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In this Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide, we'll be discussing about its strengths, disadvantages, strategies and tips so that you can dominate in this class. Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide: Kit Overview, Strengths, and Weaknesses If you are a Rifle lover, this is the class for you. Battlefield 3 Recon Kit is about Rifles and Gadgets aimed towards gathering of information. There are obvious myths about this class. People think that Snipers are only strong at long-ranged combats, and weak at other type of combats. Tell you what guys. Once you master this class, you can be powerful at mid-ranged. Heck, it'll be more easy for you to target mid-ranged enemies than far-distant. Just make sure that your aims are next to perfect and bang! There goes your enemy lying dead on the floor in 1 shot only. Mastering this with a sniper is much better than using any other gun. The only weakness that we see with the Recon Kit is when you use it in short-ranged combat. Here, you should might as well pull out a pistol if you are very near to your enemy or are chasing down someone from behind. You don't even have to aim the pistol. You can just fire from the hip and strafe so that you're not taken out yourself. As you know that pistols are not very precise while aiming even if your enemy is close, so don't expect a head shot. NOTE: If you're playing Battlefield 3 on PC, this class is very very strong at close-ranged combats. You'll be able to get 1-hit kills with Sniper Rifles at close ranges although it would be very hard to hold down the sights and get a shot off with a controller. On PC, you can easily shoot accurately without aiming precisely, of course with the help of the control a mouse offers! In addition to their superior skills, snipers also get access to some of the best gadgets in the game like the Tactical Unmanned Ground Sensor (T-UGS). When you put it on the ground, it'll search for players standing nearby. Meaning that it won't find out players who are crouched or prone. Lastly, Radio Beacon is another useful item for Recon class. You can use it on nearly any map and game mode. Depending on your game mode, it allows your team to respawn where you place it. You would want to place this at a space spot, close to the action. This avoids players from respawning at unsafe places or even far away from where you actually want them. Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide - Kit Leveling Tips Like any other class, the majority of the points you gather will be from hunting down the enemies.

If you happen to kill your enemies with a T-UGS, you'll get a few bonus points! Meaning that if you enter in a crowded area, you'll gain a lot of bonus points in a very short amount of time. Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide - Strategy Like we talked earlier, the Recon Kit really stands out in mid to long-ranged combat. If your players are moving, you must have a Bipod equipped if you want to shoot them out comfortably. Otherwise make sure to let your team know by marking your enemies out so that they can hunt them down if they are near your enemies. If you want to engage in long-range combat, you must account for [bullet drop]. It means that you have aim ABOVE the players instead of directly at them. It's mainly for very-long shots and you aim only about a half-a-crosshair up for it. Of course, this depends on the attachments and weapons that you use! The best of the Recon players mainly keep on pushing up and don't like to stay prone sniping all the time. If you practice very well, you can start getting 1-shot kills. The trick lies in the fact that you have to move your view into an approx. area of a player before you aim. This way, when you aim, you'll be already on top of them and won't have much (or none at all) adjustment to make to get the kill count rising. The pros are able to do it very efficiently; in less than a second. All you need is a lot of practice. Don't give up! Talking about T-UGS, as a Recon player you must keep T-UGS sensors down in the right areas. Not only will this mark where the other players are, but simultaneously you will earn a lot of points. Moreover, don't forget to mark as many players as possible because some might be a bit further up and you wouldn't want to lose them. As it depends on situation and the game mode, some Recon players can be busy with keeping a Radio Beacon up as their main task. Radio Beacons are great in rush mode. They are also damn good in the maps where respawn points are unsafe or you're randomly summoned. Here comes the deadly strategy - You should get caught in close-range combat. Now, you must pull out your pistol and start using it properly. Mind you, that pistols are far stronger than what others would think, specially if your aims are correct, or you can strafe or get the jump on your enemy. Battlefield 3 Recon Class Guide Conclusion The Recon Class is very good in Battlefield 3. They should never be sitting back and sniping. If they do, they'll have the worst kill:death ratio. The pros are always moving here and there, being able to aim and shoot very fast. We also learned that Sniper Rifle is very accurate from mid-range thus making you get a head shot, 99% of the time. This is how you make the best use out of a sniper.

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