Miami Chapter of Delta Upsilon - Open Visor January 2020

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January 2020

400 East Vine

The Open Visor A Publication of the Miami Chapter of Delta Upsilon

As the newest members of Delta Upsilon's Miami Chapter, my pledge brothers and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of such a great organization. Throughout our new member education process, we were able to develop a deep bond with one another that is unlike anything I have ever experienced. In addition to forming a deep bond with my pledge brothers, we were able to truly understand what it means to be a part of the Delta Upsilon brotherhood by getting to know all of the active brothers on a personal level. Moving forward, we are eager to take on more responsibility within the organization and do everything in our power to develop and enhance the chapter. - David Breaugh, Pledge Class President 2019 Fall Pledge Class

PHILANTHROPY UPDATE As a chapter, we are starting to take more action to get involved with our community. This year, we decided to get in contact with The Dragonfly Foundation, who helps not only children facing pediatric cancer, but the relatives impacted as well. Being the first and only fraternity involved with Dragonfly, we hope to develop our relationship even further and get all of Greek Life involved. Beyond our involvement with Dragonfly, our brothers have done service elsewhere, including an agreement with Doughby’s in which two days a month 25% of their revenue will help us fund the Global Service Initiative. Given these exciting new relationships and involvement on campus, we’re excited to pass our philanthropic responsibilities to Isaac Bowers. -Kyle King ‘22 1

January 2020


Dikaia Upotheke, Justice Our Foundation Jack Lee ‘21 Outgoing President

400 East Vine

I am very proud of the progress our chapter has made during my term. We have embraced a positive culture in hopes of bringing us back to our founding principles. Utilizing valuesbased recruitment has resulted in a higher-achieving membership with ambition to make a difference not only in the chapter but in the community as a whole. The external relationships we’ve formed with advisors, alumni, and Miami University have put us on the path for sustained growth in the near future. Our long-term goals are to continue to develop internal and external relationships, expand service and philanthropy, and continue to raise our academic standards. I am thankful for all the opportunities Delta Upsilon has given to me and was honored to serve as President of the Miami Chapter.

Recruitment SCHOLARSHIP As my new role in the fraternity continues, I look forward to helping new members feel welcomed with the aid of insuring academic excellence. During my time as Academic Chair, I plan on having a new member meeting with each individual to set expectations through pledging as well as their time before living in the house. Also, conducting a meeting after inductions occur to ensure academics are still a priority to all members is something that I look forward to doing. With a few additions to what is currently happening, I see myself helping many, not just new members. Currently, Delta Upsilon has one of the highest GPA’s compared to other fraternity’s on campus, a 3.1 average, and I plan on doing my role to ensure our average continues to increase. - Kevin Dorozinsky ‘22


January 2020

400 East Vine

RECRUITMENT The recruitment team has set high aspirations for rush next semester with a goal of filling the house with bright young men to uphold the values and traditions of Delta Upsilon. We’ve held several meet-andgreet events with the purpose of getting to know potential new members and show them what it’s like to join our organization. We’ve gathered several promising candidates (both sophomores and freshman) who have expressed great interest in joining our ranks during rush. As soon as the spring semester begins our focus will be on this new class of brothers and carrying on the legacy of our chapter. - Demetri Germanos ’22 and Jonny Lombardi ‘21

EXTERNAL RELATIONS As the first Vice President of External Relations in some time in our chapter, I am very excited to make our alumni network more accessible to both recent graduate and current undergraduate brothers. In addition to this, many of our brothers, primarily upperclassmen, are in the process of determining what kinds of careers they will pursue with their degrees and would love guidance from those who have already made the leap into the professional world. I have provided my own personal school email address that is checked daily at the bottom of this edition for not only brothers willing to give professional advice, but for anyone who has questions or concerns about the status of our chapter. We recognize being a part of Delta Upsilon is a lifelong commitment and want nothing more than to strengthen the bonds between generations of brothers, as well as ensure the impact we make on our chapter is beneficial to future brothers. - Thomas Hemsworth ‘22

INCOMING PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS I am extremely excited to take over for Jack Lee, as he set the stage for what is to be expected as a brother of this chapter and what we represent. Our main goals over the next year are to have a top 5 GPA on campus, improve our community involvement both socially and with service, improve member retention, and stay more connected with alumni. To achieve our goals, we will implement and enforce standards that must be met for members to be involved with social events. Additionally, we want to bring in a bigger than normal pledge class which can not only increase the amount of money we have as a chapter, but can also help us put together more brotherhood events and have the financial security to be able to easily improve the chapter’s well-being. - Kyle King ‘22


January 2020

400 East Vine

Executive Board Profile

Executive Bo Kyle King ‘22 President

Thomas Hemsworth ‘22 VP of External Relations

Miles McDowell ‘21 Vice President

Kevin Dorozinsky ‘22 VP of Academic Excellence

Jake Thomas ‘22 VP of Finance

Dillon Ridgeway ‘22 VP of Loss Prevention

Demetri Germanos ‘22 VP of Recruitment

Luke Romanik ‘22 VP of Membership Education

Johnny Lombardi ‘21 VP of Recruitment

Ian Shouvlin ‘21 New Member Education


January 2020

400 East Vine

Moms Weekend 2019 This year’s Moms Weekend was a huge success, with a full three days of planned activities and events for everyone to enjoy. Saturday morning began with brunch at Oxford’s Left Field Tavern where we were able to dine on an array of breakfast foods. Following this was two hours of pottery with our mothers at You’re Fired!, where brothers were able to mold and form their own artwork with clay, fire it in the kiln, and apply paint and other finishing touches. Not surprisingly, the Moms’ artwork came out better than ours. Later that evening everyone regrouped in the Chapter Room for our first ever basket raffle. Several Moms took initiative before this weekend in creating various themed baskets, such as the Miami Man basket, the True DU basket, and Snack Attack basket. As a result of raffle ticket sales, we were able to raise $1,700, enough money to allocate to house improvements and future parents weekends.

Important Upcoming Dates Pinning: Sunday, February 2, 2020 Initiation: Sunday, March 1, 2020

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