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Find out what Bandeiras Centro Empresarial has to offer and give your company a prestigious new address. Check the advantages of the best structured business condominium in the entire Region: - Advanced security system - Best value for money with the largest infrastructure - Safe, pleasant working environment for your employees and visitors - Warehouses and offices with several different sizes and accommodations available - Strategic location - Proven credibility

ADVANCED SECURITY SYSTEM Safety is a critical item your business needs to grow solidly. Therefore, Bandeiras Centro Empresarial puts added emphasis on this area.

- 24 hour concierge service - Biometrics and photo access control - 24 hour security - Motorized patrol - Wide angle surveillance cameras - Steel plated control room - Digital image recording - Entry access and monitoring assisted by generator - Consulting on workplace safety, and fire precaution and legislation

THE BEST COST-BENEFIT WITH THE MOST COMPLETE INFRASTRUCTURE At Bandeiras Centro Empresarial, the sharing of expenses, using the condominium system, improves the quality of services, at a lower price.

Condo fee of just R$3.00* a square meter per month (R$ 0,28 per sq ft./mo), provides these services and many more: - Reception service - 24 hour concierge service - 24 hour surveillance service - 24 hour motorized patrol - 24 hour monitoring service - Maintenance and cleaning of streets and common areas - Gardening service - Monitoring service on work safety - Prevention service on fire precaution and legislation Advantages for your business: - Zoning: Pure Industrial Real Estate - Exemption from property tax (IPTU) until December/2013 - Inspection Report by the Fire Department (AVCB) approved until February/2015

* Values base September/2012

Peace of Mind with local compliance The Bandeiras Business Center keeps the following documents updated: - Consolidated social contract - CNPJ (General Register of Legal Entities) Card - Municipal Registration - Registration of Property - Contingency plan - Business license - Certificate of land use - PPRA (Environmental Risk Prevention Program) - PCMSO (Occupational Health Medical Control Program) - Debt Clearance Certificate (CND): INSS CND | FGTS CND | Labor CND | Municipal CND | Civil Distribution CND Forum Votorantim | Municipal Property Taxes CND | State CND | Distributions CND Civil State | Federal CND | Federal Civil Distributions CND | Protest CND | Bankruptcy and Concordat CND | Criminal CND |

A BUSINESS CONDOMINIUM THAT IS AHEAD OF ALL OTHERS At Bandeiras Centro Empresarial, your customers, suppliers and employees will enjoy outstanding comfort. - Parking lot for cars and motorbikes, and a bike rack - Near public transportation - Reception - Cleaning of common area - Gardening

Wide parking lot for motorcycles, cars and trucks

MEALS Restaurant with panoramic view to the lagoon, equipped with air conditioning, TV and men and women’s restrooms (handicap accessible) Snack bar and coffeehouse with panoramic terrace - perfect for quick breaks and chatting.

SPACE FOR EVENTS It has complete infrastructure for speeches, workshops, congresses, conventions and meetings for your business.

REST AREA Everyone who works at Bandeiras Centro Empresarial enjoys break moments in a preserved area of 5 thousand m² (54,000 sq ft.), bordering the lagoon, with several native and fruitful plants, birds, fish and fresh air.

Ideal for logistic warehouses and industrial and business units.

THE IDEAL SPACE FOR YOUR BUSINESS Rental of Warehouses and offices of several sizes, located in 38.000m² (410,000 sq ft.) rentable and 76.000m² (820,000 sq ft.) land parcel.

CONVENIENT LOCATION - In Votorantim next to Sorocaba exit - 3OO meters (984 ft) from the Fire Department, Police Station and public transport stop - 1 km (O.62 miles) from the City Hall, commercial center and the banks in Votorantim - 1 km (O.62 miles) from Raposo Tavares Road, km 98 access - 2 km (1.2 miles) from Esplanada Shopping Mall and Iguatemi Shopping Mall - 9 km (5.6 miles) from Sorocaba’s Airport

Access that facilitates the logistics of your business.

- 2O km (12.42 miles) from Inland Custom Station (EADI) - 22 km (13.67 miles) from Castelo Branco Road - km 78 access - 75 km (46.6O miles) from Viracopos International Airport Campinas - 78 km (48.46 miles) from Rodoanel - 85 km (52.81 miles) from São Paulo Marginal Pinheiros Tiete and Marginal Pinheiros - 12O km (74.56 miles) from Régis Bittencourt Road - BR 116 Juquiá access

CREDIBILITY IS EVERYTHING Some of the 25 companies that are already settled in the best structured business condominium in the entire Region:

Address: Av. Ireno da Silva Venâncio, 199 Centro – Votorantim/SP - CEP 18111-100 Contact: Phone: 55 (15) 3243.9310 Web:

Bandeiras Centro Empresarial Brochure  

Bandeiras Centro Empresarial Brochure

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