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(North End of Mud Island)

Rate 1 - $500/day Event Criteria  Less than 100 people  Event is not advertised  Not open to the public Rate 2 - $1000/day Event Criteria  More than 100 people  Event is advertised  Event is open to the public  Admission fee Rate 3 - $1500/day Event Criteria  For-profit event  Charges admission  Sells goods (i.e. food, drinks) Rate 4 - $2000/day Event Criteria  Exclusive event requiring private use of the park  Event requires barricades that impede free access to the park

 This park is not available for reservation as a general rule. It is one of the primary downtown parks and is kept open for public recreation on a regular basis. Exceptions may be granted solely by the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of RDC.  Grilling is allowed in this park.  This park is not available for weddings.  Pets are allowed in this park, but must remain on a leash at all times.  Port-a-johns are allowed to be placed in this park, but must be approved by RDC before placement.  Sound systems are not allowed in this park.


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