pushing through body mind pain Can I come home now? Speak louder than words My actions express my heart Bee shop, arm chop love A Heart That’s Pounding Ten more tunes but nine more days Start chilling the wine Where shall we go next? Eleven more songs to sing No weekend football Film making is hard Writing haikus is harder You’re totes amaze balls Tiny sacred space Button between my chakras? It’s already there My Cast of Cheers Walk Sunshine in San Francisco Wish I could share it Studying Sanskrit Concepts of non attachment So attached to you

Yam yam yam yam yam My heart chakra vibration Needs no help really Hotel menu board Give me the tenderloin please Miss my vege option I miss you Haiku The real highlight of my day Let’s publish a book tired and sleepy happy to hear the bee chat struck an awesome deal mind has been blown open saucer or football I ask hot water bottle hug Haikus are cool But sometimes they don’t make sense Ceiling fan. I open alone I can not believe my eyes I can not stand up. Aint no oil painting Almond, sea salt chocolate Sex associate.

The XX Elbow Marvin Gaye Damien Rice Something Corporate Johnny Cash Edward Sharpe Air Daft Punk Beatles Oasis The Cure Snow Patrol Zero 7 The XX Bob Dylan Phoenix Longview Lily Allen Rosi Golan Rolling Stones The Cast Of Cheers The National The XX The XX Florence & The Machine Mumford & Sons Jamie Lidell Cyndi Lauper Sally Seltmann The National Elbow Al Green The Divinyls Cinematic Orchestra Foals Lady Marmalade Damian Rice Ben Folds Five Angus & Julia Stone

Islands Starlings Your’e All I Need To Get By Dogs Hurricane Walk The Line Home You Make It Easy Something About Us Something She Is Love Just Like Heaven Chasing Cars Destiny Hot Like Fire Lay Lady Lay 1901 I Would Who’d Of Known Hazy Miss You Animals Fake Empire Do You Mind Angels Dog Days Are Over Sigh No More Compass Be Bop Heart That’s Pounding Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks The Night Will Always Win Tired Of Being Alone Touch Myself To Build A Home Blue Blood VoulezVous I Remember Do It Anyway Draw Your Swords

Devon Fraser Island Cape Trib Byron Lighthouse Macchu Pichu Margaret River D Frankenreiters Paris Derwnt Valley Riga Los Angeles Yamba Stanthorpe Milan Whiskey Tours Koh Lipe Cesky Krumlov Azores Antalya Phillip Island Wanaka Cagiliari Halong Bay Rodrigues Sydney World Cup 2014 Melbourne Kyoto Portsmouth Plymouth Inskip Point Brighton Beach Burning Man Berlin Rotorua Yoga/Motorbikes Ayers Rock Bora Bora Manchester Morzine

England Australia Australia Australia Peru Australia Hawaii USA France Australia Latvia USA Australia Australia Italy Scotland Thailand Cezch Rep. Portugal Turkey Australia NZ Sardinia Italy Vietnam Mauritius Australia Brazil Australia Japan England England Australia England California USA Germany NZ India Australia Tahiti England France

A hip opening A speakeasy or dive bar Some maintenance soon. Chop off your right arm A sunny day walk with me Meditation blues. The heart grows fonder The absence is well RUBBISH Pack CLOTHES and come home. Have Tattoo envy And may(bee) San Fran envy “God bless the Queen (bee)” Brother Espresso Vegemite smile ear to ear Want another slice. Epicurious Wander Southbank by myself Less than two weeks now. My hunger for you Pizza delivery night I smell bun mobile. Time zone confusion Feline related request At your place or Dave’s?

Hotel menu board Give me the tenderloin please Miss my vege option Stalked your facebook page to look at your smiling face one more friend than me. Listened to your song Hard not to love a tune Everyday im learning. Half way approaches Lights camera and action Be brave red shoe girl MacBook finger cramp Pay as you go panic time Pisces not virgo. Red shoe images Many waves across the sea Pray for surf cap please. Fixie bike dreamers The coolest kids in the room Unemployment cheques. Body is battered Rokorderlig in shower Bun mobile beckons

Banana Tramp Situation  

For my girl!

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