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Today I am going to give you a very quick WoW Gold Guide so you can see how easy it is to make gold on wow once you have found the right place! Bear in mind this WoW Gold Guide is just a quick introduction and there are many more places you can make gold on Wow. For the purposes of this WoW Gold Guide the first place you should visit is the Western Plaguelands and go to the Scarlet City you should pass a tower and if it's not overrun with people following WoW Gold Guides you can farm good amounts of gold here! You should kill as many Scarlet Spellbinders as you can here and you will find they drop many formulas namely "Enchant Weapon - Crusader" this is very hard to come buy and is mentioned in many WoW Gold Guides as it can be sold for 200 Gold a piece! Also kill as many Scarlet Priests here as you can and Sentinels, they are all elites but not as difficult as you think they would be to kill. They also drop loads of runecloth that you can sell and epic items as well. The last place I am going to tell you about in this short WoW Gold Guide is the weeping cave in the Western Plaguelands and the mobs you find there will drop items like "The Greater Protection Potion" which you can sell for whopping 100 gold. I hope these tips in this short WoW Gold Guide was of use to you, follow the tips within this WoW Gold Guide and you will soon be making good money within the game!

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WoW Leveling Guide - WoW Gold Guide-A Few Hints And Tips  
WoW Leveling Guide - WoW Gold Guide-A Few Hints And Tips  

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