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Battlefield 3 Engineer Class Guide - Overview, Strengths, and Weaknesses Battlefield 3 Engineer Class particularize in the machinery, explosive usage and the close-range combat. The Battlefield 3 Engineer must use all of its special skills (or abilities) to have a competitive edge over the other BF3 (Battlefield 3) kits. For the Weaponry equips, Submachine guns are accessible in the primary stage which lets the engineer protect himself and hunt down players in close-range combat. Engineers are not really good at fighting from distant places. Therefore, rather than trying to fight against Sniper or Assault player in a long-distance combat, you should use your explosives like SMAW to blow up the object behind which your enemy is hiding! Of course you will end up killing them, but at times you are bound to expose their hiding spot so that your allies can take your enemy down. Or, you can very well choose another position from where you can hunt down the enemy yourself. Engineers are very powerful in repairing and destroying machines. As you may have heard, Machines play a vital role in this game specially in specific game-modes and maps. Therefore, you might want to specialize in this field so that you can use the machines to your maximum benefit. This way you can stop your opponents or help your allies out pretty fast. Battlefield 3 Engineer Class Guide - Leveling up Like any other class, an Engineer too has to earn points by winning the matches by hunting down its enemies. However, if you really want to speed up with your leveling, you can gain a lot of points by controlling machinery, repairing it and of course, destroying your opponent's machines. If you don't like playing with machines, you can might as well play another Kit. A small conclusion - While fighting with your opponents, make maximum use of your machines because this gets you maximum points and helps you in winning more games. Battlefield 3 Engineer Class Guide - Strategies If you're playing an Engineer, you have to make the best use of your explosives if you want to be competitive against other classes. What did we just learn? Combine explosive mastery with Machine mastery. And viola! You're invincible. But if you are just running around with your submachine gun without actually using any explosives, sorry to say, you're just wasting your time!

Many new players have a tough time handling this class while using SMAW weapon. SMAW weapon has a comparatively slow travel time and therefore it is tough for them to take down their enemies. By the time you really shoot, you'll notice that your enemies have already ran away from the rocket's aim before it actually lands! If YOU are suffering from this, then you need to predict when would be the best time to attack. If you see your enemy just visibly prone or stooped, you can shoot at them easily. Here you will have enough time to actually aim and shoot. But if your enemy is standing up or maneuvering, then you should try predicting where they'll finally stop. And they'll stop as soon as they will find a cover for themselves! Just aim at the nearest door and boom! Good chances are that your enemy will be dead. Even if they are standing out in the open, they will still be killed by your friend. You still win. Another area where enemies usually hide is around the wall or a building. Here, you should be very efficient in utilizing your rocket launcher and aim for the wall. With explosives or rocket launchers, you can simply put holes in the walls of the buildings. Keep on blasting the walls until they fall down. And when the wall falls down... SHOOT. Or if your friend is around that area, he can do the job as well. Battlefield 3 Engineer Class Guide Conclusion If you follow this Battlefield 3 Engineer Guide, you will enjoy a lot. Make sure that you practice a lot using machinery and explosives as much as possible in order to succeed.

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