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Mumbai's last big chance? The dockland redevelopment

Mumbai metropolita n region Mumbai suburban district Mumbai island city

Metropolitan Region: Suburban District : Mumbai Island City:

Mumbai Portland:

4,35,500 hectares 37,000 hectares

730 hectares

6,779 hectares

MMR,Suburb,IslandCity& Portland Out of 6,779 Hectares of Island city, 730 Hectares is Portland.



Substandard facilities

Portland Zoning Increasing Mangroves and Underutilized Portland's - Incongruous with the city, Heavily encroached, Unorganized, Archaic, Redundant, Silting, Unsafe

Existing port land:

Land to be reclaimed:

730 hectares 600 hectares

MUMBAI a Smart City

Basic needs • • • • • •

affordable housing employment key infrastructure affordable Workspace health care education

Improve quality of life • • • •

recreation environment public facilities public transport

Towards global city Total land Possible :

1335 hectares

Worlds best • art and culture • MICE • tourism

Why Greenfield Lands?

To Avoid scattered development, to Relocate the existing encroachments & reorganize the existing non port activities.

Additional Green :

1500 Acres

Green Lung to the City

1500 Acres of green patch, equivalent to approx. twice the central park Or 60 Shivaji parks or 75 Oval maidans for the city

1 New Central Park

1 new Dubai Sports City

1,00,000 Houses

Contribution to city Brand Mumbai, Waterfront, Green City, Finance hub, Recreational spaces, Infrastructure, Smart city, Healthcare facilities, Sports City, Global city, Social welfare

Night Visualization

Satellite View

Possible future?

To create a new global identity and a revive impression of Mumbai city on the world map

Architect Hafeez Contractor 29 Bank Street Fort Mumbai India 400023

Mumbai smart city  
Mumbai smart city