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to the fourth edition of in print! Mudpie’s online trend forecasting service provides an insight into global trends, fashion, lifestyle and culture, now packaged up into the pages of a glossy magazine.



Using our vast experience and trend expertise Mudpie and Mpdclick present Sobriety, our forecast trend for the spring/ summer 2011 season.

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The material excesses of the pre-recession society are forgotten, in favour of a humble, wholesome existence. Pleasure is found in relationships, community and life experience; a utilitarian revival begins, placing emphasis on style based on authenticity and timelessness, instead of conspicuous and needless consumption. The idea of change fills many with hope for a new future founded on simplicity, ethics and wisdom.

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"supporting fashion professionals"

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Global trend forecasting and design resources

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At Mudpie we appreciate the demands made on busy professionals working in the fashion and creative industries. With close to twenty years experience in the adult, youth and children’s markets, we have developed a range of printed, online and bespoke fashion services to help you deliver ‘on-trend’ garments, colours and graphics within the shortest possible time frame.

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An intelligent online trend forecasting service; for those working in any creative industry Female, Male & Kids . Seasonal Trend Forecasts . Colour . Business Intelligence & News . Apparel, Accessories, Textiles & Interiors . Retail . Trade Fairs . Runway . Editable Graphic, Print & Shape Library

The designer’s tool; an inspirational collection of apparel, graphics, prints and accessories Female, Male, Denim, Sports, Prints, Patterns & Kids . Complete range plans . Inspirational designs . Editable graphics, prints and garment shapes . Colour . Trend Intelligence

Bespoke design consultancy service; your own design team delivering what you need

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Female, Male & Kids . Style Guides . Art Direction . Trend Boards . Presentations . Licensed Illustrations & Characters . Interiors Performance Apparel . Graphics & Prints . Garments Inspired to find out more? Simply visit or Mudpie Ltd . 21-23 Home Farm Business Centre . Lockerley . Romsey . SO51 0JT tel: +44 (0)1794 344040 fax: +44 (0)1794 344056 email:

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global insight into the fashion and retail industry, emerging markets and consumer attitudes

about news The news area will direct you to the pages of just-style, the source of our fashion, retail and business news articles. Our News area is an essential tool to keep professionals on the pulse of the fashion industry.

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about business analysis The Business Analysis area provides global insight into the fashion and retail industry, emerging markets and consumer attitudes.

Market Intelligence

Find insightful reports from the worlds of finance, law and retail from the perspective of the fashion industry. Consumer buying habits and economic shifts are evaluated to aid your brand’s strategic decisions.


The Sourcing area compiles monthly reports on the textile industry and emerging economies from across the globe. Our analysis covers everything from export figures to general etiquette from the world’s largest textile producers.

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Sourcing Links provides a vital shortcut to the contact details of suppliers and will aid you with import and export decisions and global sourcing opportunities. FASHION, TRENDS, LIFESTYLE, CULTURE



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about trend research

The Trend Research area follows on from the Trend Journal. Here we develop our initial trend ideas further to support the next season’s forecast trends in the form of our Trends, Fashion, Lifestyle, Culture magazines.

interactive magazines

Find the interactive Trends, Fashion, Lifestyle, Culture magazines that explore Mpdclick’s research and analysis of the next forecast season’s trends.

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trend inspiration

about trend journal The Trend Journal is Mpdclick’s fashion and lifestyle blog. The Journal monitors trends as they emerge and forms the basis of our seasonal trend research. Daily entries cover lifestyle products, youth culture, design news and the hottest emerging looks, providing intelligent analysis and thorough commentary.


Insightful reports give subscribers trend inspiration from all areas of consumer direction including technology, lifestyle, art and design. Trend inspiration also contains creative and informative fashion features.

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trends colour aw11/12 For autumn/winter 2011/12, Mudpie introduces three brand new trends; Synergy, Primal and Innovate. Each trend is further split into three transitional phases. Here, we present Innovate, with Phase 1, Spectrum, for late summer/early autumn collections; Phase 2, Nurture, for autumn and midwinter collections; and finally Phase 3, Quantum, for seasonal, high-winter collections. Innovate works with a palette of three adaptable, neutral base tones with a further six highlight colours, for each of the three phases that accompany the trend.



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an optimistic attitude towards a new existence, free of the economic doom and gloom, while rediscovering the beauty of our natural world ©


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aboutinnovate sobriety about Innovate considers science and technology as a solution and saviour for our future. The contemporary trend marks an optimistic attitude towards a new existence, free of the economic doom and gloom, while rediscovering the beauty of our natural world. Formulas and equations no longer have to equate to financial gain, but to a positive, considered way of life.




Innovate’s colour palette reflects the shades of a changing world. Spectrum derives from the science of colour; oxygen blue and sulphuric orange intensify the combination. Nurture’s palette becomes denser with saturated shades, magnifying colours of nature under the microscope. While, stemming from a fascination for formula and fact, Quantum’s palette is a solid base of silver mint, pale iron and aluminium grey, with injections of neon violet and acid apricot.

direction 3: glow



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in-depth creative analysis of emerging fashion product and lifestyle trends

about trends Mpdclick’s comprehensive trends area offers in-depth creative analysis of emerging fashion product and lifestyle trends. Essential to stay ahead of the game, we provide you with key colour information for the upcoming seasons, along with all the latest rising fashion micro trends and thousands of street photography images of trendsetters across the globe. Mpdclick’s exclusive forecast area releases essential trends every six months. Providing you with inspiration and a crucial insight into the future, through extensive easy to read reports featuring overviews from our Runway, Trade Fair and Retail areas. Across the globe, fashion forward ‘scenesters’ and style savvy fashionistas are stepping out in an ecletic array of celebratory American infused outfits. Subtle prairie influences are expressed with injections of aged ditsy florals and the appearance of statement frill collars, while wide brim Stetsons suggest mild Western references. Androgyny is key, haphazard layers are piled on suggesting a rough and ready ethos. Shawl scarves are draped over anti-fit jerseys and loose open shirts, often teamed with skinny slacks to streamline the look. Double denim outfits offer an industrial workwear aesthetic heightened by various distressed effects and utility details, twisted seams and panel inserts add interest along with an adventurous sense of age. Tapered trousers and jeans are carelessly pushed into worn leather boots while the introduction of braces or a classic sweater offers a smart and desirable juxtaposition to mix and match utility looks. PAGE 10 FASHION, TRENDS, LIFESTYLE, CULTURE

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Within days of the shows, hundreds of images are sorted into defined product categories, and compiled into reports from the premier fashion, accessories, fabric and lifestyle shows

about trade fair fabric With access to major international trade fair shows, Mpdclick provides you with an unmatched comprehensive analysis of the hottest trends before they hit the retail sector. Within days of the shows, hundreds of images are sorted into defined product categories, and compiled into reports from the premier fashion, accessories, fabric and lifestyle shows. Each season, inspirational overviews highlight the key emerging trends, published as the season’s shows draw to a close. While the regularly updated calendar and press release sections keep you up to date with the latest trade fair news. Sobriety calls for relaxed rusticity juxtaposing aged and distressed denims with soft, natural cottons and linen. Hardwearing, durable fabrics highlight industrial, workwear influences while naïve handembroidered details recall the beautiful simplicity of rural life. Deliberate creasing and crumpling serves to add texture and dimension to flat, simple woolens and shirtings, aiding the rough and ready aesthetic. Worn corduroy and burnished leathers too adhere to the rough feel of the Western prairie and create the perfect complement to handkerchief checks and diaphanous chambray.

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hardwearing, durable fabrics highlight industrial, workwear influences while naïve hand-embroidered details recall the beautiful simplicity of rural life

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_london // paris // milan

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rough, worn and haphazard styling that represent an earthy and honest reflection of prairie life

about retail © f daad

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Each week, Mpdclick visits thriving fashion hubs worldwide to bring fashion professionals in-depth trend analysis for all ages. We frequent the likes of London, Paris, Milan, New York, LA and Miami. An extensive selection of images covering fashion, merchandising and interiors are available for you to download as inspiration. Mpdclick also produce focused reports on the latest t-shirt graphics, accessory lines, denim details, sports and intimates all compiled to give you a clear insight into what’s hot on the high street plus a universal grasp of emerging trends. Each month, retail trend overviews are produced for each gender and age group, giving busy fashion professionals a round up of the latest product trends of the month, which can also be downloaded in an easy to use PDF format.The Retail area also features City Guides for a view of the best areas of various retail destinations, with maps, store listings and contact details.

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Sobriety-inspired products feature rough, worn and haphazard styling that represent an earthy and honest reflection of prairie life. Sober and neutral base tones are accompanied by warm hues of orange and red, alongside deep, distressed grey. Workwear is a big influence, but in a more classic rather than futuristic or contemporary context. Hardwearing denim and canvas are widespread, setting a solid foundation for smarter and lighter items to layer on top. Graphic inspiration comes from blueprints, technical drawings and the debris of Western plains, such as barren landscapes and animal skeletons. FASHION, TRENDS, LIFESTYLE, CULTURE


about runway With increasing demand for ‘fast fashion’ companies are converting the latest runway trends into retail ranges within a six week period. When your brand needs trend interpretation or runway images, look no further than Mpdclick. Within days of the catwalk shows, thousands of images are sorted into the designers’ photo galleries on Mpdclick. We also provide you with a breakdown of the key shapes, details and trends which embody the designer’s signature styles - plus seasonal overviews, previews, highlights and much more. The rugged outdoors of the American West along with the practicality and supreme durability of 19th century workwear inspire wearable and contemporary ensembles for spring/summer 2011. Deconstructed, mix ‘n’ match layers offer a sense of rough adventure; denim is treated to abrasive enzyme and industrial washes giving dungaree’s, anti-fit jeans and overall style jackets a thoroughly authentic worn look. Tarnished rivets and studs reinforce the utilitarian ethos of the trend along with a haphazard sense of styling that combines dresses and playsuits with heavy duty tool belts. Distressed leather braces are fixed to voluminous trousers that are best customised with tears, paint splats and assorted patches. Slate blue and rustic brown are highlighted with injections of American red and river blue while faded hand drawn animal skull graphics have a strong commercial appeal.

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slate blue and rustic brown are highlighted with injections of american red and river blue © marc by marc jacobs

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about graphics

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The graphics area is constantly updated with exciting new material. Each and every week, Mpdclick uploads 25 graphics for each of our categories: female, male, girls, boys and baby. Our collection of downloadable prints is also topped up with new and inspirational designs each week, with a range of tie dye, tartans, paisleys and polka dots to name but a few. Our library of downloadable garment shapes receives 5 brand new, trend-specific garments each week. All artwork is fully editable and available for download in both AI and CDR formats. In addition to this, Mpdclick’s monthly graphic trends highlight the most commercial graphics on show from all of our areas, including trade fairs, retail, street and runway. We analyze why these graphics are crucial to retailers and brands. All graphic trend reports can be downloaded in an easy-to-use PDF format.

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Endeavour brings the hard-working, laborious ideals of the nineteenth century to the present, evoking an industrialised and functional way of life. Spattered with oil and dirt, the strong, physical nature of prairie life is at times demanding, but not without a sense of adventure. Graphics are rough and typography distressed; taking influence from harsh nature and workwear. Botany and nature sketches feature within scrapbooks and journals to add narrative, alongside decorative touches inspired by landscapes and industry, supported by old-serif style fonts.


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about kids Mpdclick offers comprehensive fashion trends for the kids market too. From global retail reports, the best trade fair and runway shows to weekly sets of useable downloadable graphics and seasonal trend analysis; we have all the tools a design professional will need. Each area of Mpdclick has a separate kids navigation, where our team of experts provide you with up to date, informative and inspirational reports covering the girls, boys and babywear markets. © levi’s © mpdclick

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up to date, informative and inspirational reports covering the girls, boys and babywear markets © levi’s


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for a full list of denimhead agents visit

about denimhead In October 2009 Mudpie formed an official partnership to publish and distribute Denimhead’s printed and online products. Denimhead is a cutting edge fashion service, specializing in denim and casual sportswear, whose books, including Denimhead East and The Bottom Line provide the most recent photographs from fashion capitals throughout the world, and include original technical sketches for inspiration – both of which are intended to help you with your design process. Denimhead’s service also includes a comprehensive online subscription photo archive containing over 125,000 images all incorporated from Denimhead West, The Bottom Line, Denimhead East, Behind The Seams and Vintage. It also has Runway direction for denim and casual sportswear and trend direction for the coming season, consisting of figure drawing and original flat sketches.

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mpk male

trend books Our leading range of trend, graphic, print, pattern and colour forecasting books provide the busy professional with hundreds of inspirational and practical garment and accessory styles, prints, and graphics every season, all supplied on a fully vectorised DVD.

coming soon: mpd active - autumn/winter 11/12 sports trends

the next trendbook in the mudpie series – available January 2010 cutiepie

The market leading youth fashion forecasting publication for active teenagers and young men offers original graphics, strong, inventive and eclectic garment ranges that reflect sport, street and popular culture. Books available: SS10, AW1011, SS11

mpk female

The cutest of garment styles, delightfully naïve graphics and functional yet adorable accessories make cutiepie the leading babywear resource.

Innovative styling, eyecatching graphics and prints based on trendled colour palettes, make this book the number one seller worldwide for trendy teenagers and young women.

Books available: SS10, AW1011, SS11

Books available: SS10, AW1011, SS11

minipie This book is a clever mix of trendy garment silhouettes, prints and motifs which will excite today’s mini kids. Books available: SS10, AW1011, SS11

print & pattern Designed not only with apparel markets in mind, Print & Pattern Trends will also appeal to other markets such as stationery, home and interiors. Books available: AW1011, SS11

mudpie Trendy designs created for the fashion conscious tween: girls and boys who want to be grown up and establish their own personal style. Books available: SS10, AW1011, SS11


the best of mpk female the best of mpk male 110 pages of graphics and elements representing the best of Mudpie’s graphic design work from their leading womenswear and menswear trendbooks



trends ss11

about online networking

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Traditional styles blend with contemporary visions in a trend influenced by the rich and vibrant country of India. New India inspires a cosmopolitan lifestyle, while national pride is embodied in an unwavering devotion to cricket and travellers seeking out unique cultural experiences.

Join our “Mudpie – Fashion, Trends, Lifestyle, Culture” group. Looking for creative inspiration or interested in sharing your thoughts on current and future trends in the areas of fashion, graphics, colour, street style, lifestyle, urban culture, market intelligence, retail, runway, trade fairs and much more? Then join Mudpie’s own Fashion, Trends, Lifestyle & Culture group - designed to bring creative professionals together to share exciting and inspirational ideas, analysis, thoughts, information, opportunities and much more! Gain insight into the world of trend forecasting via our group, started by one of the leading global trend forecasting companies, Mudpie - publisher of seasonal garment, graphic and colour trendbooks, and the ever popular online forecasting website,

facebook Our team have great fun across the globe hunting out the most innovative, unique, eclectic and kooky individuals…and you could join our gang! Do you have particularly avant garde mates? Hang out at the coolest clubs? Or live in the hottest urban dwelling? Then we would like to hear from you!

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A return to innocence manifests itself within the majesty and intrigue of the forest. Epic children’s literature and the romance of idyllic, natural ways of life are underpinned by resurgences of fantasy ideals within cinema, fashion and design. Nature fuses with technology to produce a unique, hybridised vision of an ecological future, while retaining a vital link to times long since past.

From your own Facebook page search for Mpdclick Street Trends. Send us a message if you think you are the perfect cool hunter for us. We have helpers across the world that fill us in on the coolest new places, and send us photos of the greatest new street trends.

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The material excesses of the pre-recession society are forgotten, in favour of a humble, wholesome existence. Pleasure is found in relationships, community and life experience; a utilitarian revival begins, placing emphasis on style based on authenticity and timelessness instead of conspicuous and needless consumption. The idea of change fills many with hope for a new future founded on simplicity, ethics and wisdom.

Mpdclick are now on Twitter, find us at MPDClick. Choose to follow us and receive daily updates as to what has been published on We will also give away free trend content from time to time, and keep you posted on any developments on any of our other services.

why choose mpdclick?

ss10 forecast right on track When our trend panel sat down in the height of the economic boom in 2007 our CEO Fiona Jenvey outlined two key factors for the future, ‘recession and recovery’. Drawing on our 18 years experience in the forecasting industry, Mudpie accurately predicted that in the years ahead the economy would go through a downturn followed by a global movement toward regeneration. Although recovery will not be complete by the end of the coming season, summer 2010, you can see by our accurately predicted trends that some encouraging signs are emerging.

24 months + ahead

In early 2008 Mudpie had four trends in our mindset; Conscious marked a return to old world values and ethics. A sobering approach to environmentalism ensued, recycling and regeneration inspired us, while aesthetically, calm sophistication, elegance and vintage cruising infused the trend. With the release of Mudpie’s trend books and Mpdclick’s trend forecast in November 2008, we introduced Conscious and its two sub-trends; Riviera and Salvage. Riviera provides a kitsch yet traditionally chic look at nautical styling – our close to season updates in October 2009 revealed that the ‘kitsch’ element has taken hold, with many brands turning to a quintessentially British visual. Designers including Clements Ribeiro, Badgley Mischka and Pepe Jeans have turned to The Great British Seaside as inspiration for s/s 10. With holidays in England up 14% in 2009 (according to VisitEngland), the British Isles have become the recession-busting vacation

destination. Plus, the figure looks set to rise; many blockbuster movies based in seaside towns are currently in post-production, set to reintroduce the world to their kitsch aesthetics. The remakes of Brighton Rock, and Nowhere Boy, a film about John Lennon’s childhood, see scenes in Eastbourne and Blackpool respectively. In fact the idea of spending leisure time close to home is affecting many more countries, the Air Transport Association cite 1.3 percent fewer Americans are expected to fly this summer than last summer.

12 months + ahead

Our further trends for s/s 2010 include Kinetic; discovering lifestyles that demand performance. Kinetic also marks the seed of the growing cradle to cradle trend – the all encompassing transformation of human industry through ecologically intelligent design. Designers such as Alexander Wang and Erin Wasson pioneer the theme, based on the aesthetic of urban sports and grungy workwear. Cycling, our sport focus for Kinetic, continues to inspire; figures from Transport for London (TFL) showed almost half-a-million journeys are made by bike in London every day, while in Australia cycling is up by as much as 50% according to a study by the University of Adelaide. paid to Australian design. Australia has emerged as one of the few nations able to dodge recession; demand from China and the sound position of the economy when the crisis began provided respite. Cue a wave of optimistic, celebratory design, with the likes of Marc by Marc Jacobs and Emilio Pucci turning to tribal all over prints for s/s 10. The emotion evoked by Creative, our final freespirited trend, has found its way to the masses. American road trips, nostalgic journeys and bohemian lifestyles are the current pastimes of Generation Y. According to the International Currency Exchange around 200,000 Britons take a gap year each year, while the US Travel Association states that one-half of U.S. adults, or 98 million people, have taken an adventure trip in the past five years. PAGE 28 FASHION, TRENDS, LIFESTYLE, CULTURE

Follow our trend research

Trend Surveillance - Consumer, Business, Fashion, Art, Music, Culture, Economy – 2 ½ years ahead of season Researched directional colour palettes for women’s, men’s and kidswear – 2 years ahead of season Inspiring graphic collections and focused textile trends – 18 months ahead of season Close to season colour and range plans, plus continual forecast updates – 6 months ahead of season

Maximise your working day

Affordable - Maximise time and budget Easy to navigate, simple and well structured One-click trend reports in PDF format – concise and reliable information in easy to present boards and reports

Meanwhile, Salvage marks the fusion of the art, craft and design worlds. A sobering acknowledgement of our environmental and economic situation sees a renewed interest in handicrafts and DIY projects, a fact which Mpdclick first documented in June 2008 – two years ahead of season. According to Mintel, two thirds of us plan to spend less on clothing for the foreseeable future – Salvage promotes reclaiming and customising; transforming old items to keep for years to come.

Utopia is a trend inspired by ideals and alternatives, looking to the indigenous cultures of Africa and Oceania, with particular attention

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News & Business Analysis – an essential tool to keep professionals on the pulse of the fashion industry. Ideal for the CEO, Directors, Marketers, Buyers and Designers alike Trends - Journal, Research and Intelligence are always watching the worlds of fashion, art, lifestyle and music to bring you the hottest up to date trend information on a daily basis. Trends also houses forecast colour and fashion trend predictions, fast fashion highlights and street fashion and art influences. Retail - global window shopping from your desktop, ideal for design, visual merchandising and brand marketing as well Trade Fairs - bringing fashion, accessories, fabric and design trade show images and reportage home for you, as well as supporting your trips to make life easier Runway - filtering all the thousands of images to give comprehensive coverage and then detailed and focused analysis from major fashion week events every season. We pick out key items and overview accessories and footwear too. Graphics - on trend, fully vectorised graphics, prints, garment shapes and clipart, updated every week. Like extending your own in house design team, 24/7.

Choose your level of analysis

Choose your analysis – we provide both comprehensive, detailed reportage of global shopping destinations, worldwide trade fairs and major runway fashion weeks or focused trend overviews each month in retail, each season in trade fair and for each of the six major fashion weeks – designed to save you time.





For distribution or more information on any of Mudpie’s products please contact your nearest agent vector t-shirt print and graphic inspiration kids inspirations book out now

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Fashion, Trends, Lifestyle, Culture - Issue 4 Spring Summer 2011  

Welcome to the fourth edition of in print! Mudpie's online trend forecasting service provides an insight into global trends, fa...

Fashion, Trends, Lifestyle, Culture - Issue 4 Spring Summer 2011  

Welcome to the fourth edition of in print! Mudpie's online trend forecasting service provides an insight into global trends, fa...